Harvard, Widener, and Death

Dear Harvard Attendee,

How can you best reform the world? Well, you could begin by dropping out of Harvard.

It’s not your fault that you’re there; you were brainwashed by society and your misguided parents and teachers who were also brainwashed.

Society and your unknowing parents, teachers, main stream media clodhoppers – plus the ignorant, unenlightened, slave-running Corporation that runs Harvard – convinced you that you were better than the rest. You’re not. You just finished first on a test which is not the same thing as being better than other people.

There’s not a shred of legitimacy to your supposed superiority. But I will leave that argument to other columns which I have already written.

What I want to talk about here is how you can best advance the world.

It’s never too late to do the right thing.

If you can’t bring yourself to leave Harvard, which is what it deserves, then you can begin your journey to make life more free by not walking inside the Widener Library.

The Widener Library represents the stolen wealth of the world.

Empires steal wealth.

That’s what empires do.

That’s what Harvard does.

That’s what Harvard did.

Harvard, as the chief promulgating force behind the murderous, misguided American empire, gobbled up the history and accomplishments of others, then sealed it up for itself.

It’s a tomb.

But it’s also a source of power.

All empires vacuum up archaeology in order to steal the power of the past.

And there is much power to steal.

Thousands upon thousands of years are sealed up in the Widener Library.

It doesn’t exist for you. It doesn’t exist for me. It doesn’t exist for anybody except the criminal elites who come from your institution.

This archaeology, this stolen wealth, gives them the permission to dominate and brutalize the world.

This archaeology gives them credibility, a rooted stability to rule.

And this would be fine if that credibility loaned itself to performing good deeds.

But it does not.

Your institution is a criminal institution which has produced misery throughout the world.

This misery is accomplished through the Fed, the IMF, the CIA, USAID, and many other NGOs that Harvard controls directly or indirectly through its sycophants in the Ivy League, New Ivy League, and Ivy League wannabes.

Poverty is engineered; it is not a moral failing.

Harvard has taken this archaeology of the past and given itself permission to assert its false superiority over the American people and other peoples of the world.

Harvard’s criminality cannot be defeated unless this archaeology is removed from the criminal elite who Harvard has produced.

Harvard is the mothership of the shit storm we live in.

The stolen wealth residing in the Widener library is the heartbeat of Harvard University.

Without the Widener library, there is no Harvard University.

Without Harvard University the misery of the world dissipates.

To eliminate the empire, Harvard must be destroyed.

To destroy Harvard, the power of the Widener library must be destroyed.

The best way to do that is to ignore it.

Shame Harvard if that is possible.

Harvard’s pride and joy is a symbol of greed that runs antithetical to Christianity.

It murders the peoples of the world.

Turn your back on the Widener library.

Seal it up.

An unused library is a dead library.

Reform the world for the better.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Bogus Government Shutdown

Once again Senate Republicans led by Mitch McConnell play the tiresome game of shutting down the government.


They have blocked a bill which would suspend the debt ceiling and avoid a government shut down.

Thus, because of McConnell’s maneuvers, there could be a potential government shut down.

Thank you for wasting our time, Mitch McConnell.

I can tell you exactly how this will end.

We’ve seen this story one million times before.

It’s like watching a Godfather marathon.

Seriously, how much more of this movie can you possibly take? I mean, you every line better than the Lord’s Prayer.

After much back-and-forth, after much hand wringing, after much national discussion, an emergency deal will be hammered out by Congress at two in the morning, and the government racket will continue.

Everyone will smile.

The media will gasp a sigh of relief.

Mitch McConnell will slap the back of Chuck Schumer and old Chuckles will reciprocate.

Mission accomplished.

Dog and pony show act completed.

Thank you, elites.

Thank you, Corporate America.


I’ve got a better idea, Mitch McConnell.

I’ve got a better idea, puppet masters.

Instead of wasting our time with these fruitless, half-assed measures, which only serve to make Republicans look like responsible stewards of the economy in order to fool their clueless, unquestioning base, why not construct or initiate a comprehensive bill which might help the people of the United States of America?

Why not push forward with interested Democrats a bill to provide affordable healthcare for all people through a decentralized, competitive marketplace?

Why not do what the Democrats have traditionally done and propose a plan?

Why not then prosecute that plan?

Why not push forward along with interested Democrats a bill which gives us high speed rail as an alternative to increasingly expensive and cumbersome jet travel?

Why must we always wait for the Democrats to take the initiative?

Why must Republicans always play the role of the opposition?

Why don’t we try something different?

It’s time Americans understood that it’s not as important that Congress spends a lot of money as it is what Congress spends that money on.

I want Republicans to ACTUALLY do something innovative which would accomplish all the things that they say they stand for.

I want a bill which puts more money in the pockets of more average Americans.

What I don’t want is posturing by Republicans as part of a scripted dog and pony show designed to make them look good.

I’d rather have Republicans do good than look good, especially when their fruitless measures don’t make them look good.

But I suppose that that’s the true endgame of our elites. Have the Republicans appear to be responsible financial stewards of the economy while accomplishing nothing. Then when the coast is clear, have the Democrats initiate and pass more policies which end up putting more money in the hands of fewer people.

Thank you elites.

Thank you Corporate America.

Thank you, Mitch McConnell.

Thank you for wasting our time.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Gabby and Brian

Why are we obsessed with Gabby Petito and Brian Laundre?

Why has this story gripped the nation?

To begin with, it’s a story of starcrossed lovers. It’s the story of Romeo and Juliet.

We have two young lovers setting out on the adventure of a lifetime only to have their story go tragically wrong.

With that tragic ending comes the destruction of all their dreams, hopes and aspirations.

Those of us who are older can only reflect upon our own lives and how fortunate we were.

We feel bad for Gabby not being able to enjoy the experiences that we enjoyed.

And in the recesses of our minds that we won’t admit to we feel bad for Brian as well for the life that he presumably forfeited out of passionate rage.

But the story is not over which makes it more compelling.

Where is Brian?

What really happened?

Did his parents help him escape?

Will he be caught?

How long can he survive?

Perhaps he already did himself in.

People want to know.

People demand to know.

Gabby Petito and Brian Laundre are an obsession with us.

They have become an obsession because for the past eighteen months we have been cooped up, masked, villified, screamed at, laid off, economically stressed and beleaguered by COVID-19.

The last human interest story that gripped the nation was Kobe Bryant’s death which occurred one month before COVID-19 walked up upon our shores.

In January 2020 Kobe Bryant died, and for the following month Kobe was all we talked about.

Then COVID changed the world.

It seems like a lifetime ago, and perhaps it has been for we live in a much different world now.

For eighteen months COVID-19 dominated the news. We talked about nothing else.

We yelled at each other and screamed at each other.

We pointed fingers at each other.

Never has there been such contempt for our leaders.

There hasn’t been such a divisive issue since Vietnam.

And it is tearing us apart.

The Gabby Petito Brian Laundre affair on a subconscious level is the salve we are looking for to heal our wounds.

It is a story that unites us.

We were all for love, and we are all against wrongdoing.

We need this story.

Gabby and Brian are a reflection of ourselves.

Gabby and Brian loved each other, fought each other, and needed each other as do we.

We want a happy ending to this story.

We want it all to be a mistake.

We would prefer to believe as in Romeo and Juliet that it was all a grand unfortunate coincidence of events that led to Gabby’s death and Brian’s eventual demise.

Perhaps, we imagine, Brian went down to the creek bed to collect some kindling for a fire during which a mountain man or a wandering serial killer came upon the van and murdered Gabby.

Yes, that’s what we want to believe. When Brian returned to the van and saw Gabby lying lifeless, he panicked and went on the lam.

That’s a preferable ending, far more preferable than the ending we suspect.

We are Americans. We don’t like unhappy endings.

And we have had much to be unhappy about in the past eighteen months.

We want to be happy.

We want Gabby and Brian to be happy.

That’s why we are obsessed with this story.

Its Gabby and Brian’s story.

It is our story as well.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved


Do you follow finance?

Are you paying attention to what is happening to Evergrande?

Evergrande is a massive Chinese company that got its start in real estate.

