The Real Game of Thrones

Alexis Ohanian says that we are now living in a new world with regard to the stock market.

Alexis Ohanian is a founder of Reddit.

He is obviously pleased that his Redditors have made life miserable for the Wall Street elites.

So am I.

He thinks that this is the beginning of a revolution in Wall Street.

He is wrong.

The king never loses when you play the king’s game. This is only a temporary setback for the elites.

The elites will quickly figure out a solution to this problem. They have more money, and they have more political power. If they have to, they will kill their enemies – the Redditors.


Like Bill the Butcher, from Gangs of New York, they will festoon their bedchambers with the guts of Alexis Ohanian.

They will never forget this attack. They will destroy Reddit and then Alexis Ohanian.

Julian Assange thought he could beat them.

He didn’t.

Edward Snowden thought he could beat them.

He didn’t.

If Alexis Ohanian is to prevail, he must be vicious and complete. He must not compromise. He must launch an all out onslaught now.

The elites, the criminal cartel, will be vicious.

This is the way the elites work. They are the elites because they are willing to kill.

Our elites are vicious animals.

Unfortunately, this is the way humanity is.

There is no nobility to humanity.

And there never was.

Prior to World War I, the Germans were beating the pants off the British economically. To forestall that, the British declared war on Germany, and the rest is history. It was the British who provoked and instigated World War I. It will be no different with GameStop.

The elites will pull every dirty trick in the book to win.

Like the elitist British pigs who inhabited the City of London in the early 1900s, our elites don’t believe in honest competition.

If they have to, the elites will infiltrate massive amounts of cyber-people into the Redditor community In order to control them.

They will send in their natural leader types to lead the innocent Redditors astray.

They will use the CIA to disseminate disinformation.

They will use their massive computer programs, their quants, and the immoral motherfuckers at MIT to cheat the system.

No one’s going to take away their cash cow without a fight.

No one is going to fuck with their money.

No, there is a better and simpler way to beat Wall Street. Walk away from their rigged casino. That will freak them out. If everybody walked away from their con job, their stock market would plunge into the abyss.

This is how Christianity defeated the Roman empire.

What freaked the Romans out was this group of people that didn’t care about making a pile of money.

Unfortunately the Redditors do care about making money, and the elites will use that weakness to destroy them

That’s the way it works.

Ha ha, Alexis Ohanian, I chortle in your esophagus.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved


More and more young people are flocking to go to Harvard.

I read it in the paper.

The number of applicants is soaring.

I was disappointed, for I see this flight to Harvard as a bad sign for our country.

It is an extremely bad sign.

What this means is that the young are increasingly buying into Harvard’s Nazi propaganda.

As are their parents.

It means more than ever that these young adults seek to align themselves with an organization which, they believe, the so-called best and the brightest attend.

Just as Hitler youth clamored to become closer to the Fuhrer, young people today desire to be closer to the new Fuhrer, Harvard University.

Of course, this is a false pathway.

Harvard can only lead us to catastrophe, a catastrophe that will make the Dresden bombing look like a snowy Christmas Eve.

Harvard follows the false gods of power, money, and domination; it speaks the seemingly perfect language of mathematics.

Valhalla on this earth is their goal.

Harvard trusts in algorithms, flow charts, and logic.

Silicon is Harvard’s currency.

With these false gods, and these false tools, Harvard will kill us all.

I should have seen it coming.

A leader, a Fuhrer, that programs students in elementary school with catch phrases like failure is not an option, no excuses, and excellence can only lead us to this.

Their parents, who proudly post bumper stickers on their cars that scream, MY CHILD IS AN HONOR ROLL STUDENT AT BOONE ELEMENTARY, also drink the juice.

Young people have been conditioned to believe that they must be perfect.

Overworked in school, saddled with mountains of homework that would be daunting to a Franciscan monk, our young people are encouraged to measure their self-worth in terms of a scored test.

In time the toll must be paid.

Gina, let’s call her Gina, was a student from a good family in a respectable town.

She was pretty; she was athletic; she was bright.

It only seemed fitting given the dogma of the day that she apply and be accepted at an Ivy League school.

When she attended that school, however, she found herself struggling, not in the mind of regular people, mind you, but in the expectations that were impressed upon her by a society gone wrong.

Struggling in course work is not uncommon for many freshmen.

College can be a disheartening task. Not everybody gets a quick start out of the gate.

This was probably the first time in her life though that she was not either the first, second or even third student in her cohort of competition – in any field of endeavor.

Most likely she bought into the programming of no excuses and failure is not an option.

Why wouldn’t she have? She had been programmed to believe this by Harvard University and its misguided followers who readily swallow up the Fuhrer’s thoughts.

Of course Harvard was responsible for her programming. Harvard sets the tone for the nation. Harvard sets the tone in every area of endeavor within the United States.

They say they do. They run around town and brag that they do. The media they control constantly celebrates Harvard and their graduates’ accomplishments.

Harvard’s image is on every corner in your neighborhood.

The programming is relentless.

Of course Harvard sets the tone.

The people of the United States, not unlike the serfs in North Korea who genuflect before Kim Jong Un, have come to believe in the infallibility of the Fuhrer which is Harvard University. And like the automatons they are, they obey.

Failure is not an option, no excuses, excellence.

In time, Gina became unable to accept her inherent human imperfection.

We all fail, we all struggle. This is part of the roller coaster of life.

But this young pretty girl was not brought up in an era of tolerance which once existed when Christianity predominated in the United States of America.

Christianity is a religion of tolerance, tolerance for others, tolerance for one’s self.

Gina was brought up in the modern era in which the Fuhrer’s perfectionist dogma is the supreme law of the land.

And so, not being able to handle her human imperfection, in which there is no shame at all, this young, pretty, athletic girl, Gina, one day walked to the top of a parking garage and threw herself off.

Her death is an indictment of our society.

Her death is an indictment of Harvard University.

It was Harvard University that killed Gina.

Harvard University snuffed out her life.

Harvard University is the author of the apocalypse.

Harvard University is syphilis.

Harvard University is Beelzebub.

Harvard University is smallpox, ebola virus and hemophilus influenza B all wrapped up in a greenish cocktail of death.

Until this filthy university and its false gods and false methodologies are defeated, there will be no life left in the United States of America. Harvard University will kill us all.

Their god is false, their currency is false, and they are false.

Do you think I am too harsh?

What say you, M’lord?

Think again.

WWI. This immoral war was instigated by the British elite, populated by Harvard’s BFF and eternal mother, Oxford. And why did the British elite do this? Because the Germans had grown too big economically. They were out-competing the British. The sinking of the Lusitania was a planned event in order to drag America into the war. The corrupt Woodrow Wilson, Princeton, was eager to go along. Never mind those people who drowned; never mind the soldiers who subsequently died.

Great Depression. It was FDR, Harvard, and his brain trust, Columbia and Harvard, who came up with the idiotic idea that the cause of the Great Depression was not fear, but low prices. To combat that these idiots created artificial shortages so that prices would rise. What then ensued was greater fear and a prolonged depression. Result: more misery for millions of people. Thank you Harvard.

WWII. Hitler was financed by Wall Street and plenty of Ivy League graduates. Prescott Bush, Yale, was an admirer of Adolf Hitler. Our entry into World War II was facilitated by FDR, Harvard, and Henry Stimson, Harvard, who provoked and permitted the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor. Forget about the 2,000 people who died at Pearl Harbor. It was obviously more important that Harvey Firestone, Jr., Princeton, have unfettered access to his rubber plantations in Malaysia. We certainly don’t want to partner with anyone. Plus, how would we ever be able to exploit the people of Indonesia to make our tennis shoes in the future?

Vietnam. This war was prosecuted by a Harvard moron, Robert McNamara. Result: millions of Vietnamese dead. Robert McNamara wasn’t satisfied killing just Vietnamese. He instigated project 100,000 which inscripted men with IQs below 80 into the military. These men had five times the kill rate of a regular soldier. They couldn’t grasp the concept of throwing a grenade in the air to achieve a longer throwing distance. This act alone makes Robert McNamara a war criminal.

JFK Assassination. Facilitated by the Central Intelligence Agency that was run by Allen Dulles, Princeton. Covered up by Arlen Specter, Yale; Gerald Ford, Yale; Allen Dulles, Princeton. I could go on.

Outsourcing of American jobs. This was facilitated by the junk-bond king, Michael Milken, Wharton School, and the modern day robber-baron, Mitt Romney, Harvard. Millions of decent people lost well-paying jobs which resulted in increased drug addiction, depression, and an expansion of the welfare state. Instead of working at secure jobs that pay the equivalent of $50-$75,000 in today’s money, they became Starbucks barista’s which might pay $30,000 in a good year.

Middle East Wars. Begun by George Bush, Yale. Continued by Barack Obama, Harvard; and Donald Trump, Penn. Result: 500,000 dead in Iraq; 400,000 dead in Syria; 200,000 dead between Afghanistan and Libya; 100,000 dead in Yemen. We’re not done yet.

The real estate debacle of 2008. Facilitated or presided over by Wall Street morons like Jamie Dimon, Harvard; Henry Paulson, Harvard; Timothy Geithner, Dartmouth; and other Ivy league morons too numerous to count. These doofuses created a crisis by inventing or facilitating risky financial instruments like mortgage back securities and credit default swaps. What they accomplished was akin to connecting a flotilla of boats with unbreakable steel cables and then sending these boats deep into the open sea.

The coronavirus crisis. Made worse by Harvard-inspired fear-mongers like Anthony Fauci, Cornell; and Anderson Vanderbilt, Yale. Fauci’s fear-mongering was never quashed by Donald Trump, Penn. And who profited handsomely off the vaccine? Moderna, founded and run by Harvard.

And all of this is just the tip of the tip of the tip of the iceberg.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Our Rigged Society

Is it possible for Tom Brady to lead the Tampa Bay Buccaneers into the Super Bowl?

No, it’s not, not in an honest game.

In one year, it’s not possible for a new quarterback, let alone a 40 year old man, to come in and in one year take them to the Super Bowl.

I don’t care how talented Tom Brady is.

Getting to the Super Bowl would require all the right players playing all the right schemes – together.

The players would have to get to know Brady and Brady would have to get to know the players.

Furthermore, Brady would have to acclimate himself to a new stadium which contains new sites, new sounds, new smells.

One of the reasons why newly traded players have so much difficulty in performing during their first year with their new team is because they must acclimate to the new environment.

This new environment throws off the brain. It produces background noise much as a pebble thrown into a pool will cause ripples.

Imagine your brain as the film in a portrait camera. The cleaner the film is, the better the picture you’ll take.

If I put ripples in the film, what kind of picture will I get it. It will appear distorted.

It’s the same principle with a player when he goes to a new city.

It’s not just the sports venue that is different.

It’s all the new people he has to meet. It’s the new house he has to buy. It’s the new way that he goes to work. It’s the new supermarket he has to shop at. It’s the million and one new hassles he has to deal with. He’s in a new city. His wife and kids may be in another city. His whole former life is in another city

All of these experiences produce ripples in the peace and tranquility of his brain.

Everything’s new.

And this will affect his performance.

It will take time for these ripples to settle down and smooth out.

This acclamation doesn’t take place in a day or week or a month.

It often takes an entire year.

You can see this in almost every sport.

It’s very much akin to your first day at school when you were a little kid.

Do you remember that experience? You came home and had an incredible headache.

Well, apparently this doesn’t apply to Tom Brady.

That it doesn’t apply to Tom Brady should make us think that something is amiss.

Am I saying that Tom Brady is rigging the game or that he is dishonest?

Not at all.

There are 1,000,001 ways to fix the game.

And let’s face it, there’s just too much money in professional football to be made for the game to be honest anymore.

When you consider the number of people in the world who will bet on professional football in these playoffs, the amount of money runs into the billions.

Are we really to believe that corruption exists everywhere in the world but not in the NFL?

Only a Pollyanna would believe such.

Throughout the 1940s and 50s the mob in New York City controlled boxing. They rigged every single match.

It’s the same with the NFL.

Not only can the game be fixed by outsiders, it can be fixed by NFL insiders as well if they feel that certain teams will get them bigger ratings and more advertising money.

That a 40-year-old man can come into a team in one year and go to the Super Bowl defies belief.

It’s not possible.

The game is rigged.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved


Elections, Judges and Persuasion

Many people on the left reasonably ask how there can be election fraud when so many Trump appointed judges rejected the claims of election fraud.

This seems like a reasonable question, so I will give you a reasonable answer.

These judges rejected the claims because they did not want to buck the tide.

They did not want to see their careers end.

Only Supreme Court justices have lifetime appointments. But even they can be influenced.

No one is immune from being influenced.

We are people, not machines, and people have weaknesses.

Not only do we have weaknesses, our family members have weaknesses.

We break down, and many times through no fault of our own we get into a predicament.

We either have a problem ourselves, or our family member has a problem.

This might be a money problem, a sexual problem, a drug problem or a legal predicament.

Naturally, we would like this problem to go away.

This problem will go away quicker if Corporate America makes it go away.

Corporate America through its thug agency the SD – er CIA – has a lot of money.

Corporate America also has an agenda.

If you are a lowly judge in a small county, and you are the fly in the ointment, the guy who is standing in the way of Corporate America and what they desire for the affairs of this nation, you are in a lonely spot.

You are small, and they are big.

Corporate America is going to put pressure upon you.

They can either do it personally or through the friendly advice of one of your friends who they have already corrupted.

Now, they aren’t going to put $100,000 in your freezer; nobody does that anymore.

They are going to sit down and convince you that it’s best for you to go along.

They’re going to explain to you what I am explaining to you now, that there is going to come a day when you’re going to need your problems solved.

They may even choose to create problems for you.

Or they may remind you that people who play ball get lobbying positions and seats on corporate boards that pay a lot of money.

Now, it may be that you have a cocaine addiction; or it might be that you were a rabble-rouser in college and forced yourself upon a woman.

Or your child may have gambling debts.

Perhaps your family member is sick with cancer and has drained your bank account.

Corporate America can make all these problems go away.

That’s why all these judges rejected the various claims of election fraud.

It’s not hard to do.

And it is done.

And it was done.

The decision by the judges to reject the evidence put before them does not make election fraud go away.

A man who turns his back as a crime is taking place does not make the crime go away.

The evidence for election fraud lies within the testimony of the people who witnessed the crime.

Those citizens chose not to look away.

If we do, then we are only fooling ourselves.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Reverse Engineering

How does the Harvard graduate become tainted?

What is the secret sauce that Harvard owns that transforms diamonds into lumps of coal?

How does Harvard manage this reverse reengineering?

Have they discovered the secret of the alchemists?

Well, it’s not rocket science. Let’s examine how this occurs.

To do so, we have to understand where Harvard students come from.

One set of Harvard students are what we can call legacy students. These are people whose parents either attended Harvard or are so friggin’ rich that they can buy their child’s place into Harvard.

Either way it’s a good bet that these legacy students grew up in a very well to do environment. Not all of them, but most of them, have been trained ever since childhood that they are blue bloods, the best and the brightest.

These kinds of students need little to no indoctrination as to their superiority to the rest of the human race. They are what you call cable ready, ready to go, or plug and play.

Another set of students are those kids whose parents are part of the political class in foreign countries. Again, these students having grown up as possibly the son of a dictator need little indoctrination. They too are plug and play.

Then you have the novelty acts and entertainers. Harvard loves entertainers and their children. Novelty acts like Taliban, and thirteen year old child prodigies exist to advance the Harvard name.

The final set of students are those people who have excelled in high school or on the SAT. These would be your valedictorians and salutatorians. Many of these people come from average backgrounds. These are the people who need grooming. These people are not accustomed to walking around the fabulously wealthy criminals that Harvard educates and controls.

And so when these wannabes enter Harvard, throughout their education they are introduced to the criminals in power. It might be a king or a queen; the president of a major hedge fund; or a few prominent Senators.

If you get married while at Harvard, or if you have a baby, the announcement of your marriage or your child’s birth will be displayed prominently in the New York Times which is the Volkischer Beobachter for Harvard University.

If you choose to enter Harvard Law, and you do reasonably well, you’ll get a clerkship with a Supreme Court justice.

Throughout your Harvard education you will meet professors who have been classmates with leaders of major corporations and foundations in the United States of America and the world. You will be introduced to them.

Guest lecturers who have been on television will routinely visit your classrooms. Hollywood entertainers who are scared shitless of losing their movie deals will drop by to speak a few words.

As a member of the Hasty Pudding club, any half-assed play you perform will strangely make it into local papers around the globe. This is to indoctrinate the suckers that Harvard is some special place. In God’s eyes, it isn’t. In the spirit of Christ who rejected a crown, which is a metaphor for rejection of the dog biscuits that Harvard offers, it isn’t.

No one needs to say a word, but in time your mind will change. You will begin to see yourself as a cut above everyone else. It will matter not a bit that you have achieved nothing in your life until then except gaining entrance into Smallpox University; you will begin to see yourself as different.

You will notice throughout your four years at Harvard that people swoon when you tell them that you are attending Harvard.

You will grow accustomed to this swooning; and people will swoon no matter how stupid your foolish pronouncements are.

In time you will subconsciously learn not to think too hard before you speak; you will not have to think hard because people will accept everything you say.

Well, people will think, she’s from Harvard; she must be a fucking genius. Or, alternatively, he’s from Harvard; he must be smart.


Consequently you will be viewed as a genius by the vast majority of people; and you will advance solely because you attended Harvard University.

Not only will you advance because people have been programmed to view you as a living God, Harvard will help you along because Harvard has an agenda.

Unbeknownst to you, you are a tool of Harvard University. You are a cog in the Harvard machine whether you know it or not.

Your accomplishments will be due in large part to Harvard University and the programming that has been impressed upon the American people and your own brain.

Since you have been told that you are the best and brightest, that you are a blue blood, when you leave Harvard you will start to prosecute a self-fulfilling prophecy.

You will begin to game the system in your favor, and you won’t even know it.

And this is how the Harvard graduate becomes tainted. This is what the cult does to you, and Harvard is a cult.

The only Harvard graduates who have escaped this cult are those who have returned to their localities.

It’s not a guarantee, but when the Harvard graduate returns to his hometown and is away from the cult-masters at Harvard, he begins to see that members of his own family who did not attend Harvard have more intelligence than many of the people he went to school with.

He also begins to see that the local people have more intelligence and certainly more common sense.

This is the only way that the cult can be broken in an individual’s mind.

Only then can the Harvard graduate begin to heal.

With none of the stupid juice, that Harvard serves up, in local supply, the Harvard graduate’s native intelligence returns.

Slowly the world becomes a better place to live.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Diversity Scam

Why was Amanda Gorman chosen to speak at Joe Biden’s Inauguration? Why did Harvard place her there?

She was placed there by Harvard University in order to send a message; and the message is that Joe Biden is diverse in contrast to the Republicans who are not diverse.

Her presence is also a message to minorities that the Democratic Party is your party and that the Republican party is not your party.

But is the Biden Presidency diverse?

And is Amanda Gorman black?

For that matter, is Joe Biden white?

Think about that for a moment while I ask some other questions.

Is Mitt Romney white?

Is Donald Trump white?

Is Van Jones black?

How about Oprah Winfrey? Is she black?

The answer to all these questions is no.

These people have no color at all.

Now maybe they started out as black or white when they were young, but that’s not what they are now. All these people lost their native color when they ascended into the stratosphere of the rich and famous.

They also lost whatever religion they possessed in their earlier life.

All these people fly in the ether above us in Valhalla. They have no connection to us. They are immune to the pressures of daily life. They have no clue as to what is going on in regular people’s lives.

Additionally, they are owned by Corporate America, and Corporate America is owned and run by Harvard University.

Harvard University, as the top dog of the Ivy League, lies at the core of this rotten Corporate America.

Something happens to these people when they either attend an Ivy League school or when they sell their soul to the Ivy League.

They become corrupted.

Gradually they are indoctrinated into the halls of power. They are given perks. They may fly on Air Force One. They may be given a private tour of the White House, or perhaps an invitation to a state dinner.

Like Kanye West, they may even enjoy a personal sit-down with the President.

The money they make is beyond normal people’s comprehension.

Little by little their minds change.

They lose their color, their religion, and their soul.

Just look at Garth Brooks.

In time they come to worship the secular God, and in this country the archbishop of that secular God is Harvard University.

These rich and famous do what Harvard tells them to do, or else.

You either overtly play ball with Harvard’s game, or you falsely play the other side and lead people down fruitless pathways and blind alleys.

So when you see people who are ostensibly of different color in the Biden administration, what you are seeing is an illusion.

The same could be said for the Republicans and all who benefit off the national agenda, or who are attached to the Corporate Party which rules us.

These people are invisible ghosts who like a chameleon take on the color they require that day.

It’s a racket where they win and we lose.

Amanda Gorman is not black just as Mitt Romney is not white.

Amanda Gorman has no more connection with black people than Mitt Romney has with me as a white man.

I didn’t attend an Ivy League school; I’m not worth millions of dollars; and I’ve never received a newsletter from George Bush or Mitt Romney that says: Here’s what’s going down against people of color this week.

I am definitely not in the loop.

I have no connection whatsoever with white people in power. Likewise, minorities have no connection whatsoever to Kamala Harris or Amanda Gorman.

The people in the halls of power are all of the same non-color and non-religion. There is no diversity there at all. Whether they are Democrats or Republicans, they are of a class of people unlike us.

I call them Neo-Romans. Pagans they are who worship money and power.

Their goal is to create false divisions between regular people in order to distract us from the true scam that they are conducting against us.

They rape us; they rob us; they award themselves fantastic sums of money through foreign wars, banking scams, stock market scams and now healthcare scams.

Now, if perchance you might think that this is a good thing that these people don’t see each other as white or black, think again.

These people are not of the color blindness that MLK was referring to.

They see colors all right – our color be it white or black; and they see that color as a bad thing, which is why they punish us.

As colorless people they are the ultimate bigots.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Sweet Poetry

Here comes now Amanda “Harvard Tool” Gorman to sugar your guts with poetry.

Sweetly she sings The Hill We Climb, the piece she composed and read at Joe Biden’s inauguration.

So noble it is.

The media fawned all over it, probably before she even wrote it.

Sweet words however cannot cover the fetid stench of a rigged election any more than perfume can hide the pungent smell of a rotting carcass.

Pretty words cannot mask foul deeds.

How devious Harvard is.

It was Harvard of course that sanctioned the permitted “insurrection” at the Capitol building.

Some insurrection.

No fires were set, no bombs were set off, no one was taken hostage.

In many videos now, policeman can be shown guiding and chaperoning insurrectionists into different rooms.

And of the valuable paintings on the wall?

Not a one was harmed.

Not one.

Yet Amanda “The New Jesus” Gorman referred to this insurrection as an obstacle that we must overcome, a hill that we must climb.

No reference was made to the stolen election.

Of course not.

That stolen election, and the force behind it, Harvard University is the true obstacle, the true enemy that we must overcome.

Amanda Gorman, not surprisingly, is a graduate of Harvard University.

She was placed there by Harvard to articulate Harvard’s message, and, of course, to point a finger.

The true criminal, in this case Harvard, is always adept at pointing fingers at other people.

The true master criminal, as Machiavelli would agree, is polished, genteel, well dressed and honey-tongued.

Sweet poetry was spoken today at Joe Biden’s inauguration.

So sweet.

So noble.

So lethal.

So false.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Exploding Hanks

I initially published this on YouTube on May 14, 2020.  I will re-print it here.  My feelings have not changed.  I believe Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson are frauds and shills for Corporate America.



First off, let’s be clear.  Tom and I aren’t going to get through anything together.  I alone am going to get through this “together” because Tom, Rita and their Hollywood friends don’t need to get through anything.  They are richer than your average tycoon. They can sit through anything unscathed.  I can’t, so I’m going to be hustling, sweating and anguishing through this ill-advised, arbitrary and extended lockdown thanks to Anthony Fauci, Corporate America and their Hollywood shills.

So why am I going after Tom Hanks, America’s modern-day Jimmy Stewart, and all around nice guy?

Because he fucked with my livelihood?  Because I think he and his wife are liars?  Because I think he’s not a nice guy after all?  Because I think he’s another celebrity puppet?  Because I believe that he and his ilk lie to my mother who believes in these people despite the economic havoc and grief they have caused her and many other Americans through their inept leadership and support for such leadership over the past 50 years?  Because I believe that Corporate America has a different and dark vision for the American people that will be catastrophic for us?

Maybe all of the above.

So let’s dissect the Tom Hanks experience.  I tell you, I’ve gone through almost all the articles I can find about him regarding coronavirus.

In no particular order of importance let’s begin with the ratios that I have talked about before in other publications.  No one is precisely sure where Tom Hanks got the coronavirus, but it might not even matter. Whether he got the coronavirus in America or Australia is irrelevant because the caseload was so low in either country.  If he and his wife got the coronavirus in Australia when there were only 100 or so cases reported, that would be extraordinary because it yields a regular person to celebrity ratio of 1 to 50.  Quite a trick.  A celebrity is no more likely to get the coronavirus than a regular person.  And this assumes that no other celebrities in Australia were infected.

Of course, to be fair, everyone knows that celebrities get pushed to the front of the line even though they say they don’t, especially when it comes to liver transplants.  It seems logical to me that celebrities would have instant access to COVID-19 tests the public can’t seem to get.

If he and his wife got the coronavirus in America when there were only 1,301 cases reported, that would be extraordinary again because that would yield a regular person to celebrity ratio of 1 to 650, still a pretty neat trick; but surely there were other celebrities by that time who had reported positive.   

What this suggested to me at the time was that celebrities were being used as social influencers to sell the disease. I waited a week or two though to see what the ratios would be. I wasn’t disappointed. Two weeks later on 3/24/20 there were approximately 55,000 positive cases in the United States, and I could identify in the media at least 25 US celebrities.   This yields a  ratio of one celebrity for every 2,100 people.  I can tell you right now that there are not 50 national celebrities and big shots  in my 100,000 person town. How about yours?

Were celebrities being used to sell the disease?

Well, let’s go to my next point and look at Hanks’s own comments. 

The following is from Trilby Beresford on 3/28/20 writing in The Hollywood Reporter.


Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 7.31.11 AM

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 7.30.31 AM


In a few lines, Hanks presses all the right buttons and sells all the right slogans.

Sheltering in Place, Social Distancing, Flatten the curve.

A few comments are in order.  Number one, what would Tom Hanks know about flattening the curve? That doesn’t sound like a normal comment from a lay person.  Did Tom Hanks fully understand R0 values and epidemiology enough to naturally make that statement, or is that statement coming from a handler who told him to learn and speak his lines?

Number two, I don’t know about you, but it takes me a long time to pick up on slogans.  I usually have to hear things five or six times before I say to myself, “What are they saying?”  But here is Tom Hanks, right out of the gate, hitting all the buzz words, in perfect tune, and perfect pitch, as if he had been practicing them his whole life.  Sheltering in Place, Social Distancing, Flatten the curve.  It’s a catchy little tune, is it not?

But that in itself does not convict someone. It just makes me a little more suspicious. And I am particularly suspicious in the case of Tom Hanks because I know Corporate America, I know how they think, and I know that they know that Tom Hanks is an extremely likable guy. People trust Tom Hanks, and if Tom Hanks has the disease, and Tom Hanks believes in the disease, then people will believe in the disease.

You see, when the CIA, the thug agency of Corporate America, overthrew Arbenz in Guatemala they had a tough time selling their message to the people until they, the CIA, got smart and began working through the Catholic Church. Then it was much easier for the CIA to peddle its bullshit.  

In the United States, Corporate America works directly through the celebrities who have been duped into thinking that one is being  patriotic by supporting the government’s nonsense which not surprisingly in an increasingly fascistic America fits precisely in line with Corporate America’s goals.

So did Tom Hanks have COVID-19?  I don’t think so.

To begin with, why was he admitted to the hospital?  People are not ordinarily admitted unless they have symptoms that need to be treated. Why would you admit someone with no symptoms? When it comes to COVID-19 specifically, why would you jeopardize the existing hospital population who already is medically fragile?  Was Hanks diagnosed in the emergency room and then admitted? Was he admitted first only to have the diagnosis come down a day later?  At any rate, he would have to have symptoms. What were these symptoms?

His symptoms are conveniently vague.

Generally, fever is not a reason to admit someone.  Nor is fatigue.  If that were the case, our hospitals would be overrun.  There has to be something the hospital offers that an outpatient setting can not offer in order to warrant hospitalization.  This can be IV antibiotics, oxygen, a surgical procedure, a suspicion of imminent danger or death to name a few.

Was Tom Hanks feeling ill?  If he was, why would he get down on the floor and do exercises? I don’t think Tom Hanks is that stupid.  If he’s smart enough to learn all the right buzz phrases without help, he’s smart enough to not get down on the floor and do exercises.  So which is it?  And who in the hospital gets down on the floor and works out?  I’ve been in the hospital as a patient a few times; I’ve never viewed it as a Gold’s Gym.  Usually the mind is preoccupied on mortality.  Given that Hanks, at the minimum, knew he was being tested for COVID-19, and knew of the mortality that COVID-19 could bring, he should have been scared shitless.

Additionally, in my 40 years in medicine, I’ve never seen a patient EVER working out in a hospital room.

Maybe Tom Hanks is selling a fake story from top to bottom.

One of my staff said to me:  “I don’t think Tom Hanks would do that.”  I don’t know about that.  Tom Hanks has been the beneficiary of Hollywood’s largesse and Corporate America’s largesse for a long, long time. If they asked him to do something, it must be pretty important. He’s too smart to say no.

As a movie man, Hanks surely saw The Brotherhood of the Bell, no?  Nearly everybody our age has.   If so, he saw what happened to Glenn Ford when he refused a request from above.  Sure, the movie may be fiction, but the fictional movie came out of an author’s mind, an author, David Karp, who most likely was writing out of experience.

Was Hanks not aware of what happened to Cliff Robertson when he bucked the tide and reported David Begelman to the authorities for writing phony checks?  Did I forget the Dixie Chicks whose career stalled when they stood up to Bush and the Iraq war?

Okay, what else can we glean to tip the scales?

First, there are the symptoms Hanks doesn’t talk about.  Coronavirus is a respiratory virus.  While it is possible for a person to have fever and fatigue only, generally people develop cough, stuffy nose and even a sore throat.  The reason why we get fever and fatigue is because the virus has invaded the mucosa of the respiratory tract.  The invasion and subsequent disruption of that mucosal architecture then causes us to cough and blow the snot out of our noses.  If the virus invades the mucosa of the lower respiratory tract, we develop a bronchitic cough and possibly alveolar dysfunction which in turn causes shortness of breath.

Second, recurring fever and fatigue on exercise are symptoms, not diseases; they indicate pathology that takes time to go away.  If he was “wiped out” after a minimum amount of exercise, it suggests a pathology that would take a good amount of time to disappear; and the older you are, the longer it will take.

Four weeks won’t cut it.  Easy fatigue can be suggestive of some type of alveolar dysfunction.  Taking a safe bet that his heart was okay, and that he wasn’t anemic, the dysfunction would indicate COVID-19 as the cause – if he indeed did have it.  If he did, given what we know, a lengthy recovery of months would be in order with quite possibly residual irreversible damage.  In other words, he would still be short of breath on exertion.

My experience over the years has taught me that the young body generally repairs the body’s damage at a rate of 50% every two weeks.  Week 2:  50%.  Week 4:  75%.  Week 6:  87.5%  The older you get, the longer the recovery period.  

Given that, let’s look at Mr. Hanks post COVID-19.

Well, there he is on Saturday night live on 4/11/20.  He looks chipper. He doesn’t get tired. He doesn’t miss a beat. His color looks great.  He doesn’t look like a man who had coronavirus only a month before.  Even with the regular influenza, I’m coughing for months.  No, my gut tells me that this is a man who wasn’t sick at all.

Then there is his wife who was apparently much sicker than he.  She was so bad off, the doctors evidently felt she needed chloroquine, a treatment he and she seemed to pooh pooh less than a month later when the elites decided that pooh poohing chloroquine treatment was in order. 

Well, she improved pretty quickly also; she was able to rap within quarantine fairly well.  And she cut a new song, ”Where’s My Country Song,” that was released  on May 8th.  It seems fair that she produced this in late April or early May.  She’s in fine voice; actually, she has a lovely voice.  How likely is she to be in top form this quickly?  If you are sick enough to require chloroquine, you are pretty sick, my friend.  Six weeks of recuperation isn’t going to cut it.  Not only must your body recover, you have to train with your group to get your rhythm back. That takes time.

Here is a YouTube link to Rita Wilson singing while in quarantine:

And here she sings her newest song, Where’s My Country Song:

Oh, let’s not forget about her Nascar appearance on 4/6/2020.

My conclusion: Ms. Rita Wilson did not have COVID-19 either.

Now, what about the lab tests? Surely those should cinch the diagnosis, right?  

Not in my book.

Theoretically lab tests are objective data and are often used by the government to serve as the clincher for the government’s case.  Autopsy results and ballistics were used by the government to justify its position in the JFK assassination.  

The basis behind these lab results being supreme is that since these tests are run by a machine, anyone in the world who runs these tests would get the same results.  The problem with that argument is that imperfect and corruptible human beings run the machines.  Ergo, lab tests are not necessarily objective; lab tests can be very subjective, especially lab tests whose outcome may prove significant.  Mix in politics and you’re better off throwing the results out the window.

Ditto to donated plasma and antibody samples.

At any rate lab tests generally should rest within the context of the history and physical exam.

Well, there you have it:  another pillar falls.

Thank you very much.


Archer Crosley, MD

McAllen, TX

Thursday, May 14, 2020


PS   I don’t give one solitary fuck what you celebrity-watchers think.  I do, however, care about what you don’t care about – that you don’t get sold into serfdom by celebrities.


The following graphs are from  The picture of Rita Wilson is obviously from her Twitter account.




Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 7.38.49 AM


Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 11.30.35 AM


Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 5.14.09 AM



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Con Men

If you are a Trump supporter who now feels as if you were the victim of a con man, don’t feel bad. We have all been conned at one time or another in our lives. I was conned once, and for a very long time – decades. There are cruel people in this world.

You think that it can never happen to you, but it can, and it does.

We are all vulnerable in our own unique individual away.

We all have a different sort of weakness.

Trump is a con man. He is a tool of the elites in this country who put Trump up intentionally to destroy the populist conservative movement in the United States.

This is not the first time this has been done.

Trump and the elites took advantage of good people. The trick works like this: you insert a savior into the midst of good people who are desperately looking for someone to help them; you attract those people; you give them hope. Then you intentionally scuttle this savior’s presidency in order to discredit the people supporting him.

Then you follow the failed presidency with an extremist nut job like Joe Biden, who then possesses an imaginary mandate to further cement fascism within the United States.

This cruel trick is an indictment of the powerful elite who principally come from schools like Harvard University.

Make no mistake about it, Harvard University is behind all of this. They are the alpha male in the room. They have the most power, they have the most money, and they have the most influence in the United States of America and the world. There is no way any of this could have taken place without the approval of Harvard University. Whether you like them or not, and I do not, they are the leaders in the United States of America and the world.

The goal of Harvard now and then is to cement this strange fusion of communism and fascism, corporate socialism, within the United States of America with themselves as permanent leaders.They are the pigs in George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

In the long run, we will win and Harvard will be defeated; but in the short run, they will win and cause misery for all of us.

Joe Biden calls for unity. Sellout tool of Corporate America, Garth Brooks, calls for unity. Unity for what? Unity for tyranny? No thank you.

Anyone who cherishes freedom should work night and day to destroy the Biden presidency, because he, his followers, and Biden’s elitist puppet masters at Harvard University will be working to destroy you.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Silicon God of Harvard

We have talked about Harvard being a danger to the citizens of the United States of America and the inhabitants and species of the world.

Now, let us talk about why Harvard is a danger.

Let us talk about why Harvard will destroy the world and us with it.

In a nutshell the people who control Harvard are under the delusion that the world can be perfected and that Harvard is the institution to accomplish this perfection.

Let’s tackle both points.

Number one, the world cannot be perfected.

We live in an imperfect world. The root of this imperfect world lies in our molecular structure.

We are carbon-based organisms, all of us.

Carbon, in contrast to silicon, is a weak element with respect to rigidity and reliability.

Silicon is the choice of the computer. Our computers are silicon based. They offer to we carbon-based organisms what we cannot achieve – speed and reliability.

Carbon cannot do this. Carbon is weak. Carbon is shifty.

Carbon bends.

Not silicon.

Silicon is unyielding and true. Silicon adds two and two and comes up with the same result every single time.

Not so carbon.

Carbon bends.

Carbon lies.

Carbon deceives.

Yes, we are shifty motherfuckers.

And we break down as we work. We cry, bleed and vomit.

We may even shit on the floor.

But in spite of all that, we generally do not break.

The flexibility that gives us the downside of unreliability also yields the upside of durability under stress.

While we bend under stress, we generally do not break.

Silicon is different.

Silicon must be protected from stress.

Silicon does not do well under stress.

Silicon is brittle.

Silicon breaks.

Silicon shatters.

Silicon lacks the flexibility to adjust to a changing world.

Because we live in an open universe, and not a chessboard, or a Go board, because we move through the heavens and experience new events and new magnetic fields, in order to survive we must have the flexibility to adjust.

Silicon does not possess this flexibility.

As we move closer to a world that is dominated by silicon, where computers dominate human life and prevent human life from adjusting to new circumstances, we lose a valuable tool that aids us in our survival.

Attempting to perfect the world thus leads to the destruction of the world.

Compounding the problem is that Harvard, our ruler, does not understand this. Harvard is enamored with and entrapped by its newfound toy the computer.

This is point number two.

Harvard loves silicon. Harvard has sex with silicon. Harvard worships silicon.

The purity of silicon has seduced Harvard, bewitched Harvard; and so Harvard has embraced this false, intolerant god and elevated it.

Silicon and what it represents, the perfection of the human race and the world we inhabit, is Harvard’s deity.

Silicon chips are pure. Silicon chips endure. Silicon chips produce nice clean computer screens with sharp graphics and clean surfaces, so unlike those imperfect carbon-based humans who are ugly, flawed and imperfect.

Silicon and its perfect children are the dream of the Fuhrer and the Third Reich, the cult that did not die in Germany but, in the manner of Count Dracula, transported and transmogrified itself like a bat to its new home at Harvard University.

Silicon is the root, basis and mother nourisher of the Harvard cult.

And Harvard is a cult.

This cult has become all powerful.

Harvard has now cemented its supremacy in all areas of endeavor and all institutions within the United States of America.

It now sees itself and its members as immortal and invulnerable. Social Darwinists they are, they now sit smugly on their silicon throne in Cambridge.

Like the poor leaders they are, they listen to no one outside their cult.

If you have ever spoken to a Harvard demigod, you know.

There is no convincing them.

They do not respond when mortals speak. They talk through them as if they did not exist or count.

This is one of their hallmarks.

If you speak too loudly, they will rid you of your existence before them.


Yet we carbon-based humans are part of this world too, and if we are not listened to, how can the Harvard demigod respond appropriately to our needs.

The Harvard demigod cannot.

Because we live closest to the environment which supports our existence, because we possess local knowledge which the Harvard demigod does not, the world can only deteriorate if our voices are not heard.

The world can only become more imperfect.

This increasing imperfection angers the Harvard demigod, who responds by ridding the world of those imperfect carbon-based humans who dare to speak out against him.

In turn the world slowly dies.

And thus the perfect world that the Harvard demigod envisions grows more distant from him.

There is no escaping this collapse.

We are going down by the head.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved