Your Supreme Court Circa 1950

Here is a spreadsheet of Supreme Court Justices circa 1950. Make your own conclusions. As you can see there was a healthy representation of regular people coming from regular schools on the Supreme Court. That representation does not exist today because Harvard University and its puppets in the New Ivy League have hijacked our nation. Our Supreme Court is now populated by Harvard-Yale -Ivy league cocksuckers who can’t punch their way out of a paper bag, who can’t sell hot chocolate to an Eskimo. They can’t because they won’t. And they won’t because they have been indoctrinated into the power structure known as the Harvard Cartel. They are corporate puppets – signed, sealed and delivered.

Is there a cause and effect between the composition of the Supreme Court and the disintegration of our country in the past seventy years. You bet your ass there is.

Fuck you, Harvard.

Now, this is the way it works. The people who now get on the Supreme Court are blackmailed if they can be. There’s a reason for bringing up all these sexual peccadillos and other misdeeds during the hearings: to get the candidate to lie under oath. That way, when the power structure needs a critical vote in the future, the justice can be blackmailed into voting the approved way.

When it comes to the Kavanaugh hearings, my guess is that the power structure already has the photographic evidence to show that he was engaging in the kinds of activities he was accused of engaging in. The power structure can bring that forward anytime they wish should Kavanaugh not comply.

Now, does such evidence disqualify Kavanaugh from being on the Supreme Court? Absolutely not. People do stupid things when they’re young. Does lying under oath disqualify Kavanaugh from being on the Supreme Court? Absolutely.

So then if anyone can be blackmailed, why select only Harvard-Yale and other New Ivy League jerk-offs? Because you want people who are throughly indoctrinated into the corporate-elitist culture that you are imposing upon society. You don’t want to blackmail people unless you absolutely need to. Having people from a similar elitist mindset makes your job easier.

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What do Alex Murdaugh and our leadership in the United States have in common?

Give up?

They are both junkies.

Are you following the Alex Murdaugh trial?

If not, a little background might be necessary.

Alex Murdaugh is accused of killing his wife and son at his home in South Carolina. Alex Murdaugh is an attorney who hails from a family with an impressive pedigree in what is known as the Low Country in South Carolina.

The prosecutors are claiming that Alex Murdaugh killed his wife for money.

Alex Murdaugh had a drug habit that was costing him approximately $50,000 a week.

To finance his drug habit, he was stealing money from his law firm.

And his clients.

When his clients received a big judgment – in the millions – Alex would pocket more than his fair share of the money.

In addition to his habit, Alex was also under financial stress because of a pending lawsuit against his son, Paul, who had gotten himself involved in a boating accident.

A young girl, Mallory Beach, was killed in that boating accident, and the belief was that Alex’s son, Paul, was driving the boat.

The boat belonged to Alex Murdaugh.

To compound the issue, Alex Murdaugh’s other son, Buster, had loaned Paul his driver’s license in order to buy beer illegally the night of the boating accident.

Thus there were many lawsuits filed against the Murdaugh family – criminal and civil.

The civil suit was asking for tens of millions of dollars.

The prosecutors claim that the financial pressure of the impending lawsuit and Alex’s drug habit caused Alex to kill his wife and son.

The thinking goes that if Paul is dead, the lawsuit goes away – or at least becomes mitigated. If his wife is dead, Alex gets to keep any of her money for himself.

The case doesn’t look good for Alex Murdaugh.

The prosecution has an amazing stash of evidence that implicates him.

If his attorneys can get him out of this trial with minimal damage then they are truly Houdinis of the court room.

Buster is supporting his father.

Buster is emotionally attached to his father.

I am not surprised at all.

It’s difficult to believe that Alex would kill his son. I can understand a husband killing his wife, but it is difficult for me to believe that a father would kill his son unless he was truly psychotic.

Alex Murdaugh does not appear to be organically psychotic.

Nevertheless, the evidence is strong against him.

But assuming that one day he is proven to be guilty, then he will be formally convicted of destroying his family.

And this is why Alex Murdaugh is so similar to our leaders in the Harvard Cartel who have hijacked our federal government.

Alex Murdaugh is a junkie who was addicted to opioids.

Our leaders are junkies who are addicted to war.

Both Alex Murdaugh and our leaders are drug addicts.

Both have destroyed their families.

Both have destroyed their reputations.

Both have poisoned the community in which they live.

This is what drugs does to people.

Drugs consume you.

Drugs distort your mind.

This is what has happened to the United States of America.

The leaders of the United States of America, consumed by war, have committed domestic abuse against its citizens.

They have raped the American public, they have stolen from the American public, they have abused the American public in order to feed their drug habit.

And they are addicted.

Their addiction to war is insatiable.

They are killing the United States of America.

By spending all the family money on Ukraine and the Middle East, they have failed to keep up with the infrastructure needs of our country.

They have failed to develop an affordable comprehensive healthcare system for working class people.

They have failed to control massive immigration.

They outsourced well paying jobs.

They substituted outsourced jobs with low paying jobs at Starbucks and Amazon.

By outsourcing well paying jobs, they destabilized the family unit thus causing depression, divorce, spousal abuse, child abuse, and all sources of social ills. This in turn created an opioid crisis.

They replaced a faith based culture with that which places its faith in gambling, celebrities, tattoos, and cheap gossip.

They are bankrupting the United States of America through endless war.

Just as Alex Murdaugh ruined his family financially, so have the leaders of the United States ruined its people financially.

They are all junkies.


Archer Crosley

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Four Days in Hell

Is there anything more absurd and unworkable than the four day work week?

This is what they are experimenting with in the United Kingdom.

I can’t see the workability of this.

What is the purpose of it?

What is the purpose of work?

Is the purpose of work to gain enough money so that you can sail, hunt and fish?

Is time off the natural state of man?

Or is there a greater purpose to work?

The true purpose of work is to add value to society and your life.

Man possesses in him a need to contribute and therefore make life meaningful.

Without that contribution, men become depressed and angry.

They feel useless.

Man needs to contribute meaningfully as surely as he needs to breathe.

Does the four day work week contribute to that?

Is going from five days a week to four days a week the same as going from six days a week to five days a week?

Or by doing so do we pass over to the other side of the curve where giving people more time off is counterproductive to their lives?

I will argue that we do.

Is work to you a necessary drudgery that you only do because you have to?

The four day work week with three days off approximates that mentality.

While it may seem to be a good idea initially, the four-day worker will soon come to view work as paying taxes.

It will soon come to pass that four day workers will become more angry when they have to work.

They will come to view work with contempt.

And it will show in the quality of their work.

If the four day work week comes to America, expect to see lower quality products and lower quality service.

People will come to work not because they want to be there, but because they have to be there.

They will begin to look at work as punishment.

They will also begin to feel more unhappy about themselves and their lot in life.

Expect to see suicides go up.

Expect to see depression go up.

Expect to see violence go up.

Expect to see child abuse go up.

Expect to see crime go up.

Expect to see drug abuse go up.

With a four day work week, expect to see a cheapening of life in society.

Then there is the workability of this in fields like healthcare.

How will the four day week work in pediatrics?

Children get sick every day of the week. People don’t stop getting sick because the government orders it.

They need to see the doctor.

Are we going to tell them to lost get lost on Friday, Saturday and Sunday?

Is the doctor going to sit there and handle numerous calls on Friday while his staff is sitting around the swimming pool drinking a beer?

Or is the doctor going to hand off this responsibility to the emergency room on these extended weekend days?

If so, then, continuity of care is lost.

You essentially then need two teams to handle a patients care.

Now, of course, the doctor already needs support from the emergency room and various night clinics, but you want that support to be ancillary, not a full-time alternative to what you normally are supposed to be doing during the week.

If the doctor is only there, four times a week, patients will soon begin to question why they even need to come to the regular doctor in the first place.

We already have that problem to a certain degree already.

If patients start viewing the emergency room, and night clinics as the true source of healthcare, then vital tracking of growth and vaccines will be lost.

Too many cooks spoil the broth.

For healthcare to be optimal you need one person to be in charge.

That will be lost in healthcare with the four day work week.

How about the field of law?

Judges already have enough cases in their dockets. They’re overloaded. How will a four day work week benefit them?

Okay, how about Amazon? We all use Amazon.

Is Amazon going to hire more workers so that they can work fewer hours? If so, what kind of chaos will that add to the workplace? What kind of added workload will that present to their human resources department? Isn’t it better to have fewer workers who know their job than multiple workers who may not know their job?

The same argument can be used for just about any type of business.

Throw in a labor shortage, and what you have is an absurd and unworkable society.


Archer Crosley

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Elitism Begins in the Cradle

Parents are now sending their kids to Russian math camps.

These math camps are based upon a Russian method of teaching math that was developed during the Cold War.

Supposedly they teach critical thinking.


Parents are even hiring personal tutors so that they can give their kids a leg up in getting into an Ivy League school.

Talk about poor thinking and wrong values.

This is a real problem for us. We have parents who are engineering their kids to work as adults when they might be better off outside being kids playing games like hide and seek. There is a lot of value in allowing kids to be kids.

Okay, so you have engineered your child to become a de-socialized mathematics automaton. And how will that help the rest of us?

Your child will do okay. Your child will join the club and be able to make hundreds of millions of dollars, maybe. But how does that help the homeless which have grown ever greater in numbers since the Ivy League has put its death grip upon the nation.

There was a time in the United States when not all your institutions were dominated by Harvard and the Ivy League. You can go back 75 years and see a time in the Supreme Court when justices came from regular schools. Nowadays, almost all your Supreme Court justices come from the Ivy League.

How about President of the United States? Sure, you may get an anomaly from time to time like Biden, but the recent trend is for them to come from the Ivy League. Is the United States better off because of it?


Most of your major corporations have leaders who now come extensively from the Ivy League. And yet, America is being torn apart by the large corporations.

Major corporations and their leaders, perhaps educated in Russian math camps where they teach critical thinking, now mindlessly march to the drum beat of critical race theory, and the need to conquer Russian aggression in Ukraine.

They even take the time out of their busy day to place a message of support for Ukraine on their various websites. Really? I was looking to purchase some pralines.

So how does an Ivy League education help the rest of us?

It doesn’t.

And it hasn’t.

In the old days, not too long ago, it was the individual that counted. Nowadays, there is less emphasis on the individual and more emphasis on the institution from which you graduate. That is not a good thing.

In fact it’s a bad idea.

It’s a bad idea because its graduates are less inclined to be beholden to their own personal morality than to the ideology of the Ivy League institutions, which are most decidedly elitist.

What we need as leaders are people who have a sense of humanity and normality, who are connected to the rest of us. When they are connected to us, and when they have a sense of humanity, then they can more easily solve the problems that regular people have.

What we are getting now are de-socialized automatons who look after their own personal wealth first. They view themselves as a cut above the rest of us. They have lost connectivity with us, and the results are what you see before you.

Abounding homelessness, nonstop war, nonstop illegal immigration, drug abuse out of control, complete destruction of the black community in the inner city, gang violence on demand, the lack of a comprehensive, affordable healthcare financing mechanism for regular working people.

This is what you get when you send your eight year old to math camps instead of letting them socialize and play hide and seek like a normal kid.

Hey, but it’s okay.

Their politically correct parents are carful to point out that their Russian math camps have nothing to do with the evil Vladimir Putin and the Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Well … as long as you denounce Putin.


Archer Crosley

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Hate Speech is Vital 2

The biggest argument against hate speech is that hate speech was used in Nazi Germany.

So-called knowledgeable people say that it was hate speech that led to the persecution and killing of the Jews.

I disagree.

The problem with Nazi Germany was not that there was hate speech but that there was not enough hate speech.

Had the German people not been cowed into a state of timidity, they could have easily engaged in hate speech against the government (Hitler) which had a monopoly on hate speech.

And exercised it.

Consequently, no one was able to challenge the government. Ergo, millions upon millions of Jews, and other people, were executed.

The same will happen here in the United States if this current rage of political correctness and crusade against hate speech is ultimately successful.

Is that what you want?

That is where we are heading.

We are not heading toward Nirvana and a perfect world.

No, not at all.

Hate speech is integral to a thriving republic.

Empires not so much.

In fact hate speech is the enemy of empire because empires, being fundamentally and historically immoral, are predicated upon obedience – blind obedience.

In empire, blind obedience and allegiance must be given to the top guy.

No one must question war and the killing of innocent people which the top guy promotes because a) he must answer to his backers, and b) he’s too incompetent to wage peace.

No one must question theft, plunder, and robbery of other nations.

No one must question the hate he wages against a minority group to cover for his failings.

In empire, criticism of the top guy is considered hate speech.

Whatever the top guy degrees is gospel. Any criticism of that gospel is hate speech.

One must not even point out that the cronies of the top guy are crooks.

That is considered hate speech.

A republic on the other hand welcomes hate speech.

A republic has no fear of hate speech because a republic is pluralistic.

A republic enjoys decentralized power.

A republic respects all peoples and gives all people a voice no matter how abhorrent.

A republic is not predicated upon fear.

A republic thrives on trust.

A republic is strong enough and big enough to accept an insult.

An empire is not so inclined.

An empire is petty and weak.

An empire is predicated upon fear and distrust.

An empire respects no one’s opinion and gives no one a voice no matter how small the voice.

An empire fears its people.

The leaders of the empire sequester themselves away behind walls.

Republic is open and has no need of walls.

There was once a time in America, when America was a republic, when America did not fear its citizens, when America tolerated people with a different voice, when America tolerated hate speech.

That time in America is gone.

America, the republic is gone.

America is now a ruthless, petty empire that beats the living tar out of anyone who even slightly challenges its dominance.

America now brooks no dissent.

It locks away in perpetuity truth speakers like Julian Assange.

Like Nazi Germany.

This is not a pretty sight.


Archer Crosley

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Hate Speech is Vital

I found out yesterday that I was banned from Twitter.

Of course, it’s not that big a deal for me because I hardly ever got on Twitter.

The column you’re reading right now has been automatically posted to Twitter for more than a year.

No more.

I only found out about the ban by accident.

Of course, they don’t tell you why you were banned.

They just do it.

I’m going to file an appeal only to find out why.

And I told them that.

But why should I have to file an appeal at all?

Why should I have even been banned in the first place?

Technically my site was suspended permanently, I assume, because I was engaging in hate speech or abusive language.

What is hate? What is abusive?

Well, you can read all the columns here and decide for yourself if I was using hate speech.

Let’s cut to the chase. I was.

Proudly so.

I certainly do you use hate speech when it comes to members of the Harvard Cartel, who have destroyed the United States of America.

And I do think that all Harvard and Ivy League graduates (and New Ivy League graduates) and their sycophants should be held accountable for this destruction, even though they may not have materially participated in that destruction, just as we hold the German people accountable for the Third Reich.

Oh, we shouldn’t generalize, correct? Is that the clichéd response you’re going to give to me? Forget about it. Without generalization we don’t get out of bed in the morning. The only reason you get out of bed in the morning is because every other morning that you got out of bed, you were able to stand up on terra firma.

All the German people (excluding the Jews, Gypsies, and mentally infirm) benefited from the Nazi regime just as all Harvard graduates benefitted from the dysphoric society imposed upon us by members of the Harvard Cartel.

And, to be quite frank, I believe in hate speech.

I am not going to shy away from that.

I think hate speech is essential to maintaining a healthy republic, which we so obviously do not enjoy anymore. I think there’s a direct correlation between the implementation of political correctness and the destruction of our republic.

Of course there is. In Nazi Germany if you criticized (hate speech) Adolf Hitler, you went to the concentration camp.

Okay, I hear ya, babe. Adolf Hitler was only one person. What about groups? OK, in Nazi Germany if you criticized the Gestapo, you went to the concentration camp.

Were there good Gestapo? I’m sure there were. So fucking what? We punished them all.

By the way, when we bombed Dresden and killed approximately 200,000 people (the real number, not the fake number our government gives), were there good Germans living in Dresden? I’m sure there were. So fucking what? We killed them anyway.

If our republic is to survive, we need to get rid of this political correctness.

And we need to accept hate speech as part of free speech.

There are plenty of things to hate in this world.

We should hate the actions of the US government which prosecutes nonstop war and in so doing kills millions of people around the globe.

We did it in Vietnam. We did it in Iraq. We did it in Afghanistan. We did it in Libya. We did it in Syria.

We also did it in Indonesia. That’s right, our CIA helped Suharto kill one million Indonesians. Crime? They were suspected of being communists.

We should hate the actions of the United States government which currently sends war armaments to Ukraine in order to kill Russians – especially since it was the US that provoked the Russians to invade Ukraine in the first place.

We should hate the actions of the United States government which currently can’t muster the money to fix homelessness.

We should also hate them for creating homelessness in the first place by outsourcing jobs, permitting gambling on demand, and aiding and abetting the smuggling of drugs into our country.

We should hate the actions of the United States government which created the student loan mess and then doesn’t have the guts to clean it up.

We should hate the actions of the United States government which allows millions of illegal immigrants across our borders.

We should hate the actions of United States government which has caused the inflation that we currently suffer under.

We should also hate the Senators and Representatives in Washington DC who don’t give a damn about this country.

Let’s not forget about the doofuses in the Harvard Cartel who have hijacked our government, polarized wealth, and stolen billions and billions of dollars in order to celebrate themselves.

Or are we to just sit back now and only say pleasant things about people?

Are we never to speak out with anger against people who are robbing us of our freedom and our future?

Is it hate speech to speak the truth about other people?

When Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense was he engaging in hate speech.

He certainly was.

Hate speech is the price we pay for freedom and individual liberty.

PS Have you noticed that our government which deplores and bans hate speech has no problem running around the globe killing people en extremis. In fact, they love it.


Archer Crosley

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The Way It Works

Well, there you have it.

The cat is out of the bag.

Jamie Dimon and JP Morgan have made a deal with Zelenskyy of Ukraine to provide him $20 billion (for starters) to rebuild Ukraine.

Isn’t that rich?

The same guys who egged on the Ukrainians (and loaned them money) to fight the Russians in a battle that the Ukrainians cannot win stand ready to make even more money by rebuilding the country that they are responsible for destroying.

You see, they win both ways.

They – the power elite, JP Morgan, Jamie Dimon – and the corporations that shine JP Morgan’s shoes – make a fortune selling tanks, guns, and weapons systems.

At the courtesy of US taxpayers, of course.

Then, after Ukraine is destroyed, the elites will come in like vultures, and make even more money by rebuilding the country.

They have even invited Tim Cook in on the deal.

Tim Cook? Of Apple?

Yes, that noted exploiter of Third World labor.

Are the Ukrainians this stupid?

Do they really think that this is a good move for Ukraine?

I can assure you that it is not.

If Ukraine continues on this path, they will become indentured servants to the West for one hundred years.

That’s how long it will take to pay off the debt.

Oh yeah, JP Morgan is not giving this money away for free.

These are loans.

These loans have to paid back.

This is the same formula and same pathway that JP Morgan and the IMF have used in raping and exploiting Third World nations around the globe.

You create unrest, you destroy the country, you swoop in and provide the funds to rebuild the country.

Next stop, Bonanzaville.

All aboard, Farmer Gates.

Part and parcel of this agreement will be the installation of thugs who will see things J PMorgan’s way.

No problem there. Team USA of which J P Morgan is a major part has already been quietly backing ups such thugs -like Zelenskyy.

These thugs will of course loot a healthy portion of the foreign aid and private capital that comes their way.

Then they will be caught.

They will be forced to abscond with their loot and to flee for safe harbor.

And to where will they flee?

Why to the United States of course. Or one of its puppet countries.

The people of Ukraine will then be, sans dictator, mired in debt unable to pay back the loans to JP Morgan and other US controlled vultures like the IMF.

JP Morgan, and other US lackey institutions in compensation will then take over vital Ukrainian assets in compensation which will settle only part of the debt.

The US to protect these assets will gladly place a military base of two – again, at the expense of the American taxpayer.

What will Ukrainians get?

The Ukrainians will be left with crushing debt that will take them one hundred years to pay off if they are lucky.

And … they will lose autonomy of their nation.

They will become another satrapy of the Harvard Cartel which has hijacked our nation.

The people of Ukraine, what’s left of them, will live under austerity for generations to come.

So will Americans who will be called upon to maintain another piece of real estate in the American Empire.

Billions, no trillions, of dollars will be spent there to keep at bay the constant Russian threat of aggression.

Forget about US aggression.

Then and now.


Archer Crosley

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Making Mistakes

This is a letter to young physicians, but it could easily be a letter to anyone who is a young practitioner in any profession or any area of endeavor.

You are going to make mistakes in your career.

Moreover, you’re going to make mistakes that are unequivocally your fault that cannot be attributed to anyone but you.

You’re even going to make the same mistake two or three times in a row on the same client.

And there will be no doubt about it. There will be no out pitch. There will be no life preserver.

If you want to survive, you are going to have to accept that and get back up on your horse to ride again.

It’s not going to do any good to mope around and feel sorry for yourself.

People when examining your mistakes will ask how you could have ever made such a glaring error.

You may ask yourself the same question many times.

How could I possibly have committed such a boneheaded mistake?

I am going to answer that question obliquely.

When I was in my third year in medical school, I took a rotation in radiology.

One day, the professor put slides up on the projector screen. His purpose was to quiz us as to what we were seeing.

After many slides, he placed a chest x-ray on the screen and asked us what was going on.

Well, it was impossible to miss this one.

There was a giant tennis ball sized mass in the right middle lobe of the lung.

Even if you never attended medical school, you wouldn’t miss this lesion.

Several students called out the correct answer. They said that there was a mass in the right side of the chest.

We students were in unanimous agreement.

After the conversation died down, the professor looked at us, and said: “That’s very good. That is correct. You were very astute in picking that up, much more astute than I was when it came over my desk. This was a lesion that I missed.”

We students were astounded.

The professor continued: “That’s right. This was an actual x-ray that came over my desk one day, and I missed it.”

How could that be, we were wondering. It would be impossible to miss this.

But we had to take the professor at his word. He stated clearly that he missed it.

So, how did he mIss it?

For the same reason that I have missed obvious things in my career.

For the same reason that you will miss obvious things in your career.

For the same reason that Arnold Palmer missed ten inch putts. For the same reason that Bill Buckner let an easy ground ball go through his legs during the World Series.

You are a human being, and your brain is not perfect.

Your brain is constantly bombarded and therefore affected by internal thoughts, external stressors, time constraints, imperfect vantage point, and your mental and physical health.

There is nothing you can do about that.

You can only try to lead the most stress free life that you possibly can while having a good attitude.

But even with that, you are still going to miss things.

You’re going to miss things that are entirely your fault and no one else’s.

This doesn’t make you a bad doctor or any other kind of practitioner.

Unfortunately, we live in a society that tends to pass instant judgment on people and their failings.

How many of you have been in a car accident that has been your fault?

I suspect many of you have.

Are you a bad driver then?

Of course not. You simply made an error in judgment.

Likewise with the doctor.

Likewise with you.


Archer Crosley

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