My Land of Lakes, Sweet Land of Liberty

Just the other day Land of Lakes butter decided to rescind support for Representative Steve King of Iowa.

I suppose they think he is some sort of racist or bigot.

Well, maybe he is.  I don’t know.  He sure sounds extreme.  There are many, many of his views I disagree with.

My question is this:  Why does Land of Lakes butter think at all about what kind of views Steve King, or anyone else, has toward anyone?

The only thing Land of Lakes butter should think about in our current system is making better butter here in America.

That’s what Land of Lakes butter should be concerned about.  

Now, if you’re a social activist and believe that Land of Lakes butter should be concerned about what Steve King thinks, then you should ask how much money Land of Lakes butter makes by selling butter to the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan.

How much money does Land of Lakes butter make off our global killing machine?

Does Land of Lakes butter benefit by supporting war?

War and subsequent exploitation of peoples is the ultimate form of bigotry.

Maybe Land of Lakes butter is the ultimate bigot here.

Maybe Land of Lakes butter ought to shut its big, fat mouth.

Maybe Land of Lakes butter along with other corporations shouldn’t be allowed to lobby at all.

Maybe Land of Lakes butter along with the other corporations shouldn’t be allowed to contribute to political campaigns.

People who sit on a high horse get knocked off.

At any rate, the job of a business is to add value to society, and the best way for Land of Lakes butter to do that is to make better butter.

That’s why Land of Lakes butter exists.

Land of Lakes butter is not a person regardless of what the Supreme Court may think or dictate.

As a non-person, Land of Lakes butter has no soul, no sense of shame, and no country.  Given the time, they will prove just that in spades.

Of course this is the modern trend:  using global corporations to decide who your representatives will be via campaign contributions.

If this is what you are for, welcome to  Corporate America, your new feudal overlord.

There is no need for you to think anymore, my friend.  Land of Lakes butter will take care of that for you.

In his own way, JFK foresaw the future we now live in and offered an alternative vision.  For that he was killed.

How to Fix The JFK Lie in 30 Seconds

Overcoming Tragedy

How do you overcome great tragedy?

Suppose that you have been personally affected by a horrible crime, or an event in history leaves you horribly disillusioned.  What do you do?

We live in a tough world with events that occur beyond our control.

In the past day, eleven people were murdered in a synagogue.

You watch these events and feel helpless.

Again, what do you do?

After the assassination of JFK in 63, Leonard Bernstein, the conductor, was confronted with the same question.

Like many others he felt tremendous sorrow, disillusionment and bewilderment.  He asked himself the same question.  What can a person do?

His response is probably the best I’ve read.

He said: “This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly, than ever before.”

Shut Them Down

For the good of the country and the world, Harvard and Yale must be shut down.

Why not?

We shut down criminals.

We shut down companies that engage in rampant fraud.

Why shouldn’t Harvard and Yale be held accountable?

They should be.

The problem with these schools is that they promote elitism.

Their near exclusive control of our media and government potentiates that elitism.

The graduates from these schools feel, exercise and expect the twin towers of entitlement and invulnerability.

They believe it is their right to rule, not unlike the divine right of kings; and they expect invulnerability for their actions, not unlike sovereign immunity.

We pay the price just as our ancestors paid the price only a few hundred years ago, which is why they came here to America – to escape elitists and elitist institutions like Harvard and Yale.

The arrogance of these graduates is stupefying.

One classic example is everyone’s favorite punching bag – Robert S. McNamara, Harvard graduate.

That he is a punching bag is well-deserved.

We always knew that Robert McNamara was a doofus for his terrible prosecution of the Vietnam war, but at the time of the Vietnam war many of us never really felt he was a war criminal. We just thought he was stupid, which he was.

Soldiers of course knew that Bob was a war criminal.

As time passed, soldiers were able to write books and tell their stories.  

That was bad news for Bob.

As more time passed and the Internet was developed, soldiers were able to tell their stories on video and have them be accessed through YouTube.

That was double bad news for Bob.

For now we have conclusive proof that Robert McNamara was a war criminal.

No, I’m not talking about the murder and mayhem that was committed against the Vietnamese, although that is important. I am talking about a more wicked project which reveals what Harvard University did to Robert McNamara and its graduates, what  Yale University did and does to its graduates.

Robert McNamara instituted a project called Project 100,000. In order to beef up the number of men who could be sent to Vietnam, Robert McNamara mandated the military to accept and train men who were mentally disadvantaged to serve in combat situations.

Their death rate was three times higher than the average soldier.  These men could not understand the concept of lobbing a grenade into the air in an arc in order to hit a distant target.  Many of these men were a danger to the other combatants and were punished and ridiculed for their slow thinking.

Robert McNamara sent these boys to their death.  He knew they weren’t capable of being effective soldiers, but he did it anyway.

I can’t think of a more heinous act.  

It’s no different than what the Nazis did to the mentally impaired when they gassed them.

To his dying day Robert McNamara could neither see nor accept the immorality of this crime.

He was an entitled fool from a foolish institution that to this day can not accept responsibility for the harm they have caused this nation.

Harvard University made Robert McNamara what he was. 

Robert McNamara wasn’t born bad; he was made bad.

Harvard inculcated in him a sense of entitlement and invulnerability which resulted in his decision to effectively murder men who could not protect themselves.

Which is why Harvard and Yale and the rest of these institutions have earned the punishment of being shut down.

Now, some of you may think I am being unfair.

You may think I’m generalizing.

You pound your fist upon the table and talk about the “good” people who go there and the tremendous work ethic they have.  Perhaps your son or daughter or even yourself went there.

You have a good argument.

Here’s my counter:  We’re not talking about you, your son or your daughter. You can keep your job.  We’re talking about the university.

Harvard and Yale position themselves in the public mind as “elite” schools.  They let be it known through their propaganda and ruthless self-referral that if you go there, you will be given the keys to the kingdom.  That’s why people go there.

A school that engages in this behavior has to be held accountable for the results that this behavior produces.

These schools are not just schools where information is transferred; they are malicious connection networks that have done great harm to society – and more harm than good.

Look around you, Einstein.

There is scarcely a field of endeavor that has not been destroyed by these elitists.

Through their domination of Corporate America they polluted the Pacific Ocean with their plastic crap.

Through their greed they promoted trade agreements such as CAFTA and NATA which decimated America, Mexico and the countries of Central America.

Through outsourcing they crushed the economic engine in the rust belt that made for strong families, strong citizens.  They did it to pump up their stock options.  Now, the rust belt sits awash in the midst of an opioid crisis.

Through their  casual neglect they fostered  a housing bubble that ultimately crashed to cause the Great Recession of 2008.

To stimulate the economy they created war as an economic program.  War is now official policy in the United States, and this official policy has killed 500,000 in Iraq, 400,000 in Syria and few hundred thousand between Afghanistan and Libya.  These are conservative estimates.

To finance theses wars, our elites piled debt upon debt upon the American people, debt better spent on a crumbling American infrastructure.

The worst is yet to come.

These Caligulas sit by and eat grapes as a far greater threat is allowed to brew.

Its name is Fukushima.  Our leaders have not been doing the right thing by us when it comes to this pending disaster.

If a major earthquake hits the Fukushima area in Japan, it will be curtains for all wildlife in the Pacific Ocean.  Ultimately it will prove to be catastrophic for us as well.

A responsible leader would have already figured out a way to contain the problem.

A responsible leader would have figured out ways to soak up and neutralize – not box up and store –  existing radiation with natural substances.

Our leaders who come from elite institutions do nothing.  They are occupied with self-celebration.

Harvard and Yale need to be shut down.

So does the rest of the Ivy League.

Their buildings, books, libraries and infrastructure needs to stripped and auctioned off.  Doing so is just because it was one of  their Ivy League graduates  – Michael Milken, Wharton School – who enabled Corporate America to strip American factories bare through junk bond financing.

Their endowments which run into the billions can be repatriated back to the American people to help clean up the toxic waste they have left behind in the Pacific Ocean and the devastated families they left behind in the heartland of America through passage of misguided treaties such as NAFTA.

Who pushed through NAFTA, by the way?  I’m glad you asked.

Yale graduate Bill Clinton and Harvard graduate Al Gore.

I rest my case.

Our Way of Life

Sometimes I worry that I won’t have anything to write about.  But then a knucklehead shows up on television from either the right or left to say something stupid.

If you are young, let me save you years of frustration.  All politicians are knuckleheads, and very few of them have the guts to ask critical questions.

Just when you think you’ve found someone you think is smart, you’ll find he isn’t.

Just today, I heard a Republican repeat the tiresome lie that we were attacked on 911 because “they” didn’t like our way of life.

Putting aside the truth which is that the WTC was brought down by controlled implosion, not jets, let’s assume that “they” equals the Saudis.

Now, what would Saudis know of our way of life?

The average Saudi lives under a despotic regime supported by the United States.  The average Saudi in those days had virtually no internet and little western television.

So what would the average Saudi know of our way of life?

Was it those reruns of Gunsmoke that riled them up?


The only Saudis who would know of our way of life are those Saudis who studied in the US and Europe and who came to see that it was our CIA that was propping up the Saudi thugs who ruled their people with an iron fist.


So that’s what’s they would know of America.

Our elites are clever, right.

They cleverly blamed you for the 911 attacks.  It was you the immoral American who caused the 911 attacks, not the immoral CIA.

Ha ha, the joke’s on you.

Now you get to laugh along with the Saudi people who have been subjected to the cruel joke of despotism foisted upon them for the past seventy years.

What did Osama bin Laden say after the 911 attacks?

He said that now America gets a taste of its own medicine.  They get to experience what Saudis have been living under.

Of course, bin Laden underestimated our elites and how truly wicked and twisted they are.

He fought for a better Saudi Arabia just as many of our politicians fight for a better America.

Unfortunately, the elites in both America and Saudi Arabia aren’t fighting for a better world for us but for them.

Which is why they took down the WTC and used the idealistic Saudi youth as foils.  The wicked elites rigged the WTC with explosives and then engineered the plot. All they had to do was wait for the jets to hit, wait an hour or two and then detonate.

I’m sure the Saudis really did think they were the only ones in on the plot.

It’s not that difficult to do when you control the levers of power, the military and the media.

The media?

The media was ready to go with its narrative which was:  They don’t like our way of life.






The Bond Scam

What would happen if we got rid of the bond market

I’ve been looking at the bond market for over 35 years, and it’s as confusing today as it was 35 years ago.

It shouldn’t be confusing for a bond is just a loan.

Yet economists have gobbledygooked bonds into a state of incomprehensibility.

They hired a guy who sits in a basement in a building on Wall Street who runs a little machine.  He turns the crank and the machine spits out eco-babble faster than you can learn it.

This guy is good at what he does.

Go read any analysis of the bond market to see what I mean.  

They’re just making shit up.

Now, I understand that professional bond traders think they understand what they’re talking about, but the average Joe does not.  

Nor do I suspect the politicians who are being asked to supervise this mess when it comes to government debt.

When someone can’t explain what they’re selling, they’re probably taking you for a ride.

The bond market needs to go.  All of it.  The whole shebang, lingo too -coupon, maturity, face value, yield, secondary markets, credit markets, net present value, gross financial needs.

And these are the easy terms.

Go fuck yourself, Señor Huckster.  Take your act, you carnival barker, and bulldoze it off the White Cliffs of Dover.

What has the international bond market done for Greece?

Debt and lots of it.

Ten years after the financial crisis of 2008 Greece is still loaded down with incomprehensible debt.

At its peak the debt was $350 billion dollars; yet there are only 10 million people live in Greece.

This translates to $3,500 for each Greek citizen.

How did the bond market help Greece?

It didn’t.

The problem with bonds is that they gives the false illusion of wealth.  The bank gives you a lot of money, but if you don’t spend it wisely, you’re sunk.  On top of that you have to pay it back.

What did Greece spend the money on?

Pensions, social spending, defense.  Greece tried to fool itself that it was still pulling in money.

When the 2008 collapse hit revenue dropped, just as it did in Venezuela, but the debt continued all of which illustrates a problem.

Man is inherently stupid.

Man can not  borrow responsibly nor can he comprehend the scammer who is loaning him the money.

Even the professionals get scammed whether they are buying or selling. Just ask CalPERS.

All of which points out that the bond market needs to be reformed.  Indeed the entire concept of interest needs to be reformed.

Maybe we can learn something from Islam which figured out a long time ago that there was something not right about this loan game.

There exists no other field in which a seller extracts a pound of flesh on a percentage basis.

Suppose your surgeon takes out your appendix and decides to extract 5% of your wealth for the rest of your life. Would that be OK with you?

It would certainly be good for the surgeon who would become incredibly rich.

No other field save banking operates on a percentage basis.

What this has produced is an incredible, unwarranted accumulation of wealth within the banking profession.

There’s no justification for this.

Bankers are stewards of the public money supply and should be reimbursed for the hours they put in.

They should not be permitted to operate on a percentage basis.

Just because that’s the way it’s been done does it mean that’s the way it should be done.

Suppose bankers were only allowed to charge a flat fee for the loans that they made. There is no reason we could not have tiers of charges for larger loans.

On top of that suppose that banks were not permitted to be creditors at all.

Suppose that banks had to invest and become equity owners?

Oh, but they don’t want to be.

Who gives a fuck?

Citizens must no longer pay because of theft or poor decision making at the top.

One simple reform is needed.

Eliminate bonds in favor of equity.

Create a new type of non-voting, non-controlling equity vehicle with defined rights and privileges that forbid or mitigate payback in down times.

Nobody is paying back anything to anybody in times of stress.

Yes, the borrower is required to pay back the lender, but that is only if the funds are available.

If you’re JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs or the IMF, you have to take a real risk, not a phony risk.

Bonds are a coward’s risk.

If Goldman wants to invest in Venezuela let them be partners, not parasites.

If Rothschild wants to invest in Greece let them be partners, not parasites.

Let them take a real risk.

When these banks have to take real risks they will go to greater lengths to insure that the money they invest is more wisely spent.

Loans will be smaller, focused and more prudent.

Furthermore, if the borrower defaults and the lender decides to seize control of the asset, the borrower will still have equity that the lender can not negate.

Such a mechanism prevents lenders from gaining unfair wealth though default.

Wouldn’t this be a good thing?


The Bombs

Today, according to the MSM, pipe bombs were sent to various Democratic Party leaders and sympathizers. 

Bombs were sent to CNN as well.

CNN contributors are already champing at the bit to blame Trump.

Oddly, none of the bombs went off.

Not so oddly, no one in the MSM has offered the possibility that these bombs are a false flag sent by Democratic Party operatives intended to energize the Democratic Party base prior to the election.

Why not?

Shouldn’t we ask these questions?

Well, I guess we’ll have to wait for alternative media to raise the possibility.

Let’s see how things play out.

One clue that it might be a false flag is the highly coordinated propaganda effort that the MSM is very good at marshaling.

John Brennan, as I write these words, is attacking Trump mercilessly.

For sure Trump is a jackass, but let’s be fair.  Why would Trump be responsible for a pipe bomb attack on Democrats?  Republicans have been winning.  Usually it’s the losers who are disgruntled.

Was Trump responsible for the attack against Representative Steve Scalise?

No, it was a Bernie Sanders supporter.

Was Bernie Sanders therefore responsible for the attack against Representative Scalise?

Of course not.

It’s difficult to explain to young and old who have not been exposed to alternative media the proud tradition our leaders have in constructing false flags.

Whether it’s the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, the World Trade Center, this is the way our leaders work.

You see, our leaders are lazy and nefarious.  

They have no game and no good plan for you.

They lie, cheat and steal.  They’ll do anything to maintain the power of their Corporate puppet-masters.

It’s all about money for them.

At this point, I can’t tell you for sure if these bomb plantings are a false flag, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were.

The story sure seems fishy.

What would be the objective in sending these bombs? I don’t know yet. I’m not the one sending them.

We’re going to find out in short order, though.

Usually patsies are caught pretty quickly.

It may be that the elites want to energize the Democratic Party base. 

It might be to get “The Caravan” off  the front page.  This “Caravan” is helping the Republicans – a lot.

Or these attacks might be coming from a legitimately disgruntled person.

Stay tuned.

Rethinking Israel

What can Jews and Christians do to prevent another Holocaust?

Not what they’re doing now.

The current thinking is to have a homeland, Israel, where Jews can find safe haven.

It seems like a good idea.

And I would say that it would be a good idea if man were smart.

But if man were smart in making this move, wouldn’t we have gotten an  invitation by now to join the League of Planets?

We haven’t which should concern us.

Maybe we should rethink this whole Israel thing.   Maybe we’re going down the wrong path.  

You know, when the concept of Israel was first proposed there were many Jews who opposed its creation.

One of the arguments against Israel and its inevitable accompanying doctrine of Aliyah, the right of return, is that it would put Jews in a position of having dual loyalty.  It was feared that this would cause automatic distrust of those Jews remaining in their native country.

Another argument was that creating a Jewish homeland doesn’t address the issue of why Jews are persecuted.

Perhaps the principle objection, though, was that secular nationalism would replace observance of the Jewish faith; in other words, Jews would cease becoming Jews.  

Well, they were right on the money about that because right now so-called Jews and their so-called Christian supporters are engaging in very un-Jewish and un-Christian behavior in the Middle East.  And if it’s one thing that makes God testy, it’s people behaving immorally.

You would think that our leadership of so-called Christians and so-called Jews in the United States and Israel would have read the OT, but if you thought that you would be wrong.  They go to church and temple to get elected.

The OT is replete with stories of civilizations that have turned away from God and consequently come to ruination.

Since the current leadership in both countries doesn’t care about ancient wisdom, I will assume that they will bring us to ruination also.

Have they ever read a book?  Trump hasn’t, except his own, of course.

The body count in the Middle East is staggering.  The pure evil unleashed by ISIS, now known to be created and supported by the US and Israel (Saudis too), is heartbreaking.

God sees everything.

In which case, it might be a good idea to start thinking of other solutions to save the so-called Jews and so-called Christians who authored this mayhem.

We may want to include ourselves also for permitting these bozos to drag us into this mess.

Thinking we’re safe because we have an iron dome or a six-hundred ship Navy isn’t a solution, so here’s a novel thought:  How about following the vision of JFK who believed that leaders should empower people?

What if the US and Israel strengthened the average citizen living in Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Jordan and Lebanon?

What if our leaders who graduate from fancy business schools understood that the purpose of a business or a government is not to make money but to add value to the average citizen’s life?

Would that be something God would approve of?

The Circus is in Town

Hey, I thought the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus shut down.

Apparently not because the circus is coming to Houston today.

Well, it’s a circus of sorts. Donald Trump is showing up at a rally  with Ted Cruz.

He’s speaking right now, lying his ass off, tooting his own horn, hurling insults. Trump, of course.

It’s a joke.

The joke is on the people supporting him who will get nothing of what Trump proposed and says he accomplished.

Corporate America is in full control now of our election process. There is no point in voting anymore. And I say this as a person who voted for Trump.

Why did I vote for him?

I suppose we always have that little bit of hope that along will come someone who can fix things.

Somehow Trump seems false.

The real McCoy doesn’t need to brag, lie or insult people.

The real McCoy tells the truth. And the truth is sufficient.

The real McCoy is quiet not loud.

Political rallies are no substitute for substance.

Cotton candy is no substitute for meat and potatoes.

The powers that be, totally smart and totally immoral, financed and backed Trump for decades for-seeing a day when they might use him.

Never underestimate the elites. They think ahead.

They played me like a fiddle.  They did the same to many other Americans.

They take advantage of people‘s good nature.

Magicians the elites are.

They are so good at reframing an issue.

They know how to play the left against the right and the right against the left.

Their speech writers spice it up with lots of good jokes and insults.  And I admit they’re funny.



The battle the elites promote through their media shills Sean Hannity on the right and Rachel Maddow on the left – is false.

The true battle is between big and small.

Are corporations to grow bigger or smaller?

Is government to grow bigger or smaller?

Are big government programs such as war to grow bigger or smaller?

These questions regarding this more important battle will never be presented to you seriously on national television.

National television and national media as well as the political process has been 100% co-opted by Corporate America.

False battles are presented to you weekly now to keep your minds on that false battle – left versus right.

Both candidates agree to play the same stupid game.  Why not?  They’re the two arms of Corporate America.

Who you vote for is now a total sham.

It’s a circus, and right now Trump is its master of ceremonies.

It’s Your Republic

When Ben Franklin exited Independence Hall, he was asked what type of government we would have.

He answered: A republic if you can keep it.

That’s an odd reply.  I guess he must’ve known something.

I guess your Founding Fathers must’ve known something.

Indeed they did.

The Founding Fathers – unusually gifted men who stand as testament to man’s regressing intelligence – distrusted the people.  They distrusted a raging mob – not because they were racist as commie professors would have you believe.

They knew the harm a mob could do.

So they bequeathed to us a republic.

What did they not give us?

A democracy.

Now this goes against everything you thought about the United States.

Don’t we live in a democracy?


We don’t, and thank the Lord we don’t.

The success of the United States is directly related to the fact that we do not live in a democracy, that we do not have “one man, one vote” as the mobs screaming for Barabbas so fervently clamor for.

Why would we want to live in such?

Why would we want to live in a country where people who don’t know what they’re talking about have a say in running the country?

Would you go to a cardiologist who didn’t know anything about the heart?

Would you go to an auto mechanic who knew nothing about cars?

Would you have your house built by someone who didn’t know anything about building a house?

How about a baker who makes crummy cookies?

No, and so it goes with governance.

The very last thing we want is a raging mob running affairs – especially a raging mob directed and financed by wealthy corporations.  Somebody has to pay, house and supply these organizers, right?

Think about that the next time you watch a march in Washington DC.

A democracy is loud, boisterous, fickle and irrational. A democracy calls for a referendum.  A democracy bangs a drum. A democracy asks you to get out there and do your patriotic duty by kicking some ass.

A republic which your Founding Fathers gifted you is none of that.

A republic is quiet, civil, resolute and rational.  A republic elects officials to do the people’s will. A republic plays a flute. A republic asks citizens to stay calm and exercise their patriotism by obeying the law and quietly going to work.

It’s your republic – if you can keep it.

Conspiracy Theorists

I’m wondering why the Washington Post cares about what really happened to Jamal Khashoggi.

The Saudis say that he was accidentally killed after engaging in fisticuffs with an unspecified Saudi citizen.

Afterwards, they say, he was cut up into pieces and disposed of to disguise what really happened.

Several patsies, er, culprits have been arrested.

What’s wrong with that explanation?

It’s not too far off the mark from the flimsy excuse our elites gave after killing  JFK.

Our corporate leaders didn’t like JFK so they got rid of him.  He was messing with their money.

Mohammed bin Salman didn’t like Khashoggi, so he got rid of him.

What’s the difference?

Isn’t this what governments do?

Isn’t it in the prerogative of any government to make up silly but barely plausible explanations for their assassinations?

We did.

We blamed the Kennedy assassination on one guy.

Isn’t what’s good for the goose good for the gander?

The Washington Post didn’t give and still doesn’t give two fucks about the truth of the Kennedy assassination, so why should they care about Khashoggi?

They need to get with the program and stop being conspiracy theorists.

Why, the idea!

To think that fifteen Saudis could meet at the Saudi Embassy before Khashoggi got there is totally ridiculous.

That would require too much sophistication. 

Somebody would have talked by now.

You can’t keep something like that secret.

What about deathbed confessions?


Hah!  Clearly the Washington Post is engaging in delusional crackpot thinking.