Evergrande is failing.

Evergrande is the Enron of China.

One only has to read this article in Wikipedia to understand why Evergrande is failing.

It’s not rocket science.

Evergrande is failing because it got into everything, just like Enron got into everything.

Evergrande, like Enron, got into businesses in which it knew nothing.

It’s not difficult to do.

The temptation to expand must be too much for companies who are making a lot of money, because so many companies do it.

The company becomes successful, and the success goes to the head of the people who are running the company.

They are sitting on a mountain of money. Hey

They certainly have no intention of returning that money to the shareholders.

Instead they begin to think that they are masters of the universe who can do everything.

And so they do.

Just look at the diverse products and lines of work that Evergrande invested it.

Sports teams, electric cars, theme parks, hospitals, retirement homes.

They even got into pig farming,

Pig farming?

If that isn’t the height of arrogance for a company that got its start in real estate, I don’t know what is.

The wages of arrogance are bankruptcy.

This is the situation that Evergrande finds itself in.

And it won’t be able to right itself.

There is a reason for this debacle, and it’s called decay.

Yes, it’s possible for a company like Evergrande to buy winning companies and make a lot of money.

But in time, those companies are going to decay.

Decay is the natural order of the universe.

Things break down. People move on.

Inevitably decay will occur to a winning company.

To correct this, the parent company needs to be able to select the right people and machinery that need to be replaced.

Or they will need to beef up the technology to keep up-to-date with a changing world.

The problem is that the parent company, in this case Evergrande, doesn’t have the culture and experience to make the right decisions.

They will then make decisions based upon the culture of the parent company which, in the case of Evergrande, is finance.

In the case of pig farming, what does Evergrande know about pig farming? How can Evergrande possibly make good decisions about who will next run the company?

It can’t.

Evergrande’s corporate culture as it accumulated more companies became more financial in nature.

Its focus and expertise became focused on money making and profits rather than the nuts and bolts of a particular business.

Since it doesn’t know anything about pig farming, it will replace the CEO of the pig farm not with a pig farmer but a banker who has no experience in pig farming – but plenty of experience in money manipulation.

In time, the quality of the pig farming operation will go down even though profits may rise through financial chicanery.

A point will be reached when the chickens will come home to roost.

That is the point that Evergrande now finds itself.

The chickens have come home to roost.

Many people will lose their life savings in this impending bankruptcy unless, of course, China bails them out.

The take-home lesson here is to beware of companies that drift too far away from their principal occupation.

It’s not possible to be good at everything.

Being good at one thing involves a set of specialized skills that intrinsically makes you weak in other areas of endeavor.

The company that reaches too far into too many widely dispersed areas of endeavor often falls.

Pride precedeth the fall.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Reforming Bitcoin

What Bitcoin desperately needs is a methodology to curb the speculation.

In fact, all the cryptocurrencies need a methodology to curb the current speculation.

Concomitant with that must exist the realization and actualization that Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies should be used as a store of value not as a medium of exchange.

I suppose it’s okay if some cryptocurrencies decide that they want to be used solely as an exchange mechanism, but for Bitcoin to survive our Machiavellian elites, mechanisms must be put in place to ensure that Bitcoin be used as a store of value.

My recommendation is that the Bitcoin community enforce a rule that Bitcoin may only be purchased or sold by an individual once per day. And there may be no proxy sales by institutions.

So, I, Archer Crosley, may buy Bitcoin once per day, sell Bitcoin once per day, buy and sell Bitcoin once per day, or do neither.

But I may not do that in any greater frequency than that.

Such a methodology or similar methodology will stop the speculators in their tracks.

It will certainly stop the high frequency traders, sharks and killer whales.

It will definitely stop Wall Street and the elites from hampering the effectiveness of Bitcoin.

The elites of course have no desire for Bitcoin to work in our lifetime.

Bitcoin is a threat to fiat currency, their money printing scam.

Plus, if it’s one thing the elites cannot stand it is when you the regular person are not becoming impoverished by them.

You really ticked them off when they fell asleep at the wheel and allowed you to make money hand over fist on Bitcoin this past year.

They had to correct that.

They don’t want you becoming wealthier. Wealthier people become competition to them. Wealthier people might be able to buy back the politicians that they bought off years ago.

What they want are more serfs.

Thus Bitcoin must be destroyed.

They are attempting to accomplish this in three ways. First, by creating what are known as shit coins in order to dilute the power of Bitcoin. Second, by speculating in Bitcoin with high frequency and high volume trading. Third, by sowing the seeds of doubt about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through the main stream media that they control.

In order to combat this, the Bitcoin community must prevent the elites from engaging in high frequency trading. Plus they must yank the rug out from under them in their ability to produce mass panic.

By restricting the opportunities to buy and sell Bitcoin, we can prevent the elites from ruining what is a good idea.

I can assure you the elites will move heaven and earth to destroy Bitcoin as a store of value.

You must come to understand that our elites are not like us, do not think like us, and have no sense of morality or honor.

I know, you don’t like cynicism like that. You prefer to believe that our leaders are good people.

They are not.

The cynicism that I have for our leaders is well deserved.

Jesus is not going to strike you down and kill you if you have cynical thoughts about our leaders.

Jesus was not a stupid guy.

Did Jesus have cynical thoughts about the Sanhedrin?

Yes he did.

Did Martin Luther have cynical thoughts about the Catholic leadership of the day who were selling indulgences and engaging in immoral behavior?

Yes he did.

Our leaders are evil, meaning that they put their own financial interests above our welfare.

To combat that, we must put controls on an idea whose time has come.

To do so, of course, will mean that we will be restricting potential gains for ourselves. If we make Bitcoin less of a speculative investment, then it means that we must forgo becoming the next John D Rockefeller.

We will have to kiss that 500 billion away.

Ditto to the 75,000 acre ranch in Montana.

Double ditto to the 250 million dollar yacht complete with personal helicopter, basketball court and IMAX theater (Daniel Snyder’s yacht has a basketball court and an IMAX theater).

Likewise to the NFL team.

And the private jet.

And the 80,000 square-foot mansion.

Many people may not be able to handle this, but it must be done.

This doesn’t mean that Bitcoin becomes a dead instrument.

It doesn’t mean that we can’t make a little money off Bitcoin.

There’s plenty of money to be made by investing in Bitcoin.

But, the money that we make by investing in Bitcoin after controls are implemented will be honest money.

The money will come to us because we were the early ones who invested in this wonderful idea.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

But that will never happen unless controls are put into place.

There is precedence for this.

It’s called Christianity.

Christianity tempers one’s greed.

It was Christianity that defeated the Roman Empire.

Christianity accomplished what no standing army could do.

The Romans weren’t worried about foreign armies; they were worried about the Christians.

They had a reason to worry.

Christians were renouncing the foundational building block of the Empire: greed.

Christianity freaked the Romans out. They didn’t know what to make of them.

“Who are these people,” the Roman elites asked themselves. “Who doesn’t want to get rich?”


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Australians are Cowards.

Australians are cowards.

I have a mind to beat the shit out of all of them.

I’ll start with Russell Crowe.

Then I’ll move onto Christian Bale.

They think they’re tough guys – yelling and screaming at people when they aren’t beating them up.

Of course, we know now that they’re not tough guys.

They’re marshmallows.

Like the rest of those Aussie softies.

And I don’t give one solitary fuck if Russell Crowe was born in New Zealand. Nor do I care that Bale is British.

They’re there and they’re convenient. And I feel like kicking some ass.

Crowe moved to Australia and assumed a tough guy persona.

Bale reminds me of an Australian. Plus he is a good representative of your typical British hooligan, the type of thug the British sent around the world to brutalize people.

The British are cowards too.

That’s why they beat up on people.

That’s why our American ancestors ditched them.

Having been oppressed by British nobility for centuries British commoners should be the first to defend the oppressed.

But they don’t.

They don’t because they’re cowards.

Their only saving grace is that they are not nearly as cowardly as Australians.

Any country, Australia, that can’t defend its native son, Julian Assange, who sits in a British prison today, is a coward.

Imagine the irony of that.

Australians must be pretty fucking stupid if they can’t even ask themselves where they came from.

I’ll tell you where they came from.

They came out of the British penal system.

That’s why they are there in Australia.

Van Diemen’s Land, today called Tasmania, was a British penal colony.

It sits off the southern coast of Australia.

That’s where the elites of the United Kingdom dumped off what they deemed to be the dregs of their society.

Down under, they reasoned, was the safest place for them, far away from “decent” folk like British nobility.

I suppose the Tower of London, the Belmarsh prison of its day, was full.

Belmarsh Prison is where Assange sits today.

His crime was to embarrass the empire.

You would think the Australian people would support him not only because he is one of their own, but because he had the guts to defy the empire.

Julian Assange did honor to his ancestors. He spoke the truth.

His fellow countrymen do dishonor to their ancestors by not speaking up on his behalf.

Has there been even one rally of any substance in Australia for Assange?

Not that I have seen.

In addition to that Australians have gone whole hog into buying the empire’s nonsense regarding COVID-19.

Australia’s approach to COVID-19 is the most restrictive and regressive in the world today.

Australia bought into the bullshit.

Australia bought into the lies.

Why? Why wouldn’t they rebel?

This must be a case of Stockholm syndrome where the person who is kidnapped becomes a willing dupe of the kidnapper.

Or Australians have been beaten down over the centuries into thinking that they deserve the vicious beatings their ancestors received at the hands of British nobility.

In that regard they resemble a battered wife.

Not one ounce of guts have Australians exhibited in defending their native son.

They are cowards through and through.

One would have to ask why Australians would even have relations with the United Kingdom to begin with.

Why would they willingly associate with an oppressive regime that brutalized their ancestors?

Have they no honor?

Obviously not.

Australians are cowards.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

It’s Airborne!

It’s airborne!


Maybe not.

Maybe all the talk you hear from MSM and their puppet masters at Harvard is bullshit.

This is a very technical article, but if you read the introduction and the conclusion you can see what the authors are driving at. What they’re saying is that people with mild to moderate infections of COVID-19 are unlikely to be transmitting the virus in an airborne manner.

This is because droplets below 20 µm are unlikely to enter the lower respiratory tract. Droplets below 20 µm are limited by size as to the number of viral copies they can carry. You need a certain number of viral copies in order to induce an infection.

The authors do say that people with severe COVID-19 infections could possibly transmit an infection in an airborne manner. These people however are unlikely to be walking around or eating at your local restaurant.

This article validates my own personal experience in healthcare, and it most likely validates the experience of hundreds of millions of maskless people who have congregated safely in restaurants, ballparks, and jets without getting sick. It also validates the CDC’s position prior to 2020 which was that a mask was pretty much useless.

The virus isn’t transmitted it in the way that our medical leaders think that it’s transmitted.

The virus in my experience is transmitted primarily by hand to hand contact and by fomite; the implications of this are that handwashing is far more important than a mask.

This also helps explain why the mask is useless.

If COVID-19 viruses are not transmitted it in an airborne manner, but instead by fomite and hand to hand contact, how can a mask possibly work?

Now before you respond, let me leave you with this: How many of you wearing a mask have sneezed into the mask? How many of you when feeling the need to sneeze have removed your mask and sneezed into your hand?

Assuming that you sneezed into your mask, how many of you removed that mask from your face without using your hands?

I would be remiss and negligent if I did not mention that this article represents a total condemnation of the New England Journal of Corporate Fascist Third Reich Medicine, their lackeys in academia, Harvard University, MIT, their flawed politically correct junk science theories, and the silly, laughable terms, like “super-spreader events,” that they bandy about.

Do not send your bright children to Harvard.

Do not send your bright children to MIT.

They will only become more stupid as these institutions engage in reverse engineering.

There they serve up the stupid juice in copious quantities and thus transform diamonds into lumps of coal.

If by chance you have made that mistake and sent your children to Harvard or MIT, there is hope.

Sequester them away from Cambridge (and their stupid classmates and professors who are still indoctrinated) and their intelligence will return.



Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved


President Joe steps out on a slippery slope when he mandates vaccines.

Although I believe in the vaccine for COVID-19 and have received a vaccine for COVID-19, I believe that we should operate by consent.

It’s the government’s job to make the case for the vaccine.

That the government has not made that case is reflective of their inadequacy and poor leadership.

They simply aren’t up to the task.

They’re smiling, backslapping losers.

And that includes America’s Free-Throw Bricklayer, Anthony Fauci.

Perhaps if our leaders hadn’t lied about so many aspects of this pandemic, the people might have more confidence in them.

But when you go on and say that hydroxychloroquine is a dangerous drug, and when you call ivermectin a horse dewormer, people take notice.

Certainly the approximately one million physicians in United States noticed. And most likely 3.8 million registered nurses noticed also.

Just today a patient who was on hydroxychloroquine came into my office. I said to the mom, jokingly, “You know of course the government thinks this is a dangerous drug.”

She laughed.

She left because she understood that hydroxychloroquine is a valuable drug and a safe drug.

She’s in agreement with nearly every dermatologist and rheumatologist in the world.

Well, there are many, many people out there in the United States who know that hydroxychloroquine is a safe drug.

There are many people who also know that ivermectin is a safe drug. These people have communicated this to their friends. Word spreads.

These little lies by our leaders add up, and they translate into suspicion of the government. Then when the government wants to implement a solution, the people rebel.

What does the government do in response?

Do they have anyone with any common sense who knows how to sell the vaccine to the people in a way that makes sense?


Instead, the government demonizes the vaccine refusers as regressive nut jobs.

I don’t blame the people for refusing the vaccine. That is their choice.

I blame our leaders for not being candid and for creating this situation in the first place.

Of course, we all know why they created this crisis in the first place.

They wanted to make a pile of money off the vaccine.

That’s why they denounce hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

If people got the idea that these drugs worked (even 10% of the time) and were safe, then people might ask why the drug companies don’t invest in developing analogues of these medications that might work better.

You see, the COVID-19 war is just another war of choice that our elites have created for the purposes of making money.

Just like our criminal elite created the unnecessary war of Vietnam, they created the unnecessary war in Afghanistan, and then the war against COVID-19.

It’s just a different type of war.

And yes, our elites on the national level are sick enough to do it.

They’re sick.

They’re sick pups.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Recognizing 911

What’s the best way to commemorate 9/11?

What’s the best way not to commemorate 911?

The second question is the easier one to answer. You don’t commemorate 911 by wearing a badge that says “We will never forget.”

Doing so is almost tantamount to forgetting.

And we have forgotten. Better yet, we’ve never remembered – the truth that is.

You can’t remember the truth if you’ve never chosen to face it in the first place.

In its place, Americans are given easy to remember one-liners that can fit on a badge or a bumper sticker.

It’s too easy to wear a badge. It’s too easy to paste a bumper sticker on your car.

The reason why Corporate America promotes bumper stickers is so that they, Corporate America, can forget.

The truth of their own complicity is too painful for them.

They want you to forget, or never face the truth, also.

Consequently the best way of forgetting about 911 is to buy into the company line that nineteen Saudis got together, learned how to fly jets in Florida, then crashed into the World Trade Center.

It’s even easier to blame bin Laden.

Yeah, that’s it, bin Laden did it.

Such a narrative is easy to remember, easy to put in your pocket, and easy to forget.

Additionally, the narrative is not true.

The narrative doesn’t hold up under close scrutiny and rational thinking.

Shutting down your mind is exactly what our ruling elite want you to do.

That’s why they put together neat little packages like Oswald shot JFK, and nineteen Saudis brought down the World Trade Center.

Such laughable narratives prevent you from seeing the real perpetrators.

In both cases, the JFK assassination, and the World Trade Center collapse, the perpetrators are the same.

Both JFK and the World Trade Center were brought down by the fake Christians in the CIA who farmed it out to the fake Jews in Mossad so as to hide behind the shield of antisemitism.

Anyone who even remotely suggests that Mossad is involved is deemed an anti-Semite, yet oddly enough anyone who remotely suggests that CIA is involved is never deemed an anti-Christian.

How about this? There’s nothing Christian about the CIA, and there’s nothing Jewish about Mossad.

Mossad and CIA work together. They are brothers, almost twin brothers. They were born about the same time: 1947.

Both are populated by neo-Romans, pagans really, people who think they have a religion but don’t.

They worship the gods of power and money.

JFK was brought down because Corporate America (the conglomeration of elites who populate big government, big business, big associations, big media, big sports, foundations, think tanks) didn’t like JFK‘s vision of the future. They weren’t interested in America partnering with any Third World nations. They wanted to dominate and exploit Third World nations in order to a) steal their mineral and agricultural assets, and b) establish slave plantations to which American manufacturing jobs could be outsourced.

The World Trade Center was brought down because Corporate America wanted to gain a more firm foothold in the Middle East for the purposes of securing and robbing the oil and natural gas that exists there. Plus, massive war in the Middle East would enable the pigs in Corporate America to rob the American taxpayer of his and her hard earned money. This was accomplished by printing up money en extremis.

This is the reality of the world we live in.

This is the New World Order.

The people in the Middle East are only a threat to us because we are a threat to them.

As one Iranian official noted a few years ago: It’s not Iran who is in the Gulf of Mexico; it is the United States who is in the Persian Gulf.

A hallmark of a fascist state, a totalitarian state, is that its leaders keep its population stupid, uninformed, and paranoid.

Throughout the 30s and 40s, the German people thought they were the ones under attack.

Imagine that!

In our modern world, Americans believe they are the ones under attack.

The badges and bumper stickers reinforce this false narrative.

Yet this narrative not true. It is America who is the aggressor. It is America who is waging war across the globe.

911 was perpetrated by Corporate America through their thug agency the CIA (America’s SD and SS), as a pretext to fight more war.

CIA used its partner in crime, Mossad, as a shield to protect itself from complicity via the shield of antisemitism. It’s diabolically clever when you think about it.

The best way to commemorate 9/11 is to recognize this.

The citizens who died in those towers will appreciate you for recognizing who the real perpetrators are.

Knowing this, the country can reform itself.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved


Stay out of the bond market.

Quite frankly, I never understood the bond market.

I mean I do, but I don’t.

I get confused because of the inverse relationship between the yield of the bond and how much you pay for it.

I’m a straightforward guy. I don’t like thinking in terms of inverses. And I don’t want to have to “figure it out” every time I approach the subject of bonds.

It’s as if understanding the bond market ablates the neurons that are responsible for remembering how it works.

I also don’t understand what the CNBC jerk offs mean when they say that “the bond market took a hit.”

Are they saying that the price of bonds went down, or are they saying that the yield went down?

And whatever does that mean anyway?

What do I do with that information?

If you tell me that the stock market took a hit, I get it. I can go buy the stock cheap.

But the bond market?

I don’t have the time to be deciphering what the fuck they’re talking about.

So I don’t invest in it.

In addition to that how can you get an erection over a bond?

Is that possible? I can get an erection over Apple computer, or Amazon, or a stock.

But a bond?

I have to believe in something in order to invest in it.

How can I possibly believe in a city or a government when I know there’s so much corruption going on?

I can’t and I don’t.

I suspect that bonds are something that you invest in as a last resort.

You don’t really want to invest any money there; you just do it out of default.

Bonds are a consolation prize when you don’t win the hottie.

Stocks are hotties.

Bonds are dogs.

I don’t bet on dogs.

Beyond that, the bond market can be extremely deceptive.

Sometimes the bond market goes up not because anybody believes in the bonds, but because people don’t believe in the stock market.

In that event, massive amounts of money begins to compete for bonds at least until the money decides to flow back.

What does that tell you about the status of bonds?

It tells me that you’re dealing with a consolation prize.

Is that what you want to be stuck with?

On top of that misery, one has to worry about the federal reserve: what they’re going to set the interest rate at, and how much money they’re going to print.

Throw in the usual gobbledygook about short term treasuries versus long-term treasuries, plus LIBOR, and your life becomes infinitely more difficult.



Don’t even spend one moment of your time thinking about them.

Let CNBC worry about bonds.


Archer Crosley

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