Peaceful Resistance

One of the greatest myths that we live under today is the myth of peaceful resistance in the sense that peaceful resistance will cause substantive change in society.

It will not.

I call peaceful resistance the Gandhi myth.

We have all seen the movie Gandhi.

We have all seen him dressed up in his homespun peacefully sitting there, speaking common sense, forcing the British to abandon the Raj.

It’s a wonderful vision.

Peaceful resistance is a noble concept, a beautiful philosophy of life.

Unfortunately peaceful resistance does not work.

Nor does man’s beauty match the beauty of that philosophy, for we are not beautiful. We are a savage species with rare bursts of nobility.

We eat everything.

Our appetites are insatiable.

Nearly every animal on the planet runs away from us.

We are brutes who only think we are noble.

There is essentially no nobility to mankind.

Peaceful resistance didn’t work for the French prior to the French revolution. King Louis was happy to sit there and have the Parisians peacefully resist.

It didn’t work for the Americans prior to the American revolution. King George was happy to sit there and have the colonists peacefully resist.

It didn’t work for the Russians prior to the Russian revolution. The czar was happy to sit there and allow the peasants to peacefully resist.

It didn’t work for the Hindus in India. The British were happy to sit there and have Gandhi peacefully resist.

Do you know who forced the British to leave India?

Adolf Hitler.

Adolf Hitler bankrupted the British Empire.

When he bankrupted the British Empire, the British could no longer afford to maintain their overseas possessions.

So they gave them up.

By the way who forced Adolf Hitler out of power?

Was it Americans dressed up in diapers singing Kumbaya in the forest?


Massive bombings forced Hitler out of power.

Who forced the Japanese to stop their tyranny in the South Pacific?

Two nuclear weapons and the threat of invasion by the Soviet Union.

The sad reality of power is that the ruling class doesn’t listen to reason, can’t listen to reason, and has no desire to listen to reason.

After all, they reason, we are the elites, are we not?

Many noble people in our country today stand before the crowds, place their foot forward upon a rock, and piously proclaim in order to profess their superiority: I renounce violence.


Did our Founding Fathers renounce violence?

No, they did not.

The Founding Fathers knew what they were up against. They were up against an intransigent King who believed in his divine right to rule.

Who were these upstarts, the king must have thought.

This is the way the ruling class thinks.

This is the way the ruling class will always think.

Humanity is not evolving into a benevolent force field.

We are who we are.

The elites are who they are.

They are not going to change.

The only way to defeat them is through violence. They will not listen to reason.

The experience of humanity proves it.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Dwight Eisenhower, American Quisling

No one did more damage in the modern era to the American experiment than Dwight Eisenhower.

He was and is an American Quisling.

He betrayed the values of the Founding Fathers which are rooted in a decent Christianity that respects and values other people.

Throughout the 1950s when Alan Dulles and John Foster Dulles were tear-assing around the globe committing much naughtiness against sovereign nations, Dwight Eisenhower stood by and gave his tacit approval.

In 1953 we overthrew the government of Iran.

In 1954 we overthrew the government of Jacobo Arbenz in Guatemala.

Throughout the 1950s Ike set the table for what would become the Vietnam war in which millions of people died.

He aggravated the government of Indonesia which was finally replaced in 1965. The man, Suharto, that our CIA installed, killed one million communists. The CIA was not ashamed.

Ike tried like hell to kill Patrice Lamumba of the Congo. Who cares about the Congo? Everybody cares about the Congo. The Congo is the most valuable piece of real estate in the world.

When Lamumba leaned (you only need to lean) toward the commies, our leaders decided to deep six him.

Many of the problems that we face today, such as our ongoing conflict with Iran, our massive immigration problems coming from Central America, can be laid at the feet of Dwight Eisenhower.

The entire debacle of Vietnam could have been avoided had Eisenhower taken an enlightened approach to their desire for independence.

Eisenhower though became another President in the long line of Presidents who kneeled before corporate power.

That Ike warned us of the military industrial complex is a joke.

Sorry, my friend, you don’t get points by fucking me over and then warning me about yourself when you’re ready to retire.

Ike was the military industrial complex and had been his entire life.

He was groomed to lead.

In the Philippines he was Douglas MacArthur‘s assistant.

In World War II he was commander of the armies.

For crying out loud, he became the President of the United States.

In short, Ike was the military industrial complex.

When Joe McCarthy reported on communists at Fort Monmouth, what was Ike’s response?

Was Ike gratified that Joe McCarthy had exposed an espionage ring at Fort Monmouth?

Not at all.

Not only did Ike not appreciate McCarthy’s efforts, he worked behind the scenes to destroy Joe McCarthy.

What Joe McCarthy was really revealing to the American people was that our government was acting contrary to the positions they would state publicly, contrary to the dreams and aspirations of the American people, and contrary to the principles of the Founding Fathers as they embodied them in the Constitution.

It’s fair to say that the American people are primarily interested in the welfare of the American people, as they should be, as any citizen of any country should be regarding their own country.

Ike betrayed the American people.

Like Truman, like George C Marshall, Ike bowed down to corporate interests.

He and his ilk were globalists.

In those days we called them communists.

Today we understand more fully that there is no real difference between communism, fascism, crony capitalism and corporate socialism. It’s all the same.

Ike placed corporate money above the welfare of the American people.

He ruthlessly prosecuted an unnecessary and fruitless Cold War that expanded the government, enlarged the military, and enriched the corporations and their leaders far beyond what any actual war could produce.

If Franklin Roosevelt was the architect of corporate tyranny, surely Dwight Eisenhower was its general contractor.

He was an American Quisling.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Why Bitcoin Crashed

Do you understand why Bitcoin has crashed and why it is where it is?

Do you understand why Bitcoin may go down a bit further?

It’s important that you do, because having this information will enable you to fully understand our elites and what kind of people they are.

Pollyannas go no further.

It is of course the elites who have crashed Bitcoin and kept it where it is – foundering haplessly like a clueless dolt in a swimming pool.

If it’s one thing the elites cannot stand, cannot tolerate, it is when regular people, plebes, make a bundle of money when they do not.

It keeps them up at night.

It’s like a hot knife in their guts.

They don’t like missing the boat, and they don’t like the fact that you’re on it and they’re not.

That’s not the way life is supposed to work.

They are supposed to be the winners.

You see, our elites have been trained and indoctrinated, just like you, to believe that they are the best and the brightest, the smartest guys in the room.

So when upstarts like you, common swill, make money and a lot of it, it upends the false value system that they believe in.

They can’t have that.

Their brains physically cannot tolerate that pain.

So to alleviate that pain, they have crashed Bitcoin so that they can buy it cheaper in order to jack it up.

They did this through their various allies in the media and the business world.

From out of the woodwork, their puppets and officers came forward to denounce Bitcoin. All the members of the orchestra were there. You know their names and where they went to school.

All they had to do was create a lack of confidence in Bitcoin.

They presented Bitcoin as a threat to the environment. Really? How about the threat that Fortune magazine presents to the environment? What’s the carbon cost in chopping down all those trees and making all that ink? The same can be said for all the other rags the Empire puts out. Should we shut down the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and The Economist?

The lack of confidence that the elites created was false and bogus; but no matter, they did it.

If they have to, the elites will kill you.

You the plebes cannot be seen as smarter than they.

For them it is a fate worse than death.

That is why Bitcoin has crashed.

Is important for you to know this to understand the ruthlessness and the commitment of our elites.

They are totally immoral people.

They are not like you.

They couldn’t care less about the beautiful philosophy behind Bitcoin.

What they care about is money, profits, and power.

In spite of this, they can be beaten.

They have flaws, and me talking about them will not alter that reality.

They are who they are, and we are who we are.

While the elites have incredible biological smarts, but no more on average than you the plebes, they are morally dumb.

They are also incredibly lazy and careless.

That’s why they create so many calamities in the world.

They’re just like Tom and Daisy Buchanan, leaving chaos in their wake.

If we look at the following mathematical formula, this makes sense.

Effectiveness = Smarts x Moral Quotient x Diligence x Technology

What saves us is the moral stupidity of our elites.

Plus their laziness.

Of course that laziness will temporarily correct itself when plebes move across the finish line in first place.

We saw this in the Brexit referendum in the UK just a few years ago. We are seeing that in Bitcoin today.

It’s the story of the tortoise and the hare, except in this story, the hare gets to wake up and move the finish line so that he can win the game.

That is what we see in Bitcoin today. The elites have woken up and moved the finish line so that they can win.

King Louis has spotted a potential rival and chosen to confiscate his estate.

Just like that.

They can do it, they will do it.

Indeed, they have done it.

Welcome to reality, Pollyanna.

All that talk about building a better mousetrap, the cream rising to the top, you too can be President – all of that is a myth, a vapor and a dream.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

This is Our Country

This is our country.

The Founding Fathers belong to us.

This country does not belong to England or the royal family.

We are not British.

Nor does it belong to Great Britain’s ally, mole and chief sycophant in the United States, Harvard University.

This country does not belong to Harvard.

Nor does it belong to the elites.

Nor the Ivy League.

Nor the cowards who flocked to Harvard so that they could sit with the cool kids in the school cafeteria.

Nor the social climbers who sold their souls to grovel at the feet of King Harvard.

“Oh, honey, we’re going to meet the king. We’re the elites, babe. Ooooh, I’m getting an erection.”

Fuck them.

We are the people who built this country.

The Founding Fathers refer to us when they write, We the People.

The history that is written of the United States is false.

It is false because it is written in terms of the false leaders who claim to have inherited the mantel of the Founding Fathers.

But they have not.

Franklin Roosevelt is false.

Theodore Roosevelt is false.

These men, these elites, these Harvard graduates, these American Quislings, betrayed the Founding Fathers.

They abandoned America the Republic in favor of America the Empire.

They betrayed the goodwill and Christian foundation of the Founding Fathers.

They are the architects of the American empire which has done great harm to the peoples of the world even as it has raped Americans here at home.

These men did not do unto others as we would have others do unto us.

They were racists and builders of empire.

Theodore Roosevelt prosecuted his racist messianic vision upon the peoples of Hawaii and the Philippines.

Cousin Franklin prosecuted his racist messianic vision upon all the peoples of the world. His contempt of humanity was not confined to Jews and Asians; he had contempt for regular folk as well as he assiduously transformed a small more responsive government into a large racket which his wealthy friends could readily plunder.

The media, which their Harvard bedfellows control, lies about their record. Theodore Roosevelt was no trustbuster, and Franklin Roosevelt did not save capitalism. Neither was a traitor to his class.

The real break up of Standard Oil was accomplished by a regular person, Ida Tarbell, whose father had been broken by the humanity thief, John D Rockefeller.

Franklin D Roosevelt was forced into accepting the Glass-Steagall act. There would be no FDIC if Franklin Roosevelt had had his way.

I’ll bet you didn’t know that.

Neither man was opposed to large corporations. They thought large corporations were an essential necessity in our lives. What they thought was that corporations should be regulated.

What they failed to consider, or didn’t want to consider, was that large corporations would come to fund think tanks which would fill Presidential cabinet spots with men who would do the bidding of large corporations.

In this way America was stolen from the people, no thanks to TR and FDR.

Strike these men from the history books.

The historians steal our heritage.

History is about us.

We are the people who built this country.

Our Founding Fathers did not believe in movers and shakers.

They believed that the man who ran the corner shop must by necessity be more important than the President of the United States.

These ideals are imbued in the Bill of Rights which are the crown jewels of the United States of America.

Without those individual rights we have no republic worth preserving.

The Founding Fathers wrote those rights so that we would retain our supremacy.

Not surprisingly the skunk, Alexander Hamilton, the only Founding Father the Wall Street detritus seem to admire, opposed those rights – not because they were superfluous but because he knew the tremendous obstacle they would present to the elitist oligarchy he so admired.

We are the straw that stirs the drink of the republic.

The Founding Fathers belong to us, and we belong to them.

We are the event.

This country was built for us.

This is our country.

The Chauvin Verdict

Thirty years ago Rodney King was beaten up by a bunch of Los Angeles cops with billy clubs.

Politicians jumped up and down and demanded justice.

The cops went to jail, and what happened?


Thirty years later Derek Chauvin pressed his knee upon George Floyd’s neck and head prompting riots and subsequent demands for justice.

They got it.

Derek Chauvin will head to jail for 22 years.

And what will happen?


No substantive reforms will come out of George Floyd’s death.

No reforms will come because the elites desire no reforms to come.

Our elites sell salves, potions and snake oil, not substantive repair.

As Porfirio Diaz once said: A dog with a bone neither bites nor barks.

Thus the dog bone.

The Chauvin verdict, like the King verdict is a dog bone that the elites have thrown to the black community.

See here, now, we are striving to be a fair society. Here is proof!

Alas, there are no structural reforms forthcoming

There are no remedies to fix the system.

What the black community has been offered is a payoff, a bribe if you will.

Here, take this verdict and be happy.

That is precisely what our elites think of the black community.

They think of them as dogs.

They think that way because our elites are bigots and racists.

Their goal is to keep black folk down as long as they possibly can.

If things are to change in the black community, real jobs with real pay and real opportunities must be presented.

When people and families have meaningful jobs that pay real money, the social ills of society evaporate.

Gone overnight, like a vapor, is drug abuse, crime, delinquency, vandalism, truancy, child abuse, spousal abuse, murder, burglary, armed robbery, abortion, teen pregnancy, fatherless homes, rape, gang violence and poor academic standing.

Well-paying jobs are the magic potion that fixes all ills.

Meaningful well-paying jobs are the elixir of life.

Ah, but if such jobs are presented, then the corporate prison racket would end.

If such jobs are presented, then the corporate welfare racket would end.

And that, Corporate America cannot have.

Thus the dog bone.

The dog bone absolutely ensures that we will have another celebrated death in the black community at the hands of the police thirty years hence.

I personally guarantee it.

Matters will only worsen in the black community because of this verdict.

Rather than bring jobs into the black community, which is a snap to do, this verdict will be used by the elites to continue the narrative that we Americans are white supremacists in a nation infected with systemic racism.

This narrative will be ingrained into the minds of black Americans.

We can see this occurring as we speak.

Just the other day, a young black athlete, Gwen Berry, refused to respect the flag and national anthem after winning a bronze medal at the US Track and Field trials for the Olympic games.

Her actions will serve to further polarize the nation between black and white.

I don’t blame Gwen Berry anymore than I blame Colin Kaepernick. She is young and cannot possibly understand fully the plight of Black America over the past 50 to 70 years.

Nevertheless, the poor black folk who live in the inner city will hear this message and become more isolated from the American community at large.

Their collective psyche will brim with rage even greater. Increasingly, they will be left out of any future American prosperity, if that is possible for anyone living under the rule of Corporate America.

That is precisely what Corporate America desires.

Gwen Berry has been misled.

As will many other Americans be misled.

Gwen Berry’s enemy is not White America, but Corporate America.

By disrespecting the American flag and anthem, she gives Corporate America precisely what it wants.

She transforms herself into yet another tool, like Colin Kaepernick, that Corporate America uses to foist the narrative on Americans, but particularly black Americans, that we are a racist nation.

It’s a message with a purpose – transform Black America into a permanent underclass that can feed and sustain the corporate prison racket and and the corporate welfare plantation for another one hundred years.

The Chauvin verdict achieves the same aim.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Four Centuries of Dishonor

“The defeat of the Pequots must be ascribed to the wonderful Providence of God, who did (as with Jacob of old, and after that with the children of Israel) lay the fear of the English and the dread of them upon all the Indians. The terror of God was upon them round about.”

–Increase Mather, Brief History of the War with the Indians in New England (1676)

Increase Mather was a Puritan clergyman who not surprisingly attended Harvard University. He begins the proud tradition of four centuries of dishonor that Harvard University has committed upon our nation and the world.

He begins this dishonor by embracing a messianic mission of tyranny upon people with inferior technology.

Why be fair when you can beat people up?

That’s the Christian spirit, eh?

If you want to know how and where America began its imperialism, you can hardly start with a better man.

He was a loser.

He is a loser.

And he was a Harvard graduate to boot. And a future President of Harvard.

Big surprise.

His books and writings were instrumental in laying the groundwork for the subsequent Salem Witch Trials, which he of course embraced and refused to denounce.

Not to be outdone, his son, Cotton Mather, another Harvard graduate, undoubtedly influenced by dad, personally participated in the Salem Witch Trials.

He was a loser too.

The Pequot Indian massacre in which many hundreds of native Americans died was but the precursor to the century of dishonor that our “enlightened” leaders engaged in with the purpose of colonizing and destroying the Native American culture.

More enlightened plebes lived peacefully amongst the Indians.

Indeed, the American concept of egalitarianism has its roots in the relatively nonhierarchical method of living exhibited by the people whose destruction Increase Mather so gleefully celebrated.

It certainly didn’t come from Harvard.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

General Milley and CRT

Yesterday General Mark Milley appeared before Congress to talk about Critical Race Theory in the military.

General Milley wants to know what’s so wrong about members of the military being open to Critical Race Theory. He equates it to being open to ideas such as communism.

I’ll tell you what’s wrong with being open to Critical Race Theory. It’s the same as Adolf Hitler asking Germans to be open to the idea of Jewish complicity in destroying the economy and cultural values of the German people.

Of course Hitler also asked the German people to look the other way as he implemented his Final Solution for the Jews. The Final Solution was predicated upon his theories of Jewish inferiority and Jewish complicity in destroying Weimar Germany and the German culture.

The problem with those theories is that they weren’t true. The vast majority of Jews were either poor or nonessential with regard to policy making in Weimar Germany. In other words they weren’t movers and shakers.

Plus, with regard to destroying a culture, Christians have always enjoyed a healthy hand in that. This fact would undermine Jewish exclusivity in destroying or polluting Germany.

Of course, it’s not surprising that Mark Milley would defend the learning of Critical Race Theory. After all he attended so-called elite universities such as Princeton and Columbia where they teach the lofty nobility in being open to ideas such as Critical Race Theory.

It’s good to be open to ideas. I like new ideas.

What I don’t like are ideas that aren’t true – such as CRT which embraces the notion that structural racism in American society, otherwise known as white supremacy, is responsible for the current plight of the black man.

I don’t like ideas that aren’t true because I don’t want to be seen as an idiot.

Of course, I’ve had some ideas that some might consider questionable.

I can easily see where people might think that my disgust and condemnation of the Ivy League is racist and discriminatory, and so I must force myself to examine that issue constantly.

As you may already know, I do believe that there is structural elitism in the Ivy League which is responsible for populating Corporate America which in turn does engage in racism against black Americans through its outsourcing of jobs, importation of drugs and prosecution of a corporate prison racket.

Applying the argument that I just applied to General Milley I must now I ask myself whether I have violated my own standards, for I have asked people to universally condemn the “Harvard” graduate with the understanding that when I place Harvard in quotation marks I’m talking about not only Harvard but the entire Ivy League and those schools that would be considered prestigious (not by me) by the suckers and stupes who are impressed by suits, resumes and bow ties.

You’ll just have to bear with me as I go through this exercise.

Are only “Harvard” graduates complicit in the destruction of America as a republic? Clearly not. There are plenty of other clueless fucks from regular schools who go along.

Is “Harvard” the leader in the destruction of America as a republic? Clearly, they are. One only has to look at where our leaders come from. It’s all there, right out in the open. In the past two weeks, two military leaders have testified before Congress with regard to CRT. One was Admiral Michael Gilday; the other is General Milley. Michael Gilday attended Harvard.

I don’t see where “Harvard” as a non-leader can be rationally defended. The principle purpose of “Harvard” in our modern era is to train the officers of Corporate America – Fortune 500 companies, major associations, foundations, NGOs, MSM, sports leagues, entertainment.

One only has to do a search of many of our political leaders, corporate leaders, leaders of associations, NGOs, mainstream media and so forth to see that this is so. “Harvard” has even reached into our sports leagues. Rob Manfred is a Harvard graduate. Bowie Kuhn was a graduate of Princeton. Bart Giamatti was a graduate of Yale. Why, I had no idea that “Harvard” specialized in baseball.

Now, are all “Harvard” graduates complicit in the destruction of America’s values or America as a republic? Here I may be on thinner ice because clearly there are “Harvard” graduates who chose to walk away from their training. Or perhaps they went to work for the family automobile repair shop. But is this likely, and to what degree?

I think it’s safe to say that the vast majority of “Harvard” graduates have entered some sort of professional life and are happy to put their diplomas on the wall.

Many have done good things.

What I have argued in the past is that their good deeds have given cover to those “Harvard” graduates who are destroying America as a republic, and that they should therefore be held accountable – unless of course they have spoken out publicly against “Harvard” and have renounced their degrees.

If that’s the case, was Hitler then correct in holding the good Jews accountable for the Jews who were doing harm?

One could argue that point if those Jews who were doing harm were a) indeed Jews, and b) were promoted because the good Jews were giving them cover.

Here, that argument falls short because those Jews who were doing harm were not Jews at all just as Christians who were doing harm were not Christians at all. Incidentally, there is no such thing as a cultural Jew just as there is no such thing as a cultural Christian. A person is not a Jew because they have a menorah in their house. A person is not Christian because they set up a tree on Christmas day.

To be a Jew, you have to obey the Torah. To be a Christian, you have to obey the principles of Jesus Christ. Of course, there are going to be degrees, but it seems reasonable to me that you should at least hit the 50th percentile.

I would say with confidence that most leaders didn’t hit the 5th percentile, and I would also say with confidence that most people would agree with me.

Secondly, Anti-Semitism was rife in Germany, so it’s difficult to believe that the good works of a good Jew would loan cover to a bad Jew.

Plus a poor Jew in Poland or Hungary, probably a serf, had no connection whatsoever to the centers of power in Weimar Germany.

One could hardly equate that to the position of the Harvard graduate in America today. The “Harvard” graduate in America today is quite aware of political issues, probably more so than your average citizen. Your average “Harvard” graduate in America today is extremely likely to personally know classmates who are in positions of power.

Plus your average “Harvard” graduate is not a serf or a sharecropper.

Finally, I’m not calling for the extermination of “Harvard” graduates. I’m not even calling for their complete removal from power. What I am calling for is better diversification and spreading of risk within our government, leading institutions and associations.

The reality is that there is more intelligence outside “Harvard” then inside “Harvard” simply by volume alone.

Are you still following me?

It’s not just the teaching of Critical Race Theory that is the problem in the United States of America; no, we have a much greater problem.

Critical Race Theory is just a symptom of that underlying disease.

The real problem is the disease of elitism that exists in the United States.

It is that elitism that has produced people like General Mark Milley who have not the ability to think clearly and incisively.

It is that elitism that threatens the American republic.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Cut From the Same Cloth

OK, ladies and gentlemen let’s look at the Presidents of Mexico in my lifetime. I was born in 1954. Let’s see where they went to school. It’s important to do this because many of these Presidents played the “gringo card” when they were President. The “gringo card” is where you talk tough about the United States of America as if it’s some oppressor, which it is – but you give the impression that you are against the gringo.

Are you?

Let’s see.

Adolfo Ruiz Cortines, 1952-58, Homeschooled, Instituto Veracruzano

Alfredo Lopez Mateos, 1958-64, Scientific and Literary Institute of Toluca, UNAM

Gustavo Diaz Ordaz, 1964-70, University of Puebla

Luis Echeverría Álvarez, 1970-76, UNAM (Still Alive)

José López Portillo, 1976-1982, UNAM

Miguel de la Madrid, 1982-1988, Harvard

Carlos Salinas de Gortari: 1988-1994, Harvard

Ernesto Zedillo: 1994-2000, Yale

Vicente Fox: 2000-2006, Harvard

Felipe Calderon: 2006-12, Harvard

Enrique Pena Nieto, 2012-2018, Pan-American University

AMLO, 2018- , UNAM

For 30 years, from 1982 to 2012, you had a Mexican President who was trained in part at an “elite” US university. You had another President, Diaz Ordaz, who many feel was on the CIA payroll.

It is what it is.

Prior to the 1980s Mexico was more of its own country. Now, it’s run by the multi-national corporations who are run by the elite cabal. If this is increasingly the case, and it is, then why should Mexico have all this violence? It has all this violence because the corporations really couldn’t care less about the people, Mexicans and Americans, except as a substrate for greater profits. The drug trade in Mexico is the other end of the dipole that the elites have created. Mexico grows, packages and transports the drugs while the United States consumes the drugs.

Mexico receives violence, terror, increased mortality while the United States receives increased mortality, increased crime, and an increased incarceration rate that benefits the corporate prison racket.

Why, it’s a win-win.

Isn’t free trade beautiful?

Thank you, Presidents of Mexico. Thank you Presidents of the United States. Thank you, Harvard. Thank you, Yale. Thank you, Ivy League. Thank you, Corporate America. Thank you, elite cabal.

Thank you for setting up schools like Harvard and Yale as international schools for the purpose of educating future leaders of other countries’ governments so that you can safely outsource jobs so as to exploit and impoverish people of all nations.

When I lived in Mexico from 1977 to 1979 as a student, I could walk around Monterrey, Mexico anywhere I wanted, at any time, and I never felt any fear. I never had to worry about being kidnapped; I never had to worry about a gang of narcotraficantes gunning me down.

I felt totally safe.

That’s not the case now.

Today I live in McAllen, Texas, right on the border. I used to go to Reynosa, Mexico frequently to eat at various restaurants.

The last time I went over there was about 15 years ago. That’s when all the Mexican violence escalated to impossible to visit levels.

Just the other day 19 people were gunned down in a massacre in Reynosa.

Those people died as a result of NAFTA.

NAFTA fundamentally changed both Mexico and the United States economically and spiritually.

NAFTA permitted eco-pigs like Cargill and Archer Daniels Midland to dump cheap corn into Mexico. The dumping of cheap corn threw 800,000 to 1,000,000 Mexican workers off their farms because they were unable to compete.

What did those farmers do?

Some retrained, many came to the United States, many others joined El Chapo in the drug trade.

One crop is as good as another, they must have reasoned. If I can grow corn, why can’t I grow coca leaf? If I can grow corn why can’t I grow marijuana?

As United States citizens, we naturally looked at NAFTA from our perspective. We knew that United States citizens would lose jobs. We knew that people would become economically impoverished. What we never expected was that Mexico would be devastated as well.

Just as we tried to tell our leaders that NAFTA was a bad agreement for regular people, I have no doubt that regular Mexican citizens tried in vain to tell their leadership that NAFTA was a bad agreement for the Mexican people.

No matter. The elites in both countries, who are trained at so-called “elite” institutions like Harvard, had already decided.

They did it for money. Their money.

The elites made a fortune by destroying the welfare of both countries.

The losers, as usual, where the plebes, the regular people, the unwashed.

We paid the price.

The rich from the United States, and the rich from Mexico, cut from the same cloth, trained at the same institutions, teamed up against us.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Our Sick Pups

I understand why you feel the way you do about our leaders.

I understand why you feel that they cannot possibly be the evil people they are.

Most likely you think that they are good people who are just the victim of unforeseen forces, or that they had a lapse in judgment, or received bad advice. The Russian people under the Czar often felt this way. They would say: “If only the Czar knew.” Well, the Czar did know; and if he didn’t know, then why was he the Czar; but that is beside the point.

You think our leaders are still good people.

Maybe you do think from time to time that they are stupid, but you still believe they’re good people.

I understand this because not too many years ago I believed the same thing.

But then years of living, years of being lied to, led me to change my mind.

Probably you have asked yourself this question from time to time: Are our leaders dumb or devious?

They aren’t dumb in the sense of biological smarts; they are only dumb in the sense that they aren’t smart enough to be moral.

In short, they are devious.

They are devious and morally dumb because they have been indoctrinated over time into believing that they are superior to the rest of us.

This isn’t it so hard to believe when you understand that King Louis of France believed himself to be God’s representative on earth.

That was only a few hundred years ago.

We have similar tyrants today in Kim Jong-un of North Korea who has been programmed to believe that he is a living God.

Why wouldn’t he believe that? The entire media in North Korea is geared to programming the people and him into believing such.

Our programming in the United States is no different.

We have Harvard and the Ivy League which are the Empire’s schools where the elites indoctrinate their successors.

We have the main stream media which is owned by the Harvard and the Ivy League trained elite.

Much energy is spent on programming.

This programming not only affects you, it affects our leaders.

You believe that our leaders are super-smart people who are generally infallible. You obviously do believe this because you keep electing them over and over despite all the calamities that occur.

Any unfortunate results – death, disease, increased poverty – are always attributed to unforeseen outside forces, never the faults of our leaders.

Attendant with that, you project your sentiments about yourself upon them. You believe them to be good people.

You don’t want to believe that they are evil people.

You may even find it unseemly, perhaps un-Christian, to attribute evil motives to other people.

But these people who lead you aren’t people like you anymore. They have been programmed into believing that they are better than you.

They are very un-Christian.

In fact, they are quite pagan.

The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the major networks, the Internet, the movie industry have accomplished that programming that yields their pagan behavior. Our elites’ images are constantly in front of you. Their images are constantly in front of themselves.

They have become seduced – and corrupted – by viewing themselves in the mirror, by admiring their own reflections.

Because they have been programmed into believing that they are better than you, it is absolutely essential that the results of society place them in a better position than you.

This necessarily entails that they be wealthier than you, and smarter than you. Anything that works to the contrary must be destroyed. They simply cannot allow for the programming to be proven false.

And so, in hierarchical societies, the leaders are much wealthier than the people. The leaders are also perceived as being smarter than regular people. Anyone who shows up the leader in a hierarchical society must be destroyed. Anyone who dares to be wealthier in a hierarchical society must be destroyed.

This is why King Louis was the wealthiest guy in France. This is why he said: “I am the state.”

This is why Kim Jong-un is the wealthiest guy in North Korea.

He is the state.

They must have no competitors.

Likewise, in the United States our leaders must have no competitors.

This is why Joe McCarthy was taken down, lied about, and demonized for the past half century. This is why Julian Assange sits in a jail cell today. This is why YouTube rebels are banned from the Internet. This is why our leaders are taking the strut out of Bitcoin as we speak. This is why the government was expanded by FDR. This is why foreign wars are constantly waged. This is why our financial crises have been engineered and exacerbated. This is why American jobs were outsourced. This is why drugs have been imported into the United States for the past fifty years. This is why the corporate prison racket exists. This is why gambling is promoted widely by the government. This is why our crummy superstar culture exists.

The leaders must have no competitors. You must be impoverished.

Unfortunately, wealth and the obscene accumulation of it becomes a sickness. This is one of man’s inherent flaws – the desire to accumulate excessively.

Our leaders are not immune from the manifestation of this inherent flaw.

And so, like a cancer cell they want to grow, and grow, and grow.

Growth is the ideology of a cancer cell.

Our leaders are like a grotesquely muscled bodybuilder who cannot stop injecting himself with insulin, steroids and growth hormone.

They are sick pups. They have lost their way.

Billions are not enough for them anymore. The goal now is to become the first trillionaire.

Of course, to do so they must subjugate and exploit even more people.

And they will.

To accomplish this they will pursue much naughtiness.

The pharaohs had this sickness; King Louis had this sickness; our leaders have this sickness.

They are not like you.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Wrong Brand of Globalism

Our elites vision of globalism is wrong. Of course, their vision is intentionally wrong, but it is wrong nonetheless.

Our elites claim they are for free trade, but this claim is false.

Our elites are for free imperialism.

Free trade is when I make a product in my country, and you make a product in your country, and then we meet in the middle to exchange those products.

That is not what is going on in our economic global system today.

What the elites have given us is the following: I set up a factory in your country in order to exploit your workers while escaping the oversight of the United States government, while you import cheap products from your country so as to wipe out my competition here in industries that I do not currently control. To cement the deal, I will give you part ownership in my companies while you give me part ownership in your companies. In essence, we will run a global cartel that no one will notice. No one will notice because we will disguise ownership through a dizzying maze of holding companies and hedge funds.

Everybody’s a winner, except, for the worker.

In the elite’s brilliant global system, products are barged and shipped all over the world 15 times before they find their way to your house.

Some parts of the products are manufactured in Argentina, others in France, still others in Russia, still others in Africa. Then all of it is put together In India before it is barged to the United States.

It is done this way in order to get the maximal exploitation of worker’s wages.

That’s not what we want.

The globalism that we want is where each country makes 80% of its products in entirety within reason.

The products that a country cannot make, they can trade for.

What we want to achieve is self-sufficiency and maximum labor wages.

This is the most enlightened way.

When we do this, more people have more money to purchase more goods. They also have more power to make the decisions that they want to make.

Under the current system laborers receive the least amount of wages, have the least amount of power, and make the least decisions that they need to make.

Of course, this is what the elites want, because the elites know that if people have more power and more money, they, the elites, will be out of a job.

The only way to transform the world for the better is to defeat the current brand of globalism.

What is used to sell free trade to the people is the concept of cheap products – commonly sold at Walmart. The elites tell us that the cost of products will go up if goods are manufactured here in the United States.

This is true.

What they don’t tell you is that if products are manufactured here in America, Americans will have more money with which to purchase those products. In fact, they will have a hell of a lot more money.

Furthermore, these newly empowered Americans will be less likely to rely on the federal government for assistance.

Currently, because jobs are shipped out to China, many Americans have to rely on the federal government in one form or another.

These are the hidden costs of free trade.

When workers here have more money, and a hell of a lot more of it, there will be less necessity for the federal government.

Many of our social ills such as drug use, drug abuse, delinquency, theft, psychiatric illness, murder and divorce will evaporate.

This will necessarily decrease the need for the federal government to fix things.

This is of course precisely what our entrenched federal government does not want. The federal government does not want it because the corporations who control them do not want it.

Corporations make a fortune off the prison industry. They also make a fortune helping the political parties run their welfare plantations.

Who supplies all the office buildings necessary for running the welfare plantation?

Who builds those buildings?

Who prints up all the identity cards?

Who handles the payment processing?

Who builds and maintains the computer processing software?

Who sells the abstruse and labyrinthine quality improvement programs?

Who makes a fortune in consultancy fees?

It is Corporate America who benefits.

Corporate America benefits vastly off free imperialism.

The losers are the American people.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved