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Bird Box is a  truly stupid movie if ever there was one, and its popularity is a testament to the success of the New World Order in dumbing down America – which is why I am writing this review.

The movie would be better entitled America’s Got No Mind.

It’s difficult to believe that John Malkovich would agree to make this movie.  Didn’t he make The Dancer Upstairs, which incidentally is on my  list of all-time great movies.

I guess there was too much money to resist.

Of course, Hollywood has always asked us to suspend our cognition when viewing a movie, but c’mon, this movie asks too much.

Why can’t we go back to the 50s where a giant spider attacked a town in the movie Tarantula?

Ah, those were the days.

All one had to do was believe that a spider could grow to the size of a two-story house.

But with inflation and the passage of years, Hollywood has grown flabby and profligate.

Likewise the American people whose lazy minds demand evermore preposterous movies.

Bird Box is emblematic of that laziness.

Let us count a few ways.

Why can’t we see the aliens?  If the people who look at the aliens can see them before they succumb, why can’t we?  The fact that Ms. Bullock can see shadows of them through the blindfold suggests that they are indeed there, so then why can’t we see them?

How does one negotiate through forests and a river blindfolded?

Why would being insane confer immunity to the alien’s influence?

Why would a home for the blind necessarily be a refuge for sighted people?

Don’t the odds of Ms. Bullock’s gynecologist being at the refuge at movie’s end seem slightly greater than winning the lottery?

Why does Ms. Bullock not give her children names for years? Given that the children speak fluent English, doesn’t it seem logical that they might ask, “Mommy, why don’t I have a name like everyone else?”


Of course, I could go on.

But in case you think I couldn’t.

Why would a walkie-talkie reach a distance more than a hundred miles down river?  I can’t get mine to work more than a few hundred feet.

Were there no tools in the garage for Mr. Malkovich to hammer down the door leading from the garage to the house?

What would be the mechanism for an alien’s influence traveling through a security camera?

Since Ms. Bullock could partially see the aliens through the blindfold, shouldn’t she be partially affected?

Why are parakeets specially sensitive to the presence of aliens? Are other birds equally sensitive?  Aren’t we owed some explanation?

Why are the people in the refuge walking around beatifically as if they have discovered paradise?  Why aren’t they scared shitless?  How are they sustaining themselves if they can’t farm crops outside the refuge?

It wasn’t just the implausibility of the plot, though.

When I watch a scary movie, I’m not looking for character development.  Quite frankly I don’t give one rat’s ass about their angst.

Nor do I care about ethical issues.

Honestly, I was waiting for this movie to evolve into Sophie’s Choice as the boat lumbered down the rapids.  Was Ms. Bullock really going to choose which child would be compelled to risk life by taking off their blindfold?

Skip that.

I want meat and potatoes.

Just show me money.  And while you’re add it, throw in some wooden acting, campy jokes and plenty of stupid people who can be eaten alive.

Better yet, give me an intelligent horror movie like they used to make in the 50s.

Give me a giant tarantula that zaps everyone into submission.

That’s the America I know and love.










Collectivism and Change

Is it possible to change America within the extant political system?

I will argue no, not in the traditional way.

The elites are too smart and too immoral.

Sure, you might catch them off guard occasionally, as the Brexiteers have discovered, but soon they will figure you out. They have loads of money to spend on putting you in your place.

The only way that seems possible to take them down is to battle them outside their system altogether, that is to walk away from their system.

But what is their system, their method of oppression?

To see why let’s play a game.

Let’s say that you started a third party that began to attract a significant number of voters that could hurt one of the traditional parties in a presidential election.

It wouldn’t be too long before someone would approach your candidate with an ultimatum: You either throw the election, take a pay off or something will happen to your children.

Game over.

After that, they’d insert their operatives into your party to divide and conquer it.

This is what biological organisms do to protect themselves.  They send out the antibodies and macrophages to attack the alien invader – you.

If you did manage to get a few candidates elected, they’d seduce them with lots of goodies, favors and reminders (extortion).  In time you wouldn’t have candidates representing your party.

So, if this is the case you might ask, why doesn’t one mainstream party play this same game with the other?

For one simple reason:  There is no two party system. There is a one party system with two wings to it. The Democrat and Republican parties long ago reached a truce.  Rules must be followed.  You can attack a candidate on any legitimate ground, but you can not resort to extortion, bribes or murder.  That only applies to startups.

And so when you take on the task of reforming society, you are fighting a one party system.  Your chances of winning are zero in the traditional way.


Your only chance is to change the field upon which the political battle will be fought.

But what is that field?


You must not change people’s values; you must change your values.

Let other people take care of their own values.

Political parties are predicated upon collectivism.

As collectivism fades so will the power of political parties.

They will follow you.

Which is as it should be.



Just yesterday a guy who was managing a Vape shop in Tucker, Georgia freaked out because a customer walked in with a Donald Trump MAGA hat.

The video has gone viral.

The manager can be seen screaming and cursing at the customer. He refers to Trump as a racist among other things.

How would he know?

Well, he just does. He heard it from the media. The media told him that Trump was a racist.

The media says a lot of shit. That doesn’t make it so.

But every day we are willing to subject ourselves to what the media wants to sell us.

We pick and choose what we want to believe. We could easily believe that Trump is a nice guy. We could easily believe that Trump doesn’t have a racist bone in his body.  There are plenty of people who will state such.

So why do we believe what we want to believe?  And why do we swallow the bullshit that the media sells?

We do so because we’re lazy, and we don’t want to work to find out what the truth might be in any situation.

We want to be lied to.

In many respects we are like the smalltime criminals that Henry Hill refers to in the movie Goodfellas. He says to his wife, “Karen, they’re schnooks. They want to get caught.”

Well we are no better. We are schnooks too.

We want to be lied to. We want to believe fantasy bullshit.

Doing so makes our life easy.

By believing the bullshit, we can escape reality and enter a fantasy world where we have no responsibility whatsoever.

It fits in nicely with the passivity the New World Order desires.

We can wrap ourselves up within the cocoon of bullshit that the media wraps around us.

It’s comfy and warm.

Why take responsibility when you can live the easy life?

It’s so much easier to get fired off at someone and scream than it is to do your job.

Doing so however comes at a price as this manager of the vape shop will soon discover.

Impeachment? Cui Bono?

Impeachment is inevitable according to Elizabeth Drew veteran columnist for the New York Times.

Ms. Drew is as old as the hills, and she was a former director of the Council on Foreign Relations. Well, when you are as connected as she was with the “gentlemen” from Corporate America who now rule our country, her opinion must be considered seriously.

Of course, impeachment is not a conviction. Impeachment is a trial.

One must ask first, though, why the real rulers of America, that being Corporate America, would want their boy, Trump, thrown out of office.

He’s doing just fine by them.

Sure, he’s removed a few token troops from Syria in order to fire up his base, but has he made any real dent in America’s war machine? 

Has he fired John Bolton?


He continues to support Israel to the hilt. He continues to wage verbal warfare against Iran.

It sounds to me like he’s just getting going. It sounds to me like he’s getting the war machine ready for the next offensive.

As for James Mattis resigning, if James Mattis resigned it is only because Corporate America wanted him out of there. He wants a job on a boardroom someday, doesn’t he?  Well, if he does he better not anger Corporate America. They never forget.

No, I think Mattis was perhaps too reasonable for our corporate warmongers, too much the voice of peace, always a danger to the aspirations of corporate America.

Hey, remember those halcyon days when American leaders cared about peace in the world?

Ha, what a pack of wimps those guys were.

The stock market plunge? Why would  Corporate America give one rat’s ass about the stock market? They’ve been manipulating it for years, stealing money from the American people. They don’t care if the market goes down; that just gives them the opportunity to swoop in and buy stocks cheap.

The shutdown over the wall?  Corporate America couldn’t care less if a few Americans go without pay for the next month or two. That doesn’t affect them.  They rather prefer the fracas and discussion over the wall, a stupid idea if there ever was one.

Indeed, Corporate America loves the wall and the discussion there of. They do so because it distracts Americans from discussing the real cause of immigration from Central America, which is that Corporate America has raped the people of Central America and have been doing so for many, many decades.

Trump is a good thing for the corporate elite. Why would they want to get rid of him and have some wild and crazy guy like Mike Pence get in there?

Mike Pence might do something wise. Mike Pence might have a sensitivity to the American people and feel that war is not in their best interest. Mike Pence might feel the pain of people who’ve lost money in the stock market. He might see it as the casino that it is. Mike Pence might agree with Mr. Obrador in Mexico City who feels that investment in Central America and improving the lives of its inhabitants might prevent immigration into the United States.

Oh the horror, the horror.  What would become of the common market and the Amero?

It wouldn’t become, and that is the point.  The elites from Corporate America desire to build their new world, and they will have it.

At this point in time, Trump is an  integral instrument to achieve that.  And so, in this author’s opinion, Trump will be with us for quite some time.

Sure, there might be an impeachment process, but if Corporate America doesn’t want a conviction to take place, it won’t happen.

Corporate America controls the U.S. Senate. Their boys will do what they’re told to do, or they won’t get the money to get reelected.

That’s what I think of Trump’s impeachment.

Cui bono?

Divide and Conquer



If it’s one thing the immoral elites are good at it’s knowing how to destroy their enemies.

The elites are immoral, sure, but they are also very, very smart.

Never underestimate them.

One of their favorite tactics is inserting one of their guys into your movement in order to hijack it.

The tactic is pretty simple. The immoral elite enters the movement and becomes a protégé of sorts. After a certain period of time, the elite moves away from the former leader, labels him as a nut job and thus hijacks the movement. He then promptly nudges the movement in alignment with what the elites want.

The elites have pulled this trick off time and again.

in my opinion this is what William F. Buckley did to the conservative movement in the 1950s and 60s.

He infiltrated a legitimate grass roots, down-home, populist movement of traditional Americans who believed in traditional values, Christian values, and fused their values into his persona thus labeling them as bigoted, elitist, uncaring, warmongers who always look after the rich.

What do you think?

Buckley comes off charming and witty during his interviews with guests. He is always courteous.

His questions are careful and deliberate.

Something seems not right though.

He either tries to defend the indefensible or he defends that which requires no defense – at least to the regular mom and pop conservative.

For example, why would you defend the US military’s firing and destruction of villages in Vietnam?

Why would you tell a blind guy that he had no right to be sailing on the ocean because he couldn’t see it?

As to defending that which requires no defense, why would you engage in a debate defending Joe McCarthy? To engage in the debate gives credence to his attackers. Debating whether you feel it was okay for Senator McCarthy to make his accusations is akin to taking up a debate on whether vanilla ice cream is tasty.

No decent supporter of Joe McCarthy would ask you to engage in such a debate.

In other words, why debate?

I would say the same to those on the left who feel that Joe McCarthy was in the wrong. Why would you debate that? You shouldn’t.

If what you say is not so it will crumble up like a leaf and blow away with the wind. If what you say is so, nothing will prevent it from manifesting itself.

Yet time and again, Buckley invites guests to debate silly points.

I admit he is entertaining, yet as a small town conservative, I don’t want someone who claims to represent me to argue silly points or defend things which should not be defended at all.

Doing so makes me look stupid, uncaring and cruel.

It also tags me as a rich guy, untrue, who only cares about rich people.

For decades, William F Buckley was the image presented to Americans of a typical conservative.

Is it to anyone’s surprise that people on the left despised conservatives?

Is to anyone’s surprise that people in the media regularly mocked conservatives?

Buckley’s presence made it difficult for conservatives to gain sustainable majorities that could push through substantive transformative legislation in Congress.

How could this possibly occur when your party is perceived as being for the rich who believe in trickle down economics?

To bolster their ranks all the Democrats had to do was to point to William F. Buckley, a rich guy with a fancy accent and fancy words.

Add in some rich guys like Nelson Rockefeller, George Herbert Walker Bush, Mitt Romney and any number of well-heeled members from the University club, and, presto, new voters for the Democratic Party.

Thus under Buckley’s deft guidance, the Republican Party came to be known as the party of the rich.

And because of this, the rich gravitated toward the Republican Party and the conservative movement.

Money was seen as a solution.

It was futile as a conservative to try to explain to regular Americans that conservative values such as individualism would engender trickle up, not trickle down, economics.

Try explaining that point as Ann Richards remarks that George Herbert Walker Bush was born with a silver foot in his mouth.

In reality, George Bush wasn’t the only one born with a silver foot in his mouth.

William F. Buckley started the trend.

Of course, that was the whole point.

Buckley was placed in the conservative movement and Republican Party to control it. Now, it’s not necessary that a person who accomplishes such a task is fully cognizant of what he or she is doing. The elites only need to promote that particular individual who suits their needs.

In the case of Buckley though, a rich guy, a Yale guy, a CIA guy, a member of the elite, an oil guy, a crony capitalist, a member of Skull and Bones, I would say he was in on it.

I would say he was fully aware of what he was doing.

He was just another globalist who believes that the ends justifies the means.

The Phony Battle

I’m sure I wrote something akin to this piece before, but let me try again.

Try not to view American politics as right versus left.

It’s tempting to do so, especially when the frothing dogs of corporatism get you riled up.

It’s doubly tempting when you are young and raging with hormonal energy.

Instead rotate the mainstream paradigm ninety degrees and view American politics as big versus small.

Aha, the world begins to make sense as you ask which party and which policies will make government more responsive to the average Joe.

Currently, none of them do.

Both parties have been co-opted by the thugs from Corporate America.

That’s the truth, baby.

The double truth is that none of the talk show hosts who speak on mainstream media represent you either.

Do you really think the powers that be are going to permit Rush Limbaugh to be worth six hundred millions dollars unless they own him?

Do you really think the powers that be are going to permit Sean Hannity to be worth three hundred millions dollars unless they own him?

People with money, fame and voice might get the wrong idea and say something useful.

The same can be said for any talk show host on the left.

Do you really think the powers that be are going to permit Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon or Rachel Madow to be worth millions unless they own them?

All these people are stooges and puppets of the New World Order.  It’s a grand game for your amusement.  They will play the right against the left while the real robbery of America goes down.

The very last thing the elites want is for citizens on the right and left to get together because that would spell curtains for them.  And you do have much to get together about – your freedom.

Your freedom is being robbed in plain sight with your full participation.

You’re being bulldozed into serfdom by the elites in both parties.

The small town conservative has nothing to fear from the small town hippie.  You both want the same thing.

You want an end to the constant war machine that the US has become.  You want to raise your children in the way you see fit.  You both want government to stop spying on you.  You both want jobs for Americans.

Isn’t that enough to come together for?

The issues of gay rights and other social issues, while important, are small potatoes when compared to your freedom and liberty.  Yet the media heightens these issues in order to divide you.

So what do you do?

Let’s begin with a paradigm that describes what has happened in America.  Rather than the traditional seesaw with the left and the right playing off each other, see this instead.

You and your friends stand on one side of a gazebo; your counterparts on the opposite end of the political spectrum stand on the other side.  All of you stretch your hands above your head.  You are supporting the roof of the republic.  Some of you are obviously closer to the center than others, but you are all important in holding up the roof.  If too many people in your community go away, the roof comes down.

Now, sitting atop the roof are the corporate fat cats of neoconservatism and neoliberalism.  These parasites aren’t helping you hold up the roof; they are pushing the roof  down – upon you and the American people who the roof protects.

To achieve their goal, which is total submission of the American people, the fat cats employ their wealthy media commentators to attack roof holders on the right and left.  They pick off the people on the fringes who are helping you support the roof.  They label them as nuts.  Gradually the media cons you into abandoning them. Yet these people aren’t your enemy; they are in the trenches beside you helping support the roof that protects the people.

If you continue to play this game, the roof over the people will collapse.

So in this manner, the fat cats have demonized fringe people from the right and left.

They have gone after the John Birch Society, and they have gone after radicals from the left such as Black Lives Matter.  The people from the right are called Nazis, and the people on the left are called Marxists.

The goal is to convince you to abandon these important supporters of what our republic is all about.  Their expression of speech, however crazy you deem it, is the pillar holding up the roof.  When you dismiss these speakers, you take down the edifice of free speech.  What you ultimately will be left with is a few skinny pillars in the center.

As we can imagine a few skinny pillars in the center isn’t enough to support the roof.

Allowing people to speak regardless of content is the antidote to political correctness. Your tolerance of free speech and that of others is the strut that supports the roof of the republic. No society ever died by someone stating a contrary opinion.

Fascism does not begin with free speech; fascism begins by saying nothing.




John Birch and You

Many years ago a battle took place for the soul of the Republican Party.  On one side stood the John Birch Society, and on the other stood the Rockefeller Republicans. William F. Buckley, a Yale dandy, spoke for the Rockefeller Republicans. He, according to media elites, who, by the way, were and are controlled by the same people who controlled Buckley, represented the intellectual voice of reason against the media-portrayed evil, radical John Birchers.  The John Birchers were portrayed as horrible people, fringe lunatics, who felt that Communists were infiltrating America’s government at its highest levels.

The John Birch Society was set up after Senator Joe McCarthy’s death to continue the work of Senator McCarthy.  The people who joined felt that Senator McCarthy’s work, while zealous and perhaps overreaching in pointing out communists in our government, was valuable.

I remember a John Bircher coming to my school when I was a boy.  The school every year would hold a special events day where all sorts of people would come and talk.

I remember the John Bircher saying, “Let’s get the U.S. of the U.N. and the U.N. out of the U.S.”  He wasn’t crazy.  He spoke very calmly.  He wore a nice suit.  He called for no rebellion.

Can anyone imagine a school allowing someone from the John Birch Society to speak to its students these days?

On that same day, one of my classmates dressed up like Adolf Hitler and delivered  one of Hitler’s speeches so that we could see what Hitler’s philosophy was all about. Can anyone imagine that taking place today?

Of course not. We now live in an age of political correctness where open discussion of ideas in any form is impossible.

Moreover, someone’s sensibilities might be offended. Yet in that day fifty years ago nobody’s sensibilities were offended.

It was accepted that free-speech was more important than offending someone.

So what happened in our society to change things?

What happened was that William F. Buckley won the day against the John Birch Society.

Let’s not be coy.  William F. Buckley was a Rockefeller Republican, a phony conservative and a crony capitalist.  His father was the founder of Pantepec Oil.  William F. Buckley was a former CIA agent posing as a deep thinker.

In reality, he was still a CIA agent, and his mission, whether he was aware or not, was to hijack a political party and its followers.

There was a legitimate conservative movement within the Republican Party.  The John Birch society was part of  that conservative movement. They believed fervently that communists had infiltrated the United States government. And guess what?

They were right.

When the John Birch Society faded away – thanks to pseudo-conservatives like William F. Buckley, and his like-minded friends and Yale dandies, Gerald Ford and George H.W. Bush – an important counterbalance to centralization of power was lost. What ensued was the easy co-opting of the educational system of the United States of America.

It became a piece of cake for the internationalists to demonize Joe McCarthy, to make up lies about him. There were so many lies told about Joe McCarthy that the regular people of America couldn’t even begin to approach the truth about him.

The internationalists accomplished this through the slur of McCarthyism.  So I guess two wrongs make a right.  Or were two wrongs made?  Did Joe McCarthy slander people?  Time will tell.

Today, many people think that Joe McCarthy had something to do with the Hollywood blacklist. Yet Joe McCarthy had nothing to do with the blacklisting of Hollywood actors and directors. Joe McCarthy was not an actor. Joe McCarthy was not a director.  Joe McCarthy was not a producer.  Joe McCarthy was not a mogul. 

Sorry, Hollywood, you blacklisted your own, all on your own, thank you.

Many others think that Joe McCarthy had something to do with the House Un-American Activities Committee. Do you?

Well, as it turns out, as a U.S. Senator, Joe McCarthy had absolutely nothing to do with the House Un-American Activities Committee. That is a completely separate branch of the legislature.

Yes, but how about all the people that Joe McCarthy accused of being communists?  The mainstream media assured us that such claims were baseless? 

Well, let’s just say that the Venona Project, secret intercepts of Russian cables from Moscow to their operatives in the United States, which are slowly being decoded, are slowly but surely vindicating Joe McCarthy.

There were communists all over our government. They are still there today. They have done their job quite well as you are now living in a socialist stare.  Communism is right around the corner.

With political correctness thriving, I’d say we are living in it.

There is very little difference between communism, crony socialism, crony capitalism and fascism.

What’s the difference between a quasi-governmental AT&T monopoly and the ministry of communication? Nothing.

Too big to fail means of course that you are too big; it also means that you’re part of the government.  

Since too big to fail is now official government policy, we’re in for a long fight. 

That’s what the John Birch Society, those fringe lunatics, tried to warn us about.


I Miss Daniel Plainview

I miss Daniel Plainview.

It’s been ten years since he came and went so quickly.

I think of him still.

For a full two years I walked and talked like Daniel Plainview.

In a flash, I could scream out, “You’re a bastard in a basket; you’re a bastard in a basket.”

Or … “I  have abandoned my child. I  have abandoned my child.”

In my quieter moments, I would softly say, “No hitting,” or “I will pay you quail prices for that.”

I died to be placed in situations where I could reply as Daniel would:  “I’ll bet you feel like a fool,” or “That’s a deal; what’s next?”

What is it about Daniel that endeared him to me? I say is not was because Daniel is still alive in my heart.

What is it about Daniel that inspired so many people to copy him, to walk like him?  Yes, I practiced walking like him.

He was so loveably weird.

He only laughed once, but I copied that laugh.

For me Daniel was the weirdest guy since Nixon; and then one day it occurred to me that Daniel was Nixon.

Daniel like Nixon represented in extremes the best and the worst of us.

There atop the prairie, Daniel crouched, alone, pure ambition, shivering, the wind blowing fiercely in his face, screaming in his ears:  “You don’t have the right stuff, Plainview.”

When Daniel falls into the shaft, we fall with him; we drag ourselves to the assayer with broken leg to redeem our silver.

We’re ruthless; we’re committed and we’re paranoid.

Daniel is the story of America, our story, for better or for worse, in all its comic beauty and ugliness.

It was Richard Nixon’s story also.

There he stood by himself, Nixon, the underdog, in that first campaign, by himself, alone, when no one knew his name, fiercely fighting the monied elites from the East only to become the tragic victim of his own blind ambition.

The winds raged against Nixon, the boy from the other side of the tracks.

“You’ll never make it, Nixon,” the winds howled.

I miss Nixon.  I miss Daniel.

They are me, and I am them.

I want to embrace them both and say to them:  “Let me tell you something, boys.  I’m going to go up there to Little Boston, and if I find out that what you are telling me isn’t so, I’m going to come back here and find you, and I’m going to take back more than just my money.  Is that okay with you?”


Copyright 2018   Archer Crosley   All Rights Reserved.

What is Justice?

I’ve been thinking a lot about justice today and what it is.

Media elites talk all the time about justice.  Defendants talk about justice after the trial is over.  If they win, they say justice was served; if they lose, they say that justice was not served.

What is justice?  Is justice a result, or is it a process?

Justice is a process.

As long as the process is fair and level, we can honestly say that justice was served whether we win or lose.

But if the process is not level, if one side is given an unfair advantage, then it is fair to say that justice has not been served.

We Americans believe in fair play.

We don’t like it when one side is treated differently than the other.

We apply this standard not only to what goes on in an individual case between two parties but to the body of cases as well.

We desire that all people abide by the same rules.

That’s why Lady Justice wears a blindfold.

Justice –  fair play and even application of the rules  – must apply whether you are white or black, rich or poor.

Justice must also apply when considering one’s political status.

We want to see even application of the rules whether you are a political heavyweight or just a regular person.

So how is justice working out in America today?

Is our system of justice the best it can be?

Well, when it comes to justice being blind to the politically connected, not very well at all.

While Michael Cohen goes to jail for three years, Hillary Clinton is never investigated at all.

While Paul Manafort goes to jail, Jeffrey Epstein has his case swept under the rug.  There were too many skeletons in that case, I imagine.

Lady Justice may be theoretically blind, but Americans have their eyes wide open.

They see what is going on.

They watch as the elites protect themselves and go after those who dare to question their illusory supremacy.

Take note, Washington elites.

Life is a big hockey game that comes with a referee.

As long as the referee calls the game fairly, the players will stay calm and play the game in a clean, orderly manner.

But if the referee does not call the game appropriately, in time the players will take matters into their own hands.

They will begin to dispense street-side justice.

The results are never pretty.

Letter to LeBron

Dear LeBron,

First things first, I think you’re one hell of a basketball player. I thought last year that you had the opportunity to win seven championships before your career was over.

It’s still possible.

I was never a LeBron hater. I think people like to pick on you for the hell of it. I do however have something to say to you. I think you’re wrong when it comes to players expressing their political opinions, and here is why.

When we fans go to a sporting event or view one on television, it is to get away from the real world. We don’t need our consciousness raised; we don’t need to be educated. We already live in a world of shit.

To tell you the truth, it’s you players who need your consciousness raised. Flying in your personal jets, living in your million dollar mansions, driving your Lamborghinis, hanging out with Bono, Beyonce and Jay-Z, it’s you players who live in a fantasy world, not us.

We don’t need to be educated about anything.

The husband who watches the NFL or the NBA doesn’t need to learn about breast cancer awareness.  His wife had it; he flipped on the tube for a couple of hours to get away from the pain of his wife’s death.

The mom who watches you play doesn’t need to learn about poverty and equality; she lives it.  She flipped on the tube to anesthetize herself from reality for a few hours.  She’s beat because she’s working two jobs.

That’s your job, LeBron, whether anyone told you or not, to transport people away from reality for a few hours to a nicer place.

You talking about equality and other social issues only brings it back.

Which is why people are tuning out. They don’t want their consciousness raised.

As a pediatrician, I see malady every day of the week. I see all the results of the dumb decisions that our politicians have made over the past fifty years.

I see depression.  I see drug abuse.  I see child abuse.

So has every other physician in United States. So have all the nurses. So have all the teachers. So have all the cops. So have all the pastors. So have all the social workers.  So have all the judges.  So have many, many other people.

We live in a world of shit.

You are the anesthesia.

You are the remedy.

You are the savior.

I know it’s tough in this crazy world to just do your job.  Everyone feels as if their job isn’t quite enough, but it is.

It’s a frustrating world out there, but you can make it better for everyone by being the best basketball player you can be.

By dropping the political discourse, you will make the world a better place.

After JFK was shot on November 22. 1963, people of all walks of life felt great pain.

People were at a loss for what to do.

A great injustice had been committed, the effects of which we still feel today.

The great conductor, Leonard Bernstein, felt such pain and bewilderment.  He too struggled with what to do.  I’m sure he romanced the idea of going into politics, cleaning out Washington DC, perhaps even taking names and kicking ass.

But he didn’t.  Here is what he said in a written note:

“This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly, than ever before.”

That sounds like good advice to me.

Good luck this season with your new team.  I’ll be rooting for you.