Jack and Lee 16

Do you know why it’s so easy for me to assassinate people around the world?

Because you don’t give a damn.

That’s right you heard me, you don’t give a damn.

All you Americans care about is having fun.

You couldn’t care less about attending to the serious matters of the nation.

So we took it over.

I don’t apologize for that.

Not a damn bit.

The perks go to the people who do the heavy lifting.

I’m  the little red fucking hen, baby.

Eat the pain.





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Jack and Lee 15

This is the narrative I came up with to kill the President.  I wrote it out like a screenwriter would write a treatment for a movie.

Then I boiled it down to a paragraph. Then I boiled that down to a pitch line.

So let me start in reverse by giving you the pitch, then I’ll do the paragraph and treatment – if I have time.

Lee Oswald, a disgruntled loner and communist, with a troubled past and a history of violence, assassinates the President if the United States  in Dallas, Texas.

Okay, here’s the paragraph.

A troubled and violent lone gunman, Lee Oswald, assassinates the President of the United States in Dallas, Texas.  Lee Oswald had defected to Russia years earlier and had returned to the US with his Russian wife.  Unable to secure steady employment he became disillusioned and then turned to violence,  He ordered a rifle  through the mail which he used to shoot at General Edwin Walker and President Kennedy.  After killing the President, Mr. Oswald shot at and killed a Dallas police officer, JD Tippit.   Oswald’s  friends describe him as insecure, boastful and at times angry.  There are numerous reports that he beat his wife.

From here, I wrote out a long detailed treatment which in its initial draft was not what happened but was close enough.

No first draft is ever the final draft.

Some are, but not this one.

I had to work with it.

Then I storyboarded it out.

I’m a terrible artist. I use stick figures, but stick figures are better than nothing.

I do a lot of cut and paste with photographs to help me see things that I cannot draw.

I laid it out like a comic book.

Thinking and imagining takes more of my energy then walking around.

I studied a lot of movies in my lifetime. Let me tell you something: Planning is everything.

Here are some rules I have for screen plays:

  1. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Plan it out. Storyboard it out.
  2. One movie, one villain.
  3. The contrast between good and evil must be strong.  Reality doesn’t sell.
  4. People go to the movies to be entertained, not lectured to.
  5. One movie, one screenwriter. The only exception would be a husband and wife team.  Hud, which came out ironically in 1963, was written by Irving Ravetch and Harriet Frank, Jr.

Okay, I have many more rules, but those are enough for now.

By the way, I loved Paul Newman in that movie.  I know he was supposed to be the bad guy, but I felt bad for him.  His father, Melvyn Douglas, was so mean to him.




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Jack and Lee 14

Look, honey, before you jump into a mission you should sketch out a rough outline.

Of course you can’t be too precise, but you should at least try to envision it all the way through.

Sometimes it’s best to begin with how you want the mission to end.

But since I was new to Dallas I had to get the lay of the land.

My first task was to figure out from where we could shoot at JFK.  

It’s not as easy as you think.

Of course it’s easy for you to go back in time at Dealey Plaza and say: “Aha, that was the logical place.”

But I didn’t know that when I first went there.

I was thinking of every place but Dealey Plaza.

My first choice was a stadium.

A stadium has so many nooks and crannies.

My second choice was a shooter hidden at street level.

Look, I thought of everything.

What determines where you are going to kill someone isn’t just the ease of the shot  but how you are going to pin the tail on the patsy.

Pinning the tail on the patsy rules out a shooter from street level because you have to associate associate the patsy exclusively to where you plant the gun.

Pinning the tail on the patsy rules out a stadium for the same reason unless the patsy works there.  The problem with a stadium though is that the patsy has to be able to egress the scene with ease.  There are too many people at a stadium.

Even with all that though there were other concerns.

I needed to accomplish certain goals.

  1. Pin the tail on the patsy.
  2. Malign the character of the patsy.
  3. Demonize the patsy so as to make the case open and shut.
  4. Catch the patsy.
  5. Kill the patsy.

Furthermore I had to do all of this without the patsy knowing what I was doing. He had to believe he was undertaking a separate mission.

This would require more planning than I could ever imagine.

Planning is hard work.

Picasso said it best.  When I’m lying around the house, I’m working.  When I paint, I’m having fun.

It’s the same with me.




Copyright 2019   Archer Crosley   All Rights Reserved

Jack and Lee 13

I am a troubled soul.

I see things and I care about the poor.

It keeps me up at night, and I have spent more time than I care to remember in trying to remedyr the ills I have created on behalf of my employers who care not at all for the poor.

Oh, yes, my employers care not.

And I despise them for that.

But I am a base creature and must eat.

Still I think about the metaphysical monster I have helped create.

It’s not a physical monster, you see, this New World Order.

It is a creation of all the committees, think tanks and organizations to which the elites belong.

It is a vapor.

Stop them from thinking and communicating, I think, and their New World Order will disappear.

How will I achieve this?

I must disrupt their ability to cross pollinate.

Do I attack their newspapers?

Do I infiltrate their power structure?

No, this will not work.

I must suck the life out of them by destroying that which they hold dear.

And what is that?

Aha, that’s the ticket.

If they knew what I knew they’d kill me.

That’s okay.

I am always ready too die.

Let me tell you something my friend, I believe in an afterlife.

I don’t believe that we just exist in the memories of others who are left.

And I don’t believe that God could be so cruel as to take away everything we’ve built up.

Ashes to ashes.

Perhaps in our bodies. But I will never accept that for my soul.  

I deny and reject all who would suggest such.

I believe that when we die, we enter a different room.

We are just as alive.

I need to believe this. I will believe this.

I cannot contemplate an existence of nothingness.

When my father died, I asked myself where he went.

He was just here.

Where did he go?

I pretended that he had gone into a different room in to which I could not enter.

I could not see him but he was there.

This helped relieve my pain.

As I say, I am a troubled soul.

That’s why I do what I do?

Could you kill the President of the United States?





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