Omicron and Air Travel

Now, of course, if you have read any one of my articles, you know that there’s no rationale to cutting air traffic because of the pandemic.

The virus is no more spread within a jet cabin than it is anywhere else. And that’s because the virus spreads by hand contact. The virus is not spread by respiratory droplet transmission. That’s just something that the elites have conned you into believing.

You have COVID-19, you cough on your hands, you shake hands or exchange money or a credit card with others, they pick up food and put the virus on the food, then they swallow the food, then the virus is in their system.

That’s how it works.

Your mask is virtually worthless in preventing the spread of COVID-19. What will work is washing your hands. If you haven’t noticed, there have been no super-spreader events (a phony term propagated by the New England Journal of Corporate, Fascist, Tbird Reich Medicine) reported on jet airplanes in the past two years. This is not because of mask wearing. The idea that everybody who traveled on a plane had 100% efficiency in mask compliance is utterly ridiculous. It would mean that no one adjusted their mask, no one snuck off their mask while they were asleep, no one took off their mask while they were in the bathroom, and nobody took off their mask to eat or slosh down a beer.

We’ll, of course they did. So then why haven’t there been any superspreader events? Because that’s not how the virus transmits.

The mask is worthless. The studies on mask use and transmission are worthless.

If viruses are spread on an aircraft, and they most certainly are, but in no greater frequency than anywhere else, it has to do with the lack of enforcement of handwashing and use of hand sanitizer on an aircraft.. The flight attendants don’t to help by passing out cokes and peanuts to customers. Customers and flight attendants regularly transmit the virus through credit card and food package exchange. The latex gloves are worthless because they aren’t changed between customers.

OK, then, Archer, then why don’t we see superspreader events? We don’t see superspreader events because the people go home, get off the plane, go about their business, and might get sick another day. Who’s to know where their illness came from? Plus, not everybody eats on a jet. Not everybody eats without washing their hands first.

The term superspreader events exists for the authorities to jack up the fear.. They don’t occur and haven’t occurred in COVID-19.

The term superspreader event came after Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation. It was an outdoor event. The flag in the background was moving at anywhere from 2 to 5 mph.. There’s no way on earth respiratory droplet transmission caused that so-called superspreader event. If there was a superspreader event, it occurred because the people were eating hors d’oeuvres and didn’t wash their hands. Got it?

In summary, there is no reason to cancel jet travel because of the Omicron variant. It’s just part of the bullshit.

Some clown who the elites hired borrowed this term Omicron from the Greek letter “O” because it sounded ominous and cool.

It’s all designed to scare the shit out of you for one reason or another.

The elites want this pandemic badly.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Who Funds QAnon?

Who funds QAnon?

Who funds these crazy right wing movements?

Who funds Proud Boys?

Who funds and keeps these memes like Pepe the Frog going?

The Harvard Cabal through the CIA and its MSM keeps these right wing movements and memes going.

The Harvard Cabal through the CIA and its MSM keeps left wing movements like Antifa going.

It’s to the advantage of the cabal, the Harvard Cabal, to keep this silliness going.

They want Americans to focus on nonsense so that they, the Harvard Cabal, can continue to rape the American public behind the scenes.

The idea behind QAnon was ridiculous from the get-go.

The idea that there was this high level individual in the Trump administration who was revealing secrets was absurd.

That such an individual could continue to reveal secrets without being found out was utterly 10,000% ridiculous.

Nevertheless, the media kept this going.

Who started the QAnon movement?.

No one with a discerning mind could possibly buy into this nonsense.

No, the conspiracy of QAnon was intended for the masses, to keep them distracted, to keep them distracted on nonsense.

In that way, people on the left would have someone or some thing to criticize.

Thus the political sporting match was created and furthered.

Consequently intelligent discussion was put on the back burner while news media clowns wasted their time on QAnon.

What a joke.

What an indictment of our CIA that they would take advantage of innocent, hardworking people this way.

What an indictment of the Harvard Cabal.

Wait a minute now, you say, am I saying that people from Harvard communicated to the CIA to do these specific things?

Not at all.

It doesn’t work that way.

Harvard doesn’t need to say a damn word to the CIA.

The CIA, which works for the Harvard cabal, doesn’t need to be told anything at all. The CIA is smart enough to figure out things all on its own.

The powers that be decided a long time ago to defuse the energy of the American citizenry.

They didn’t want any more Vietnam war protests.

It was the Vietnam war protesters that shut down the Vietnam war and the cash cow war machine that was making Corporate America rich.

Vietnam was intended to be what Afghanistan became many decades later – a war never to be won.

A funny thing happened on the way to the war. The protesters, whose brothers and friends were dying in Vietnam, raised a ruckus and shut the war down.

To ensure that there would be no protests against future wars, it became essential to defuse the energy of the American citizenry.

Just as you would divert a raging river through spillways and dams, you can divert raging public opinion by creating phony constructs and battles.

Can’t you just see those smartass Ivy League consultants advising the powers that be on how to prevent future protests?

This could be accomplished in several ways.

One way would be to present bogus issues for young people to rally around. Thus the movement to take down Civil War Confederate statues.

The other way would be to create bogus groups like Antifa and Proud Boys that would focus rage on false perpetrators.

If you’ll notice, none of these fringe groups goes after Corporate America and its leaders.

That’s the whole point of their existence.

The Harvard Cabal doesn’t need to tell the CIA how to specifically carry outs its dirty tricks.

All they need to do is to communicate through their various think tanks and corporate boardrooms bogus narratives, one being that America is a racist nation and that the symbols of racism must be removed in order for black people and minorities to progress.

The CIA is smart enough to figure out the rest while the Harvard cabal washes its hands, closes the door and walks away feeling spiritually clean.

The CIA, controlled by the Harvard Cabal, is smart enough to conclude that corporate business interests might be furthered along if the people could be divided into groups that battled each other over frivolous inconsequential issues. In this manner, the business people could conduct their affairs without being troubled by unified protest movements.

Do you understand that? The Harvard Cabal doesn’t get its hands dirty. They have the CIA to do their dirty work for them.

In this manner, they can sit back and pretend to be horrified at what is happening to America.

It’s a big joke.

And should a unified movement arise such as Occupy Wall Street, there’s little to worry about.

That movement can easily be shut down by a President who the Harvard Cabal controls.

As a matter of fact, that’s precisely what did happen.

It was the Harvard educated Barack Obama who shut down Occupy Wall Street.

Uh huh, I get it, I see. You can shut down Occupy Wall Street, but you can’t shut down Antifa. You can shut down Occupy Wall Street but you can’t shut down Proud Boys.

You can shut down Occupy Wall Street, but you can’t find nor figure out QAnon.



Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

COVID-19, What’s Next?

What’s going to happen with the pandemic?

Lately the authorities have been talking about the Omicron variant.

They’ve been sending out mixed messages.

On the one hand, they talk about the devastating effects of the upcoming pandemic with the new variant.

In the same breath they say that the Omicron variant may portend the end of the pandemic.

They’re talking out of both sides of their mouth.

Bill Gates is talking this way.

Anthony Fauci is talking this way.

It’s confusing, isn’t it?

So what will happen?

Well, whatever happens, it will happen the way the elites decide it will happen. Nobody, outside the cabal, including me, can predict the future.

I can tell you this though: Harvard and Yale have deferred in-person school attendance until the spring.

This is an ominous sign.

It’s not an ominous sign that the pandemic will be real.

It’s an ominous sign that the authorities are going to manufacture a fake pandemic for another nine months.

I hope it isn’t so, but I fear that it might be.

Let’s face it: the authorities can’t afford for both Harvard and Yale to look stupid – even though they are.

This is one of the elites’ weaknesses. They have to project the superiority of their phony schools.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that it will happen this way. But it’s a good bet that it will.

Are there any other signs that indicate that we are in for more nonsense after the holidays are over?

Remember, the pandemic didn’t begin in the United States until March of 2020.

So there’s still plenty of time for the elites to manufacture a pandemic.

Never mind the fact that the Omicron virus has been with us for sometime now.

Here’s something you should know: pandemics don’t work this way.

I think I’ve told you that before.

When a highly infectious pandemic spreads around the world, it spreads within weeks.

It doesn’t take a Chinese junk around the world.

In other words, if we haven’t had a massive pandemic by now, in a real world, it isn’t going to happen.

The only way a massive pandemic can happen now is if the pandemic is a fake.

But let’s get back to the question. Are there any other signs that indicate that we are in for rough times ahead?

To know this, we have to look at what Corporate America is doing.

We should take our lead from Corporate America to see what the phony elite are planning.

I suspect that if the elites are going to put a phony resurgence upon us once again, we will start to see mask mandates within corporate-owned enterprises.

If we see celebrities beginning to tell people to stay at home, this will be an ominous sign.

I’ve noticed a few commercials on this already.

Let’s see if the elites ratchet this up.

Already, we’ve seen a lot of sports personalities getting COVID-19. Remember, it was the sports personalities who initially contracted COVID-19 back in 2020.

If we are to see a ratcheting up of the pandemic, look for this to begin after the holidays beginning in mid to late January with full ballistic status in mid to late February.

Will they be able to do this and get away with it?

Never underestimate these people. They can do it, and they can get away with it.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Yeah, Right

This story states that the virus is extraordinarily contagious. I don’t think it’ll make any difference to the politicians, but I have not seen one child who is remotely sick with COVID-19. Nor have I admitted any child to the hospital with COVID-19 where I live in Texas. In addition to that, if the virus is so extraordinarily contagious, then why haven’t we seen it all over the country within a very short period of time. This is the way pandemics work. They don’t take a Chinese junk to travel around the world.

If the hospitals are filling I suspect that the government is hiring and incentivizing retired doctors (who need the money) and doctors who had lost their licenses to admit any child with COVID-19.

Would the government do this? You bet your ass it would.


The most important thing for you to realize in evaluating main stream media is that just about everything that comes out of “their” mouth is a lie – a lie that exists to advance the needs and desires of the corporate-run and profits-obsessed empire.

MSM’s celebration of past presidents are generally lies. If MSM is talking good about someone there’s a very good chance that the person they’re talking about has done major destruction to the United States of America.

If they despise a past political figure, there’s a good chance that the politician in question did things that were good for you.

There’s a reason why “they” demonize Joe McCarthy. It’s not by accident. When you see demonization that has gone on this long, there must be a reason for it.

You are told that Joe McCarthy unfairly branded people as communists, and that they lost their jobs as a result.

The MSM wants you to believe that it could’ve been your friend down the street.

The truth is far away from that.

To begin with, Joe McCarthy was a regular, steak and potatoes guy, just like you.

If ever there was a politician who was like you, it was Joe McCarthy.

The elites despise populist politicians who are like you. They do so because they don’t like you.

So when a politician like Joe McCarthy comes along and embarrasses the Ivy League elites, they move heaven and earth to take him down.

And that is exactly what they did.

They lined up all the Ivy League hucksters and their allies to attack Joe McCarthy.

The clown, Joseph Welch, attacked Joe McCarthy in the Army-McCarthy hearings.

In the background unbeknownst to anyone, the American Quisling and International Murderer, Dwight Eisenhower, worked to destroy Joe McCarthy.

After McCarthy was destroyed, not by Joseph Welch, the Harvard clown, who wasn’t capable of punching his way out of a paper bag, the elites continued their attack on Joe McCarthy through their main stream media.

They made up the term McCarthyism in order to destroy him and you in the process.

What Joe McCarthy exposed were elitists in the State Department and at Fort Monmouth who were working against the principles for which American soldiers were fighting and dying.

The names that Joseph McCarthy provided were collected largely by other congressional committees. That’s right. That’s the truth.

If you watch the Army-McCarthy hearings, listen closely to what McCarthy says will happen to the universities once the communists get control of them.

He was right.

He was right about a lot of things. Many of the people who he labeled as communists were indeed communists.

The Venona project which is a series of Army intercepts of Russian communication cables to collaborators here in United States has gradually vindicated McCarthy.

Time has also vindicated McCarthy, for what McCarthy exposed was the truth.

The group at the top, the elites, our Presidents and their Ivy League henchmen, had been working behind the curtain to dismantle the republic that our founding fathers had gifted us.

And that group included Dwight Eisenhower and George C. Marshall.

They worked tirelessly to lay the foundation for a corporate-based American imperialism around the globe that was straying far from the ideals of the Founding Fathers.

They were making deals with the devil.

Joe McCarthy pulled that curtain back.

In that respect he was no different than Julian Assange or Edward Snowden, two others in modern times who have pulled the curtain back and embarrassed the elites.

Just as the elites lie about Julian Assange and Edward Snowden today, they lie about Joe McCarthy still.

They can’t afford for you to know the truth.

Instead they tell tall tales about our Presidents. They build up our former presidents into heroes.

They don’t tell you that Dwight Eisenhower supported all the nasty tricks of the CIA that have resulted in many of our problems that we face today.

Our problems with immigration from Central America, our problems with Iran can be laid at the feet of Dwight Eisenhower. The Vietnam war can also be laid at the feet of Dwight Eisenhower.

Dwight Eisenhower wasn’t your friend. He wasn’t some friendly, clueless, avuncular dolt who smiled and golfed around during the 1950s. Dwight Eisenhower did tremendous damage to America and the rest of the world through his CIA shenanigans.

These shenanigans were not instituted to defend democracy. They were instituted to advance corporate interests.

Likewise, FDR was no savior of the middle class. Nor did he save capitalism. Nor was he a traitor to his class. FDR helped destroy the middle class. He replaced honest capitalism with crony capitalism.

His knuckleheaded policies helped prolong the Great Depression. How many people and children died because FDR’s Ivy League knuckleheads implemented artificial shortages so as to increase the prices of goods?

To combat the Great Depression FDR expanded the government and in so doing turned a small racket into a large racket. He put the large racket on steroids during World War II. What he did was create a permanent crony capitalist class of parasites that continues to rape the American public to this day.

While he was doing all this, he forbade Americans from purchasing gold, which was the only tool they had to conserve their wealth.

Yet he is called a traitor to his class.

He was no traitor to his class.

He was a complete friend to his class. Why would we expect anything different? Do we really expect a mama’s boy who was raised in grandfather Warren Delano’s exploited wealth (Warren Delano was a drug runner who made his fortune selling opium into China) to suddenly betray his lifelong friends?

These are some of the lies that are told on the main stream media.

But let’s not stop here. To stop here would sell us short.

Another person who is demonized is John Kennedy. They don’t demonize John Kennedy for his vision, because his vision was too good. Where they demonize John Kennedy is in his sexual affairs.

If you can’t attack someone legitimately, you have to attack their character.

Isn’t it surprising that the only President they talk about regularly with regard to sexual affairs is John Kennedy? They still talk about his girlfriends.

Never mind the fact that Lyndon Johnson bragged that he had far more women than John Kennedy. John Kennedy is the poster boy for sexual adventurism.

Never mind the fact that Allen Dulles, the leader of the CIA, not only fucked every woman on the block, he introduced them to his wife. Nevertheless, the big news is that John Kennedy was a philanderer.

Why do they, MSM, do this to JFK?

Because they don’t want you getting anywhere close to John Kennedy‘s vision for America.

John Kennedy‘s vision for America was for America to be a partner with, not a bully to, other nations.

That’s why John Kennedy was killed. That’s why John Kennedy is demonized today. They never talk about John Kennedy‘s vision. They don’t want to.

His vision would have kept America as a republic, as one nation amongst a community of nations. Our leaders don’t want that. What they want is a global empire ruled by America. A global empire makes them filthy fucking rich.

Ironically, JFK’s vision is the vision that China is pursuing, and this is why China will beat our pants off and win the day if we do not change our ways.

Rather than recognize this though, our stupid leaders are digging in their heels and advancing the cause of empire.

In response to China’s success in wooing other nations to partner with it, our leaders drum up the need for war.

Our leaders demonize China.

Their faithful lackey, MSM, goes along and advances the lies.

Well, of course China has been successful. China builds ports and railroads for other countries. Our stupid leaders give them war and destruction. What would you choose if you were a poor nation?

To keep you from asking these questions and recognizing the truth, MSM pile drives lies and myths into your brain.

Everything that comes out of their mouth is a lie.

Know it.

I know that it’s hard for you to come to the realization that you have been lied to your entire life. I had to come to that realization also.

I felt silly and embarrassed for having believed these lies. But that feeling only lasted for a short while. After that feeling of embarrassment passed, I felt relieved that I had been freed from the shackles of lies that had been confusing me.

Be confused no longer.

See clearly.

With clear vision the people of the United States will be able to take back the government that the Harvard Cabal has hijacked and once again do good for the American people and the peoples of the world.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Disappearing People

I noticed yesterday that people are still disappearing in Mexico.

The Chihuahua desert has become the new Bermuda triangle.

Cartels, who specialize in human trafficking, in addition to drug trafficking, disappear people in the middle of the desert.

As to why this occurs is anybody’s guess.

I guess they enjoy killing.

So why aren’t our authorities in the United States or Mexico doing anything about it?

Don’t they care?

Why haven’t they lifted one finger In the past twenty years to address the problem of the cartels in Mexico?

They haven’t lifted a finger because they are in favor of what’s going on.

In fact, they invented it.

They make a fortune off it.

They knew what they were doing when they pushed through NAFTA and CAFTA.

These agreements caused increased poverty in Mexico and Central America as well as the USA.

In Mexico NAFTA enabled the dumping of cheap corn which tossed anywhere from 800,000 to 1,000,000 farmers off their small plots of land.

This was great for Cargill and ADM.

Many of those dispossessed farmers then either immigrated to United States or joined the cartels where they could use their horticultural skills to grow mary jane and coca leaf which could then be exported to the weakened and depressed middle class members in the United States who had lost their jobs to cheap labor in Mexico.

What a winner for the people, eh?

Other dispossessed farmers in Mexico became depressed and addicted to drugs, or they chose to become stone-cold killers for the cartels.

The people in Mexico suffered under NAFTA just as the people in United States suffered under NAFTA.

The elites promised us a beautiful world prior to NAFTA.

Corporations which control both governments make money off misery, immigration, and crime.

Who do you think supplies the governments to fight the war on drugs?

Who you think makes a fortune off the incarceration industry?

In addition to making a fortune off other peoples misery, the multinational corporations, who are controlled by the Harvard Cabal, achieve the destabilization of both countries which in time will facilitate a merging of Mexico into the United States decades down the line.

In time, a true common market can be formed.

The goal will be to dilute the power of the strong (but weakened) middle class in the United States of America.

The goal will be to make the United States more like Mexico than to make Mexico like the United States.

Neo-feudalism is the goal.

With the merging of the countries, it is obvious that a new constitution will be required.

This new constitution will not include the protections that we have now.

Your grandchildren will not enjoy the freedoms that we had fifty years ago.

They will be slaves, serfs, peasants.

Why does the cabal desire this?

Because they’re sick.

They’re intoxicated with their own self-created image of themselves as living gods.

They’re no different than the pharaohs who ruled Egypt, or the pagans who ruled the Aztecs and Mayans.

Humanity has not evolved.

Your grandchildren will be property to the rulers for them to do as they choose.

Like the cartels who disappear people in the Chihuahua desert, the cabal will disappear your grandchildren as they see fit, for the hell of it, because it makes them feel better about themselves.

Get used to it.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Mind is Its Own Place

During this Christmas season, it’s easy to get depressed.

It’s even easier to get depressed if you look on Facebook and see all your friends and all the people you know living it up at parties while you may be alone.

Add to that a family death, and depression can be a sure thing.

Just a few weeks ago my mother passed away.

I like to be alone in times of stress. I’ve always been that way.

Additionally I don’t have any family close to where I live.

Nor am I particularly close to them.

I barely know them anymore.

But I’m not going to get depressed.

I’m going to spend the day thinking about the good times I had with my mom.

I’m gonna remember all the kind things she did for me when I was a little boy.

I’ll remember her nursing me back to health when I was a kid in elementary school. Those tiny, orange St. Joseph’s aspirin tablets and chicken noodle soup were the technology of the day when a kid had a sore throat and a cold.

I’ll remember her taking me to Dr. Slade in Doylestown to get my teeth fixed. After that we’d go out to eat at the Warrington Diner where I could order a Texas Tommy which was a hot dog wrapped in bacon and cheese. A Texas Tommy was high cuisine to me at the time. It still is.

I’ll remember her comforting me when my father died. I was thirteen years old. I can still see myself crying on her shoulder in the bathroom of our recreation room.

Many years later in my late fifties my mom, who was approaching ninety, and who couldn’t move quickly anymore, asked me to look into the closet to get a pair of her black shoes. I walked into the closet, and there were, and I’m not kidding you, at least a hundred pairs of black shoes. My mom had more shoes than Imelda Marcos. Where was I going to begin?

As John Milton said: The mind is its own place and can make a heaven of hell and a hell of heaven.

A person has to learn to cheer him or herself up.

There are always good things to fix your mind upon.

While I’m doing that, I’m going to make myself a hot pot of coffee and listen to Christmas songs.

Hey, I even bought some egg nog yesterday.

In the age of Facebook it’s easy to get conned into thinking that others are happy and living it up just because they’re smiling in a picture.

Undoubtably many are. And that’s a good thing.

But it’s also true that some people may be profoundly depressed even though they are seemingly having a great time with their family.

The best thing you can do is to make yourself happy.

It’s also important to try to spend Christmas thinking of others.

There’s no better way to get out of a funk than to do something for others.

So I’m gonna spend some time later today looking up charities on the Internet.

I’m going to let loose of a few bucks in memory of my mom.

It’s my choice.

And if you’re alone, it can be your choice as well.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Cabal

Every Harvard graduate generally benefits off the Harvard cabal, but not every Harvard graduate is “in” on the cabal. The Harvard cabal is called the Harvard cabal because Harvard, as the oldest school of higher learning in the nation, and the wealthiest and so-called most prestigious (not by me) school is the leader of the cabal. You can come from a different school, principally Ivy League or new Ivy League, or even a regular school. The other schools defer to Harvard’s leadership. MIT occupies a special niche as it is close to Harvard in distance. Harvard and MIT have grown together. They enjoy a symbiotic relationship.

As you progress up the ladder, you are privileged to enjoy the inner workings and secrets of the cabal. You won’t progress unless you can be trusted. You will never “out” the cabal because you are either not in a position to know anything incriminatory, or you have been throughly indoctrinated into the “goodness” of the cabal. In any event, if you choose to “out” the cabal and you have incriminating information, you will be destroyed.

The enforcement arm of the cabal is the CIA. The CIA works for the cabal, not you. The CIA had its own ships, jets, helicopters, soldiers, and military bases. They are very much like the SD and the SS in Nazi Germany.

No one is going to talk because the cabal controls main stream media. The cabal isn’t worried about smalltime cranks who talk to a few people because the cabal controls the minds of tens of millions. As a last resort the cabal through the CIA, or any other number of agencies, will kill the “outers.”

The cabal works through double-talk. For every evil program the cabal implements, the cabal issues forth a positive counter-program. The positive program is for the suckers. The cabal doesn’t fight wars for money, but to save democracy. The use of the face mask under COVID-19 exists to enforce conformity; it is sold to the public as a life saver.

The cabal now controls the key positions in what I shall term Corporate America, which includes government, corporations, media, sports leagues, entertainment, think tanks, NGOs and associations. Essentially, the cabal controls everything.

The cabal controls both political parties. There may be a few loose cannons and so-called eight balls rolling around, but these people are inconsequential when it comes to power. There is no difference between the two political parties.

The cabal enjoys putting forth false battles for both political parties to fight over. The two major cable networks, CNN and Fox News routinely take up opposite sides of the false battle. This is designed to herd the majority of the people into the cattle pens of unproductive opinion.

Back in the 1980s, rather than have people debate affairs intelligently, they were goaded into an emotional fight where one side would scream Chappaquiddick while the other would scream Star Wars.

While Americans are fighting false battles, the real thievery goes on behind the curtain.

Again, that the cabal controls affairs does not mean that everyone who benefits off the cabal is in on the secret. The vast majority of politicians, even the ones who benefit off the Harvard cabal, have no idea what the real game is.

What is the real game of the cabal? What are they really after?

In increasing order of need:


Power and control.



Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Unsound Advice

Honestly, where do these leaders of cryptocurrency get their education?

Jesse Powell of Kraken, he’s the CEO, says that the dollar is going to zero.

Therefore he urges us to stock up on milk and gasoline.

He also tells us to go out and borrow money, presumably because money will be worthless in the coming months.

He wants us to pre-pay our tuition and healthcare costs.

Does this guy live on the planet?

Surely he must be exaggerating.

Or maybe he got his degree in bullshit.

How much milk and gasoline can we stock up on?

And how long would the milk last?

Where would we store the gasoline? In our bathtub?

As far as healthcare and tuition costs are concerned what bank is going to loan the working stiff hundreds of thousands for those items?

Does this guy have any idea what kind of budget people live on?

At the same time that he is telling us that the dollar is going to zero, he tells us that Bitcoin will crash.

I need to be educated. There’s clearly something I don’t understand here.

If the dollar crashes, presumably it’s because people believe that the dollar is more worthless.

So why would Bitcoin, which is used by many people as a store of value, go down?

Since people are using Bitcoin as they would gold, the price of Bitcoin should go up.

If people think the dollar is worthless, they’re going to try to get rid of it in one way or the other.

They will either commoditize to the degree that they can, or they will put their dollars in an inflation hedge or a stock that they think will go up.

Am I missing something? Shouldn’t the value of Bitcoin go up?

It should.

But let’s never underestimate the elites.

We shouldn’t underestimate their evil nature, nor should we underestimate just how truly stupid they are.

Now, if the elites were smart they would put a nice portion of their money in Bitcoin.

Maybe they are on the sly.

If the United States government were smart it would store some of its money in Bitcoin.

This makes sense.

Instead of fighting Bitcoin, the US government should embrace it and ask each citizen to store some of their value in Bitcoin.

Why not?

Why wouldn’t the US government, if it truly represented us, want a hedge against inflation?

Gold is no longer as good an option.

Gold is clumsy, and quite frankly, a little scary.

Do you really want to keep $100,000 in gold bars around your house?

I don’t.

Well, then don’t.

Here comes Bitcoin with many advantages over gold. 1) It is much easier to store. 2) You don’t have to worry about someone breaking into your house and killing you in order to get it. 3) It is easy to buy and sell.

In truth Bitcoin has always been with us. We just never invested the energy to fully follow through with it.

Bitcoin at one time was called the banking system where the local banks acted as middlemen to handle accounts and transactions.

The only thing that was missing was the blockchain, which could have been handled by scribes. We just chose not to write everything down.

Instead we floated dollar bills in which the bearer was theoretically the legitimate owner.

That system, the one we currently use now, could’ve worked had it not been for counterfeiters big and small.

The biggest counterfeiters were the government and its crony capitalists in the large corporations. They printed up money and gave it to themselves.

Thus Bitcoin.

What Bitcoin does is add accountability into the system that we already have. Now, we can know where people are getting their Bitcoin. Now we know when someone is fabricating Bitcoins.

This is why Warren Buffett and Charles Munger oppose Bitcoin.

These two knuckleheads, Tweedledee and Tweedledum want you to fear Bitcoin. They believe that Bitcoin will be the end of the universe.

We’ll, maybe it will end their crooked enterprises.

Bitcoin does not cause economic catastrophe; Bitcoin prevents economic catastrophe.

As to why Jesse Powell is stating that Bitcoin will crash is anybody’s guess. He attended a regular school, so he may be just another goofball who wants to sit with the cool kids in the cafeteria.

Walk away, Jesse.

You are a second class citizen in their world. And you always will be.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Malignancy

We’ve talked before about the malignancy of Harvard and how it has overtaken the United States of America.

The frustrating thing is that the death of America is not complete, and yet there is little that we can do to stop this malignancy.

The malignancy is of the mind.

The people of the United States believe, and want to believe, that pedigre is important.

It’s not.

Yet there are millions upon millions of people who have bought into the notion that because someone comes from a particular school, that person is more intelligent and more qualified to lead.

It is for this reason that civil discussion is impossible in the United States of America.

Do you hear me?

It’s not possible to have a rational discussion over political affairs.

The people have been heavily propagandized into believing that the “Harvard” graduate is a living God who can do no wrong.

It’s going to get worse thanks to Michael Bloomberg‘s Bloomberg Harvard City Initiative.

Soon, a huge majority of your leaders will have bought into the Harvard plan.

What this represents is a complete hijacking of the United States where one particular school (or system of schools) decides your fate.

Soon, silly policies will be initiated nationwide.

These policies will be goofy to the max.

They already are goofy.

If you want to know why your grandchildren will not be able to use their own cars, look no further than the Harvard malignancy that is gripping the United States of America.

Citizens of America, you are being duped.

I don’t care what the political persuasion of the political candidate is, if he or she comes from Harvard or the Ivy League you cannot vote for this individual.

Do not listen to one word that comes out of his or her mouth. This individual owes his bones to the Harvard machine, and he or she will sell you down the river.

I’ve searched high and low for a solution, and I have not found one.

I’m a loser.

Was it possible to defeat the malignancy that overtook Rome?

The Romans didn’t find it.

I wrote a book entitled Defeating Caligula.

In this book I recommended that the only course of action for freedom loving people to undertake was to hide and keep the embers of freedom alive.

I want to believe that I’m wrong.

I still search for the magic bullet.

I search for the monoclonal antibodies that will destroy Harvard University.

Let me review what has not worked.

Open Sesame statements have not worked. I’m not going to say anything or find any words that are going to convince you that what I say is so.

Additionally, I am not going to say anything or find any words that are going to suddenly change the mind of the Harvard graduates who have been indoctrinated.

The Harvard graduates are just as indoctrinated as is the rest of the population.

If words have no value, are actions any stronger?

The Internet was supposed to liberate us. It seems now that the Internet and its successor, the Metaverse, will be used to confine us.

Actions may soon be impossible.

Harvard and the government it has co-opted have placed a police surveillance net upon us that would make Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin drool.

We can take comfort in that God will not abandon us.

We can take comfort in that both Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler failed.

But it would be nice if we could forestall Harvard’s death grip upon the nation.

So if words and actions are not available to us, what is available?

How can we prevent the carnage and bloodbath that are certain to ensue?

Our enemies are on hyperdrive. They will do anything to win.

Yes, a malignancy is a self-defeating disease. This is true. A malignancy dies when the healthy tissue exists no more.

But we don’t want to die. And a lot will die if Harvard is not stopped.

I pray to the Lord. I read the 23rd Psalm. I read the 27th Psalm.

These passages comfort me.

My mother loved the 23rd Psalm.

She had no problem being one of the little people.

Maybe she was wiser than I.

Maybe she understood acutely that there is no shame in being one of the anonymous people who are not talked about.

Maybe she understood that the little people, like little ants, can never be defeated.

Little people go underground.

They survive, and arise again when the elites have murdered themselves into oblivion.

The problem is that the malignancy can take centuries if not thousands of years to die out.

We’d like to help it along.

Don’t you agree that we should?

Shouldn’t we jettison these Harvard motherfuckers to the waste heap of history?

Haven’t they earned it?

After all, they did trash the beautiful republic the Founding Fathers gifted us.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved