Snoop Dogg and the Super Bowl

Here is Corporate America’s pitch man.

Of course he’s there for a reason.

It’s not just because he makes them a lot of money.

He’s there to set a poor role model for black youth in the inner city.

The reason why Corporate America wants that is because they want to continue their corporate prison racket in which poor black inner city youth can continue to be a steady supply of bodies for our prison system.

Corporate America makes a lot of money off the prison system – building prisons, supplying the prisons.

Why, what would Corporate America ever do if black youth in the inner city achieved their true potential and became business owners, doctors, lawyers, and so forth?

The prisons would go out of business after which white people in the middle of nowhere would be laid off as there would be no need for people to guard the prisoners.

“Why that would be outrageous,” Corporate America concludes. “Those white people might demand that we bring manufacturing back to the United States. After all the corporate prison system racket is the dog bone we threw them after we outsourced all their jobs. Hey, we better get our lackey Snoop Dogg in there to keep that black community devastated. Is he still baking marijuana brownies with Martha Stewart? Can we get them to do the Super Bowl?”


Archer Crosley

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The Empire Strikes Back

So Neil Young and Joni Mitchell are opposed to Joe Rogan. Check it out.

They don’t like what he has to say about COVID-19.

Remember, boys and girls, be stupid and obey.

Your government knows best.

When Ike told you to get under a desk when a nuclear weapon hit, he knew what he was talking about.

Likewise, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Scott Gottlieb speak the truth. There is no need to listen to anyone else.

Your government will now control the vertical; your government will now control the horizontal. Do not adjust your television set.

You know, when I was a boy, people like Joni Mitchell and Neil Young were against “The Man.”

They were part of the generation who said: Never trust anyone over 30.

I guess they were talking about their future selves.


Archer Crosley

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The Circus Comes to Town

Once again the circus comes to town.

We are now searching for a new Supreme Court justice.

Joe Biden has promised to appoint a black woman to the Supreme Court.

Democrats are all already demonizing conservatives as being opposed to a black female Supreme Court justice.

I’m sure there are some conservatives who are opposed to a black female Supreme Court justice, but I’m not one of them.

I have no problem at all with a black female being appointed to the Supreme Court as long as she holds values that are consistent with what I believe in.

Will this nominee stick up for the little guy?

Will this nominee understand that corporations are too big?

Will this nominee not be a shameless corporatist?

Will this nominee not be a toady to the corporations?

Will this nominee have the guts to take a baseball bat to the large corporations?

Will this nominee understand that corporations are not people and do not enjoy personhood?

Will this nominee fear corporations as did the Founding Fathers?

Will this nominee believe that corporations should have a specific scope and a specific term of operation as they did centuries ago?

Will this nominee hold the belief that corporations, not being persons, not enjoying personhood, do not enjoy the right to lobby Congress or support Congress financially in any form?

These are the important questions for me.

I don’t care if the nominee is a polkadot transsexual, if that individual opposes corporate power and has the guts to take on corporations, unlike the other Supreme Court justices, who are shameless cowards, then that individual can be on the Supreme Court as far as I’m concerned.

Well, as I said, the circus has come to town.

Here are the potential nominees that have been bandied about in the first couple of days. I will list their names and where they went to school.

Leondra Kruger: Harvard, Yale

Candace Jackson: Princeton, Yale

Eunice Lee: Ohio State University, Yale

If any of these three potential candidates becomes the nominee, don’t hold your breath in thinking that she will do anything different than the other cowards on the Supreme Court.

I don’t care what bullshit comes out of her mouth.

I don’t care what her background is.

I don’t care if she grew up in the projects and dodged bullets in Compton, California.

At the end of the day, if the nominee comes from one of the Empire’s top schools, you can bet your ass she’ll do what the Empire wants.

And that will mean more corporate power.

Where someone comes from means little in the modern age.

What counts more is the school of propaganda and indoctrination that he or she attended.

Years ago, I wrote a column entitled: A Bucket of Green Paint.

I will refer to that column, and you can search it on this blog.

I was trying to repaint my house a few years ago. I had a bucket of green paint.

I liked orange, so I went down to the store and bought an orange brush and dipped it into the bucket. To my surprise, all I got was green paint.

I figured it was the brush.

So I went down to the store again and couldn’t find another orange brush. So I picked another paint color for the house and bought a blue brush and used that. Again, all I got was green paint.

I couldn’t figure out what was going on.

Now, at this point you’re probably thinking: Are you fucking stupid? It’s not the color of the brush, moron; it’s the fucking paint!

You’re right.

You’re exactly right.

The color of the brush has nothing to do with the paint that comes out.

Since you understand that, why would you think differently when it comes to a Supreme Court justice.

I don’t give a fuck where that nominee comes from; if they go to Harvard or Yale, they are going to come out as a Harvard burger or a Yale burger.

And that’s why we have a circus.

The potential nominees come from the same old tired schools of thought.

Yale and Harvard are the Empire’s corporate schools.

The Ivy League exists to train the officers of Corporate America. That’s why they’re there. That’s why these schools exist.

You don’t go to Harvard to learn how to flip burgers.

You don’t go to Harvard to learn how to lay brick.

You go to Harvard in order to fill the executive positions of Corporate America.

As long as we keep putting on the Supreme Court people who were trained at the Empire’s corporate schools, we are going to get decisions that favor big corporations.

That’s bad for us.

That means more fascism, more political correctness, more war, and more death.

Nevertheless, the media will focus on what humble beginnings the future nominee possesses.

A wonderful heartwarming story will be told to the American people.

And the American people will be entranced and enthralled.

As I say, the circus is in town.


Archer Crosley

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Lies and the Alpha Male Gorilla

There are two theories of history that I want to talk about. There is the social view of history, and then there is the monetary view of history.

The social view of history says that humanity changes in response to social events and social inequality. The monetary view of history says that humanity changes in response to the alpha male gorilla’s lust to fill his belly and get laid.

In our society today and in the societies of the past, the alpha male gorilla rules. We haven’t been able to escape the influence and rule of this particular creature.

Let’s cut to the chase.

The reason we went into Vietnam was because the alpha male gorilla wanted to dominate Southeast Asia so that he could fill his belly with rubber, latex, palm oil, and oil and gas deposits. There was also the prospect of slave labor in the future. These are your modern-day sweatshops that make lots of money for the pigs at Nike. In addition the alpha male gorilla was going to make a lot of money fighting the war necessary to secure the joint.

Alpha male gorillas love war. They love making money off jeeps, helicopters, bullets and all the rest of the stuff that wars require.

That’s the world we live in.

Of course, war is generally not palatable to the American people, principally because they have to risk their lives to fight it, and so there is therefore the need to lie.

This is what our leaders do.

And so they have constructed the social view of history to make you feel better about yourself.

Our leaders, who are owned and controlled by the alpha male gorillas, are shielding you from the brutality of the alpha male gorilla.

Thus, we didn’t go into Vietnam in order to satiate the alpha male gorilla’s lust. We went into Vietnam in order to save democracy.

Why, those citizens of Vietnam who have a standard of living one tenth of the average American, if left to their own devices, would one day grow strong enough to march down Main Street in America and kill you.

Those Vietnamese were then positioned in the media as savages by our leaders.

Worse, they believed in sharing wealth, which is of course anathema to the alpha male gorilla.

In reality, those average Vietnamese were no threat at all except in the sense that they wanted a stake in the American game.

They didn’t want to be oppressed anymore.

They didn’t want to be bullied anymore.

They had already suffered two hundred years of that from the French.

Needless to say, the alpha male gorilla couldn’t have cared less about weaker competitors, especially whiners who got in the way of profits.

And so the Vietnam war was fought to preserve decency and the “American Way” as have been all the other wars in humanity.

Instead of the American way, it was the British way, or the Roman way or, the Greek way or, the Egyptian way, or the Assyrian way.

The alpha male gorilla lied then as he does today.

Over the past several millennia, the alpha male gorilla has learned how to lie even better than before. He uses the media to foist upon you the social view of history.

The social view history talks a lot about movements, class warfare, poverty and such.

It’s a mask.

It’s a mask that exists to prevent you from seeing the truth.

What makes it worse is that there are professors in academia, and quasi-professors in the business world, who work for the alpha male gorilla, who appear regularly on television to sell you this false social view of history. They speak about the social forces that they believe are responsible for our wars and our predicaments.

But when they speak of these movements and forces, they speak vaguely and never fully track the social inequality back to the alpha male gorilla. Generally they substitute a convenient bogeyman as the culprit. In our time that bogeyman is Russia.

Russia represents evil; Russia represents communism; Russia represents barbarianism.

And it’s left at that. Nothing is explored further than that. That’s the endpoint. Russia is evil. That’s all you need to know.

As to why Russia is evil, forget about it.

Many times, a false flag is constructed by the alpha male gorilla to justify American intervention abroad.

The alpha make gorilla’s henchmen who dress up in suits, who speak well, never question the false flag. They legitimize the false flag by discussing it, but never in terms of whether it is valid or not. The validity of the false flag is never questioned.

No, what is discussed is America’s response to the false flag. Many of these henchmen, men like Zbigniew Brzezinski, would talk about the need for America to show force.

The world needs to see a show of force, Brzezinski used to say.

The validity of a false flag will never be discussed, not on national television. Any American who questions the validity of the false flag will be dismissed as a kook and a conspiracy nut.

This constant browbeating of the American people makes it tougher for us to solve our problem of eternal war.

The people who work for the alpha male gorilla have skills. They are glib. They dress up in nice suits to fool you. They know how to make jokes at the right time in order to dismiss critics who get too close to the truth. They have an amazing command of the esoteric yet irrelevant facts of history.

Having a command of esoteric facts is equated with intelligence and wisdom.

Many of these glib people come from the Ivy League.

When you attend the Ivy League, you are groomed to join the alpha make gorillas who are firmly in charge of the Empire. You don’t have to join the alpha male gorillas when you attend Harvard, but they hope that you do. And when you attend the Ivy League, they will introduce you to many alpha male gorillas. And you will be thrilled.

And you will lie.

You will lie because they will reward you if you do lie. You will be given speaking engagements. You will be given the opportunity to publish a book. You will be given access to television. You will have a first class ticket on the jet. People in first class get meals. People in first class get on the jet first, and they get off the jet first.

If you do a good enough job, you will be given a trip on Air Force One and perhaps an invitation to a State Dinner.

By the time you get to that level, you will have lied so much that you won’t even know you’re lying anymore.

Here’s the kicker.

Many of these people, people in power, believe that lying is okay if it serves to accomplish what they perceive to be a good thing.

So they are in favor of American leaders lying about the Lusitania, lying about Pearl Harbor, lying about the Gulf of Tonkin, lying about the World Trade Center, and lying about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Their prime example is Hitler and Nazi Germany. They will pound their their fists upon the table and say that Hitler had to be defeated. They will never tell you why, and they will never tell you that it was American corporations in conjunction with German corporations that supported and fueled Adolf Hitler. Nor will they tell you that they, the glib boys, represent knuckleheads who were handpicked by the knuckleheads at Versailles who created the conditions which enabled Adolf Hitler to rise.

These glib sleek-dressers subscribe to the notion that the American people are too stupid to comprehend honesty and the truth.

Now, you see, that kind of advice defies the lessons of honesty that my mother taught me.

Yes, it’s true, you can be honest to a fault, but in the long run honesty works. Even if it hurts you in the short run, honesty works.

Our alpha male gorillas and the henchmen that they hire do not believe that. They are liars and they embrace it.

And until we convince them that their doctrine is wrong, that it is not okay to lie, we will be lost – and engaged in perpetual war.

And that’s the way it is.


Archer Crosley

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Studies Gone Wrong

Here’s a study from early of last year.

Many academics are pointing to this study as a reason to use the face mask. According to them the face mask increases the humidity of your airway.

They claim it does so because the mask traps water vapor which is then breathed back in to your lungs. Now, the reason they did the study is because they noted that people who live in moist humid environments have a lesser chance of contracting COVID-19 or experiencing the serious side effects of COVID-19.

Of course, this was already known during the first SARS epidemic; there was nothing new in knowing that humidity protected people, although you wouldn’t have known that from our government who failed to protect people when the pandemic began in 2020.

All Dr. Fauci had to do was tell you to turn off your air conditioner. He could have encouraged the elderly to move to a more humid environment. He could have encouraged people to purchase room humidifiers. I don’t remember him doing any of that.

In this study, individuals breathed into a box with a mask and without a mask.

What they discovered was that the humidity of the box went down when people wore a mask.

The researchers thus concluded that the mask would retain and increase humidity in the lungs.

This makes sense. If we aren’t wearing a mask and we are breathing into a box, the box then becomes an extension of our lungs. Of course the humidity will rise.

The problem with translating this experiment to the real world is that we don’t walk around with a box around our face.

When we walk, we walk at approximately 2 to 3 mph. it’s also likely that we’re encountering a wind current of another 2 to 5 mph. If we are walking outside we are also encountering the sun. Remember the sun? It’s that round thing in the sky that’s hot.

The sun and the wind tend to have a drying effect on the mask which will decrease markedly the water vapor that is retained within the mask. It’s very similar to placing a wet bath towel over a tub at night. You come back in the morning and the towel is magically dry.

Taking this into account, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me that the mask is having the effect on humidity to the degree that they think it does. If you want to increase the humidity in your lungs, you’re probably better off by drinking a glass of water. Better yet, turn off the air conditioner.

So what’s the take home message?

A) Be careful about extrapolating studies to a real world experience. B) Many medical academics (not all) are often lazy thinkers and repeaters who are there to go along, get through the day, and make a few bucks.

Furthermore in our modern era, too much grant money is at stake for the professor to be truly objective. What is happening today in academia borders on extortion: Say what I want you to say, and I’ll leave you alone.

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Charlie’s Looking Out For Us

Here’s another laugher.

Guy Spier, one of Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger’s puppets and mouthpieces, has rushed to the defense of Charlie Munger.

Here it is, right here.

He says that Charlie Munger did small investors a favor by calling Bitcoin “rat poison” back in 2013.

He was looking out for us, you see.

Charlie Munger was actually looking out for us.

Yes, it’s true.

Charlie Munger was scaring us away from cryptocurrency because he didn’t want us to lose our money on a speculative investment.

Is that a joke?

Of course he didn’t want us to lose our money on cryptocurrency. If we lost our money on cryptocurrency, how would we ever lose our money to him in the casino that he and Buffet are running?

Thanks but no thanks, Charlie.

Thanks but no thanks, Guy.

Then amazingly, Spier goes on to say that Charlie Munger probably doesn’t give the same advice to his wealthy friends as he does to the rest of us suckers.

Is this guy brazen, or what?

Well, of course he’s brazen. Guy Spier is one of the anointed elites.

One only has to look at his résumé to see this. He attended both Oxford and Harvard.

That makes him privileged, stupid, and entitled.

Only someone who attended Harvard and Oxford could get away with saying something so stupid.

The rationale behind such a statement was that cryptocurrency was a speculative investment, unlike stocks, and that investing in cryptocurrency was like betting in a large poker room.

Some of the tables in the poker room, according to Guy Spier, are speculative scams in which we are likely to lose our money.

The average investor, according to Guy Spier, isn’t smart enough to pick the right table.

Savvy investors, however, most likely Charlie Munger‘s friends, are able to pick out the better tables and are therefore more likely to win.

Do you mean like the stock market, Guy Spier, a contrived, phony casino if ever there was one, a rigged joint where whales like William Ackman can short a stock and then get on television and trash companies like Herbal Life into submission so that they can make a fortune.

Do you mean like the stock market, Guy Spier, a good old boy game, where, in the midst of an IPO, wealthy elites at the major investment banks dole out hundreds of thousands of shares of stock to their friends for nothing?

Do you mean like the stock market, Guy Spier, a Texas Hold’em table if ever there was one, where large investors can afford to pay Harvard trained quants to write sophisticated high-frequency trading programs that run over high-speed networks in order to see everybody’s pocket cards before fleecing them out of their money?

Are you talking about that legitimate poker table?

I’ll tell you what, Guy Spier, why don’t you and your scam-meister, Munger, let us figure out what’s legitimate or not.

Or maybe we already have.

Maybe that’s why people are investing in cryptocurrency, fuck face. Maybe they already have figured out Munger’s game.

Maybe that’s what you don’t like.


Archer Crosley

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Skills, Baby

Here’s one of the more moronic things I’ve heard this weekend.

There’s this thinking going around that because an NFL team is loosey-goosey and has nothing to lose, then they have a chance of beating a top caliber team.


I am listening.

I am listening.

I am rejecting you.

Let me see if I can get this straight now.

I’m going to go back in time and play Bobby Fischer in chess. Bobby Fischer is of course not alive anymore; that’s why I have to go back in time.

I haven’t played chess since eighth grade, over fifty years ago.

I was a good player back then, but I was certainly no child prodigy who became a grandmaster.

Nevertheless I’m going to go back in time and play Bobby Fischer in chess.

I feel loosey-goosey, and I feel great.

I’m totally relaxed.

I have nothing to lose.

So what are my chances of beating Bobby Fischer?


Absolute zero.

Yet, according to the morons on television this weekend, I stand a pretty good chance of beating Bobby Fischer.

That’s what they’re saying about the Pittsburgh Steelers facing the Kansas City Chiefs.

Why, Pittsburgh has nothing to lose. They’re loosey-goosey. They stand a good chance of winning.

They are saying the same thing about the Philadelphia Eagles going up against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Why, the Eagles have nothing to lose.

I don’t care if they only stand to lose a bottle of Coke, neither Philadelphia or Pittsburgh is going to win.

Sure, I guess the stadium could blow up.

I suppose that a jumbo airliner could land on the Kansas City Chiefs.

I suppose that every member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers could have a heart attack.

But I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

Nevertheless Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are loosey-goosey and have nothing to lose.

Just like me when I go up against Bobby Fischer.

In reality, never discussed on television, what wins football games are skills.

What wins chess games are skills.

The Pittsburgh Steelers do not have the same level of skills as the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Philadelphia Eagles do not have the same level of skills as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

I do not have the same skills in chess as Bobby Fisher.

Skills win the day.

Being loosey-goosey and totally relaxed don’t mean diddly if you don’t have the skills.


Archer Crosley

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A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Hey, Bitcoiners, do you trust Michael Saylor of Microstrategy?

Michael Saylor is the founder and head of Microstrategy. He is also a big proponent of Bitcoin.

Now, he came to the game a bit late, but he is still a big player in Bitcoin.

So do you trust him?

I don’t.

I don’t trust him at all.

He’s a mole.

I did at first, but I didn’t know who he was.

Then I found out that he went to MIT.

MIT is one of the Empire’s top schools.

Michael Saylor is a billionaire who made it big on Microstrategy

I can tell you right now, that he wouldn’t have gone anywhere near the heights that he did unless he’d had the Empire’s backing.

His story is one of rags to riches.

He made it big because the big boys invested in his firm.

He owes his bones to the Empire.

Here’s rule number for those of you caring to join.

Never betray the Empire.


The Empire can make you and break you anytime they want, and betrayal is the only crime we never forgive.

We say we forgive; we lie. We are not noble.

Michael Saylor doesn’t look like a fool to me.

Nor does he look like a stupid guy.

This guy is betting the ranch on Bitcoin.

If he’s betting the ranch on Bitcoin, he has the blessing of the Empire.

If he has the blessing of the Empire, nothing is going to happen to him financially if Bitcoin crashes.

Somehow, someway he will be able to escape with selling his Bitcoin early should the price crash to zero.

He’s not going to get hurt. The Empire won’t allow him to get hurt -not in the real sense of getting hurt.

If he makes money on Bitcoin, it will be because the Empire plays the same game with Bitcoin that they play with the stock market – take it up, take it down, take it up, take it down.

In such a scenario, the regular guy loses out.

One way or the other, Michael Saylor isn’t going to lose.

So what’s his game?

How should I know? I am not him. I am not the Empire.

Whatever it is, it’s not good for us.

What Michael Saylor is doing is bringing the big boys into Bitcoin. That’s not what we want.

What we want is for Bitcoin to grow organically from the bottom up until one day it surprises the Empire and crushes it.

Michael Saylor is one of King Louis’s advisers waking him up and letting him know that the French citizenry is unhappy and is planning a revolt.

That’s not what we want.

Michael Saylor has allowed the big boys to come in and exploit Bitcoin and play their stupid little stock market game with it.

That’s bad for us.

King Louis has awoken.


Archer Crosley

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CalCare: DOA

Will CalCare work?


CalCare is Governor Gavin Newsome’s ambitious plan to cover healthcare for all Californians.

Assuming it does pass, it will work poorly, escalate healthcare costs, and cause a further widening of the wealth gap between rich and poor.

That it will do so is a mathematical certainty.

It will do so because in a government run healthcare system decisions are often made not in the best interest of the patient but in the best interest of the politician’s friend.

You can expect cavernous clinics in the middle of nowhere that sit empty.

You can expect a massive surplus in hospital supplies that are unnecessary.

You can expect programs and projects within CalCare to teeter on the edge of bankruptcy.

The fraud and waste will be incredible.

Complaints, emergency meetings and stopgap funding will become the norm.

Expect the likes of the London ambulance company and its 45 minute response times.

It can’t be anything but this.

Ultimately single payer in California will pass.

It will pass not because its time has come, as the politicians will crow.

Nor will it pass because it’s the best thing for the people.

It will pass because the wealthy thug elite will have already laid out a plan to rape the system bare.

Fraud will be in the cards.

It’ll be a done deal.

That’s the future we face in the United States today.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

If California truly wants to provide affordable and accessible healthcare for everybody, all it needs to do is to create a competitive healthcare marketplace.

This would entail breaking up the large healthcare monopolies and insurers.

It would mean breaking up large pharmaceutical conglomerates.

These current corporations are bloated, ossified dinosaurs that make an aged and overweight Elvis look like a ripped stud with a chiseled six pack.

Competition works!

Only with true competition can you get better quality of care at a cheaper cost.

Currently we don’t have that.

Thus far politicians have been unwilling to spend the political capital to take on the large corporations.

Indeed, they are puppets of the large corporations.

That’s the way it is.

And that’s why CalCare will fail.


Archer Crosley

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A Fake Good Guy

Do you know who Boris Johnson is?

Boris Johnson is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Take a look at him.

He looks like a good guy. He does goofy things like a good guy. He dresses shabbily like a good guy. But he’s not a good guy.

He’s not a good guy because he’s a member of the British upper class. And the British upper class has done a lot of damage to people around the world.

He was educated at Eton and Oxford, two of the British Empire’s top schools. That’s where you learn how to be a crook.

The British aristocracy is very good at presenting leaders who appear to represent you, who appear to be of you, but who really represent the British aristocracy.

In our country, the United States, our elites play the same game. That’s why they gave you George Bush and George Herbert Walker Bush.

George Herbert Walker Bush seemed like a nice guy. He wasn’t.

George Walker Bush, his son, acted goofy and said a lot of goofy things just like regular people do, but he wasn’t a regular person, and he isn’t a regular person.

Both George Bush and George Herbert Walker Bush helped rape the American people just as Boris Johnson rapes the people of the United Kingdom.

Here’s how they do it.

I will pick Britain, but the same methodology applies to the United States.

The British pick a country that they want to dominate. Then they go to that country, usually a weaker country, and prop up a thug who they own. If the thug is not already in power, they use their vast sums of money to put him in power. They may even assassinate the current leader.

After this is done they conduct a sweetheart deal with the thug. Britain will loan the country money in order to purchase goods from British industries who the British aristocracy own and control. It’s called corporate welfare. The thug will borrow the money and purchase the goods but not before taking a healthy cut for himself, usually in the billions of dollars. He will bank this money with banks that the British aristocracy control. These will usually be offshore accounts.

In addition to borrowing money from Britain, the thug will allow the British to mine minerals in his country on the cheap. The British will come in and mine for bauxite, copper, or even gold. This is positioned to the people as a good thing because it provides jobs. Additionally there may also be textile sweatshops that again the British control. The people will often work 10 to 12 hour workdays for peanuts. Working conditions will be poor, and the people will become disgruntled.

In time the people of the thug’s country will figure out what is going on and will force him to leave. The thug will leave the country and find exile in a country that the British aristocracy control. It may be even in Britain itself. He will enjoy his exile in luxury. He will partake of pheasant and fine expensive wines. Meanwhile, back at home, the people will become mired in economic devastation. They have little to show for the money that was borrowed from Britain. They have to pay that money back. Usually the interest rates alone cripple the economy. The people become perpetual renters, which is exactly what the British aristocracy desires.

Slavery never died as far as the upper classes are concerned.

What is hidden from the people of Britain is that this methodology hurts them. What the British aristocracy does is take decent paying jobs away from British citizens. They take those jobs and place them in the thug’s country where they pay people two to six dollars per day. Meanwhile the people back in Britain go hungry. This is why they say that the sun never set on the British Empire but never rose on the slums of London.

This is what empires do.

Boris Johnson is an officer of that empire. George Bush and George Herbert Walker Bush were officers of the American empire.

They are not nice guys.

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