Hey America, what you think doesn’t count.

You see, some Harvard cocsucker ate a taco last week. Oh, yeah, he got it at the frozen food section at Target.

No matter.

Now we must all care about Latino affairs.

Never mind the fact that Harvard fucked over Latin America for nearly a century.

That’s right, the Harvard Cabal has brutalized Central America for over a hundred years.

That’s why there are so many immigrants flooding in over our southern border.

The most prominent event occurred in 1954 when the Princeton cocksucker, Allen Dulles, backed up by Dwight “Quisling” Eisenhower overthrew the government of Jacobo Arbenz in Guatemala.

They did that because Árbenz wanted to give the peasants a small slice of land in order to give them a stake in the game. The land wasn’t being used anyway.

That was too much for the monied elite in the United States.

They proclaimed Árbenz a communist. They, through their American Sicherheitdienst (CIA), forced him out of power, then hounded him for the rest of his life.

Since then this monied elite has continued to brutalize the people of Central America.

They did it back in the 80s by sponsoring the death squads through the World Anti-Communist League.

They cemented their death grip with CAFTA in the early 2000s.

Thank you, Yale cocksucker, George Walker Bush.

Now Central America is not a habitable place. There is a lot of poverty and a lot of violence.

Gangs like MS 13 come out of Central America because life is so tough there.

Large corporations regularly pollute the environment, and it’s difficult for the people to file a grievance against them.

Tens of millions of immigrants have flooded across the Rio Grande over the past fifty years.

This is why Hispanics play such a prominent role in the United States now.

You can see this in our culture as we now celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

There is nothing wrong with that. Nor is there anything wrong with Spanish being spoken more commonly. After all, there is no official language in the United States.

There is something wrong though when the Harvard cocksucker decides for the rest of us that we now have to pay attention to Latin American affairs.

Well, the people don’t need to be told to pay attention to Latin American affairs because they live alongside Latin Americans. They have been celebrating Cinco de Mayo. And they intermarry with new immigrants and have so for centuries, far before the bigoted Harvard cocksucker.

The Harvard cocksucker doesn’t understand this though because he thinks we’re a bunch of racists.

He lives in his bubble in Cambridge. He vacations in Martha’s Vineyard. There he invents bizarre terms like Latinx, then promotes this top-down driven terminology through the fascist media he controls.

Though the organizations, corporations, and foundations he dominates, he mandates that we now attend diversity classes.

He wants to make sure that we are as culturally sensitive as he is.

He will decide for us what’s important in life.

Last week, he ate a taco, then decided that now was the time to pay attention to Latin American affairs. He’s even taken the time to learn how to say, “Hola, Pepe, como estas. Me llamo Harvard Cocksucker.”

That taco that was sitting in the Target freezer for three months revolutionized his life.

Never mind the fact that he the Harvard cocksucker brutalized Latin America for over a hundred years. What’s important is that he’s decided that it’s now important to assuage his guilt by recognizing Latinos, excuse me Latinx.

That’s the way the United States works now.

Nothing of importance happens until it occurs in the mind of the Harvard cocksucker.

Dios míos; este es muy mal para nosotras.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Brahmins

There is an evil wrongheaded elite in this country that is out to destroy the black community.

There’s too much power for them in the destruction of that community to not do it.

There is too little caring in their hearts.

This elite operates on such a high level that accountability cannot often be attached to their actions.

Nevertheless, they control the levers of power.

They can do this in such a way that they appear to be helping the black community.

The results now show that they are not helping, and yet this elite persists in its efforts to “help” the black community.

You would have to be blind to not see that this is so.

That this elite does not change its ways is an indictment of them and their efforts.

There are many ways that this elite can hurt the black community.

The most nefarious method is to insert clever talkers into that black community in order to lead black folk astray.

Malcolm X warned black people about these Uncle Toms many years ago.

WEB DuBois was one of those men. He was a Harvard dandy who set the black community on a course of protest rather than industry.

There have been many others.

The Harvard Cabal, controlled by this elite class of people, has invested much energy in recruiting black men and women into its universities in order to go out into the black community to ensure that there is no true reform.

When a community is destroyed, as the black community has been destroyed, much money is made on welfare and social services. Much money is made on healthcare. Much money is made by the prison industrial complex. Much money is made in drug dealing.

Currently devastated young black men serve as fuel to feed prisons located in white communities. These black men justify and make necessary the jobs that keep many small white communities going.

One would have to be blind to not see that this is so.

The answer is not more rage and protest, but well-paying jobs.

The best welfare program is a steady well-paying job.

Corporate America will not permit this. The ruling elite will not permit this. There is simply too much money to be made on the welfare plantation.

What would happen to the prison industrial complex if there were no black prisoners? It would collapse.

Prisons were given to the white community when their vital well-paying jobs were shipped out.

Those white communities have been devastated as well. The prisons are a poor substitute for well-paying jobs. The prisons are a dog bone to keep people from protesting too loudly.

A dog with a bone neither barks nor bites.

So said Porfirio Diaz.

Now this devastation is seen throughout the United States.

Given that black communities are not homogeneous throughout the nation, and that the blacks who populate the devastated inner cities came from different ethnicities and countries within Africa, one would be hard-pressed to attribute the devastation in the black community to genetics.

Given that the devastation in the black community is systemic throughout the United States, one would then have to attribute the devastation to a systemic effect not related to genetics.

One would have to look not at the state governments or the local governments, but at the national government.

Who controls the national government?

It is the Harvard Cabal that controls the national government.

The Harvard Cabal is the culprit which has caused economic devastation to the black community.

It is the Harvard Cabal that controls the Uncle Toms, both black and white, who have carried out this devastation.

They know what they’re doing. They may not want to admit it, but down deep, they know.

They cleverly encourage black people to not act as individuals, but as a group, chained together, like slaves.

They keep protest and rage alive through their race hustling. They know full well that people focused on rage are not focused on industry.

Who puts together these million man marches!

Who organizes these riots? Who brings in protesters from outside areas?

These efforts require money, big money.

It is the Harvard Cabal through their various intelligence agencies which carries out these actions.

It was the CIA which ran drugs into Los Angeles in the early 90s. They weren’t just doing it there; they were doing it in every major American city.

Only the Harvard Cabal (through both parties) has the power to control the Senate, the House, the intelligence agencies, the schools, and most importantly the media.

Who controls the Harvard Cabal? And who is in on the know?


Certainly not everybody is invited to know the true purpose of the Harvard Cabal even though all its members certainly benefit from the economic devastation of the black community.

It’s not even necessary to state the overt goal of the Harvard Cabal which is to exploit the black community.

The true power behind the Harvard Cabal only needs to reward and punish the members of that Harvard Cabal for either complying or opposing the goals of the Harvard Cabal.

Does this make sense?

There is no overt plan written down that says: Destroy the black community.

There doesn’t have to be.

Members of the Cabal may possess from time to time fleeting thoughts that they may be participating in the destruction of that black community, but these thoughts are fleeting, and those members say nothing.

It’s not only that they don’t necessarily know or suspect what’s going on; they don’t want to know.

Not wanting to know is often times more damaging than knowing.

So many stay quiet. They continue with their efforts that destroy the black community. After all, they are making a ton of money. Or they are moving up the ladder. They are gaining tenure at their universities. They are invited to speak at conferences. They are one of the few people who are listened to. They get invited on national talk shows to speak as experts. They get to meet so-called important people. They get trips on Air Force One. They meet the President in the White House. They are invited to State Dinners.

These are the dog biscuits of empire. You give people a taste of the good life, and they will look the other way for you.

And they do.

They’ll do it because they don’t want to lose their first class ticket on the jet.

People who oppose the Harvard Cabal get their first class ticket revoked.

And that’s the way it works.

With that stated, who is the force behind this Harvard Cabal? Who sits at the core of the circle?

The core are these old-money Anglicans who sit atop the social register. These are the Boston Brahmins who are the real power behind the power at Harvard University.

They are old-money families who make up in monied relationships and power what they lack in total dollars.

Musk, Bezos and Soros may have a lot of bucks, but they operate at the pleasure of the Boston Brahmins.

The Boston Brahmins control Harvard University, and Harvard University controls the Harvard Cabal, and the Harvard Cabal controls America and the world.

They are the guy behind the guy behind the guy.

They are the ones responsible for taking out the black community.

Why are they doing it? Is it because they hate black people?

No. Some are even married to black people.

They are doing it because doing so drains you the regular guy of resources. Their actions weaken you and strengthens them.

The black community just happened to be a convenient vehicle for them to exploit.

Their scam gives them a reason to swoop in and become the savior of society. This strengthens their hold on you.

It’s about power. It’s about creating an elite aristocracy that can cement itself in power for 1000 years and more.

As you grow weaker and they grow stronger, they increasingly control the media which controls your mind.

These Boston Brahmans love power above all. They come from old money. They’ve had old money for centuries. Money doesn’t mean as much to them anymore. They don’t need yachts, jets and fancy houses.

What they want is control.

They have allied themselves with the British aristocracy which has destroyed the will of the British people for centuries. They aim to do the same thing to the people of the United States.

They are doing it.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Jamie’s Ignorant Attack on Bitcoin

Just today Jamie Dimon laid into Bitcoin – again.

He’s going for a troll record.

He likened Bitcoin to other cryptocurrencies and called them all, including Bitcoin, a Ponzi scheme.

He stated that Bitcoin had been linked to sex trafficking, money laundering, ransom ware and theft.

My gosh, can’t we say the same for the US dollar?

I don’t see Jamie Dimon advocating for getting rid of the US dollar.

I’d like to know precisely how Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme.

I have invested approximately $60,000 in Bitcoin, and my net value now is about half that.

How is that a Ponzi scheme?

Is Jamie Dimon saying that I am one of the later investors who who is being ripped off?

I don’t feel like I’ve been ripped off.

I invested in an instrument, and the instrument went down in value.

A few months before the crypto crash though, my investment had a net positive.

I knew the risks when I entered Bitcoin. I’m not complaining.

Can’t the same thing happen to the stock market?

Indeed, hasn’t the exact same thing happened in the stock market time and time again.

Is Jamie Dimon willing to call the stock market a Ponzi scheme?

I doubt it (although, ha ha, I do believe it is).

I think Jamie Dimon is confusing a Ponzi scheme with a bubble.

A bubble involves the greater fool theory where people pile into a hot market and make it go higher.

Eventually that bubble must burst.

But there’s nothing wrong with investing in a bubble as long as you retain what you pay for, and as long as no one misrepresented what you were purchasing.

A Ponzi scheme is quite different.

In a Ponzi scheme, the seller of the product typically absconds with your money and pays you a monthly or yearly return by attracting new investors.

This isn’t even close to being the case with Bitcoin.

When I invested in Bitcoin, nothing was promised to me, nor did I expect any annual return.

I had hoped that the value would go up over the years as more people used Bitcoin, and I still anticipate that it will go up.

But I don’t feel cheated because it has gone down in value.

It has gone down in value precisely because people like Jamie Dimon are driving it down by scaring the citizenry.

Jamie Dimon has no interest in seeing Bitcoin succeed.

He mistakenly perceives Bitcoin as a threat to his fiat currency.

Here’s a ticket on the clue train for Jamie Dimon: Bitcoin will not replace fiat currency just as gold will not replace fiat currency.

All Bitcoin does is give regular middle-class people a little bit of a buffer against inflation.

What is wrong with that?

Apparently that is too outrageous for Jamie Dimon and his friends.

You see, they don’t want any middle-class person being a potential threat to their rule.

They were infuriated when middle-class people suddenly became rich off Bitcoin.

So they had to put a stop to that.

Rather than encourage people to invest in Bitcoin, which would be a good thing for the people of the United States, Jamie Dimon asks people to invest in stable coins such as the JP Morgan stable coin.

The stable coin is sold to people on the basis of its reliability and non-volatility.

Ironically it was Terra USD, a stable coin, that crashed this past year which caused many people to lose their money.

Jamie says that better regulation will prevent that from happening again.

Sure, Jamie, I trust you.

Te amo, Jamie.

As to why anyone should trust JP Morgan, Jaime’s firm, when it regularly has to pay fines back to the federal government for scamming people, is anybody’s guess.

The main problem though with stable coins is that there is no fixed supply. Because there is no fixed supply, there is no protection against inflation.

Instead, the central planners will decide the exchange rate between your stable coin and the fiat currency that they are addicted to printing en extremis.

Essentially then stable coins are digital dollar bills.

How does that protect you?

Answer: It doesn’t.

In spite of this, Jamie Dimon carries a lot of weight in the financial universe. He will undoubtedly convince a lot of senators and representatives – his college chums, really – to put regulations in place that will hamper Bitcoin.

It’s too bad, really, because Bitcoin can work for the rich too.

It’s not like everyone is going to suddenly convert to Bitcoin.

After decades of being impoverished by Jamie and his Ivy League clowns, most people won’t have the extra money to put into Bitcoin, just as most people don’t have the extra money to put into gold.

But if they did have a little extra money, which is hopefully something we can work on some day, it would be a good thing for them to invest in a hedge against inflation.

That would help prevent these massive recessions, and that would benefit Jamie.

Unfortunately, he’s too ignorant of Bitcoin, too obsessed with oppressing people, too angry at middle-class people for making money on Bitcoin when he didn’t, and flat out too stupid to see it.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Aaron Judge and Legacy

Soon Aaron Judge will break Roger Maris’s home run record for the Yankees.

Some are touting it as the real record for home runs in a season – 62.

They believe that Barry Bonds is not the true owner of the major league record for home runs in a season – 73 – because he was allegedly doing steroids.

They are wrong.

Barry Bonds is the legitimate owner of the major league record for home runs in a season on two levels.

First, the executives of Major League Baseball looked the other way during the steroid era. They knew that the players were doing steroids; they didn’t want to know that the players were doing steroids. They looked the other way because they liked the attendance records that the home runs were bringing in.

By looking the other way, by saying nothing, they gave approval to the use of steroids. By their silence they legitimized steroids. They can’t have their cake and eat it too.

The fathers of Major League Baseball would like you to forget their role in the steroid era. They denounce players like Barry Bonds, and they now try to walk away from him and the other steroid users.

They bar them from the Hall of Fame through their sycophantic baseball writers.

Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. They don’t get to do that.

By saying nothing about the steroids, they hopped in bed with Barry Bonds (and the others) and legitimized their use.

Secondly, there’s nothing wrong with steroids in professional sports. If we are going to allow players to improve their vision with contact lenses, then steroids are just as legitimate.

If we are going to allow players to get ACL repairs and UCL reconstructions, then steroids are just as legitimate.

One set of cells in the human body does not have special rights over another set of cells.

If I am a baseball player who has excellent vision but average muscle strength, why am I not allowed to pump up my muscles to the level of Mickey Mantle?

Why is a poor-sighted player with natural muscular strength allowed to improve his vision, but another player with perfect vision is not allowed to improve his muscles through steroids?

Why does one set of cells in the body have greater privileges than another?

If we’re going to dismiss Barry Bonds’s record, then we have to dismiss all of Mickey Mantle’s records. From what I’ve been able to read Mickey Mantle would get loaded and drunk the night before the game, then he would take uppers before the game began.

Well, my friend those uppers are performance enhancing drugs. For that reason we have to throw out all of Mickey Mantle’s records.

Mickey Mantle cheated.

Is that what you want me to say?

I didn’t think so.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

A Letter to Michelle Obama

Dear Michelle,

Just yesterday I was watching a tape of you explaining to white people, I presume, that the reason we white people moved out to the suburbs was to get away from black people.

I will paraphrase. Try to imagine me doing an impression of you. That should be hysterical enough in itself.

“Y’ all were all trying to get away from us. We were doing all the things that we were supposed to do, and y’ all were moving away from us.“

I’d like to respond.

The white flight you are talking about occurred after World War II. This was when many young GIs were returning home from the war. It was also the time that major developers like William Levitt were building massive developments out in the suburbs.

These developments fit in nicely with the vamping up of the intrastate and interstate highway system which made it possible for people to drive their cars 25 miles away from an urban center.

Now here’s the kicker: Since most of us baby boomers were born after the war, we didn’t make any decision on going anywhere.

Being born in 1954, I didn’t have any choice of where my parents lived.

Given the parenting skills that existed in post World War II America, had I said anything, I would’ve been told to shut up.

I might also have been given a spanking.

Back in the 1950s and 60s, before permissive liberals ruined America, children didn’t dress up in black pajamas and lead their parents around with a machine gun.

Now, of course, we live in an era in which parents are completely dominated by their children.

Back in the day, parents told children what to do, where to go. And if you didn’t like it, tough darts.

Okay then, since we’ve established that baby boomers had almost zero choice and zero contribution when it came to white flight, let’s go back a generation and ask why the greatest generation engaged in white flight.

Were they racist?

Were they afraid of getting beat up by black people?

I doubt it.

The black community had not been thoroughly devastated yet. It would take Democrats running their welfare plantations three or four decades to accomplish that.

No, I think the greatest generation were afraid of another guy. I think that guy is why they left the inner-city if they ever lived there in the first place.

My dad grew up in the periphery of the Philadelphia area. Because his father was working for the railroad, he moved around a bit. For a time he lived in Wyncote. I know that he graduated from Cheltenham high school.

My mother grew up in Smyrna, Delaware which is a small town south of Philadelphia. There was no inner city there.

When they were young and poor my parents did live in West Philadelphia – 4244 Chestnut Street.

Between 1946 and 48, they lived in a one room apartment without a refrigerator. There was a private bath down the hall.

I don’t think they were afraid of people. I think people were afraid of them.

Soon after, my dad took a job at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. That’s where I was born.

When I was four years old, hardly in a position to make decisions for my family, we moved to the suburbs in Philadelphia. I grew up in Warminster.

Why did my parents move there? Was it to get away from you, Michelle?

I don’t think so. If they were trying to get away from anyone, they were probably trying to get away from Jimmy Markum.

Have you seen the movie Mystic River?

It’s a wonderful movie, and all the actors are marvelous.

In the movie Sean Penn plays Jimmy Markum.

Jimmy Markum is a tough guy who will kill people when he needs to. He plays a scary guy who sports what appears to be a prison tattoo on his back.

Laura Linney plays his lowlife, white trash wife who will readily support the evil shit that Jimmy does.

Jimmy Markum is a bad guy.

That’s probably who my parents were moving away from. In those days white people didn’t have to worry about black folk. They had enough on their hands with other white people.

Now, where we moved, there were a few black families around. I don’t remember my parents ever making a disparaging remark about black people.

One of my friends in grade school was a black boy named Dave. I didn’t have anything against him. I wasn’t raised to hate black folk.

In spite of all that, racial epithets were used freely in that era. I wasn’t immune from using them. Like all regular people, I used them. I’m not like the phony broadcasters and politicians who you hang out with, Michelle, the fakes who claim that they never uttered a racial slur, never smoked a joint, and never told a lie.

One time when we boys were playing cards I slipped and used the word nigger. I was trying to choose who would deal, and I said out loud: “Eeny meeny miny moe, catch a nigger by the toe.” I forgot that Dave was standing next to me. After I said that I looked at him, and he gave me this evil grin. Then he chased me around the room.

We were only twelve or thirteen, so I’m pretty sure we made up after that. Kids aren’t fundamentally racist.

And, unlike you and your friends, especially after you get your brains reverse-engineered by Harvard University, kids instinctively know that there’s a difference between barring someone from participating in an activity and calling someone a name.

It’s true that there was one or two people in our neighborhood who were afraid of black folk. I remember my sister telling me that her friend’s father said that he was going to sell his house if a black family moved in.

So I agree that there was a lot of fear going on. I agree that there was a lot of discrimination going on – even from William Levitt who would not allow blacks to live in his developments.

A side story to William Levitt is that he wouldn’t let Jews live in his developments either, and William Levitt was Jewish.

What do you make of that?

I think the people of the greatest generation had been programmed to believe that it was better to keep ethnic, racial and religious groups separate. I think they felt that many problems could be prevented by separating different groups. They probably felt that different sub-cultures when mixed would create more conflict and violence.

I don’t think it was overt hatred that motivated them.

I also don’t think that racial hatred motivated white people to move to the suburbs.

I think it was a combination of new areas opening up, the emergence of the automobile as a force in America to give people mobility, the creation of suburbs by people like William Levitt (yes, there is a Levitown in the Philadelphia area), and of course Jimmy Markum.

Don’t underestimate the power of Jimmy Markum. People don’t want to live around people who behave badly.

I think it’s too easy to say that white people were moving away from black people.

By the way, Michelle, why aren’t you living with the black gente who your husband represented all those years?

Why did you and Barack move to a white area on Martha’s Vineyard?

Didn’t you engage in what you accuse us of doing?

Sure you did.

You wanted to move away from Jimmy Markum.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Line Up, People. The Queen Will Now Beat You One Last Time.

People are lining up in huge numbers to view the Queen.

This story is a testament to the power of the state to control peoples minds into believing the lie that they are inferior.

This is what you get when you have a monarchy that is able to beat people into submission over centuries. This is the principal reason why people came to the United States of America.

They came in the droves by the way. They couldn’t get out of England fast enough.

Now, in looking at this long line of people, you would think things would be pretty good in the United Kingdom. Hardly. The people are suffering much more than people in the United States. Their inflation is easily running at 10% per year, and they pay a lot more money at the gas pump.

What exists in the United Kingdom today is a codependency between the ruling class that agrees to beat the lower classes into submission while the lower classes agree to be beaten into submission. It’s very much like a battered wife syndrome.

Look closely because this is what your elites here in the United States have in mind for you. In fact, it already exists. The rich and wealthy don’t pay for their crimes in the United States. They are above the law. They take their cue from the royal family which doesn’t pay for its crimes either.

Was Prince Andrew brought to justice? No. He had sex with underage girls. Apparently that wasn’t a problem for the Queen.

You see, the Queen was not some nice lady. She was the chief symbol of a malignant elitism that is killing the United Kingdom and the United States. Her son will continue to carry that torch.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Destroying the Monarchy

Dear Sirs,

I wish you would let us Americans in on the fight to abolish the monarchy. We have as much to gain in abolishing this monarchy as do you. Please don’t forget that our ancestors fled England because of this oppressive monarchy.

I was able to trace my mother’s roots back one thousand years in English history. I wonder how many of my mother’s ancestors were tortured in the Tower of London by those brutal monarchs. I wonder how many were starved to death by them. I wonder how many of my ancestors died in their useless wars.

I’d like to contribute more than just money. I’ve done quite a bit of reading in my life on a variety of subjects, and I think I can offer some good advice on how to take these monarchs down.

My day job is In Pediatrics. My job is to give children and parents practical advice in order to make their lives more productive. Consequently, I have to read a lot and think a lot about how things work. That’s what I’ve done my entire life.

I’ve spent much free time studying history and in particular elitism. I’ve never liked the elites, and I’ve always been fascinated as to how they think and how they got to where they are. I’ve also spent a lot of time in thinking how they can be taken down. How can we take the strut out of these people? What kind of world do we want to see when these elites are taken down? What kind of demands can we put upon them and ourselves?

Elitism is a virus that man has never been able to contain. It is a virus more vicious then smallpox, Ebola virus, or COVID-19.

It seems as if the virus of elitism will never go away. Consequently it may be that our best approach is to immunize ourselves against elitism through education.

Children in the United States used to receive such an immunization in elementary school. I wonder if this immunization exists today.

I think not. I think our corporations have invested much money in corrupting the educational system.

Corporations are even more powerful today than when I was a boy. There’s been much consolidation of corporate power here in the United States. I am sure the same process has been going on in the United Kingdom. The two nations seem to mirror each other.

As I stated in a previous letter, the royal family and the system of peerage is the organizing influence around which Criminal Corporate Britain and increasingly Criminal Corporate America revolve. When we remove that organizing influence, life will improve for the regular person. It will improve because the power of corporations will decrease.

How are we going to remove that organizing influence? How will we remove the royal family?

We don’t have the money. We don’t have the guns. We may not even have the smarts. So what can we do?

Let’s begin with what won’t work. The elites have invested much energy in convincing us that passive, nonviolent, resistance will work.

The elites are terrified of violent overthrow, so they have invested great sums of money in the Gandhi myth.

Let’s be clear. Gandhi did not force the British to leave India. It was Adolf Hitler who bankrupted the British empire which forced the British to leave India.

It is an attractive myth to believe that one can convince the poor to rise up against the rich.

It will not happen.

It will not happen because a state of codependency exists between the wealthy and the poor.

The titled nobility agree to beat the poor into submission, and the poor agree to be beaten into submission.

The poor take their orders from the nobility, not from the dissatisfied middle class.

What we have today is a war between the middle class and the union of wealthy and poor.

The middle class is being attacked from both sides.

The poor place their faith in the wealthy who they believe are protecting them.

They see the wealthy as far more intelligent than those educated people from the middle class.

Consequently the wealthy own the poor.

This may be mystifying to those middle-class people who desire to abolish the monarchy. Indeed, these members of the “Not My King” movement now find themselves being arrested by policemen who make far less money than they do.

Most likely this is frustrating and mystifying to those who wish to abolish the monarchy. “Why are you supporting the king,” they cry out to the policemen. “You have nothing in your life. The monarch has given you nothing.”

The behavior of the police is no mystery at all. The wealthy own the minds of the poor.

Consequently, there will be no grass roots movement that will defeat the wealthy. It cannot happen. It will not happen.

It is a false pathway to believe that the poor will be convinced through words to attack their benefactors, the wealthy.

What will convince the poor is action.

The poor are the foot soldiers that the wealthy use against the middle class.

Once that is understood clearly, then the solution presents itself.

Armies must be attacked. The enemy must be taken head on and defeated.

There must be no concerted effort to get together amongst the members of the team who desire to abolish the monarchy.

There must be no lists and no meetings.

Only individual efforts conducted by individuals will be successful.

Individuals must take it upon themselves to go after the people who they can get close to.

If you don’t know one of these pro-monarchy puppets, make no attempt to go after them.

Each individual must choose their own modus operandi. There can be no schools and no external assistance.

No advance notification to the press or list of demands should be made. A simple calling card after the fact will suffice: Not my King.

Let the King figure out what it means.

It is a war.

The wealthy elite hide behind their vast armies of co-opted oppressors, enforcers, media puppets and cheerleaders.

These are the people who must be attacked – ruthlessly, unequivocally, and without prejudice.

The message must be clear to them: Support the monarchy and you will die.

I can assure you that the ruling elite will treat you in this manner.

Pussyfooting around will only gain you your death.

This is the way of man. There is no escaping it.

I fully understand that this goes against your nature. You were raised in a Christian household. You were raised to not kill. You were raised to be kind to each other.

Unfortunately for you you’re dealing with a cancer called elitism that is dead set on killing you.

It’s either you or them.


Archer Crosley

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I was in a foul mood today, and I don’t precisely know why.

I think it had to do with my extracted wisdom sockets hurting plus the idea that this repugnant British monarchy is continuing under King Charles.

I had already written a piece about why the monarchy should be abolished. I had even contributed to the Republican campaign in the United Kingdom which is attempting to abolish the monarchy.

(I’ve gotten news for them; it’s not going to happen peacefully.)

At any rate, I was agitated and looking around the Internet for some issue to write upon when I came across this post on Quora.

The question poser asked whether Einstein‘s children had inherited his IQ. A responder began speaking about Einstein‘s children and how his children had not risen to the level that he did.

This bothered me because I don’t believe in classifying people this way.

This is the way of the modern media. The modern media likes to grade people in terms of IQ and achievement.

This methodology is quite antithetical to Christianity, so I felt the need to respond.

This was my response on Quora.

I feel compelled to challenge what is written here. What made Albert Einstein was his interest in physics and his desire to see the world a different way. I challenge the idea that his IQ had anything to do with his groundbreaking theories. As far as the statement that his son was not on his father’s level? Poppycock to that. How can you possibly know that? What can you possibly base that statement upon? It’s time that we stop basing someone’s value upon their perceived IQ or the phony awards they’ve won. Nor should we base a person’s value upon what some phony Nobel committee thinks.

Leo Szilard, a friend and colleague of Einstein, was one of the greatest scientists who ever lived, and he didn’t win a Nobel prize. Does that make him less intelligent? Does that make him less valuable?

Who appointed those phonies on the Nobel committee the boss anyway?

By the way, Einstein was an average to good student. He was not the top student in his class. Moreover, one of his professors labeled him a lazy dog.

In truth, we all have the genius of Albert Einstein. Let’s not buy into the media’s definition of who is smart, who is valuable, and who is not.

I hope that you will agree with me. If these people on the Nobel Prize committee are so smart, why don’t they give the Nobel prize to themselves?

In truth, the Nobel prize is a creature of King Louis. King Louis controls the Nobel prize committee. If you go along with King Louis, you win. If you cannot be controlled by King Louis, you don’t win.

King Louis is not going to permit anyone to rise to superstar level unless they support him; ergo, the Nobel prize is a fraud.

Awards are important to King Louis. King Louis bestows awards upon people conditionally. The condition is that you go along with King Louis’s program.

If you go along, King Louis continues to reward you. If you don’t go along, King Louis will destroy you.

If you defy King Louis, your first class ticket on the jet will be revoked. Just ask Cornel West. He dared to speak up for starving Palestinians. For doing so, his tenure at Harvard was denied.

Tenure at Harvard is a plum. King Louis controls all plums.

King Louis bestows awards in entertainment, film, books, literature, politics and science.

The awards are fraudulent. They are used as a credential to rope you in to what King Louis desires.

If King Louis wants the public to believe in climate change, his award-winning celebrities, actors, musicians, Nobel prize winners will endorse climate change unless they don’t know what’s good for them.

And you the people will go along with them because you have been programmed to believe in their greatness. Indeed, you will trust these “winners” before members of your own family. I’m serious. You will trust a Grammy winner who tells you to shelter at home in order to survive COVID-19 before you trust your own personal doctor.

These award-winning celebrities, writers, musicians, and scientists have been elevated to the status of a demigod, one step below the deity, King Louis.

In reality they are King Louis’s emissaries to you who live on earth.

King Louis of course is a God.

And these days God lives in wealthy, sealed-off developments like Martha’s Vineyard and Fisher Island.

Only the demigods are permitted to visit Valhalla.

For that reason, it is essential that you be programmed into ranking people in terms of IQ and achievement.

Einstein is a superstar and a demigod. His children are mortals like you.

Veto to that.

End the pain.

Reject the silly programming from the media. It’s designed to keep you in your place, to keep you subservient to King Louis.

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

A Letter to the Republic Campaign of the UK

This letter was posted upon a YouTube site that the Republic Campaign runs out of the UK. The Republic Campaign is opposed to the monarchy.

Dear Sirs:

I admire you for speaking out. I don’t think that the authorities will allow you to substantively challenge the monarchy in a peaceful way, but I think you are brave in speaking out.

It’s important for young British minds to understand what the monarchy truly is. The monarchy is the glue that holds Criminal Corporate Britain together. The monarchy and the system of peerage is the focal point, the rallying point around which corporate Britain revolves. It has been that way for centuries.

You have your work cut out for you. You have to re-educate young British minds. The authorities will never permit you to do this within the school system. It will have to be done by word of mouth from house to house. They will censor your YouTube channels. They will censor your posts on Facebook. There is too much at stake for them to not do so.

Young British minds have to be told about the crimes of the British Empire. You have to deconstruct the hagiography that has been built up around frauds like Winston Churchill.  The programming is pervasive and goes deep into your movies and television shows.  It goes deep into the music industry as well. Look at people like Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney. They grew up as middle-class people who were crapped upon by the British upper class. Why would they seek any honors from that criminal sort?  Both these men, like eager puppies, readily lapped up the dog biscuits of empire.  They sold their souls to the elites for a few bucks.  Now they are part of the system that oppresses you.

Your fight in the United Kingdom is our fight in the United States also. We have people in the United States who are enthralled with the monarchy. Just the other day Tucker Carlson called the British Empire benign. Hardly. Talk to the people of Kenya and India about that.  The British Empire starved millions to death in India, Bengal, and Ireland. Then they blamed it on the people for breeding like rabbits. Knave Winston Dunghill was one of those voices.

Our leaders in the United States have cozied up to your monarchial upper class and have copied them. We Americans have perfected British brutality.  Our leaders here have killed 2,000,000 to 4,000,000 people in Vietnam, 500,000 in Iraq, 500,000 in Syria, 200,000 between Afghanistan and Libya. They sponsored a war in Yemen that has killed conservatively 100,000 people.  We are not even talking about the millions of people who were forced to live as refugees in tents.

Sorry, I forgot about the walking wounded and the people afflicted with PTSD.

There is nothing benign about our American empire. We do not support democracy. We do not make people’s lives better. Indeed we prop up thugs by the dozens to run and maintain our sweatshops. Here’s a list, CNBC cocksuckers: Marcos, the Shah, Trujillo, Somoza, Diem, Suharto, Machado, Torrijos, Noriega, Armas, Zia, Pinochet, and any President of Colombia. The list goes on; the hits keep on coming.

We ensure that Haiti remain impoverished so that Levi Strauss can maintain its sweatshops. There the workers fight to make five dollars a day.

There is nothing pleasant about our American empire.

Likewise, there was and is nothing benign about the British Empire. It killed millions around the globe and subjugated millions more.  It forced the Chinese to purchase opium.

Unfortunately young British school children are not taught about these crimes. They are fed fantasies about obese slobs like Churchill. Here in the USA, MIT fuckers like Joe “Society Destroyer” Kiernan lounge around the CNBC coffee table and reflect casually upon the “wisdom” of Dunghill and what he had to say about a particular situation – as if anyone should listen to a murderer like Knave Winston.

Too many people in the United Kingdom believe that the monarchy is populated by smiling, powerless doofuses and  screw ups. Knave Andrew is the poster boy for this sales pitch. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The monarchy is much more powerful than that. It is powerful because Criminal Corporate Britain revolves around that monarchy. The monarchy is the organizing influence of corporate criminality in Britain and the world.

Our leadership in the United States, once horrified by the crimes of the British Crown and well-aware of the writings of Thomas Paine, now are co-opted puppets of the Harvard Cabal which sucks the royal cock of England.

It’s not enough for people to just donate money, then walk away. They must obligate themselves to be a soldier and tell people the truth.

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Lights in Buckingham Palace

It’s time to turn the lights out, folks – not in your house, of course, but in Buckingham palace.

As the media goes nuts over the death of Queen Elizabeth, let’s talk about why the monarchy should be abolished.

Absolutely it should be abolished.

The monarchy is a threat to regular working people not only in Great Britain but around the world.

It’s important to remember what the monarchy is.

It’s also important to remember that the monarchy is not a benign institution.

It never was.

What the monarchy represents is a focal point, a rallying point, for Criminal Corporate Britain.

Don’t kid yourself that the British Empire is dead. It is far from dead. The British Commonwealth run by Criminal Corporate Britain is huge. It controls a lot of money, a lot of people, and a lot of land.

The royal family is the tip of the iceberg of the peerage system which allows Criminal Corporate Britain to consolidate its efforts to dominate the people of the world and Great Britain.

The people of Great Britain have been beaten down into a bloody pulp over the centuries by their own empire.

Empire does not benefit even the citizens of its home base. Empire only benefits pigs like Mr. Darcy.

Do you know what the number one issue is today for the people of Great Britain?


They can’t get the energy they need because they have a government that intentionally suppresses the production of that energy.

The lights are going off in their houses.

They’re sitting on an ocean of oil, but they can not get it.

Don’t kid yourself if you think that the monarchy is not instrumental in the suppression of that energy.

The monarchy is about elitism.

The monarchy says: I am better than you. I deserve better than you. You will work for me. You will suffer for me.

For many centuries now, the British people have been willing to subject themselves to this nonsense.

For many centuries the American people were able to resist that.

Now, in our country the clowns from Harvard and the Ivy League cozy up to these monarchists in Great Britain.

What the motherfuckers at Harvard want to do is re-institute some sort of elitist, quasi-monarchial system here in the United States with Ivy League motherfuckers in charge of everything.

Harvard allies itself with the monarchy.

Harvard allies itself with monarchial institutions.

Harvard loves Oxford.

Harvard loves the Rhodes scholarship.

Don’t kid yourself if you believe that the monarchy is not a danger to you.

As long as that monarchy exists, the motherfuckers at Corporate America, dominated by Harvard and Oxford motherfuckers will continue to suppress you.

Just today Tucker Carlson defended the monarchy.

What a disgrace.

He talked about how benign the British empire was.

Who is he kidding?

The British empire under Victoria the whore starved tens of millions of people from India to death. It wasn’t locusts and drought that caused that carnage.

The whore Victoria tricked Indian people with a thumbprint to work her slave plantations around the globe. That’s why there are people of Indian extraction in Guyana and Fiji. Now you know how they got there. After Great Britain so nobly banned African slavery, they went out and established a different form of slavery. The pigs in the British upper class worked these people to death.

The whore Victoria brutalized the people of Africa.

Criminal Corporate Britain under the whore Victoria created the Irish potato famine then blamed the deaths on the Irish for populating like rabbits.

Winston Dunghill said the same thing regarding Bengal many years later. He blamed the Bengali famine on the people for populating like rabbits.

The whore Victoria fought the opium wars which enslaved the people of China resulting in the one-hundred years of shame. In a nutshell, they forced the Chinese to buy opium. That’s right, the British were drug smugglers. It wasn’t just them; it was also American scum who begot future Presidents here in the United States. That’s how mama’s boy Franklin Roosevelt came into his money. His grandfather, Warren Delano, was a drug smuggler of opium.

The monarchical usurpers of Great Britain work through their traitorous moles at Harvard University today to establish an entrenched, entitled and paternalistic system of rulers in America today.

There was and is nothing benign about the British empire.

What you see in the movie, play and book Oliver Twist is the way it was. That’s how your newly arriving American ancestors lived in the old country.

Your ancestors couldn’t leave Great Britain fast enough.

The smiling queen is a beguiling ruse to entice you into thinking that the monarchy is your friend.

The sun never set on the British empire and it never rose on the slums of London.

The submission of the psych of the British people is complete. They are so cowed by the monarchy, they cannot even see the damage it has done to their own souls.

They starve and live in the dark because of that monarchy.

Only when that monarchy, the peerage system, and the elitist institutions which support it are incinerated into dust in Great Britain and around the globe will people even begin to live in prosperity.

Don’t be fooled by that smiling queen. Though she is dead her spirit lives on.

The lights will never go out in Buckingham palace.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved