Happiness for Liberals by Dr. Empire

If you know me, you know there’s nothing that makes me happier than trashing Harvard, the Ivy League and their graduates.

It’s not really hard to do. So many of them have gotten a free pass in life. So many of them are accustomed to people swooning before them. And they have ready access to the New York Beobachter and the Wall Street Fascist. They only snap their fingers and a phone call is made.

The original purpose of this article was to dissuade you from ever reading again the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

They are organs of the fascist state that has arisen in the United States of America. They both overwhelmingly support war. They support the superstar culture. And they support big business, aka Corporate America.

They are flip sides of the same coin.

In no way do they support anything decent.

I wanted to talk about the subject of mass obedience to the empire’s rags because I’m in the airport and because I picked up a copy of the New York Times.

Was I crazy, or just bored?

It is two days after Thanksgiving in 2021.

Scanning the headlines, I see that the staff of the New York Times is focused on the Omicron variant, and the all important (it’s not important) Dow’s response to it.

The article on Omicron has a few quotes from our resident sage, Dr. Fauci.

In so many words, he stokes the flames of fear, then laughably asks us not to panic. I love Dr. Fauci, not because I love him, but because I hate him.

On the last page of the first section is a giant picture of Jay Z and Beyoncé, two of the fascist empire’s top entertainers.

Well …

Fuck Beyoncé.

Fuck Jay Z.

Fuck Dr. Fauci.

Fuck the Omicron which the empire created and now uses against us.

And, last but not least, fuck the Dow.

Never, ever, ever look at the Dow again. It is nothing, it says nothing, it portends nothing. It is the mother of all lies.

But that is not the purpose of this article. The purpose of this article is now a feature on the editorial page entitled, How Liberals can be Happier, by Brad Wilcox, Hal Boyd, and Wendy Wang.

Brad Wilcox has a degree from Princeton. Hal Boyd has a degree from Yale. Wendy Wang may be the only normal author in the article.

Wow, I never would have guessed that these authors came from the Ivy League. I wonder if they’ll say something smart.


I wouldn’t have written this article if they had.

First, you should know something about me. I’m half nut-job commie and half nut-job conservative.

That owes itself to a fractured personality in adolescence.

But I have wavered over the years. I used to be full-bore conservative until I saw chicken-hawk, pseudo-conservative Jack Kemp, tell an interviewer that he thought life was fair.

Which brings me to this article written by the afore-mentioned authors.

What’s their purpose in writing this article?

Is it to transform liberals into Jack Kemp? He’s dead now, but you know what I mean.

Should liberals desire to be Jack Kemp?

Are liberals really unhappy?

And should someone saying they are happy be construed as a definitive marker that they are.

I picked up a book many decades ago that was filled with stunning truths that resonate with me today. The book was entitled, Taxi Driver Wisdom.

One of the maxims, collected from New York City taxi drivers, was: “You say you’re happy; you’re not.”

You have to love a book like this. In a few words, a taxi driver, who people generally think is not educated (they’re wrong), can dispel studies from elite institutions.

So are liberals unhappy?

And where does happiness come from?

Well, the authors must not know because they have to quote Arthur Brooks from Harvard (Jesus Christ, he must be smart) who says: “A lot of our happiness is beyond our control, based on genetics and circumstances. But some of it we can control. It requires we invest in four things each day.” Those things are faith, family, friends and work, according to the author.

Well, it’s pretty hard to argue with that because he encompassed the entire realm of human activity, but I’ll try.

I knew a doctor who had nearly everything in life. He was wealthy; he had community respect; he had a seat at the table. He also had kids and grandkids. Everybody liked him. But there was one thing he didn’t have: He wasn’t able to do the specific job he was trained for because of a medical issue (not drugs or alcohol).

I saw him in the airport about a year before he killed himself. He was able to see patients, he told me, but he couldn’t do surgery anymore. He seemed down about it.

I’ll never forget this doctor because he had so many things I do not. I don’t have a wife, nor kids, nor grandkids, nor fabulous wealth.

As an urban hermit, I don’t even have a lot of friends. That’s my choice. I don’t want to be Bill Clinton. Do I have to be Bill Clinton? Is having forty-five million friends now mandatory?

The authors seem to think that body count is important. Statisticians generally do.

I also don’t have a seat at the table. In fact, by virtue of my rabid attacks on the empire, I have a seat somewhere outside the stadium. I’m one of those guys who the emperor keeps in waiting at the seventh outer gate.

To boot, I have no family living in the immediate area.

I have to travel – far.

Which is why I’m on this flight. I was visiting my mom who is 95 years old.

Life is tough for her now, as it is for me to watch her decay in pain.

But I’m happy to be with her.

When I visit, we sit there in the room together. She sleeps the vast majority of the time, but I am happy being with her.

I am happy because I choose to be happy.

The authors in their article point to faith as a reason for happiness, and they equate faith with church.

I don’t go to church anymore. I haven’t since I became a member of the church over fifty years ago. I didn’t find God there.

But I did find God in nature, in books, in my work, in hanging out with Pat and Mary, in visiting my old friends Garry and Laura, and my blog which you are reading now. I also find God in exposing a truly satanic and un-American school, Harvard, and system of schools, the Ivy League.

Church for me is something different.

I chose a different church. Perhaps liberals do also.

Perhaps liberals don’t know that they are happy.

Let’s sum it up and not be coy.

Happiness is not a thing to be found in a church, in a family, or at work. It is but it isn’t.

You don’t pick up happiness in the supermarket next to the Leseur peas.

Happiness is a choice. It’s all around you should you choose to grasp it.

The authors seem content in advising liberals to abandon their beliefs and habits in order to attain a happiness that will elude them in the comforts of a country club.

What liberals will become if they follow the authors’ advice are fat, oblivious, chicken-hawking pseudo-conservatives, like Jack Kemp, who are satisfied with the status quo and who see no unfairness in life.

The world will be a poorer place – literally.

What I advise liberals to do in order to attain happiness is to stick to their beliefs and be happy for having done so.

Better yet, return to the hippie activism that liberals used to stand for.

Stand up for something rational and productive, not this crazy, statue-destroying, city-burning, police-defunding mania that Corporate America has herded you into.

Don’t join Corporate America as the authors occultly desire you to do; defy it.

Defy Jamie Dimon. Defy Warren Buffett. Defy Charles Munger.

Develop a healthcare system that is decentralized, locally based, non-corporate driven, accessible to all, and affordable.

Oppose America’s sweatshop imperialism.

Tear down the CIA.

Moreover, be who you are and choose to be content.

Stand up against the man.

And if you don’t have kids, choose to be content.

Ditto to fabulous wealth and forty-five million friends.

As John Milton said: The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.

Ta da.

There it is. I’ve checkmated you again, Harvard.

Fuck you, and fuck your fascist empire.


I’m choosing to be happy.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Another Lockdown

Europe is on lockdown again.

Its incredibly sad to watch one government after another screw up the management of this COVID-19 crisis and then once again commit the same mistakes only to have their citizens overwhelmingly support their leaders.

This can only happen when people are indoctrinated to believe that their leaders are smarter than they are.

That’s why the Founding Fathers set up the United States the way they did, to put power in the hands of the people.

Unfortunately, over the centuries doofus schools like Harvard have infiltrated and dominated all our major institutions.

They have accomplished this through propaganda and indoctrination.

That’s not what the Founding Fathers desired.

If they had desired such a system, they would have instituted such a system in the first place.

They didn’t because they knew they would be replacing one tyrant with another.

And that’s what Harvard and the Ivy League have become – a tyrant.

They have cozied themselves up to the flawed system that exists in the United Kingdom where another tyrannical school called Oxford dominates their political system.

Oxford is the school that promoted and perpetuated Queen Victoria’s murderous, imperialist regime which killed millions around the globe.

Oxford wrote the book on oppression.

Oxford accelerated the famines in India.

Oxford enslaved the citizens of India with a thumbprint during the 1800s and shipped them off to British slave plantations in Guyana.

Oxford starved out the people of Ireland in the 1840s while stating that the Irish had brought their calamity upon themselves by overpopulating. They called it the hidden hand of God.

Oxford said the same to the people of Bengal a a century later. Winston Fuckhill was on the scene for that mass murder.

Oxford enslaved the people of China through opium in the 1850s.

Australia exists because Oxford-trained tyrants shipped Irish and British undesirables down under to Van Dieman’s land where they wouldn’t be causing much trouble.

Oxford is the school of the Rhodes Scholarship, named for the bigot and oppressor, Cecil Rhodes.

Africa is where Cecil Rhodes made his mark and fortune. He and Oxford exploited the people of Africa.

Oxford attempted to create the British caste system here in America prior to the American revolution. Thankfully the more egalitarian Native American population helped put a stop to that.

It’s fair to say that Oxford is the Queen’s school.

And the King’s as well.

This is where British nobility is trained, just as Harvard is where American aristocracy is schooled.

The majority of American institutions are dominated by Harvard.

Harvard also trains leaders of many other countries around the globe.

Harvard and Oxford are partners in dominating and controlling the world.

The result is an ossification of society that produces poor policies like lockdowns, masks, and the avoidance of natural immunity.

Of course, the policies are intentionally poor.

One goal is to enable Big Pharma to reap a bonanza.

The other goals are to promote conformity and de-individualization.

Compliant people are more likely to obey useless Harvard/Ivy League buffoons who fight useless wars to benefit themselves – the owners of Corporate America.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Baker Mayfield

Is Baker Mayfield a lousy quarterback?

I don’t think so.

I think he’s a good quarterback.

I think he’s good enough to win a Super Bowl.

Let me ask you a question: Is Baker Mayfield worse than Nickie Foles?

How about Carson Wentz?

It’s important to ask these questions because both of these quarterbacks were trashed last season.

Moreover, both of these quarterbacks won a Super Bowl.

In fact, there are plenty of quarterbacks of Baker Mayfield‘s caliber who have won Super Bowls.

You don’t have to be Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees to win a Super Bowl.

You can be a good quarterback and win a Super Bowl.

The Cleveland Brown’s fans should STFU and be thankful that they have Baker Mayfield.

Let’s not forget that he’s playing hurt.

Let’s also not forget that he’s playing in the toughest division in the NFL.

There isn’t one lousy team in the Brown’s division.

The Ravens lead the division at 7-3. The Browns are in last place at 6-5.

OMG! Call out the fire department.

Newsflash: The other teams want to win also.

It’s not their job to lay down and die before Baker Mayfield. They’re going to go all out to beat him and the Browns.

So let’s give the guy a break.

Let’s also not hold it against him because he flips off the media.

He’s a young guy.

Those of us who are older forget what we were like when we were young.

We’re old now.

We don’t even blink now when someone trashes us.

But we were much different forty years ago.

Speaking for myself, I was ten times worse than Baker Mayfield at his current age.

If Baker Mayfield has a chip on his shoulder, I had a fucking sequoia.

I still do.

So I am willing to give Baker Mayfield a chance.

I don’t think Cleveland should trade him at all.

I think they should nurture him and allow him to grow.

That’s one of the big problems in the NFL.

Teams no longer want to give quarterbacks the time to grow. They give them a window of three years (maybe) and then throw them under the bus if they’re not the second coming of Aaron Rodgers

At the same time though, I think the Browns should give Case Keenum more playing time.

I think the days are gone when you can afford to have one quarterback play every minute of every game.

I think teams need better redundancy at the quarterback position. They need two good quarterbacks in case one of them goes down.

It’s not workable to sit a quarterback for the entire season and then ask him to come in and play when the primary quarterback gets hurt.

This should not be interpreted as an indictment of Baker Mayfield.

He’s a good quarterback who should be part of the final solution in delivering a Super Bowl to Cleveland.

The media of course will interpret this as a benching.

So be it.

The media is a front runner and has no use for anything short of what they perceive to be perfection.

Baker Mayfield isn’t the first quarterback who has had to walk into the wilderness, and he won’t be the last.

He’s a good quarterback, as was Kurt Warner, as was Jim Plunkett.

Let’s not forget that the football elites had given up on those two guys. And they proved the football elites wrong.

Baker Mayfield can do the same.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Carry on, Aaron Rodgers

While I did choose to get the COVID-19 vaccine, I fully support Aaron Rodgers, Carson Wentz, and their choice to not get vaccinated.

Those players and people who choose to not get vaccinated have every right to make that choice.

They are right to be wary of our government.

Governments have killed in the past, and they will kill in the future.

Men like Dr. Fauci and Dr. Gottlieb are arrogant beyond comprehension.

They and their cheering, fascist press-puppets are ignorant of a basic truth in science and healthcare: Our interpretation of the human body changes with each generation.

Most honest clinicians and academics will communicate this basic truth freely and openly.

Our knowledge changes. Our interpretations change.

What we thought to be the truth twenty years ago is not necessarily the truth today, and will not necessarily be the truth twenty years hence.

Compounding this is the reality that politicians often bend the truth to fit their political aims.

This has never been more obvious than in the age of COVID-19.

Most honest clinicians have come to the conclusion that our government has desired to push us into getting this vaccine to fight COVID-19.

Why not? Big Pharma stands to make a lot of money off this.

Unfortunately, this has caused many agents of the government to bend the truth.

And so they in turn have put pressure upon their academics to develop studies which support their aims and goals.

Careful questions and thinking however are in order.

One of the big black boxes in medicine today is our immune system. We are scratching the surface when it comes to understanding how our immune systems fully work, what causes people to be immune, and how this immune memory is stored and brought back to life to combat future infections.

Yet you will hear articulators from the Daily Beast, and Vox, fascist puppets, speak about such science as if it is settled.

Settled science? There is no such thing.

The government, in its effort to convince you to get the vaccine, is trying to sell you on the idea that their vaccine is better than natural immunity.

They say that there are studies that show that natural immunity does not always produce antibodies. This seems possible.

In the same breath, they want you to believe that their corporate vaccine always produces antibodies.

On the surface, this seems possible but unlikely.

It’s also important to remember that their vaccine only produces antibodies against one particular protein – the spike protein.

On the other hand, only natural immunity has the potential to produce antibodies against all the proteins that the virus might produce.

Therefore it seems much more likely that natural immunity will produce a better immune response.

And, if we do not see the antibodies in people who have contracted the natural infection, it may very well be that the body doesn’t work that way and that we have an imprecise understanding of how the immune system works.

Just because antibodies are not produced and circulating does it mean that the immune system has not memorized the proteins of the natural virus.

As I say, there is no such thing as settled science.

When it comes to COVID-19, we should be wary of those who believe that there is.

Carry-on, Aaron Rodgers. Carry-on, Carson Wentz.

Do the right thing, and exercise your fundamental right as an American.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved


To the people of Waukesha.

I’m sure you would like to punish the people responsible for this Christmas parade calamity.

It would be good to start with Darrell Brooks.

But don’t stop there.

Don’t forget to punish the people who are responsible for creating people like Darrell Brooks.

Naturally, of course, if you have read anything I have written, you know I’m talking about Harvard University.

They are the real people behind the destruction of the black community.

The media, that Harvard controls, has gone out of its way to not suggest that this killing in Waukesha is payback in any way for the Rittenhouse verdict.

Oh, but it is.

It is a direct result of the Rittenhouse verdict.

This is what you get when you dumb down the population.

You get a huge segment of the population making decisions based upon false beliefs.

Darrell Brooks clearly felt he was atoning for Kyle Rittenhouse’s white supremacy. That’s why he zigzagged down the road attempting to kill as many people as possible.

Both political parties that Harvard controls and dominates are complicit in this dog and pony show.

Both Democratic and Republican parties keep the political sporting match going so as to distract you.

This is just Chapter Three of the Floyd-Rittenhouse race war saga.

Harvard who controls Corporate America who in turn controls both Democratic and Republican parties needs this race war to continue so that the black community is focused on rage.

A community focused on rage is less productive and more likely to provide prisoners for the corporate prison racket.

To that end both Fox and CNN are also complicit in this dog and pony show.

Both networks are ultimately controlled by the same people, the same Harvard-Ivy League crowd.

CNN is complicit because they focus on race.

Fox is complicit because they focus on rage.

Forget about rage. Rage is a solution that will not work.

What then can be done?

Sure, you have to take care of Darrell Brooks first through the court system.

But as that is being carried out, you need to be dispassionately resolute in changing your attitudes toward your elites, toward Harvard University.

You must make a concerted effort to not send your children to Harvard and other Ivy League schools.

Why would you want your children to be co-opted into a power cult? It doesn’t do us any good.

You must also make a concerted effort to not put your faith in people who graduate from these schools.

This is the shortest, most long-term way to deal with the evil power of Harvard University.

You must walk away from this school.

Will it make a difference?

It will make a great deal of difference.

You don’t need Harvard; Harvard needs you.

That’s why Harvard and its puppets spend so much effort programming you through media, movies, books, magazines into thinking that they are the smartest guys in the room.

They’re not.

The incident in Waukesha proves it.

This kind of nonsense didn’t go on in America seventy-five years ago – before Harvard accelerated its death grip upon the nation.

If you want to take your country back, you’ll have to defeat this odious institution called Harvard University.

There’s no difference between a tyrant called King Louis, and a tyrant call Harvard University.

Thank you.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Antimicrobial Resistance

What causes antimicrobial resistance?

Resistance is related to total antibiotic pressure upon available bacteria.

What contributes to total antibiotic pressure?

1.  Antibiotics used in farming and agriculture.

2.  Waste antibiotics released into rivers by Big Pharma.  

3.  Total antibiotics being prescribed by healthcare providers.

4.  Antibiotics that are being sold legally or illegally on the open market without prescription.

In summary, the greater the antibiotic pressure, the greater chance of resistance.

How do resistant bacteria form and propagate?

They mutate.

Once they mutate they can either reproduce or spread the mutated genetic material through plasmid exchange.

A plasmid is a small DNA molecule within a cell that is separated from chromosomal DNA and can replicate independently.

The bacteria come together and form a joining point like a handshake. Then the genetic information is exchanged.

How important is sanitation to Antibiotic Resistance?

There is a doctor from Australia named Peter Calignon, Ph. D. from the Australian National University Medical School.

He and his colleagues feel that contagion is an important factor in spreading antimicrobial resistance.

I agree.

He feels that poor sanitation and overcrowding plays a real and vital role in the spread of resistance.

If we examine where much of the antimicrobial resistance comes from – India, China and others – we can see that he may have a point.

These countries do not have the best sanitation services available for all their people.

It makes sense that if you have more available bacteria for antibiotics to be exposed to, you should get more resistance, especially if the bacteria are more prone to come from infected people.

Of course there are people who do not agree with him.  They feel that overuse of antibiotics is the main cause of resistance.

I am not so sure of that, and I will explain why.


Most of the deaths that arise from antimicrobial resistance come from Asia and Africa.

Is this because healthcare is sub-standard there?

Or is it because there are more resistant bacteria being generated there?

There are maps available.

I can go all day with these maps, but you can play with them yourselves by searching the web for CDDEP Resistance Map.

You will see that MOST of resistance is coming from India, China, Russia, Mexico, Argentina and Venezuela.  

Most of the resistance is NOT coming from the United States.

Assuming that antimicrobial resistance is coming primarily from these parts of the world, why would that be?

Here are some potential reasons.

1.  Poor oversight of Big Pharma allowing corporations to dump effluent into the rivers.

2.  Poor sanitation and overcrowding.

3.  Open pharmacy whereby antibiotics can be obtained without a prescription.


Let’s turn the question upside down.

Why do we see less resistance coming from the more developed countries?

The United States and the West.

Here are some potential factors.

1.  Better oversight of Big Pharma.

2.  Better sanitation.

3.  Closed pharmacy.  You can not buy antibiotics at the supermarket.


This is my opinion.

Maybe we are being too hard on ourselves in thinking that over-prescription of antibiotics is a major cause of antimicrobial resistance.

Maybe we are doing more harm by overly cutting back on our prescription of antibiotics.

If we can nip an infection in the bud, we can prevent much morbidity.  Morbidity is like a forest fire – catch it early and you can prevent a massive conflagration.

A massive conflagration of bacterial infection can paradoxically cause more antibiotic use.

Maybe what we should be more aggressive with antibiotics.

Some people argue that doctors prescribe too many antibiotics.

But it isn’t as if doctors are handing out antibiotics on the street corner.

We have a controlled process in the United States.

We have a closed pharmacy.

We are already doing enough to control resistance.

But by cutting back on antibiotic use for people WHO ARE SICK, we are effectively increasing contagion by allowing more people to get sick.

Let us define contagion in the following way:

Contagion = Number of Sick People x Overcrowding x Poor Sanitation.


By badgering doctors to stop prescribing antibiotics we will increase the number of sick people and cause more antimicrobial resistance.

Thus we will validate the contagion theory that this doctor from Australia, Peter Colignon, was talking about.


The solution is to develop new classes of antibiotics.

There are many areas worth investigating.

If we think we have developed all the ways to kill a bacteria, that is surely a testament to our arrogance.

Indeed, there are many exciting areas to explore.

Why, just the other day, I was cuddling up next to the fireplace with the latest issue of Molecular Cell, a lively, witty magazine.

I was looking at this article: Inhibiting the Evolution of Antibiotic Resistance. Molecular Cell. Volume 73.  Issue 1.

Surely this made the NY Times bestseller list.

In this particular article the authors, Ragheb, et. al, discuss a mutagenesis factor in the bacteria which if shut down could inhibit bacteria from mutating.

Now, this is an avenue, among many, that should be explored.

Yes, it may be a blind alley. Or, it may not even be advisable to shut down the mutability of bacteria.

That’s not the point.

The point is that Big Pharma should be aggressively investigating these avenues.

Are they?

Many say they are not.

Why not?


They don’t have to care anymore.

They’re too big to care.

There has simply been too much consolidation within the healthcare industry.

Big Pharma is too big.

Their only concern now is profits.

The leaders of their firms are financial guys, not pharmaceutical guys.

One of their false gods is precise cost accounting.

They believe that every single drug must be justified on its own merits.

If they can’t see the profits in it, they don’t go down that road.

This isn’t like the old days where the leader of the firm would take a chance on an idea.

Furthermore, the antibiotics that they have currently are already making them enough money.

They are not thinking ahead to the day when the new antibiotics might be necessary.

There are no profits in that.

They are not statesman; they are profiteers.

But that is not the only reason why they do not innovate.

There is an even darker reason.


Do you believe in the New World Order?

You better.

Although Big Pharma loves nothing more than profits, sometimes their profits have to take a back seat to a larger concern.


Big Pharma is now controlled fully by the elites.

The elites look at medicines as a weapon they can you use to control you.

Antibiotics are a major part of that arsenal.

By depriving you of antibiotics, the elites can keep you a little more sick and dependent upon them.

You see, the elites view antibiotics as medicines for them, not you.

Why, what would happen if the commoners kept using antibiotics, they ask themselves.

Pretty soon, they answer, we won’t have useful antibiotics for ourselves.

That just won’t do, they conclude.

So rather than spend money that can be better used for their new yacht, they convince you that antibiotics don’t work.

They enlist their academics to convince you.

But you know better.

You know that antibiotics work.

Antibiotics put out fires and keep you out of the hospital.

That is precisely the point.

If you get sick as an outpatient and can’t get timely medicines, you are more likely to enter the hospital.

This is a bad thing for you.

But it is a good thing for Corporate America.

They make more money this way.

That improves their bottom line.

Is this too dark for you?

Think again, Pollyanna.

In Pennsylvania not too long ago, a judge was sent to prison because he was sending children to juvenile detention in exchange for kickbacks.

Men are evil and will game the system any way they can.

The days are gone when Big Pharma engages in innovation unless there is an extreme profit motive.  They don’t have to care.

Big Pharma is a quasi governmental entity], entrenched with elites.  They are ossified.

We won’t see innovation like we used to.

Their CEOs aren’t emotionally invested in their company.

This is a bd thing because we need new antibiotics.

Antibiotics work.

I know it with my patients and with me.

Patients have figured it out also.

That’s why bodegas sell antibiotics over the counter.

People in the 3rd World have figured it out.

And we need antibiotics even though the academics say we have don’t.

Academics don’t understand how infections begin.

How do infections begin?

Most respiratory infections begin as viral infections.

After a few days, the bacteria set in and what you get as a mixed infection.

By the time you visit your doctor, you probably have a mixed infection. There are probably bacteria in there.

This is why antibiotics work. The antibiotics work against the bacteria that are in the mixed infection., Now, your academic will tell you that your infection is either pure viral or pure bacterial. This is not true.

The majority of infections are mixed.

By aggressively treating with antibiotics we can get people better faster.

Not only will we be decreasing morbidity and mortality, we will also be decreasing contagiousness.

Not prescribing antibiotics aggressively will cause increased contagiousness which in turn will cause more infections which will paradoxically cause more antibiotics to be prescribed.

The road to hell will be paved with good intentions.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved


Mars is a waste of time.

Let us pray that we never go to Mars.

Of course we will.

It will be the biggest boondoggle, the mother of all boondoggles, the grandmother of all boondoggles.

We don’t have the technology to safely send a human being to Mars and back.

It isn’t ethical.

It will be a fake mission from top to bottom.

If they can fake Tom Cruise playing a guitar, they can fake anything.

And that’s exactly what you’ll get with a Mars mission – a giant con job.

Of course, the goal of our elites is to prosecute the Mars mission so that defense contractors and other corporations can reap a fortune sending a can of pop to the Red Planet.

Wait a minute, I can hear you now. You’re about to tell me that we should experiment like Christopher Columbus did.

Do you know what the problem with that logic is?

Christopher Columbus was on Earth where there is oxygen, and rainwater that can fill barrels for men to drink.

Christopher Columbus was not traveling in a vacuum.

Do you know what else Christopher Columbus had that our space voyagers will not have?

Let me give you a clue: What exists in the sea that moves and can be eaten?


Thank you and case closed.

Men traveling to Mars also don’t have the option of drifting to land should something go wrong on the spacecraft.

In addition there are 40 million miles of ground to cover, quite a lengthy mission, with lots of radiation to traverse.

It’s not a cakewalk.

On the contrary, it’s a suicide mission, which is probably what our leaders already expect.

Consequently, this mission will be faked from beginning to end. We do have the technology to do that.

Maybe this is a good thing.

We don’t need to pollute another planet. We need to fix Mother Earth first.

If we spend the money on solving achievable problems here on Earth, we will develop the technology which will someday take us to Mars.

We will get to Mars faster by taking that approach. And we will do a lot of good for ourselves.

Furthermore, we will not go broke in the process.

Mission to Mars?

Bad idea.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved


Have you heard of the book Unguarded by Scotty Pippen.

I haven’t read it yet, but I plan to.

In the book, according to the sports experts, Scottie Pippen trashes Michael Jordan.

In essence what Pippen is saying is that he, Scottie Pippen, was just as important to the Bulls’ championships as was Michael Jordan.

I agree.

I am glad that Scottie Pippen is standing up for himself.

It must be aggravating to be overlooked.

Sometimes, you have to stand up and speak the truth.

Of course, this will mean nothing to the commentators on ESPN who are hopelessly misguided.

One only needs to watch their programs over the years to see how misguided they are.

ESPN commentators constantly fixate on who might be the greatest basketball player of all time.

It’s a fetish for them.

Many of them came of basketball age after 1980, so the names of Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, and Elgin Baylor are completely off their radar.

You would think that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar would warrant discussion, but if you thought that, you would be wrong.

In truth, there is no greatest basketball player ever.

The logic of the ESPN broadcaster in determining the greatest player ever is flawed.

Much of their basis for determining the greatest player rests in how many championships a particular player has won.

Let’s be more specific and ask a question.

If Michael Jordan had landed with the Philadelphia 76ers and had won only one NBA championship, would he be considered one of the greatest basketball players ever?

It’s doubtful that the ESPN sports commentator would consider him at all.

Therefore, what the ESPN commentator is saying is that the number of championships won is important to them in making their decision.

Do you follow me?

If that is the case, then let me ask you this question: Is basketball played one on five?

It is not.

A complementary, not a supporting, cast is required.

Without Scottie Pippen, it would have been impossible for Michael Jordan to win six championships.

The ESPN sports commentator will state that Michael Jordan made everybody on the team better.

Yes, and it can also be stated that his fellow players made him better.

They did so by putting Jordan in a position to be the shot maker he was.

Players do not operate in a vacuum. The game of basketball is a team game.

Teams win, and teams lose.

It is not an individual sport.

Michael Jordan’s standing in the basketball world was enhanced by the championships and the team which enabled him to win those championships.

Scottie Pippen is absolutely correct in pointing that out.

Yet we live within a superstar culture that demands that we elevate people to the status of demigods.

Michael Jordan is one of those demigods.

He is a false demigod, and a dangerous one at that.

Michael Jordan’s elevation to the status of a demigod has hurt many teams not only in basketball but in others sports as well.

Teams and general managers now look to draft the next Michael Jordan. They expect the next Michael Jordan.

The problem comes when the draftee is not the next Michael Jordan.

Young recruits and draftees are no longer permitted to develop.

If they don’t work out within 15 nanoseconds, they are dispatched to the waste heap of history.

You see this time and time again in the NFL. And other professional sports.

Young players, only 22 years of age, are expected to perform like a finished Michael Jordan. When they don’t, they are tarred and feathered, placed upon a rocket sled and jetted out of town, and the sooner the better.

Fans actually cheer when failing Michael Jordan wannabes are run out of town on a rail.

Consequently, many teams founder about, always searching for the brass ring, always searching for the next Michael Jordan, never finding it.

Such teams would be better off taking a healthier approach, by viewing players as complementary pieces guided by a team approach.

To be quite frank that’s what Michael Jordan was – a complementary player.

He was not Jesus Christ. He was not a superstar. He was a member of a team. He was also not infallible.

Had the Bulls not won those championships, had Scottie Pippen not been with the team, we wouldn’t even be talking about Michael Jordan today.

This is not to diminish Jordan’s basketball playing skills, but to put perspective on his accomplishments.

We need to do this because it is the superstar culture that is killing our society.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Dark Forces

I think that there are dark forces that run our country.

These are the dark forces that no one likes to talk or think about.

I think these dark forces control our Supreme Court.

I think they have blackmailed justices.

I think they have killed justices.

I believe they killed Antonin Scalia.

I believe they blackmailed Brett Kavanaugh.

And John Roberts. (How else would you explain that Affordable Care Act decision? My gosh, even John Roberts isn’t that dumb.)

I think these dark forces know damn well that Brett Kavanaugh was doing all those things that Christine Blasey Ford said he was doing.

Brett Kavanaugh was possibly so drunk he doesn’t remember the incident.

I think these dark forces have photographs and possibly videos of Brett Kavanaugh engaging in all sorts of raucous behavior.

I think that Brett Kavanaugh had a drinking problem, a cocaine problem, and an impetuous youth problem.

Let’s face it, he was preppy, party boy brat.

Callow youth would best describe him.

I don’t think he was in debt because of baseball tickets. I think he owed drug dealers a lot of money.

I think the dark forces through their lackey Senators brought the Blasey Ford incident up so that they could have him lie under oath, so that they could get rid of him if he stepped out of line.

With that stated, provided he didn’t kill, maim, rape or violate anyone, it doesn’t make a difference to me that Brett Kavanaugh engaged in youthful indiscretions.

We all have skeletons in our closet.

We have all done stupid things in our youth.

We all have flaws.

So does Brett Kavanaugh.

Paradoxically, having those flaws in his character makes him even more qualified to be a Supreme Court justice.

Flawed people tend to have empathy with flawed people – us.

Incorruptible people like Robespierre are the people we have the worry about.

But that’s not the way the CIA-controlled media thinks. And that’s not the way the media’s faithful puppets will think after they are told what to think.

The media knows damn well that the couch potatoes, the cheering crowds for Barabbas, will roast Brett Kavanaugh if they say he must be roasted.

And they will roast him if the powers that be say he must be roasted.

And they will roast him if he steps out of line, if he doesn’t toe the corporate line that Corporate America desires in order to cement its death grip upon the nation.

That’s the reality that we are dealing with in 2021 in our nation.

Was it always this way?


Supreme Court justices are people, and people are flawed.

They make mistakes.

Perhaps if we accepted that reality, and returned to a tolerant Christian base, and didn’t get rid of Supreme Court candidates or even Senators because they were human beings, then it might not be possible for evil organizations like the CIA to blackmail them.

What would the CIA do then?

Kill them all?

Maybe we need to take that risk in order to expose this anti-democratic organization.

It’s either us or them.

What do you think?


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved