Gravestones and Offense

Gravestones are being changed at Fort Sam Houston.

Concerned citizens are offended by the Nazi symbols they contain.

Ted Cruz is offended, as is Joaquin Castro.

The public good must be maximized.

Here is the article I am referring to.

This article is worthwhile because it opens the door to matters of importance; it also shows us how truly dimwitted and unenlightened Ted Cruz truly is. Ditto for Joaquin Castro. Let us hope neither becomes a candidate for the Supreme Court. We already have enough dumb people there.

But what would you expect from Cruz who attended Princeton and Harvard?

What would you expect from Castro who also attended Harvard?

These schools can’t teach you how to think; they can only select out people who are good at repeating. And obeying.

On the surface it would seem to be a good thing to remove symbols of the Third Reich from a person’s gravestone, but it’s actually not a good thing. It’s not a good thing at all for several reasons.

Leaving aside the spiritual complexities of the living mixing with the dead, walking over the threshold so to speak, first and foremost, the gravestone is a personal choice that is made by the person or his family. It is their statement of what they think is important in their life. It’s a message that they want to convey to the world of who they were and what they stood for.

You may not agree with what they stood for, but it is what they stood for, and that must be respected just as your choice on your gravestone must be respected.

A gravestone is not a community statement.

Defacing a gravestone is the ultimate measure of disrespect.

Yes, the Nazis killed many Jews. They killed the Jews because they despised the Jews. Not only did they kill the Jews, they sought to eliminate their existence past, present and future within Germany.

You may not agree with their reasons, but their reasons did exist as did their killing of the Jews. These gravestones and the symbols on those gravestones serve as a reminder of their hatred and genocide. That hatred can not be negated by ignoring it or erasing it from history. Your history is your history.

But wiping history is the modern trend, and it is not untypical of socialist regimes to do so. Socialist regimes, like ours, typically rewrite history in an attempt to attain a perfect society.

They do so in part out of arrogance, in part out of poor education, and in part because socialist policies generally do not work. They create more poverty. So in order to distract the people from the failure of these policies, the leaders turn to blame and recrimination.

When they’re not blaming people, socialist regimes are seeking to maximize the public good, again out of arrogance. Our American society is no different. Believing ourselves, not God, as the focal point of our existence, keeping our hand on the rudder with a sense of humility is clearly out of the question.

Forget about Trump and Pence screaming that socialism will never come to the United States; we’ve had socialism since 1932. We’ve also had increased polarization of wealth, increased homelessness, increased violence and increased drug use and abuse.

Reengineering society was a hallmark of the Nazi regime in the 1930s which desired to perfect humanity by eliminating undesirables such as the Jews, the Poles, the Gypsies, the disabled, and the disadvantaged.

Our leaders reveal who they are when they strive to remove those elements of our society which reveal our imperfection. Our leaders are Nazis and have been for the past 90 years when they first became enamored with National Socialism.

Our leaders not only backed Adolf Hitler in the 1930s, they continued the Third Reich’s activities here in the United States. Our New Deal was modeled off many of Hitler’s reforms in the 1930s.

What our Nazi-loving elites have imposed upon us here since WWII is National Socialism, fascism really, dominated by large corporations. These large corporations have hijacked our government, our media and our Constitution and imposed their will upon American society.

This recent attempt to remove Nazi symbols on gravestones is part of that program.

Not only is this removal dangerous on a personal level, it is also dangerous on an operational level because it nullifies history. When we nullify history, we cannot learn from history. Young people and people in the future will not be able to see what the Third Reich was, who financed it, how it operated, and what its goals were.

When we read about the Third Reich, we can more easily see that we are still living under the Third Reich’s dominion.

The removal of symbolism on German gravestones is proof of that.

What’s next?

Perhaps one day Corporate America will be offended by what’s on your gravestone. Maybe they will be offended by the US flag.

Corporate America through their lackey, the NFL, dishonored the American flag only two years ago by staying silent as players kneeled during the playing of the national anthem.

Perhaps Corporate America will one day decide that the US government conducted genocide in Southeast Asia and the Middle East and then demand that the American flag be taken off the gravestones of all US veterans.

How does that sit with you?

Similarly Corporate America may one day disapprove of the crucifix that is on your gravestone.

Maybe they will classify Jesus as a murderer for having been the Savior for an oppressive civilization.

Ah, but you will protest from the beyond.

Or your family may. They will state that you didn’t commit any genocide; that you didn’t know what was going on. Why should you be punished for having loyalty to your country, they will ask.

Besides, you add, you were a small guy. And you were a good guy too; you didn’t murder anyone. You were just following orders.

Isn’t this what the majority of the German soldiers were doing; following orders? And, indeed, in fact, the German people were heavily propagandized during World War II. Many German soldiers didn’t buy into the genocide at all, and many German soldiers refused to execute innocent people. This was a real problem for Himmler.

Germany during the 1930s was a military police state, and if you didn’t obey the Fuhrer’s orders, you were sent to the concentration camp too.

There were Radio Laws in Nazi Germany which forbade people from listening to foreign broadcasts which delivered a contrary message to what the regime wanted you to hear.

If you were forbidden from listening to foreign broadcasts, you certainly wouldn’t talk about them if you had listened. If you did, there was a good chance you would be turned in to the Gestapo.

Thus, truth was in short supply.

Additionally, even speaking to a Jew would earn you three months time at a concentration camp.

Ah, so life isn’t as simple as Cruz and Castro believe.

Now, we know that there were good German soldiers because Viktor Frankl in his book Man’s Search for Meaning tells us that there were. A survivor of these camps, Frankl states that there were even Jews in the concentration camps called “kapos” (Jewish trustees) who were often times worse and more brutal than the German guards.

Viktor Frankl’s essential message is that you can find good and bad in all people. Nobody is saved by their heritage.

Yet we have false leaders today, leaders no better than Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, Goering and Goebbels , who prosecute a simplistic Manichean ideology to the world.

In this American approach, there are good people and bad people; and if only we get rid of the bad people then life will be better for everyone.

This is why Hitler nullified the Jews.

This is why our leaders nullify the Nazis.

That nullification begins with something as simple as a symbol on a grave stone.

This cleansing is a slippery slope that leads to a bottomless, interminable hell.

Moreover, it is a cosmetic change that leaves untouched major cracks in the foundation, the essential flaws of National Socialism, that will ultimately render our demise.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

What Does Christ Mean?

It’s important on this Christmas day to remember what it means to be a Christian.

What is Christianity?

Who was Christ?

What kind of person was he?

Contrary to what many false leaders of Christianity may think, Christ is rooted in individualism.

Christ was not a communist.

Christ was not a follower.

Christ was a rebel.

As were our Founding Fathers who rooted their rebellion in Christ’s emancipatory message.

Christianity has few rules beyond charity or treating others as you would want to be treated.

It’s an easy religion to join, but not so easy to follow.

Christianity concerns itself with the individual soul, not obedience to the dictates of conventional wisdom or what the pack thinks.

Christ wants to know what you as an individual are going to do with your life.

Christ does not ask you to put your finger in the air to see which way the wind is blowing.

Christ does not ask you to follow a popularity poll.

Nor does Christ ask you to follow a leader here on earth.

There is no worldly intercessor or interlocutor to God within Christianity.

Christ and the principles he espoused is your interlocutor.

His words are plain and easy to follow.

Of course, this has not prevented false prophets and false leaders from appointing themselves God’s representative here on Earth.

These leaders secretly despise Christ.

Christ put the kibosh on their racket.

The Sun King and the other divine kings and queens were such leaders.

As were the Roman Emperors before them.

As they fell other false leaders took their place.

We live in a treacherous world of evil men and women who would seek to destroy Christ’s message.

They know full well the power of Christ.

By day these modern leaders dress in suits, not robes, speak fancy words, attend church and hold prayer breakfasts.

By night, they strive to undermine the very individualism and trust that Christ’s message underscores.

Did Christ hold a prayer breakfast for Julius Caesar?

Did Christ ask his followers to go out into the world and kick ass?

Did Christ live in a walled-off development?

Did Christ separate himself from what our modern leaders call trailer park trash?

Did Christ sell out and get a lucrative contract from Caesar to provide all the chariots in Palestine?


From all sides of the political spectrum these modern leaders promote collectivism. They ask and encourage Americans to turn each other in to the authorities. They discourage Americans from attending church and visiting family members. They suppress free speech on the Internet which goes against the conventional wisdom that they define. In the school system they work toward a standardized approach to learning and teaching which they will control.

Over the past seventy-five years, they destroyed the family structure by shipping jobs out to China and Southeast Asia. They promoted gambling, tattoos, vile celebrity culture and cheap gossip. In place of well-paying jobs they gave Americans Oxycontin and low paying jobs at McDonalds. Around the world they created slave labor plantations where people toil thirteen hours a day to make six bucks.

While impoverishing the average American, they enriched themselves beyond comprehension. They awarded themselves lavish salaries and stock compensation packages. Not satisfied with their mansions, yachts, private jets, sprawling ranches and sports teams, they set out to steal American’s savings, homes and now businesses.

They are the new Sun Kings.

They give each other phony awards to beguile you. Nobel prizes, Academy awards, Pulitzer Prizes and Peabody awards are false awards given by them to themselves to cement in your mind their superiority.

Yet Christ renounced a crown.

Through their media these false gods now set out to control the freedom of your mind with their political correctness.

They are essential, of course, they tell you.

The ills of the world can only be solved by them, they say.

Their phony pedigrees at so-called prestigious schools often bought by bribes and family legacy confirm it.

The future appears bleak.

Conformity is demanded. All must submit.

The secular god has spoken, and so it is now appropriate to ask what will you do.

Christ wants to know.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Defeating Corporate America

Well, in this age of despair, you may be asking yourself what you can do to improve the world.

You may feel helpless.

You may feel as if you can’t do anything. After all, you may ask yourself, I’m just one person. What can I possibly do?

You can do a lot, and the authorities know that you can do a lot because they keep programming you.

Indeed, the authorities spend a lot of time and effort in programming your mind.

If you want to change the world, change yourself. Don’t be deluded into thinking that one person can’t change anything.

You can change things. By changing yourself, you change the world. If it didn’t work that way, the authorities wouldn’t spend so much time trying to change you.

With that stated, here are a few things you can do. And it doesn’t require you getting together with anyone.

If you have talent and the elites are recruiting you, walk away from the dog biscuits of empire which are awards given by the authorities to rope you into their program or way of thinking.

Quit drinking Coca-Cola products. You don’t need Coca-Cola; Coca-Cola needs you. If I can quit Coca Cola, so can you.

Walk away from the royal family. What you do in your life is far more important than what they do. Beyond that the royal family is not an amusing sideshow of powerless figureheads. They are an important focal point for one of the most criminal organizations the modern world has ever seen – Corporate Britain. The royal family does not give orders to Corporate Britain, but they, along with the immoral system of peerage, act as essential glue to keep Corporate Britain alive. Corporate Britain raped the world and still does so today.

Walk away from Newsweek magazine. Newsweek magazine has no authority to define trends, speak with an all knowing voice or set the tone on conventional wisdom.

Walk away from the New York Times and its vital announcements page. The births, deaths and marriages of the people who are written about there are no more important than what happens in your life. These announcements exist to send a message: these people are more important than you.

Walk away from the Washington Post which is a tool of the CIA. You need news that is honest news, not a pack of lies manipulated to get you to support a phony war or cause.

Quit watching the Academy Awards show and other similar shows. These awards do not exist for the recipient; they exist for the studios to build recipients into demigods so that they can better sell their increasingly crummy movies, downloads and books.

Walk away from phony “superstar” musicians who are no more talented then struggling artists at your local bar.

Resolve to not pay astronomical prices for sporting events. It’s not your job to make NFL quarterbacks any wealthier than they already are. Definitely do not buy their overpriced jerseys, T-shirts and caps. Free yourself of a $40 car parking charge, a $10 beer and a $5 hotdog.

Quit watching Time-Life specials which purport to tell you what you are thinking.

Don’t wear something because everyone else is.

Walk away from Anna Wintour and her notorious glare. Her taste in clothes is no better than yours. She can cram her notorious glare up her ass.

Unequivocally delete the Kardashians from your brain. They only became famous because their father was an attorney for O.J. Simpson. They have no special talents. They exist only to make money for the people promoting them.

Resolve to give less money to McDonald’s. McDonald’s should be properly termed the United States Government Hamburger Corporation. McDonald’s is a guilty participant in our international global killing machine. It willingly goes along with every corrupt and immoral program the government foists upon us. When the government imposed its small business destroying lockdowns, McDonald’s was ready to go with its “discounts and free food for essential workers” program. McDonalds also profits handsomely from our endless wars.

Burger King is only one step beyond McDonald’s. It too represents the face of fascism.

Resolve to ask questions before buying into media nonsense. Be your own person.

Understand that fascism is not a few knuckleheads waving a Nazi flag; fascism is when big government and big corporations – like McDonald’s, and Coca-Cola, and Nike, – work together to promote war or other programs like the lockdown which end up hurting you.

Quit buying Nike shoes. Nike shoes profits off slave labor in Indonesia. Those poor people work 13 to 16 hours a day for a grand total of six bucks per day. Those shoes should be made here in the United States where workers can be paid a living wage. A living wage keeps families together, keeps families stronger, keeps families off drugs, keeps families out of the prison system.

Stop watching CNBC and idiotic hosts like Jim Cramer. The stock market is a casino that is rigged against you. Any temporary gains you get are temporary. The house always wins.

Take as much money out of the stock market as you possibly can. When America takes their money out of the stock market, the casino will crash; the parasites will die.

Understand that Harvard University is a self promoting criminal cult that is dangerous and unhealthy to the survival of the United States of America and the world. They do not represent the best and brightest. Steve Jobs did not go to Harvard. Albert Einstein did not go to Harvard. Thomas Edison did not go to Harvard.

Never vote for a Harvard graduate. Never vote for an Ivy League graduate. Never vote for anyone who attended a so-called prestigious school. Too many of these people are in it for themselves and their own glory, not you.

Understand that Fox News and CNN are flip sides of the same coin. They’ll give you a few differences to promote the illusion that they are different, but ultimately when push comes to shove, they are in it against you. They both work for Corporate America.

Invest time in your own family, work and community.

The list of things that you can do is endless. It’s impossible to do them all or any one of them completely because we live in a corporate world. Do the best that you can. One step leads to two, two steps leads to three.

Removing the programming of our national media upon your mind will free you up to make this country better.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Strain

How should we deal with the new coronavirus strain?

Well, here is an old saying that seems appropriate: Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

So it is with the COVID-19 pandemic.

A new strain has developed in Great Britain, and, according to the elites, it is more contagious than the original COVID-19.

My response: Fuck you, authorities.

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

Naturally, the advice of the elites to combat this new menace is more of the same nonsense they littered upon the world in March.

Lockdowns, social distancing, face masks.

C’mom nan. Are you that fucking stupid?

Of course, to sell their bullshit they have to jack up the threat of this new strain to an ever greater degree than that of the original COVID-19.

Unfortunately for them, fatigue is setting in, and people are wising up.

In response the elites tell us that this strain is more contagious, although no supporting evidence is presented other than a few statements about mutation and easier penetration.

As to why this strain would be more contagious is a mystery.

How can this strain spread faster when everybody is under some sort of lock down in Great Britain?

The contagiousness of a virus is not just dependent upon a virus’s ability to penetrate the respiratory epithelium; it is also dependent upon the speed with which people communicate with each other.

Now, we know that people’s communication with each other has been severely limited.

It therefore beggars belief that this virus can be known with certainty to be more contagious.

It sounds like more scaremongering to me.

But even if the virus is more contagious, so what?

The correct solution to COVID-19 in the first place was to allow people to communicate as quickly as they possibly can so as to develop herd immunity.

That the virus has already mutated underscores to an even greater degree that we should pursue herd immunity as quickly as possible.

If the virus has mutated to this degree before the first vaccine has even been rolled out, this mutation should point to the futility of developing future vaccines.

A normal person would see this.

Our elites do not.


Well, the goal of our elites should be obvious to everybody by now. Our elites want to completely rework society.

This virus is their ticket to a new world, or so they think.

With this virus they can rape small business out of existence. They can create more serfs. They can create more people dependent upon the government. They can knock out any opposition from small business. They can shut down the churches that might be a source of opposition to them. They can shut down all venues of communication where people might get together and discuss how to defeat the government.They can create more profits for Amazon. They can install remote education. They can install remote telemedicine.

The elites will never give up this goldmine voluntarily.

They will create one virus strain after another until they destroy us.

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.


Archer Crosley, MD

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Why Did the Nazis Lose World War II

Why did the Nazis lose World War II?

The Germans are pretty smart people.

They were and still are great engineers.

All throughout World War II the Nazis had superior weapons than those of the Allies.

So why did the Germans lose World War II?

Was it the fact that they fought a two front war?

Was it because they relied on a cult of personality in Adolf Hitler?

Was it because they took on too big a foe in both the US and Russia who had greater natural resources?

Was it because a police state breeds suspicion which makes effective communication less possible?

Was it because much of the resistance in Germany went underground to undermine the Nazi Party?

Was it because an authoritarian state crushes dissent, dissent that provides a healthy counterbalance to the nutty ideas of the ruling regime?

Well, all sorts of theories have been devised and debated.

They are all good theories, and all play a part.

A better more all-encompassing theory is that the Germans lost World War II because they violated the laws of God.

In murdering the Jews, in murdering the Poles (Hitler thought they were not much higher than animals), in murdering the disabled, in murdering the Gypsies, in murdering people who they just didn’t like for any number of reasons, the Germans violated the laws of God.

The Nazi party violated laws of basic morality and decency.

World War II was over before it began.

Fundamentally, we live in a moral universe.

There are laws to that moral universe as surely as there exist physical laws of gravity.

When we violate those laws, we bring misfortune to ourselves.

These laws apply to Americans and to American leaders as well.

Propaganda will not erase those laws just as propaganda cannot change the laws of gravity.

All throughout World War II the German people were heavily propagandized into believing that they were the ones under attack.

The German people were fed a steady diet of lies, but those lies did not negate the immoral behavior of their leaders and the people who followed them.

So too in the United States.

Currently we have immoral leaders in the USA who have been lying to us for decades.

They took their cue from the Nazis.

They are lying to us about the COVID-19 pandemic just as they have lied to us about so many events in the past 75 years.

That we are being lied to, and that many of our citizens follow the advice of these leaders, will not change the fundamental laws of the universe.

The laws of morality and the violation those laws will come back to destroy our leaders and us in the process.

We cannot escape them.

Our national myth in always believing in ourselves as the good guys will not change that.

Many will live to see the day when the rich and powerful fall.

When they fall many of us will fall with them as collateral damage. Our fall will make the bombing of Dresden look like a cakewalk.

As surely as gravity brings an object back to earth, so too will the immorality of our elites bring them crashing back to earth.

We live in a moral universe.

Locking elderly people away incommunicado into a state of utter loneliness is immoral when such policies lead to their deaths.

Sending COVID-19 positive people back into nursing homes is immoral.

Destroying small businesses upon false theories like lockdowns and social distancing is immoral.

Increasing peoples chance of committing suicide because you want to prosecute your New World Order is immoral.

Shutting down churches,which is a source of comfort for many people, because you don’t want people opposing your nutty ideology is immoral.

All of these immoral actions will be compensated for in full.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Christmas in Britain

Dear Great Britain,

You need to walk away from your leaders.

You need to walk away from Boris Johnson.

Boris Johnson, with a heavy heart, just canceled Christmas because of this new COVID-19 strain that is supposed to be 70% more infectious.

How convenient.

Can your authorities tell you how they know that this new strain is 70% more infectious?

Assuming that it is, so what?

In the same breath, Johnson and his band of merry fascist men say that there is no evidence that the new strain is any more lethal or will escape the benefits that the recently rolled-out vaccine brings.

Not yet.

So then why bring this up?

Why cancel Christmas?

The answer should be obvious. Your elites in Great Britain, like our elites here in the United States – knuckleheads all – have an agenda.

Their goal is the same as it has always been: to rework society – to take it as far away from the principles of Christ as they possibly can.

They hate Jesus’s guts.

Jesus Christ, and his birthday, represent a liberating force in humanity, a force that helped people escape from the crushing yoke of slavery that knuckleheads like Johnson have imposed upon you throughout history.

The goal of the elites was and is to break you down and destroy you economically, spiritually, mentally, physically.

They will now ask you to do more of the same – masks, distancing, lockdowns.

All of these measures have served to hurt the little man. None of these measures have affected the owners of large corporations, nor will they.

Do you hear any outcry from the large corporations?

Very little.

Large corporations don’t care because they’re connected with the powers that be.

They are going to get all the bailout money they need. Plus their leaders are already richer than the richest man in Babylon.

They couldn’t care less if their corporations go under. Their exit plan is secure.

The effect of all these lockdowns is to create even more impoverished people. These impoverished people will then have a greater dependence upon the government which is what our leaders want. They don’t want anyone challenging their authority. They certainly don’t want small independent businessman challenging their Supreme rule.

This is their New World Order.

They are the new Sun Kings.

The elites will keep this COVID-19 virus going as long as they possibly can.

As stated before they didn’t invent remote education for it to go away this quickly.

They want Zoom to be the new normal in education.

With Zoom they get one step closer to replacing teachers altogether. In this manner they can mass indoctrinate young children into their secular philosophy.

There is another benefit to the lockdown; the elites can shut down the churches which serve as a venue for people to communicate opposition to them, the idiot elite.

They can also shut down other venues of communication such as bars, restaurants and gyms.

Is it surprising that the government has targeted these venues as the number one source of COVID-19?

Look for this COVID-19 crisis to go on for as long as you will permit it.

There is another way.

Walk away from your leaders. Congregate as freely as you desire. Wash your hands but do not wear facemasks which only serve to dehumanize you so as to take away your individuality.

Our elites fear individuality.

Be brave, not fearful.

Double down on your efforts to have young people and young adults interact as aggressively as they possibly can.

Of course you should take precautions for people who are elderly or medically compromised.

Beyond that, live life to the fullest.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Vaccine and Race

Just last night Tucker Carlson presented a segment revealing that our United States government will choose to give the coronavirus vaccine based upon race, not upon need.

One would think that the vaccine would be given first to elderly people, but apparently this will not be the case.

The noble elites who claim to look out for minorities have decided that minorities and people of color should receive the vaccine first.

I can’t think of any reasonable justification for this, but in the mind of the noble elites it probably has something to do with white privilege.

If you are a minority, I would run for the hills.

Remember that first and foremost our elites are bigots posing as compassionate people toward minorities and the less fortunate.

In other words, our elites hate minorities.

This latest maneuver to give the vaccine preferentially to minorities is a disguised act of hatred.

Our elites are choosing to use minorities as guinea pigs for their incompletely vetted vaccine.

Our elites who choose to make this decision, are the same elites who set up the welfare plantations run by Karl Marx in the inner city.

You have seen how well that has worked out, not that it matters to the elites whose prescription is more of the same.

These are the same race hustlers who continue to destroy the black community through a civil rights agenda even when there is complete evidence that these policies do not work, that these policies hurt people.

Our elites know full well that by focusing black people on recrimination, reparations and revenge, they will push the black community into a greater vortex of despair and anger from which they will never recover.

If you think conditions in the black community are bad now, wait until you see how things are in four years after Joe Biden works his magic.

This latest “compassionate” maneuver to give minorities the vaccine first may kill many minorities.

Just as our noble elites experimented on black people with syphilis, so they are experimenting on them with this vaccine.

Now, it may come to pass that the vaccine is a miracle, that it will work.

That’s not the point.

The point is that the vaccine was incompletely studied.

It’s a crapshoot and minorities will take the risk.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

A Simple Question

I have a simple question.

How can the incidence of coronavirus infections and deaths be escalating in the state of Texas when we are not seeing all that many infections in our pediatric offices?

I am, simply put, not seeing a lot of infected patients.

I’m not even seeing an extraordinary number of coronavirus cases.

It’s true there are some, and we’ve been doing drive through coronavirus testing, but it’s nothing to shake a stick at.

It certainly nothing like what we’ve experienced with influenza in the past.

As for influenza, forget it. I’ve had two to threes positive cases that I can recall so far.

Did the influenza virus go on vacation?

Did it go over the rainbow with Dorothy?

Is it drinking a beer in my local bar?

Well, of course, it can’t; the bar is closed.

Maybe the influenza virus took a trip to Paris?

Well, that seems unlikely, because our American brand of the virus probably can’t get into France.

So where, oh where, did the influenza virus go?

And what about all the other viruses that we would normally see?

Well, naturally we would conclude that because people are socially distancing, staying at home and wearing a mask that the incidence of infection would be going down?

OK, I can go to the dance with you on that one.

If that’s the case then, then why would the incidence of coronavirus be skyrocketing?

Well, maybe it isn’t.

As I stated before, I’m not seeing an extraordinary number of coronavirus cases where I live.

And we’ve had more than a few cold days.

Not that it would matter, because we had a surge in June, remember?

Plus we are at least three weeks after Thanksgiving, which was supposed to be a super-spreader event.

So what’s going on here?

What’s going on here is another one of the many contradictions of this coronavirus disease.

And it should lead one to suspect very strongly that something is not on the up and up here.

Theoretically, if coronavirus is being spread by respiratory droplets and fomites it is because people are congregating.

This congregating of people should lead to a similar increase in all viral respiratory infections.

And yet it is not.

Something is rotten in Denmark.

What’s rotten, I suspect, is what many of us have been suspecting all along: that the government is playing games with the numbers.

I suppose that if you can rig votes in ballot boxes, you can rig anything.

I wrote in an earlier piece that I would be a chump no more, that I would not cut the government any more slack.

And so I will not.

Is the government, their lackeys, and their secret controllers jacking up the number of coronavirus cases in order to sell the administration of the vaccine?

And if so, why would they do that?

The vaccine companies have already been paid for the vaccine. They don’t make any more money if we take it.

The only thing they would stand to gain would be if the vaccine worked and the incidence of coronavirus dropped.

Is this what they are after?

Awards and plaudits?

Presidential Medals of Freedom?

Nobel Prizes?

It certainly is possible, although Anthony Fauci already has one PMF. Can you win two of those?

I’m sure he has a space in his trophy room for another.

These people at higher levels are very vain. They love looking at themselves in the mirror – almost as much as they love lying. They love awards. They see themselves as masters of the universe.

Vanity is one of their principal weaknesses.

I suspect that they will drag this mass vaccination out as long as they possibly can so as to continue remote learning, destruction of small business, closing down of church services, and the rest of their other pet projects.

Bill Gates has already stated that it might be 2022 before we get back to normal. This seems in line with what will work for him.

The coronavirus cases will gradually drop so as to give our elites the authority to give themselves awards.

After that I imagine we will see a resurgence of another strain of the coronavirus so that we can play the same game all over again.

In so doing they can keep this game going in perpetuity.

Or they’ll keep the same strain and blame a resurgence on those of you who didn’t get a vaccine.

And they will.

After all, there are many awards for them to win, and there is too much for them to lose to give up this game.

They have no shame.

Ultimately, these elites will need to be defeated.

They will not go quietly.

Tyrants never do.


Archer Crosley, MD

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Wiping History

A group of people want to wipe noted architect Philip Johnson from history because of his fascist past.

The man lived nearly forever, so he was bound to do some pretty stupid things sooner or later.

Various architects and other holier-than-thou types have petitioned Harvard University to remove Johnson’s name from a house that he designed when he was a graduate student at Harvard.

Next they will be going after his gravestone.

Well, as long as we are scrubbing Philip Johnson’s name from history, we may as well scrub FDR from history. FDR was an anti-Semite whose anti-Semitism was only surpassed by his lust for world power. He also came from a family of crooks. His grandfather Warren Delano made his fortune by selling opium into China. So mama’s boy Franklin came from a family of drug runners. FDR also didn’t care much for Asians.

FDR knew everything that was going on in Germany during the 1930s. His buddy and fellow Harvard graduate, Ernst “Putzi” Hanfstaengl, who he used to associate with at the Harvard Club, was a member of Hitler’s inner circle. So why didn’t Franklin do anything? He didn’t do anything because many of the people of the day in our elite society supported Adolf Hitler. In fact, Wall Street financed Hitler’s rise to power (Anthony Sutton).

So why did FDR and our elites decide to fight Nazi Germany? To save the Jews? Hah! Our elites went to war to replace German world power with American world power. Now, your grandfather fought to save the Jews which was an honorable thing, but never confuse your family with these elites.

FDR’s New Deal was remarkably similar to the economic reforms that Hitler introduced into Germany in the 30s. These were fascist reforms disguised as socialism. FDR didn’t save capitalism; he gave us fascism. The corporate dominated, warmongering America you live in today is dear Franklin’s legacy.

Now we can scrub FDR from history, but to do so would remove us from the truth. A better option is to forgive FDR and patiently undo the fascist society he gifted us.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

China Baiting

Currently many Republicans are pushing this narrative that China interfered with our elections, that China owns Joe Biden.

If China is interfering in our elections, it is with the permission of our own Corporate Party here in the United States.

There is no Democrat or Republican party in the US anymore; there is a Corporate Party with two wings that pose as the Democratic and Republican parties.

It’s a dog and pony show. It’s a fake sporting match. It’s the Dallas Cowboys versus the Philadelphia Eagles for your entertainment viewing experience.

It’s a sham. What the elites are doing is enticing you into a conflict so that you will not pay attention to their corporate criminality.

While you are focusing on irrelevant social issues or bogus issues that the elites create, they continue their warmongering abroad.

With you happily distracted they can continue to rape the American people.

And they’re raping you into poverty.

The current China narrative is part of that game.

Okay, guys, says Sean Hannity, let’s all get behind this idea of China’s interference in our elections.

Let’s focus on Eric Swalwell and his honey pot.

Let’s talk nonstop about Hunter Biden’s Chinese connections.

I have a better idea. Let’s walk away from their game.

Let’s focus on the money, their money.

Let’s focus on their immoral foreign wars abroad.

That’s what the Vietnam generation did – and it worked. They shut the game down.

Let’s focus on the fact that our government spends over $700 billion a year on defense.

We have had two attacks on the United States in the past 80 years, and both of those attacks were either brought about or engineered by our own elites in order to give them a reason to fight more war.

The attack on Pearl Harbor was provoked by FDR and Henry Stimson, his criminal Secretary of War, who was emotionally relieved when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Never mind the 2000 people who died there.

The World Trade Center attack was sanctioned by our elites in order to justify their wars in the Middle East.

This is how our criminal elites work.

They create false enemies.

They created the Cold War with the Soviet Union which permitted them to jack up the defense industry to unbelievable levels.

Was Russia really going to attack us across the Bering Strait?

As a kid I believed it. I believed it because I was a kid and because our media kept that narrative alive.

The narrative was so pervasive, Hollywood made a comedy about it: The Russians are Coming, the Russians are Coming.

It was that phony, unnecessary Cold War which led us to enter Vietnam. We had to stop the commies.

It was that same phony, unnecessary conflict with Russia and communism that gave our elites the pretext to interfere in Central America.

Our elites have played this trick time and time again.

Demonizing China is just more of the same of that game.

Walk away from it.

If the United States truly finds China to be a threat, why doesn’t the United States bring back manufacturing to the United States and pay people decent wages.

The United States can always stop trading with China.

Ah, but the elites don’t wanna do that.

They don’t want to do it because bringing manufacturing back to the United States lowers their profits.

In addition to that, China would be less of a threat. And if China were less of a threat, there would be no need to jack up the defense budget.

Oh, the horror, the horror.

Here’s the bottom line. Our United States government loves China. We helped the Chinese communists throughout the 40s and 50s.

Our men over there were called the China hands. These were the so-called experts on China. They helped Mao defeat Chiang Kai-Shek.

This is what Joe McCarthy was talking about during the 1950s.

Joe McCarthy stumbled upon the truth, that our United States government through our State Department was helping the communists.

Nixon opened the door further to China in the 1970s.

Ronald Reagan continue to open that door when he brought Deng Xiao Ping over to the United States in the early 1980s.

We helped China modernize (nothing wrong with that). And China helped our elites by becoming a source of cheap labor for our US corporations (definitely something wrong with that).

This made our elites rich at the expense of the American people.

Our elites continue to get rich today because of cheap Chinese labor.

Our elites love China.

In fact our elites desire to use China’s political model here in the United States.

China’s model is a crony capitalist, marxo-capitalist model.

That’s what our elites want for you.

But to distract you from the truth they will create a phony, unnecessary war – hot or cold.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved