Letter to Bill

Dear Sirs:

The problem with Bill Gates is that he’s a mathematician; as such he thinks like a mathematician; as such he treats people like a mathematician.  He sees numbers, not people. The problem with that approach is that we are people, not numbers.

We are an R0 value to Bill Gates, a number to be decreased. And so he would lock us up in our house in a hermetically sealed bag in order to lower that value. Well, of course this will lower the R0 value, but what will it do to our Psy – our psychological health. Furthermore, what’s the whole point of lowering R0 if there’s nothing left to salvage in the soul?

Presumably the goal of the Gates Foundation is to make a healthier more productive world. This is why Bill Gates engages in vaccine research. This is also why he is involved in battling the coronavirus.  This seems reasonable. What does not seem reasonable is his mathematical and narrow approach to the problem.

How long will we suffer until the development of a vaccine comes about? 18 months? 48 months?  An eternity?  In the interim, what will become of us?  Is our soul and our spirit like that of a  silicon chip, immutable, non-degradable, able to survive in a vacuum for an infinite period of time? Or is our soul perishable, fragile, able to be extinguished in a microsecond without social interaction?

Man is a social animal first and foremost.  Our social interaction is a requirement of life. Our social interaction is the sine qua non of what and who we are. If we are to achieve a healthier and more productive world which is the goal of the Gates Foundation, then the preservation of that social interaction and not just individual human beings packed away in solitude must be the primary focus of that foundation.

Given that, the lockdown must end, and not just now – for what will we be if not social?


Archer Crosley, MD  

McAllen, TX 78501

Tuesday, April 28, 2020



Celebrity Hucksters

Your celebrities are the bishops of the New World Order.  They are brought along and seduced with money and titles given to them by the Caligulas who rule us.  Then these celebrities work against the people from which they came.

Celebrity Hucksters


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