A Good Leader

A good leader is a good listener.

A good leader is never afraid to hear a contrary opinion.

Unfortunately in the world we live in today, we have many bad leaders and people in charge.

Our leaders are afraid of contrary opinions.

They are afraid that what they want to implement will be negated by the contrary viewpoint.

This is the sign of a weak individual.

This is the sign of a weak leader.

This was in evidence today as CNN tossed Mark Lamont Hill off the air because he voiced support for Palestine.

The people in charge at CNN, who work in league with our leaders who are Zionists, could not  handle a contrary opinion, so they threw him off the air.

It’s akin to an ostrich burying its head in the sand.

The contrary opinions will not go away because you do not air them. The contrary opinions will still exist.  They will merely go underground. Indeed they will go underground and work to subvert your plan.

A good leader takes account of a contrary opinion and says to himself, “Hey, maybe I am wrong. Maybe I got this wrong. Maybe I should consider changing or modifying my viewpoint.”

Sadly, this will not be forthcoming from our leaders. And there is a good reason why.

A Palestinian state gets in the way of their money making machine, or so they think.

But maybe it doesn’t. Maybe having a viable Palestinian state will ensure peace in the region which will be better for the powers that be in the long run.

Unfortunately for us, our leaders ignore our opinions.  They consider themselves far above us intellectually.

That makes them bad leaders.

And you know what happens to bad leaders?

In time, they get strung up like Mussolini.

No matter what the government is, if the leaders of the government do not address the needs of the people, in time that leader ship will be deposed.









Palo Alto Gods

Why we will and will not survive Palo Alto.

One of the truly horrible and most unfortunate experiences in our lifetime is the rise of Palo Alto, California as a power center.

The people who operate their digital kingdoms there are amazingly deficient.

For being educated, they’re not educated.

It’s important to remember that most of these computer geeks have degrees in mathematics.

The problem with mathematicians is that they are not scientists.

If only they were.

Scientists are trained to make observations in the real world, the world as it is.

It’s a messy world, the real world is, not for the faint of heart.

Mathematicians receive a degree in the arts, not the sciences, as mathematics is a language not a science.

People in the arts tend to see the world as they want it to be.  They desire to change it as well, but not as the scientist does.  The man of science accepts what exists in its hard, cold brutality. The man of arts, forever in denial, desires to rewrite what exists.

Mathematicians represent the extreme in desiring to see and fashion the world as they want it to be.  They rebel against the real world and retreat into the beauty of numbers.  There is no messiness in numbers.  It is a beautiful world of fractals and Fibonacci sequences.  

Rules are simple, neat, orderly, logical and dependable.  A computer program once perfected works with spellbinding, replicative efficiency.  It never fails.

Ha ha, there is none of that human imperfection to deal with.

Mathematicians are purists.

And so Palo Alto foists its misguided, perfect vision upon us.

They envision million-man colonies on Mars. Not ten or one hundred man colonies.  That would be too mundane.  No, not even a thousand, ten thousand or even one hundred thousand man colonies.  Those numbers are chicken feed for a god.  No, they insist upon million man colonies.

And how far is Mars?  40 million miles at its closest, 160 times the distance to the moon.

We will not survive.

And if failed missions to Mars do not dispirit and bankrupt us, then self-driving cars and algorithm-driven medicine will surely kill us.

We will not survive.

And yet we will.

We will survive because Palo Alto’s efforts to attain perfection are betrayed by man’s imperfection.

Man can not be perfected. 

Moreover man’s success in attaining a better world is driven by his imperfection.

The freedom to succeed is inextricably bound to the freedom to fail.

Yet Palo Alto toils on reinforced by their belief in themselves as living gods.

To no avail.

Just as you cannot pound a square peg into a round hole, you cannot pound an imperfect humanity into a perfect utopia.

It will not fit.

Unfortunately, we are in for a whole lot of pain as they try.

Their failures will not dissuade them as they believe themselves to be the smartest guys in the room.

They believe such because society has bestowed upon them unwarranted billions of dollars.

The inquisitive man asks himself  why this might be so, why he has become so wealthy, and the correct answer is because that is the way things are.

The Palo Alto superstar rejects that reality and sees himself as having evolved beyond humanity.  He sees himself as a living god sent to Earth by himself to rescue us.

And so he coins noble phrases like, “Do no evil.”  He delights in deciding for us what is politically acceptable.

He knows.

What he doesn’t know is that the only reason he is wealthy is because a clueless, paid-off Congress placed no controls on what a Palo Alto god can earn.

A cardiothoracic surgeon or any doctor for that matter, or a teacher, or a policeman, or a fireman adds far more value to society than these pretenders.

None of these professionals who toil outside the beauty of numbers and deal with blood, sweat and tears, anathema to Pali Altoans, are paid enormous amounts of money because we have a social contract which states that it’s harmful and unreasonable for people to make such exorbitant salaries.

Our fucked up Congress failed to consider this when it came to computer programmers and Palo Alto gods.

And so they permitted Palo Alto to rape America and the people who built it.

Not to worry, though.  

The people who built America will rise again and rebuild after Palo Alto has destroyed it.

Christian Goals

Christianity‘s vision is often misguided.

Christianity is about your individual salvation.

Christ wants to know what you are going to do as an individual.

Christ wants to know how you are going to treat other people.

What Christ doesn’t care about is what we are going to do in the Middle East or the Ukraine.

There is no “we” in Christ’s message.

Christ speaks to you as an individual.

Yes, I understand the reference to “our” and “us” in the Lord’s Prayer. Many pastors and theologians have seized upon these words as tools to marshal Christians toward collective action.

Many pastors believe that Christ does not exist without the Church.

I disagree.

Christ was not a commie. These words “us’ and “our” in the Lord’s Prayer are literary tools not calls for collective action.

A group is not a person and thus has no sense of shame or guilt. Without a sense of shame or guilt, a group has no need for God or God’s forgiveness and so acts accordingly.

Now, in today’s modern world we have many preachers who take Christ’s message and evangelize for war.

I must’ve missed the lesson in my Sunday school class where Jesus implored for us to go out into the world and beat the shit out of people.

These ministers work with the CIA and rev their followers up for war.

They cozy up to politicians at prayer breakfasts.

They agitate for war.

As if we haven’t had one for the past 15 years.

The basis for this warmongering is Christ’s missionary zeal.

The logic, I suppose, is that because Christ preached while walking from town to town we are to do the same.

How can we sit back and do nothing, zealots ask, as they point to “primitive” cultures.

Look at the poverty, they scream.

And their backward way of life, they add.

The misery is heartbreaking, and something must be done.

Christianity is then viewed as a fighting religion.  

The goal then is to force our better, superiorChristian way of life upon the barbarian beast.

And what this has led to is nonstop American warmongering overseas for over one hundred years.

The path we take is false.

Christians spread their faith best by practicing it as individuals, not by cramming their faith down the throats of the nonbeliever with an army.

There is no “we” in Christianity.

By joining a group, even a Christian one, I forfeit my morality to the group leader who has been seduced and excited by Corporate America through private visits with the President, flights on Air Force One, and the other dog biscuits of Empire.

But if I turn away and ask what I should do as an individual, then the solution reveals itself. The group leader loses power and our leadership unable to sell war decides to work with other nations rather than exploit them.

As Jesus said, “You are the light of the world.”

True Christianity thus reveals itself.


GM and Gall

GM is eliminating 14,000 jobs in Ohio, Detroit and elsewhere in the United States.

What should Trump do?

Words won’t cut it.

Nor will worrying about the legal ramifications if action is taken.


We don’t need if.

Leaders lead.

If Trump had guts, he would immediately suspend all sales of GM cars, trucks and parts in the United States.

If he had guts, he would stand in front of the dealerships himself brandishing a weapon.

If he had guts, he would immediately place under house arrest all GM executives and board members.

If he had guts, he would confiscate their wealth to be placed in the public trust.

If he had guts, he would break the back of General Motors on the basis of national security.

But this would take guts, something in short supply in both Washington and Trump.

The gall and nerve of General Motors to eliminate jobs in the United States is staggering given the bailouts that this giant corporate baby received only ten years ago.

For your information these bailouts weren’t exactly a winner for us,

This company is begging for a spanking.

And Trump should deliver it.

Post haste.

If that is not forthcoming, then the people themselves should boycott General Motors.

An adequate slogan might be:  “You don’t make here, you don’t sell here.

It sounds reasonable to me.

This is the only way to take down these global titans.

The leaders of these international corporations have become unhinged from the people they are supposed to serve.

They don’t give two flips about the people.

Hence, the people should reciprocate.

Trump, the candidate who said, “I will be your voice,” should reciprocate.

It’s time to man up, Mr. President.


The Smear

Well, I’ve talked about the Confederacy before. It’s probably time to talk about it again given that CNN and the liberals are using it to smear Cindy Hyde-Smith.

Hyde-Smith is running in a special election for Thad Cochrane’s Senate seat in Mississippi.

First, the Civil War was not a war to free the slaves. You can slog through my prior posts to see why.

Now, of course, the liberals, true to form, want it to be that way, but wanting does not make it so.

The Civil War was about economics. Saying that the war was about slavery gives far too much credit to the bankers and industrialists who must finance a war. These guys do not go to war for social justice.

The social justice narrative is constructed to loan nobility to the elites who begin these wars.

Now, once the war was begun, slavery was used as a weapon against the South. But hold on, let us not think that the North really cared about black folk. They didn’t.

They still don’t.

What the North cared about beside winning the war was all that cheap black labor that would be freed up by abolishing slavery. Oh yeah, baby; they were licking their chops at all that cheap black labor that they could use in their factories. Plus, they could use that labor as scabs to break up emerging unions.

What they wanted to do was replace official slavery with a new kind of slavery.

Oh, and as for Jim Crow, Jim Crow laws existed in the North as well. Don’t think for one second that white people in the North were any more pure than their white cousins in the South.

Now, if Jim Crow was so repulsive to the North after reconstruction, why didn’t the North wage war again?

Aha, because the North got what it wanted the first time around. The Civil War was always about economics. When the South seceded it was free to trade cotton for finished goods from England which could compete with the finished goods being manufactured in the North.

That’s why the North declared war against the South. If the South had never seceded we’d have slavery today.

It’s always about the money for these elites. They simply don’t give a flip about social justice.

Which brings us to Cindy Hyde-Smith and this bogus smear about the Confederacy.

CNN doesn’t give a damn about slavery, the Confederacy or black folk. What they care about is selecting for you the candidate their corporate puppet-masters approve of.

If their liberal candidate had embraced a Civil War general you’d hear nary a peep about it.

These issues exist to move the citizenry to elect those candidates who the elites desire. Typically their candidates favor a corporate agenda. Big surprise.

Yes, we live in a shamocracy that has all the trappings of legitimacy.

Now, that’s dangerous.

Somehow, I think the Founding Fathers sensed that this might happen which is why they wanted your Senators elected by your state legislature.

This indirect method was actually better representation for you, but all that got changed with the 17th Amendment.

Which is why the 17th Amendment must be repealed.

Your country depends upon it.



This Thursday, on November 22, JFK died 55 years ago.  You wouldn’t even know unless you had studied the JFK Assassination.

Yes, the media will give it a sound bite, but that’s about it.

The elites prefer that you never hear JFK’s name again.

There’s a reason for that.

You’re living in it.

You’re living in the dysphoric word that exists because JFK was killed.

It’s called the New World Order.

It was the New World Order that killed him.

JFK saw a different world that they did not agree with.

He saw a world where America enabled other nations.

He saw an America where Americans, regular people, had a stake in America.  He gained that empathy through his personal family tragedies, the chronic physical pain he suffered and through the time he spent on that Pacific island with regular soldiers.

Identifying with the poor is an unforgivable crime to the elites.  They felt he betrayed them.  And they did not like his vision.

They desired an America brutalizing other nations, exploiting other nations.

They saw American empire as the means to make them rich beyond comprehension.

JFK saw right through them, and they knew it.

So they murdered him and gave you the world you live in today.

You live in an immoral, godless world where money is king, pornography is rampant, intolerance is the norm and political correctness is everywhere.

You live in an America constantly at war with imaginary enemies that the murderers of JFK create.

You live in an America where polarization of wealth is greater than ever before, where education costs are beyond your reach, where housing is less available and where your stake in the American Dream is near gone.

Of course, JFK and his vision live on.  

The elites can demean his character by forever talking about his peccadillos and shortcomings, but his vision of a decent America lives on.

That they can not defeat.

What is Antisemitism?

What does it mean to be antisemitic.  There are various definitions, and there is some controversy afoot these days as to what constitutes antisemitism.

Let’s leave criticism of Israel out of the discussion for now.  This is a bogus addition that has no merit.

One popular definition says that you are antisemitic if you do harm to Jews because they are Jews.

This seems fair at first glance, but is this inclusive enough?

What about those who do harm directly to Jews without intending to do harm?   Is that antisemitic?

I would argue that it is.

What about those who do harm to Jews indirectly by creating or encouraging a climate of hatred toward Jews without intending to specifically harm Jews (judging by their own words)?

This would include people like those Nazis who claim they never gave an order to harm Jews.  Yes, one could argue, but you fostered or encouraged a climate that led to violence against Jews.

This would also include Adolf Hilter for those people who say, “The Fuhrer did not know,” or “The Fuhrer did not intend for things to turn out this way.”


So, antisemitism, accepting what I say, is more broad than doing harm to Jews because they are Jews. That definition is more appropriate in defining volitional discrimination.

Antisemitism is when you do harm to Jews.

But wait a minute.  Isn’t Israel Jewish?  So isn’t harm to Israel then antisemitic?

Good point.

First, Israel is only Jewish when it wants to be.  When it wants to promote itself as a multicultural society it proudly points to Arab MKs.  

Second, Israel currently abides by the precepts of Judaism to the same degree that the US abides by the precepts of Christianity which is to say dead zero.

Third, is a nation, a corporate entity of sorts, a person? 


To say more is to say less. 

Given what I have spoken to thus far, is Israel’s current leadership antisemitic?

Yes, and they have been for some time.

The Likud Party and their radical fellow travelers have created a culture of hatred against Palestinians that has engendered horrible living conditions for the inhabitants of Gaza and the West Bank.

This dire situation has resulted in the BDS movement and enmity toward Jews around the world.

It does not matter whether Bibi intended for things to turn out this way.

It has.

And now you know what Israel must do in the Middle East.  It’s as clear as daylight.

New World Order Judges

Yesterday, the chief justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, rebuked Donald Trump after Donald Trump spoke out against Judge Jon Tigar a federal judge in California.  Trump also complained about another group of judges who take care of matters pertaining chiefly to the west coast.

Donald Trump was upset because this particular judge had overruled his policy of denying political asylum to immigrants who desire to enter the country.

Trump called John Tigar an “Obama Judge.”  

The chief justice responded that his judges were not “Obama Judges” but independent judges.

That’s a laugh.

There’s nothing independent about the federal judiciary when it comes to the general welfare of the country.

These federal judges are 100% USDA-certified puppets of the New World Order.  They are gutless, clueless, privileged cowards hell-bent on harming the integrity of the nation.  

It is the New World Order’s goal to create a common market in North America between Canada, the United States, Mexico and Central America; abolish local currencies; then establish their bullshit government most likely devoid of the Bill of Rights and the second amendment.

Of course, the Amero, printed by the elites will be important; but what they really want is gun control.  They need to find a way to negate the second amendment.  Creating a supranational state is integral to that plan.

Forget about Madison and Jefferson.  Clearly they are no longer relevant.

To attain this supranational state it is important to destroy the integrity of the United States, Mexico and Central America.

This was aided vastly via NAFTA which destroyed the economy of the independent corn farmer in Mexico by dumping cheap corn into Mexico.  These independent corn farmers, with no place to go after having been thrown off their lands, either joined El Chapo in the drug trade or emigrated to the United States.  That’s one reason why you have this massive migration of Mexican citizens into the United States. The elites knew exactly what they were doing. We know this because they have done nothing to fix it. They are totally content with this immigration. In addition NAFTA made the elite wealthier.

The same situation is going on in Central America today with CAFTA. CAFTA exploits the poor, pollutes the environment and creates a culture of poverty within which gangs thrive. That’s why you have so many gangs like MS 13 coming from Central America; that’s why you have so much immigration coming from Central America. Who wants to live in poverty surrounded by gangsters? That’s why you have the caravan. Again, the elites know exactly what they are doing. They have done nothing to fix this problem. They completely avoid solving the root of the problem which is to make Central America a nice place to live and raise a family. Why would they want to do that? CAFTA makes them rich.

Concomitant to causing upheaval in Mexico and Central America is the necessity to break down barriers of entry in the United States.

To achieve this we have the pusillanimous government in California, which is now a state in Mexico, and we have clueless judges like Jon Tigar who Trump attacks.

He calls Tigar and his ilk “Obama Judges.”  

In reality, they are judges of the New World Order.  It doesn’t matter whether they were appointed by Bush, Obama or Clinton. It’s not a Republican versus Democrat issue because all three presidents were puppets of the New World Order. All three Presidents did tremendous damage to the United States through these ridiculous trade agreements and the fighting of international wars which have devastated the United States economy and impoverished you in the process.

Remember, the economy is about your welfare, not the Dow’s welfare.

The elites try to frame this as a racial issue; but it’s not a racial issue. It’s an economic issue and always has been.  It matters not whether you are white, brown, black, red, purple or polka dot.

If we do not stop this diabolical plan of the New World Order, you can expect your stake in the  American Dream to plunge.  

The New World Order’s plan is bad for everyone.



Brexit Exit

What the British can do and must do is use this Brexit mess as an opportunity to reform Brussels.

That’s where the smart money lies.

There is a brilliant opening to do so.

It works as simple as this: 

Dear EU,

We the British would really prefer to stay, but we want a revised governmental structure more akin to the way laws are enacted in the our country.  We value British freedoms and liberty which is not the same as typical Continental autocracy.  We believe that law should emanate from those people who live closest to those whom the laws will affect.  Yes, we know this is messy, but we’ve developed messy habits which work for us.  We’re not accustomed to sitting back and “taking”  it.  It’s a bad British habit we have of voicing our opinion.

Consequently if you desire us in your union we must insist that all European law emanate from the people whose representatives are found in the European Parliament.  We would also prefer that no law come from the Council of the European Union, nor do we desire any good ideas from the European Council.

Only in this manner can we be  assured that our fishermen will be allowed to fish.  Fishing is another bad habit  we islanders on this rock called Great Britain acquired.  We like it and can’t quite give it up despite your best efforts to compel us to do so.  Not fishing would be like asking the French and Germans  to stop making wine and sausage respectively.  We’re sorry, but we grew up surrounded by water, and, well, fish live in the water.

There are a few other things we’d like as well.  We  British don’t like to delude ourselves, so if we are to be a union, let’s be one. We know a few things about unions having won and lost a few.

What will work best is a shared destiny which means shared responsibility as well.  So if we are to incur debt we must share it as a true union.  We’ll have none of this nonsense where some live well while others suffer under austerity. Either we all suffer or none of us suffer at all.

As we British are fond of saying:  What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.  

Ah, yes, immigration.  Well, we shouldn’t leave that out, should we, since you have gone to the trouble of labeling so many of us as uncultured, jingoistic racists.  Well, maybe we are, and maybe we are not, but one thing we British hold dear is tradition.  We’re not in the habit of slaughtering our royals or renaming our month of November to Brumaire at the whim of a crazed Jacobin.  We are accustomed to order, discipline and civility.  We believe that when in Rome one must do as the Romans.  Permitting hordes of people from foreign cultures to swamp the boat does not loan itself to assimilation. As such we must insist on strong borders.  Europe without borders is no Europe at all.

Well, there, I think that hits the main points.  Can you live with that?  If not, well, as Larry Grayson, one of our own, would say:  Shut that door.

Thank you and good luck.   You know where to find us.  We’re that noisy little nation of shopkeepers sitting to your west.



Israeli Bluster

So the latest Israeli blowhard to enter the arena, Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan, states that Israel is closer than ever to entering Gaza to attain security for Israel’s citizens.

Tough talk.

Let’s see how tough he talks in a few months after Israel decides to undertake this mission.

Will Israel win?  Well, it depends upon how you define win.

One thing is for sure, Hamas and the Palestinians have nothing to lose.

Given the horrid conditions they are living under, given Israel’s determination to take the West Bank, given growing world support for Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, it should be clear to the Palestinians that they have little to fight for save honor.

They’re certainly not fighting for Lady Gaga to give a performance.  No, luxuries are not at the top of their list.

I would say they are fixing their bayonets right now.

Israel should be prepared for that.

The problem that Israel faces is not its own means or determination but its overconfidence.

Their young anonymous soldiers have been fed a steady diet of lies about Palestinians for fifty years now.

Israelis have come to accept Palestinians as subhuman cockroaches who celebrate a culture of death.

I don’t think that’s true.  I think Palestinians very much love their children and neighbors. And like Jews they want to be part of the future world.

Any people under siege and outgunned will resort to suicide bombers.  The Japanese did, the Vietnamese did, the Palestinians did.

And what do you know? The very first suicide bombers were the Jewish Zealots who conducted knifings against Roman soldiers in the first century.

Knifings, huh?

So the Jews wrote the book.

The Palestinians are the students.

They learned from their teachers and engaged in suicide bombings.

They’ll do it again

They have nothing to lose.

They’ll do what they have to do.

And more. Humanity is inventive, and necessity is the mother of invention.

Missiles once directed at cities will be more efficiently directed at patrols.

It’s a closer shot with a greater chance of success

Is Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan ready for this?

Is he ready for house to house combat?

I suppose that with proper planning and careful attention to detail it is possible that Israel can achieve a sweeping victory over Hamas with a minimum of bloodshed.

One of Israel’s assumptions may be poor:   That Hamas and Hamas alone is responsible for the instability in Gaza.

In other words, get rid of Hamas and the problem goes away.  This seems to be the same logic that the US bought into during Vietnam:  Get rid of the Viet Cong and the Vietnamese will be peaceful.

Well, the Vietnamese people were the Viet Cong.

In Gaza, I suspect, the Palestinians are Hamas.

Israel, prefers to believe its own bullshit.  They prefer to believe the lies they’ve been promoting through the Western media about Hamas surrounding themselves with unwilling human shields inside nursery schools.

It fits their narrative.

Israel also prefers to believe in their own superiority and the unassailability of the IDF.  This confidence is bolstered by their rabbis infusing them with the nonsense that they are God’s chosen people and that God gave them Israel.

Well, 1) God picks no favorites, 2) God doesn’t give any land to anyone, and 3) God distributes intelligence evenly throughout the spectrum of humanity.  You’re here after millions of years of evolution; if you were that genetically inferior, you and your people wouldn’t be here.

Still Israel believes its own bullshit.  It points to its Nobel Prize winners as proof of Jewish superiority never once asking itself whether other religions emphasize awards and accomplishments let alone Nobel Prizes.

Suppose other cultures emphasize a renunciation of wealth, possessions and awards.  What then?

Hey, here’s a thought: Shouldn’t a master race consider such and temper its arrogance.

And if it does not?

Well, wars aren’t fought on paper  or in the minds of the self-deluded as Israel is about to find out.

Yes, they can kill many Palestinians and “win”.

But at what cost to themselves and the future Israel?

It’s important to ask questions.  The more high quality questions you ask, the better the result generally is.

Does God see everything?   Does God see what hardships Israel has inflicted upon the Palestinians in Gaza?  Do we live in a moral universe?

These are but a few questions the Israeli blowhard, Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan, might ask first.

Intelligent people ask questions.