Cornel West and the Brotherhood

Dear Dr. West,

I am watching with interest your dispute with Harvard regarding your tenure.

I speak to you as an individual who is an opponent of Harvard University.

I make these comments respectfully.

As an outsider, I feel I can offer perspective.

When you attend Harvard or work at Harvard you can lose or fail to gain perspective of Harvard’s purpose. It’s difficult for a person to be objective about him or herself. In fact it’s damn near impossible.

Harvard University is not some sleepy, detached liberal arts college which makes social commentary from afar about the affairs of the world and the empire that rules it.

Harvard is the Empire.

Harvard’s purpose is to train the officers of the Empire.

Harvard is the city of Rome.

As both a graduate of and professor at Harvard University, you have, knowingly or not, for many decades received a first class ticket to everything that the Empire can offer.

Anything that you desire within reason is yours for the taking.

Whether that be a book deal, an appearance on a national television program, an audience with the pope or perhaps a world leader, the Empire will provide that for you.

You can cut a record if you desire, and your lack of singing ability will make no difference.

If you desire to start your own asset management company, and you are high enough on the ladder as you are, the Empire within reason will comply. The Empire will have one of its many hedge fund managers divert off a couple of hundred million dollars along with an attendant asset manager for you to supervise. All you need to do is sit back and collect the loot.

If you would like to attend the Super Bowl, the Empire will provide you tickets.

A seat behind home plate at the World Series is not a problem.

Maybe you would like to meet Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood. If so, that will be arranged.

How about a corporate board seat?

No problem.

Startup money for a new private venture?

Legal advice from top corporate lawyers?


Within reason there is nothing that the Empire cannot give to you.

But, there is a price to be paid for that First Class ticket.

As we would say in the 1960s: “Ass, gas, or grass. Nobody rides for free.”

And so it is with the Empire. Nobody rides for free.

Now, if you’re lucky, the Empire will not necessarily ask you to do anything that you don’t want to do. Most of the time the Empire only asks that you go along with its program.

You have wondered aloud that perhaps your stance on Gaza is the reason you are not being granted tenure.

I would say that’s a very good possibility.

You see, the Empire, which obviously includes the United States of America, which in turn is run and fueled by Harvard University, has no interest in permitting any type of high quality lifestyle for the people in Gaza.

If the Empire had wanted that, it would’ve been done already.

You are to be commended for standing up for these afflicted people.

Unfortunately, the Empire does not feel that way. And if it’s one thing the Empire does not like or permit, it is when recipients of the largesse of the Empire stand up to the Empire.

Furthermore, the Empire does not brook disobedience.

It’s one thing for me as an outsider to criticize the Empire and its role in humiliating the Palestinians in Gaza. It’s quite another thing for you to do that.

We human beings are not noble creatures. We do not forgive betrayal.

I would say confidently that the Empire, which includes Harvard University, views your stance on Palestine as a betrayal.

They’re going to punish you for that betrayal. Regardless of how many supporters you have, the chances of you receiving tenure are between zero and zero.


If Harvard does, however, decide to be merciful, it may come at a price that you may not be willing to pay. They may ask you to recant everything that you have stated about Gaza.

That’s the way the world works.

Now, let me shift focus ever so slightly and talk about David Karp. I don’t know who David Karp was, and I don’t know what his life experience was; but he must have been a very wise man.

He must have been a very wise man because he wrote a brilliant screenplay which will help depict the situation you are in.

Many years ago David Karp wrote a novel and a screenplay entitled The Brotherhood of the Bell. This screenplay was made into a movie, and it starred Glenn Ford, Dean Jagger, and William Conrad.

In the movie, Glenn Ford plays Andy Patterson, a professor. He is asked to do a favor for the Brotherhood, an organization in which he belongs. The Brotherhood is a secret organization.

In a nut shell, Andy Patterson decides not to comply. He finds the request immoral. The Brotherhood then warns him that he better obey or else. When this occurs, Andy Patterson goes to his mentor, Chad Harmon, played by Dean Jagger, and complains.

Chad Harmon reminds him that the Brotherhood did everything for him. Andy Patterson responds by saying that he was the one who was responsible for where he got in life. Chad Harmon then says to him in so many words: “No, Andy, the Brotherhood did everything for you. It’s safe to say that you have never competed for a single thing in your life.”

Andy then rebels and tries to take down the Brotherhood. He doesn’t succeed. He goes on television to plead his case to a talk show host, Bart Harris, played by William Conrad. Bart Harris makes a fool of him. Andy’s life gradually descends into chaos. The Brotherhood destroys him.

But, because it’s a Hollywood movie, there is hope. Andy reaches out to another member of the Brotherhood to help him. At the end of the movie we are teased with the possibility that someone might come to Andy’s aid.

Will anyone come to your aid, Dr. West?

I hope so, for you are now experiencing what the rest of us have been experiencing for many decades now. You are getting a taste of the Empire’s power, and not in a good way.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

CPAC the Impotent

Name me an organization that should be shut down and tell me why.

While you were thinking of that, I will offer my opinion.

Ta da.

CPAC. The Conservative Political Action Committee.

Why should it be shut down?

Well, to begin with what have they accomplished?


Look at where conservatives are today.

What have conservatives taken the initiative on?


Four years ago they had the Presidency, the Senate, and the House.

They did nothing with it.

As usual they did completely nothing.

Goose eggs.

They had a brilliant opportunity to take the initiative on healthcare, to create a competitive healthcare market which would have brought down insurance premiums and insurance costs.

They had a brilliant opportunity to reform patent law within the pharmaceutical industry that would have brought down the cost of medicines.

They could have created an innovative healthcare reimbursement system which would make more sense than the system that exists now.

After eight years of barking about Obama, what did the conservatives give us?

A big zero.

Did the conservatives stop the foreign wars which only enrich the large corporations and their shareholders?


Did they stop the runaway merging of our corporations which enable the elite to get wealthier and further away from us economically?

No, they did not.

Did they do anything to stop the casino on Wall Street which works against conservative values of hard work and thrift?


Did they stand up to the nonsense of COVID-19 lockdowns which destroyed so many small businesses?


How about the Supreme Court? Did they stand up to Trump’s appointments of corporatist judges like Kavanaugh, Gorsuch and Barrett who will ultimately work against regular people and small businessmen?

No, they embraced those judges. In fact they cheered them on as if they were rock stars.

How about Julian Assange? Did they stick up for him? Don’t conservatives believe in the Sixth Amendment which gives people the right to a speedy trial?

Apparently not.

How about exploitation of people in Indonesia? Doesn’t exploitation run against Christian principles?

Yes, it does.

How about our immoral CIA? Don’t their immoral practices run against Christian principles?

They sure do.

How about that rigged election? What did the main stream conservative movement do about that?

They embraced it.

So what good has CPAC done?

I don’t see much good at all.

In that event, why should CPAC exist?

Maybe CPAC exists not to promote conservative values, but to help the Corporate Party hijack the Republican Party.

Maybe it’s time to kiss CPAC goodbye.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Harvard’s Lack of Shame

Why isn’t Harvard University ashamed of itself?

Currently there are about 20,000 students enrolled in Harvard University. There are 6,000 undergraduate students and 14,000 graduate students. The number fluctuates from year to year, but those numbers are close enough.

On the other hand, the total number of students in America’s colleges runs about 20 million people.

So why are so many Harvard university students in positions of leadership in the United States of America?

The number of smart students outside Harvard University is much larger than the number of smart students within Harvard University.

Let me explain why.

If we take the top 1% of the 20 million students outside Harvard University, we arrive at a number of 200,000 students.

If we take 10% of the top 1% we arrive at a number of 20,000 students.

Do you get the drift here? Do I seriously have to spell this out?

There are more smart students outside Harvard than inside Harvard.

Why then does Harvard University have a disproportionate share of its graduates in leadership positions?

I’ll tell you why.

It’s because Harvard University has gamed the system in their favor.

They have fixed the roulette wheel at the casino.

So why isn’t Harvard ashamed?

If I went to a school that had such a huge disproportionate share of graduates in leadership positions, I would be embarrassed.

I would be ashamed.

I would be ashamed because I would know that I got there not through my own merit but because the system is rigged in my favor.

So why isn’t Harvard ashamed?

Can Harvard be shamed?

Probably not.

Should Harvard be shamed?

I think so.

For practical reasons Harvard should be ashamed because it’s not a good idea to stack all your major institutions with graduates from a particular school.

The reason you do not want to stack your institutions with graduates from a particular school is because those graduates will think very similarly.

There is a fake diversity at Harvard.

Actually, there is no diversity at all.

Now, of course, Harvard claims to have diversity, but the diversity is false.

The diversity is false because where you come from in life matters little; what counts is the school you attended.

I don’t care if Harvard accepts an aborigine from the Brazilian rainforest; if that aborigine goes to Harvard, he or she will go through the Harvard meat grinder and come out as a Harvard burger.

In other words, he’s going to think the same way as every other Harvard graduate when it comes to the big issues. He is also going to toe the line when it comes to Harvard‘s misguided desire to dominate the world.

Spare me the bullshit.

This toeing of the line, plus the “club attitude” at Harvard is one of the reasons why our country is in such bad shape.

Harvard has cleverly weaseled its way into all our major institutions while propagandizing legions of idiots to follow their lead.

Because there is no diversity at Harvard University, its graduates aren’t up to the task when managing the United States of America.

This is why so many people are hurting.

That’s why we have so many problems in our country that have gone unattended for a long, long time.

The Harvard graduate feasts on pheasant and vichyssoise while the rest of America rots.

Of course, much of this is intentional.

Harvard desires Corporate America to dominate all areas of endeavor within the United States of America with themselves, the Harvard graduates, at the top of the heap.

Shouldn’t Harvard be embarrassed about that?

Shouldn’t Harvard feel shame?

Shouldn’t Harvard be shamed?


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Lost Advice

Why don’t you the average American know the truth?

Have you ever wondered why?

There are plenty of people who can tell you how to manage any number of affairs in any area of endeavor.

Knowledgeable people are ready and willing to tell you how to get out of any problem that exists.

They’ve been out there all along.

So why don’t you know about them?

You don’t know about these people because of the clown culture we’ve created.

We’ve created a joke superstar culture that produces greedy, media obsessed carnival barkers, hucksters, show boaters and know nothings who muscle everyone out of their way in order to get to the megaphone.

The person who knows what’s going on is spending most of his time learning about his field or craft.

He doesn’t have the time, the skills, or the strength to fight these rude hucksters.

That knowledgeable man is being flattened and stampeded into obscurity.

I’m not sure precisely when this phenomenon began, but I do know that hosts like Sean Hannity enabled it.

Sean Hannity facilitated this joke culture when he hosted his All-American panel on his modestly named show Hannity.

On his All-American panel appeared football stars like Jay Feely and Lou Holtz. Those were Sean’s experts on world affairs.

Forget about professors who may have studied their entire lives about Iran, China or any other number of issues. Why would we want to consult those people when we have Lou Holtz and Jay Feely?

Sean Hannity helped end any type of reasonable, rational discourse on world affairs.

Of course, he wasn’t the only host to help the ignorant culture along.

There were plenty of other broadcasters who were more than willing to allow basketball coaches like Gregg Popovich to pontificate on race relations.

This is what passes for expertise in America today.

It is consistent with the infotainment model that Corporate America desires in order to maximize profits.

Coaches and celebrities get you higher ratings and therefore more advertising revenue.

It is this joke superstar culture that prompted the starstruck mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, to take a busy moment out of his day during the George Floyd riots to consult that noted sociologist and criminologist, Jay-Z.

I’m not joking.

This refusal to highlight true expertise is one of the reasons why America can’t correct itself.

You have a joke superstar culture created by Corporate America, fueled and spearheaded by Harvard University, that highlights joke expertise.

The people who know what to do, the people who have studied a particular area of endeavor their entire lives, simply aren’t listened to. They effectively don’t exist.

And if perchance they do find their way by luck on to main stream media, their advice is so different and startling to the low IQ, ratings-obsessed boob-hosts who exist there, that their advice is pooh-poohed, laughed at and derided.

Why is their advice so different and startling? Because they know what they’re talking about, because they offer solutions that are better than bandaids, and because they rarely get a chance to get on the air.

Let me give an example.

I listen to a lot of sports radio. I grew up in the Philadelphia area.

One day I was listening to sports radio in Philadelphia over the Internet. This was either Andy Reid’s last year or Chip Kelly’s first year.

The boob-host sportscaster was talking about the Eagles upcoming draft.

In Philadelphia there exists an aggressive symbiotic relationship between boob-hosts and boob-callers who reinforce each other’s ignorance.

The boob-hosts agree to spout their ignorant opinions, and the boob-callers agree to praise the boob-hosts when they call in. Anyone who doesn’t toe the line is derided and made fun of by the boob-host.

It is truly a reverberating circuit of ignorance. Every now and then, however, a real caller who knows something gets through.

This guy calls in, and I can tell over the radio that this is a guy who has played football his entire life at all levels. It’s obvious to me that he has played football, coached football, and is one of those guys who watches football to key in on offensive lineman to see if they hit or miss their blocking assignments. Confidence oozes out of his voice when he speaks.

He tells the boob-host that he and the other callers are looking in the wrong direction when it comes to who the Eagles should draft.

The boob-host immediately becomes perturbed and makes fun of the caller.

The caller responds by stating that the Eagles should be looking at this guy named Zach Ertz.

Clearly the boob-host has never heard of Zach Ertz, and so he starts to make fun of the caller.

After deriding the caller and ridiculing him, he boots him off the air while saying: “Yeah, right. Zach Ertz. Sure.”

Well, as it turns out, the caller knew what he was talking about.

So why don’t we get many callers like this?

Because our joke culture encourages and rewards boobs, hustlers, carnival barkers, and know nothings to muscle their way to the megaphone in order to say nothing.

And the crowd cheers.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Dog and Pony Show

There is no difference between Tom Cotton and Chuck Schumer.

They are on the same team, and it’s not your team.

I don’t care what comes out of their mouth; they are not on your team.

I don’t care how pretty they talk; they are not on your team.

I don’t care if their media shills tell us how great they are; they are not on your team.

They are on the Harvard team. They are on the Ivy League team. They are on the elitist team.

They are both for foreign wars which makes their buddies a lot of money.

And they are both for an elitist oligarchy ruling over us in perpetuity.

The things that they fight over are minor issues such as transgender bathroom rights. On the big issues they are in total agreement. They use the social issues to divide us.

The social issues don’t even belong in the political realm. The social issues belong in the personal arena of battle.

Corporate America knows this and uses the social issues to divide us.

Neither of these Senators have done a damn thing for their respective constituents. What they have done is increase power for Corporate America.

They are on the same team, and it’s not your team.

As George Carlin said: It’s a big club and you ain’t in it.

Years ago there was this show on CNN called Crossfire. Pat Buchanan would be on the right and Tom Braden would be on the left. Michael Kinsley would substitute for Tom Braden. Michael Kinsley was a Harvard graduate.

He was also a flaming liberal. He probably still is.

I also used to watch Michael Kinsley on William F. Buckley‘s Firing Line.

William F. Buckley was a conservative.

It seemed to me that Michael Kinsley was being mentored by William F. Buckley.

At the time I said to myself: What is this nonsense?

It occurred to be then that politics was just a giant dog and pony show.

William F. Buckley was a Yale graduate, and as I’ve said Michael Kinsley was a Harvard graduate.

What’s the matter here? Couldn’t Kinsley find a liberal to hang out with? Couldn’t Buckley find a conservative to mentor?

Why are they hanging out? Don’t they believe in what they say?

Why would Buckley help out a younger Kinsley?

That really bothered me.

It bothers me today.

Did Chuck Bednarik hang out with Frank Gifford?

Did Jesus Christ hang out with Caesar?

I doubt it.

If you fundamentally believe that someone’s vision is wrong, why would you help them out?

Michael Reagan, the presidents son, must’ve noticed the same thing.

Many years ago he did a YouTube video in which he held his arms up like an A-frame.

He said in so many words: My right arm is the Democratic Party, my left arm is the Republican Party. They prop each other up.

That’s the way it is.

It’s a giant dog and pony show with them against you.

Do you remember Bill Clinton palling around with George Herbert Walker Bush many years ago?

I thought those guys were enemies.

Some enemies they were.

We were taken for a ride.

We’re chumps.

At the end of the day Tom Cotton and Chuck Schumer are going to be hanging out on Martha’s Vineyard drinking a Long Island.

What about you?

How does that Alpo taste?

Does it taste good?

Get used to it.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Tiger Woods

Hey, did you hear about Tiger Woods?

This is the new national obsession.

How about this one? I don’t care more about Tiger Woods than I would anyone else, and neither should you.

As a matter of fact, you should go out of your way to not care about Tiger Woods.

Why is that?

Because when we care more about Tiger Woods than Joe Chickenfeed, then we are in real trouble in this nation.

Who is Joe Chickenfeed? Well, Joe Chickenfeed could be anyone. He could be you.

Joe Chickenfeed could be any of the other thousands of people who were in a car accident yesterday.

Do we care about them?

Oh, I can hear you say, but Tiger has contributed so much to society.

Sorry, my friend, I don’t buy into that.

That’s part of the problem we have in this country – this idiotic movers and shakers type society.

Tiger Woods doesn’t contribute any more to society than the man who runs the corner convenience store.

That’s the way our country was set up. Our founding fathers did this intentionally. They set it up this way because they knew that societies run by elites die off pretty quickly.

The life blood of American society comes from regular people who don’t look like much and unfortunately don’t count for much in our ridiculous superstar world.

You caring about Tiger Woods any more than anyone else is dangerous to the affairs of the country.

When you care more about Tiger Woods, you are contributing to the idiotic superstar culture which contributes to this massive polarization of wealth in our country.

There is no justification for it. Indeed, it violates the social covenant that we have with each other in which we agree to not rip each other off too badly. How would you feel if I as a pediatrician was paid $5 million for diagnosing your son’s appendicitis? How would you feel if we paid a fireman $10 million for running into a burning building?

I’m pretty sure that you would say that’s a little unfair.

You would be right. It is unfair. It violates the social covenant we have with each other.

The only reason we permit these celebrities to make these fabulous salaries is because we’ve been conned into believing that they are not human, that they are above us.

They are not.

Moreover, when these individuals are elevated into demigod status, the corporate elites will then use these fake superstars to herd the masses into the cattle pens of opinion that the elites desire.

This is exactly how the elites are controlling people to get their way in the United States of America.

This is why your senators and representatives do not listen to you.

This is why the state of California is a disaster area.

Currently the state of California runs on plebiscites, known as propositions.

The reason why California runs this way is because there isn’t sufficient representation. Because there isn’t sufficient representation, the senators and representatives listen to plebiscites.

And who controls the outcome of the plebiscites?

Morning talk show host-boobs and the celebrity superstars who appear on their programs.

Valerie Bertinelli will now comment.

She is important. You are not. If you were important, you would be on television. You are not on television hence you’re not important.

You’re stupid senators and representatives listen to these celebrity comments and interpret that as the public’s opinion.

Your representatives do not listen to you; they take their cue from the superstar.

More importantly, there are millions of boobs out there who will go along with what ignorant celebrities have to say.

These are the crowds screaming for Barabbas.

They will vote accordingly.

And so in this manner Corporate America can control public opinion.

They can do this because so many people have been beaten down into serfdom. So many people have been beaten down into thinking that these celebrities are demigods.

Many years ago I was in Las Vegas. I was ascending to my room when this one young man pops into the elevator. He begins to breathlessly tell us that he is staying in another hotel in Las Vegas. Overcome with emotion, he says to us in a giddily euphoric but quiet voice as if he is letting us in on a secret: “Gwyneth Paltrow is staying in our hotel.”

Who gives one solitary fuck?

I don’t know any way to defeat this superstar culture except to defeat it.

You have to stop caring about Tiger Woods anymore than you would any one else.

In summary then do I care about Tiger Woods and his car crash?

I can’t afford to care.

And neither can you.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Student Debt

What can we do about student debt?

Well, how about if we allow these students to work off the debt?

Why don’t we create a service corps where these students can serve in underserved areas either here in the United States or the rest of the world?

The government can match funds generously to help pay for living expenses and salaries.

The current student debt is about 1.7 trillion dollars.

Forgiving that debt for services rendered should be chicken feed in Obama money.

Our federal government can certainly afford that.

After all, we printed up trillions for the coronavirus crisis.

If these students chose to help out in Third World countries, so much the better. That would create a lot of Goodwill for the United States of America. It would do a lot of good for those countries too.

The students would benefit also; they would get a better idea of how the other half of the world lives.

They needn’t necessarily work in the area for which they were trained. They could help out in manual labor projects.

It could be a Civilian Conservation Corps of sorts.

There are a lot of projects that need to be done in the world. Even here in the United States we can do things that we haven’t yet done.

One of the things that we need done here in the United States is high speed rail. Given that other countries have invested in high speed rail, it might be a good idea to at least try to build one here.

To prevent the airlines from blocking the deal, they can be brought in on the operation.

As the population of the United States grows, it’s not going to be practical to be flying people hither and thither.

The airports are crowded enough as they are now.

Putting students to work in public works projects might be just the ticket to help them out of debt while helping ourselves at the same time.

All it takes is imagination.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Critical Race Theory

What is critical race theory, where does it come from, and what does it really mean?

It’s important to ask these questions, because race has become such an important issue in our society today.

It needn’t be an important issue, but it has been made an important issue by the professors at Harvard University.

First, it is a fact that critical race theory came out of Harvard University, as most bad ideas do.

Derrick Bell, Patricia Williams, Kimberle Williams Crenshaw, Mari Matsuda are all products of Harvard University. Camara Phyllis Jones Is a product of Harvard crony, Stanford University.

Harvard is especially adept at promoting false fronts in order to disguise its own criminality in producing a society that is hell bent on destroying the black community.

Why critical race theorists at Harvard refuse to look at their own institution, which has populated Corporate America and the Central Intelligence Agency, which in turn have done great damage to the black community, is not surprising but still beyond my comprehension.

My initial recommendation to these professors would be to abandon critical race theory and instead attack Harvard University itself for being the prime promulgator of a Corporate America which works against black people.

Since that is not likely to be the case, let us proceed forward with an explanation of critical race theory.

First, the word critical comes about because black professors began to criticize the established methodology of thinking with regard to racial disparity within the United States.

These professors felt that the traditional liberal approaches to correcting racial disparity were not working.

Some of these approaches included the concepts of color blindness, affirmative-action, role modeling and meritocracy.

Forget about following the lead of successful black businessmen. Forget about Booker T. Washington. Those people are clearly Uncle Toms.

These “enlightened” professors feel that there is an inherent structural bias against the black man not only with regard to the legal structure within the United States, and its organizations, but within people themselves as far as their assumptions about black people.

The thinking goes that if we can change the laws within the country and its organizations, that if we can change peoples assumptions and attitudes about black people, then we can change the outcome within the black community.

This thinking has expanded throughout society, courtesy of Harvard University and its extensive power and influence within the United States. This is why you see critical race theory being played out in your local school system and within your major institutions within the United States of America.

This is why you now see white children being programmed within the school system to disabuse themselves of white privilege. This is why you see many people of color talking about their experiences of racism on television and internet commercials.

This is why you see the rise of Black Lives Matter as a political organization.

Corporate America is 100% behind Black Lives Matter. Harvard University is 100% behind Corporate America. This is not in dispute.

Harvard’s influence is why you see the tearing down of statues within the inner city, the tearing down of statues of Confederate War generals, and the tearing down of the statues of Christopher Columbus, Abraham Lincoln, and Ulysses Grant.

This is why you see the effort to rename the military bases that are named after Confederate War generals.

This is why country music singers must now apologize if there is a Confederate flag in the background of their music video.

The idea is that if we can tear down the heroes of the white people, we can take the strut out of the white people. If we can take the strut out of the white people, we can take out their sense of white privilege. If we can take away white privilege, we can improve the lot for people within the black community.

That is the thinking.

The goal of this is to make life better for black people within the black community.

What we are seeing in America today is a different approach than what was taken when I was a young man.

When I was a young man the approach was to engage in affirmative action, which was a quite different approach. This approach is now pooh-poohed by Harvard.

Affirmative action focuses on elevating the black man; critical race theory focuses on taking down the white man.

Harvard has decided that white supremacy is the problem. Harvard has decided that the black community is hurting because of overt and covert white supremacy.

In a nutshell that is what is going on. That is why you see all these efforts to persuade your children that they are white supremacists.

This is also why you see an effort to gain reparations. Reparations are nothing more than an effort to redistribute wealth from the white community to the black community so as to even the playing field.

White people, according to the reparations crowd, stole money from the black people when they enslaved them. That money must now be returned.

Defunding of the police is also a byproduct of critical race theory. If we can defund the police, then less black people will be arrested. If less black people are arrested, then less black people will go to prison. If less black people go to prison, then white people will not look upon blacks so negatively. Plus, in not being warehoused in prison, black people will have greater self-esteem.

Underpinning all of this is the concept of race equity. Race equity is discussed much now within Corporate America. It has a lot of jargon, a lot of talk, but no clear focus other than to close the racial gap. That may be the point. Race equity is the broad bridge between critical race theory and the various measures that are now being underaken by Black Lives Matter and Corporate America. Critical race theory begets raise equity, and race equity begets diversity training, storytelling of racism, tearing down of statues, reparations, riots, defunding of the police, and so forth.

Now, here is the essential question: Will this work? This is the only question that counts. Will these efforts work?

Or will they make matters worse for the black community?

I believe they will make matters worse for the black community.

Why do I think this?

Primarily because Harvard University has traditionally been a bigoted, racist, university posing as a friend to the black man.

I do not believe that Harvard University is a friend to the black man, nor do I believe that Harvard University has ever been a friend to the black man.

Harvard University is a bigot, run by bigots, financed by bigots, within the most bigoted area of the country.

Everything you see in the media about the nobility of Harvard and Boston, Massachusetts is a lie.

Harvard is a Boston Baked Bigot.

Harvard hurts the black man today just as it hurt the black man in the past.

It was Harvard University that propped up the phony baloney house negro (the words of Marcus Garvey), WEB DuBois, as its spokesman for the black people. What did WEB DuBois do? He focused the black man on rage and protest. And what was the result?

The black man turned away from productivity and focused on grievance. The black man turned away from the message of Booker T. Washington and Marcus Garvey.

It was Harvard University that helped spearhead the wrong type of affirmative action. The right kind of affirmative action would have given blacks opportunities not at the expense of the deserving white man.

The right kind of affirmative action would have created extra spots for the black man.

It was obvious to any thinking man back in the 1970s that affirmative action as it was being practiced would produce backlash. It is obvious to any thinking man today that it produces a backlash. That is why Harvard University was recently sued for its affirmative action policies.

This wrong type of affirmative action policy, which Harvard clings to, has caused resentment within the white community toward black people. This has hurt black people, and Harvard knows it.

Second, when you focus on rage in your life, when you focus on tearing other people down in order to elevate yourself, you do not succeed in elevating yourself. You only succeed in descending into a vortex of despair and hurt.

Critical race theory and the byproduct of critical race theory will only serve to lower the white community, which is the goal of Harvard University. Harvard University is no friend to anyone. Harvard University’s allegiance is to money, power, domination, and paganism. Harvard is an elitist anti-Democratic, ant-American institution whose fondness is for the feudalism of the past.

The black community’s best friends are regular white people who want nothing to do with Harvard University and its leaders and its elitism.

If that regular middle class white community is harmed, the black community will lose a vital friend in fighting the real foe – Harvard University.

Third, critical race theory ignores the impact of Corporate America on the destruction of the black community. There is systemic racism in the United States, but it is not coming from your average white man who lives way out in the sticks who may have never met one black person in his life.

Systemic racism is coming from Corporate America and its thug agency, the Central Intelligence Agency, which has created a crony-capitalist, marxo-fascist culture within the inner city which has disempowered black people. The CIA imported drugs within the black community which gave gangs financial power to further destroy the black community through vice, drugs and protection rackets.

The wealthy thug-elite from Corporate America continue to support this marxo-fascist, race-hustling structure within the black community which takes power away from individual black-owned businesses. This marxo-fascist culture creates despair, which then leads to riots, which then leads to looting and burning of black businesses thus making the community inviable and then ultimately dependent upon a Harvard-controlled Corporate America.

This then leads to increased criminality, which then feeds into the corporate prison system.

White people out in the sticks see this and then develop a negative impression of black people.

This negative impression of black people is not inherent within white people’s minds. A child is not born into racism. A child learns racism from what the child is exposed to. As long as white children are exposed to black people looting businesses, burning down black neighborhoods, and being herded off into prisons, they will develop a negative impression of black people.

You will never program this negative impression out of a child’s mind as long as these conditions exist within the inner city.

Consequently, it is impossible to effect reform within the black community unless you change the marxo-fascist economic paradigm that exists within that inner city.

That economic paradigm is being promulgated by Harvard University which which populates Corporate America.

Corporate America destroyed the black community.

Harvard University trains the officers of Corporate America.

It is not surprising that critical race theory came out of Harvard University.

This is yet another attempt by Harvard University to distract attention from itself.

It is clear now to me, and I hope to you, that Harvard is a bigoted institution whose goal is to destroy the black community.

If the black community is to thrive, Harvard University must be ignored and removed from power.

Harvard’s existence must be eliminated from the history of mankind.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Rush Limbaugh

What do I think of Rush Limbaugh?

I listened to Rush Limbaugh for a long time, not regularly though.

I listened to him more so in his early days.

But then I stopped listening.

I remember him best from the 1990s when he had his television show.

He would open the show by saying: America held hostage, day 43 of the Clinton Presidency.

I would eat that stuff up.

Rush was giving me exactly what I wanted to hear.

And there in lies the secret to the success of Rush Limbaugh. He told his true believers what they wanted to hear.

Now, whether you like him or hate him, you cannot deny that he was number one. He was the Elvis of talk radio commentators.

Even people on the left listened to him. In fact, I would wager to say that Rush Limbaugh had more followers from the left than listeners on the right.

Listeners on the right, of course, knew what Rush was going to say and so took him for granted.

But not listeners on the left. Listeners on the left listened to him because they knew he was going to say something outrageous, and they couldn’t wait to get mad at what he was going to say.

They wanted to get mad, and Rush knew it.

To tease the left he would ever so carefully enunciate the name Barack Hooo-Sane Obama in a musical yet comical manner.

Rush never failed to disappoint. Well, I should modify that. He never failed to disappoint the people who were ready to love or hate what he was going to say.

Alas, I got older. And as I got older, I got wiser.

I came to see that Rush was not always correct.

I also came to see that Rush was part of the establishment.

What turned the tables for me? Probably when Rush showed up on Family Guy.

So, that’s what it’s all about, I said to myself at the time.

Rush just wants to be part of the clique.

He wants to be part of the in-crowd.

If he were really a rebel, I reasoned, he wouldn’t cozy up to those people at all.

But he did cozy up to those people. He cozied up to not only the people on the left, but the RINOs on the right.

If he were a true populist conservative, he would not have broken bread with them.

He would not have accepted their dog biscuits.

As the years went by, I came to see that when push came to shove, Rush always asked us to vote for the lesser of two evils in the Presidential election.

Yet I didn’t want to vote for the lesser of two evils anymore.

I didn’t care anymore when people would say: Oh, if you vote for that third-party candidate your vote won’t make a difference.

Au contraire, I would say, it will make a difference in my life because I will be able to look at myself in the mirror in the morning for having done the right thing.

I think that Rush’s recommendation to settle for the mediocrity that the Republicans offered up every four years was what finally turned me away from him.

I listened to him less and less.

I came to see that the real battle in America was not between right and left but between big and small.

The proper battle was between we small, populists – right and left – who believe in a small America with limited government and the elitist big boys, the corporate pigs, who had taken over both the Democratic and Republican parties.

I also came to see that people like Rush Limbaugh who benefit off the national agenda are not our friends, but agents of Corporate America.

Did I really think that Corporate America was going to sit by and allow a conservative talkshow host to make $700 million while influencing millions of Americans if he was not stating their message?

Do you see what I’m talking about?

Rush Limbaugh was part of the system. He was part of the swamp. He kept the phony narrative of right versus left going.

And so it’s not surprising today that politics is so divisive between the left and the right.

It need not be.

Yet it is, and a big reason for that is Rush Limbaugh.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

America’s Berchtesgaden

The banners, of red, black and white, lean gently within the breeze.

Quietly they peek out above the crowd seated there before the Altar of Zeus.

Larger banners of like insignia provide the backdrop to the altar.

False prophets speak upon this altar to the enraptured masses before them.

The leader and his officials sit high above the crowd.

Dressed immaculately, they celebrate the glory of the Third Reich.

You are the leaders, the master race, the Fuhrer speaks.

Die Welt ist unser welt.

The world is our world.

Die welt ist eine germanische welt.

The world is a germanic world.

The smiling crowd sits comfortably, content, and fulfilled.

This display of power mesmerizes them.

And why not?

The leader and his men have led the party to glorious heights.

Wealth abounds for true believers, the party officials, and the followers in the audience.

The territory of the empire is expanding.

The elites are making money, and lots of it.

The deceivers who have betrayed the party faithful are being punished.

Those unfortunate few who remind the audience of human weakness and frailty are being sorted out and purified.

It is a bold new world, and the young adults who are being celebrated on this day will rule it.

Imperfection will not be tolerated.

Failure is not an option.

Lies will be told when necessary to promote the public good.

Allegiance will accrue to the party leader, not to one’s conscience.

This is the new morality.

Welcome to fascism.

Welcome to Nazism.

But, of course, we are not talking about Nazi Germany, but instead of Nazi America.

And the altar that we see in this picture is not that of the Altar of Zeus in a stadium in Germany, but instead the Altar of Zeus that exists within Tercentenary Theater in Harvard Yard.

The flags that lean gently in the breeze carry not the swastikas of yesteryear but the crimson swastikas of Harvard University.

For this is commencement day in Cambridge.

It is an embarrassing display of power.

Shame has no place in Berchtesgaden, nor in Tercentenary Theater.

Here in Valhalla, only the strong may enter.

Here the vision is no different than that of the Third Reich in its earlier incarnation – a cruel world of perfection where the impure of thought, body and spirit are drummed from memory and human existence.

The enemies of this new Reich are no longer Jews, but white people.

They are not enemies because they are enemies, but because an enemy is required.

Anti-Caucasian is the new anti-Semitism.

Supporting this false methodology is the junk-science of white supremacy. It doesn’t exist any more than Jewish supremacy exists or did exist.

Keeping people’s minds focused on rage, distrust and hatred serves the needs of the leadership of this new Third Reich.

And with good reason, for this need is based upon the leaders’ lack of competence. Their record demonstrates this.

Homelessness, a decent gauge of a leadership’s effectiveness is soaring off the charts in our major American cities.

But not here.

Homelessness does not exist in Tercentenary Theatre, America’s Berchtesgaden.

The Reich will not permit it.

Nor will the party faithful here in Harvard Yard allow it.

Here the crowd chooses to look away, to stare at its own reflection.

Besides, Harvard is no place for riff-raff.

Not just anyone can enter this hallowed sanctuary.

Only warriors in Valhalla may stand here.

Appearances are important.

No, no, raged Goebbels, bread lines in Berlin won’t do.

Why, this is not possible, nor permissible under the Nazi regime.

Ah, but it is possible, and was possible, because the Nazis did not fix things under Hitler; they swept their problems under the rug by killing the Jews, the infirm, the homeless and the weak.

Here too in Tercentenary Theater the problems of our once great nation are brushed away, ignored, and granted refusal to be confronted.

For Harvard Yard is a secure place, a mountain retreat, far from the reality of the messy world our Nazi leaders rule over.

Here purity reigns supreme.

The audience nods approval.

It is always seductive to be endowed with special powers, to be told that you are one of the master race.

It is a child’s fantasy world of unlimited chocolate and candy.

But all good things must end.

Even here within the safe confines of Tercentenary Theatre, life is ultimately measured not by awards, plaudits, money, and waving banners, but by how well one treats other people.

And so the time for America’s so-called elite for honoring itself will come to an end here in America’s Berchtesgaden.

The sooner that comes, the better.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved