AI and Implementation

Why will AI never be fully implemented?

AI takes all the information that exists in the past and uses that information to solve problems.

Given that, AI should be able to look at historical world events for the past several thousands of years, combine that data with its knowledge of the root causes of war, and then develop a course of action to prevent world war.

Theoretically, then, we should have less war in the future.

This will never happen.

There isn’t an ice cube’s chance in hot coffee that AI will be implemented nor work in that situation.

Governments that are controlled by the wealthy pig elite will never use AI for this purpose.

Why would they do that?

If anyone tries to implement a methodology, which would promote peace based upon AI, that person will be slaughtered on the spot.

All sorts of excuses will be made as to why we are not implementing AI for this specific purpose.

As to why, we are not implementing AI for the prevention of war, that will never be discussed.

Every attempt to implement AI for the prevention of war will be stalled.

Flimsy excuses will be offered as to why it’s not being implemented.

Finally, tragically, the implementation of AI will be attempted weakly decade after decade – with many poor Band-Aids.

This is akin to the half-hearted, impotent measures our elites attempt in trying to reform voting.

Fixing our corrupt voting system is recognized as something that needs to be done but is never accomplished.

How is it possible for the bank to keep track of all your banking data with complete precision, and yet somehow we can’t employ that in voting.

I’ve had banking and credit card accounts, and all sorts of financial accounts, which include notes and loans.

Everyone of these banks covering hundreds of thousands of transactions for me personally has never been inaccurate by so much as a penny.

I imagine your experience is the same.

So why can’t we apply the technology and security of the online banking system with voting.

Because the politicians want corrupt voting.

They need that corrupt voting in order to steal elections so as to put their Harvard motherfuckers in power.

Similarly, AI will never be fully enabled to prevent war.

Consequently, it will never work.

It will never work because there’s too much money at stake.

Our elites are robbing trillions from the American citizen.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Are Harvard Guys the Smartest Guys in the Room?

Why Harvard does not graduate “the best and the brightest”,

Why does Harvard not graduate the smartest guys in the room?

The basis of “the best and the brightest” are the ridiculous GPA and SAT scores.

Harvard principally selects valedictorians and salutatorians.

Of course they select the worthless rich and the novelty acts – the transgendered Taliban.

But for the most part, they accept people who have the highest GPAs and SAT scores.

It’s all very Germanic.

Deutschland, Deutschland, Uberalle. 🎶

There appears to be some logic in this, correct?

Not really.

There are a lot of faulty assumptions behind this selection process.

Les examine these faulty assumptions..

I think I’ll just list them. Most of them are laughably obvious.

It assumes the following:

1. That everyone knows that such a ridiculous competition – being number one – exists.

2. That everyone cares about such a ridiculous competition.

3. That everyone accepts and believes that a higher GPA or SAT score makes for a more enlightened and smarter person. What happens if you personally believe that awards, and being number one, are immoral and inconsistent with Christianity? If Jesus refused a crown, why is that not good enough for us?

4. That the competitors, whether they cared or not, are able to care at maximum level. What about those children who are undergoing tremendous family strife? When I was in high school I wasn’t trying to be number one, I was trying to survive family trauma. I barely tried at all – and still I finished 51 in my class out of 650 people.

5. That, of the people who are in the contest, everyone receives the right mentor to guide them. I can honestly say that I had no real mentoring at all. Attending Harvard or Yale wasn’t even close to being on the radar.

6. That of those people in the contest, their parents, imparted values that prized the Ivy League. Although my father (he died when I was 13) attended the Unuversiy of Pennsylvania medical school, and my grandfather attended Cornell, my mother didn’t know anything about the higher educational system within the context of the living joke that it was, and is today. Furthermore, she thought Ivy League people were snobs. (Surprise! They are, and the joke is on you.)

7. That the people in the contest can afford to go Harvard.

8. That the people in the contest can go there. Richard Nixon was accepted into Harvard, but was not able to go. He had to work his family store because his father had suffered an illness. Now, as it turns out, it might have been a good thing for Nixon to have attended Harvard. While there, he may have even met up with Ben “Fuck-bitch” Bradlee, the destroyer of the Constitution. Perhaps Richard Nixon could’ve knocked some of the arrogance and strut out of him. Unfortunately, Nixon was a Quaker. That was too bad for us and equally bad for the Constitution. Ben Bradlee later ended up at the CIA controlled Washington Post where he was able to trash, qualified people – that would be any one who cared for regular people instead of the crummy, treacherous Boston Brahmin class of scum who oozed out of those twin cesspools in Cambridge and Beacon Hill.

9. That being a valedictorian and salutatorian at the tender age of 17 is reflective of a persons level of morality. Are the two directly proportional?

10. That the high GPA and high SAT score are directly proportional to a higher state of morality.

11. That all the competitors have the oily glibness and fake hyper-maturity that Harvard prizes. What if you don’t value skillful lying? What if you’re not a con man? What if you don’t care about being a buzzword artist?

12. What if you have moral objections to the criminal elite who populate Harvard?

13. That being precocious, before one has developed a real experience in the world, is a good thing for the Harvard graduate and for society at large? Is it not possible that Harvard is selecting these people not because they are the best and the brightest, but because they are smart but weak people who are putty in the hands of the immoral elite

14. Brain speed, which is equivalent to IQ, is a function of the brain that is not directly correlated to separating the wheat from the chaff.

In fact, the two functions are inversely proportional to each other.

I analogize brain speed to a car’s ability to move quickly down the road.

I analogize separating the wheat from the chaff to a driver’s ability to see clearly peripherally.

Everyone knows that as you move more quickly down the road, you lose context, peripherally.

Consequently, high IQ people are more unable to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Okay, so why can’t highly intelligent people just slow down their brain.

They can’t.

Unlike the car, a persons, intelligence or brain speed cannot accelerate or decelerate. Your brain always moves at 250 mph, or it doesn’t move at 250 mph.

I’m sure you can think of a few more.

Thank you Harvard for imposing your pagan value system on society.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Necessity of the Oligarchy

About a year ago, I was ranting and raving to my friend Garry about the Harvard oligarchy that is running the United States.

Garry feebly defended the oligarchy by stating that every civilization has an oligarchy.

That may be true, I responded, but this oligarchy has no sense of noblesse oblige.

An oligarchy that has no sense of noblesse oblige feathers its own nest and engages in tyranny upon the rest of the people.

Nevertheless, Garry’s comment spurred me to think about whether the Harvard oligarchy is necessary to the United States of America.

Do we need the Harvard oligarchy (and by extension the Harvard graduate)? Let’s face it, Harvard exists to train the officers of Corporate America. Harvard does not exist to train, pipefitters and bricklayers.

So, do we need any oligarchy? Do we need the Harvard graduate?

Can a country function without an oligarchy?

I believe so, and that is the purpose of this discussion.

This discussion may be somewhat rambling, but I will begin with Sarah Palin.

Back in 2008, Sir Colin Powell got on television and told us that Sarah Palin was unequivocally unqualified to be President of the United States should John McCain be elected and then die in office.

Amazingly, Sir Colin said nothing when Kamala Harris was running for vice-President, and yes, Colin Powell was still alive and capable of contributing an opinion.

Back in 2008, I was enraged when Colin Powell made that assessment. Not only did I think she was qualified, I thought she was more qualified than Barack Obama.

Sarah Palin was not only the mayor of Willow, Alaska, she was also the governor of Alaska.

As the years went by though I realized that Sir Colin was correct: Sarah Palin was unequivocally unqualified to be President of the United States – within the context of America being an empire, within the context of the America that Sir Colin imagined for us.

But that is the point.

Sarah Palin is unequivocally qualified to be President of the United States within the context of America being the Republic that we the regular people envision.

And within that context, Barack Obama was unequivocally unqualified to be the President of the United States.

He had no managerial skills whatsoever. He had always been a professor, or a senator or representative. Being a representative is not the same thing as being a governor or mayor.

Believe it or not, I have heard the argument in favor of Barack Obama that he was running his staff at his congressional office.

Please, don’t make me laugh.

Do you get it Barack Obama?

Do you get it Sir Colin living in the afterlife?

We don’t share the same vision that you do for America.

Let me be clear: we don’t believe in America the Empire. We believe in America the Republic. Furthermore, we believe that you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Sarah Palin is unequivocally qualified to run America the Republic.

America the Republic doesn’t need Ivy League trained lawyer tricksters to fuck people out of their money and dignity.

America the Republic doesn’t wage war around the globe so that Ivy League self-servers can loot billions of dollars from the national treasury.

America the Republic doesn’t believe in exploitation.

America the Republic believes in a small limited government that works for the people of the United States and no one else.

America the Republic believes that the bills that are pushed through Congress should be specific, to the point, and written on one page of paper.

There are no omnibus bills.

In fact, America the Republic believes in the block grant system that Richard Nixon tried to introduce in which the massive federal bureaucracy can be replaced by the local bureaucracy that is more apt in making decisions for the specific needs of the people who live in that locality.

This was opposed by congressional hacks, who wanted to be able to pompously proclaim to their citizens that they were the ones who brought the new VA hospital to their locality. Having local politicians make those decisions would cut the congressional fuckhead out of his or her glory.

Assigning block grants is the way to go. The bills become simpler and more manageable. You don’t need to write an omnibus bill that creates tens of thousands of goodies and pork.

In this manner, Congressman can read and decipher the bill unlike today where bills are 3000 page dinosaurs that are chock-filled with secret back room deals.

America the Republic believes in a level playing field between big corporations and small individuals.

America the Republic does not permit corporations to lobby – because a corporation is not a person.

Individuals may lobby, but never a corporation.

Similarly, corporate heads can be sued for the malfeasance of the corporation.

And, corporations can be shut down, regardless of their size if persistent malfeasance is noted.

Adios, Jamie Dimon.

A corporation is not a person. It is not a person because a person generally dies after 80 years of age. Corporations on the other hand may live for hundreds of years.

Furthermore, a corporation has no sense of shame.

People have a sense of shame. As such, they fear ostracism from society when they are caught committing malfeasance.a corporation never feel fears ostracism from society because they have no sense of shame.

Legally, an individual who commits malfeasance is sent to jail. If the individual cries before the judge that this will adversely affect his family, the judge says the same thing to you, rightfully, that your parents said to you when they punched you as a child. They said to you: You should’ve thought of that before you committed the crime.

The modern day judge never has the guts to shut down the corporation . Instead a fine is deemed satisfactory, and this is looked upon as a good thing. by the pussy cat-lackeys on CNBC.

America the Republic sticks up for the small guy.

America the Republic embraces the words of Ayn Rand in her novel Anthem.

That novel embraces the supremacy of individual freedom.

America the Republic does not believe in rigid orthodoxies.

America the Republic does not play favorites.

Harvard and other Ivy League institutions are the antithesis of Anthem.

Harvard believes in elite classes of people who populate our oligarchy. They will make the decisions, and political correctness ushered in by the Harvard Cartel’s lackey Bill Clinton, Harvard graduate, now mandates people to obey.

Harvard will limit your speech.

In doing so, Harvard opposes everything that the Founding Fathers believed in.

Free speech is free speech. Politically correct speech is limited in speech.

Limited speech is what the Harvard oppressor believes in.

So, in summary, is the Harvard graduate necessary?


Indeed, the Harvard graduate is ruinous to the American dream.

The Founding Fathers distrusted corporations.

They limited their scope, and the number of years within which they could operate. The chief operating officers of the corporation could be sued.

The Founding Fathers did not come exclusively from Harvard University. In fact, the principal heroes of the American republic graduated from other institutions.

Nowadays non-Ivy League graduates are dismissed from being eligible for the Supreme Court. They are branded as intellectual lightweights.

Arlen Specter, the bagman for the ruling elite, the man who came up with a magic bullet theory for the Kennedy assassination, admitted as much in so many words when he voted to dismiss Harriet Meyers, and appointee by George Bush, 43.

As recently as 1949-1050, only five years before I was born, there existed a healthy mix of non-Harvard graduates on the Supreme Court.

Why, however, did we survive?

Increasingly, the Harvard cartel has put its death grip on the machinery of our government.

This is not a good thing.

The Harvard graduate has proved himself to be clearly an elitist who wages war against other cultures of the world.

Other cultures are just as valuable, and just as valid as is ours.

It is not our job to export our beautiful democracy – which is in reality a shamocracy – to the barbarian beast.

These, Ivy League bozos, lead by Harvard University, have no respect for other countries,

Moreover, they have no respect for us an individuals; after all, they are living Gods.

The problem is this: People who ride high on their horse get knocked off.

We are paying now for Harvard, and we will pay extensively for Harvard arrogance if their reign of terror and tyranny is allowed to continue.

So, is the Harvard graduate necessary?

Unequivocally not.

These arrogant, clueless buffoons will lead us to our ruination.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Not Wanting To Know

It’s important to explain why collective punishment is necessary for Harvard University and all its graduates.

I can easily see where some of you might think that there are good Harvard graduates, and that it’s unfair to punish all Harvard graduates for the crimes of a few.

If you think that, you are wrong.

I’m not going to mince words, or try to convince with softening statements. I’m not going to sneakily try to nudge you over to my way of thinking.

I’m not going to say, “Hey, I can see your point of view, but have you ever thought of this?”

In short, the good Harvard graduate acts as the smiley face for the evil Harvard graduates who are doing great harm to the United States of America and the world.

It doesn’t matter if they are unwitting bedfellows.

It is the good Harvard graduate who acts as a shield for the bad ones.

It doesn’t matter if they don’t know that they are being used.

The crime of the German people was not that they knew that the Nazis were slaughtering the Jews. The crime of the German people was that they did not want to know.

The German people actively shut their eyes to the possibility of what was happening.

They did not want to know.

By their willing and active silence, they validated the Nazi regime.

The same goes for the good Harvard graduate.

You don’t need a degree from Harvard, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist, to see that the Harvard Cartel is in charge of the United States.

You can see clearly the effects of the poor leadership of the Harvard Cartel.

You can see the runaway homelessness, the nonstop war, the rampant drug abuse, the runaway immigration, the destruction of the black community, the mass shootings, and many other problems.

These problems have been with us, and growing, for sometime now.

These problems are not recent events that have sprung up within the last two years.

You would have to be brain-dead to not conclude that if the Harvard Cartel cannot solve these problems, it is because they do not want to solve these problems.

The Cartel, supposedly comprised of intelligent people, dance around the issues while applying ineffective Band-Aids.

They have applied these Band-Aids in different disguises for decades. Their solutions never address the core problem.

The core problem is the economic disempowerment that the Harvard Cartel engineered against local communities across the nation.

In a nutshell, well-paying jobs were replaced with low-paying jobs through outsourcing.

When the American family is economically compromised, all sorts of social, ills, arise: divorce, physical abuse, child, abuse, sexual abuse, mental problems, vandalism, crime, rampant, drug abuse.

Solving the problem would reverse the engine and take money away from the Harvard Cartel.

That’s right, these problems serve the monetary and political interests of the Harvard Cartel.

The good Harvard graduate does not want to recognize this.

He does not even want to entertain the possibility that there is an evil segment coming out of the Harvard University that is responsible for these problems.

Now, everything that I say, here applies to the other Ivy League institutions and those institutions in the new Ivy League which have gained Ivy status.

Remember, you don’t have to be a graduate of Harvard to be in the Harvard Cartel. It’s called the Harvard Cartel because Harvard is the spiritual leader of the the Harvard Cartel and by extension Criminal Corporate America.

Criminal Corporate America – which includes our major corporations, Congress, the presidency, the Supreme Court, major foundations, associations, NGOs, sports leagues, major media, radio, television, movies, print media – is heavily populated at the upper levels by members of the Harvard Cartel and its members who are principally, but not solely, graduates of Harvard and other Ivy League institutions and New Ivy League institutions.

These graduates don’t want to know.

They don’t want to know because knowing such would force them to recognize that they are part of a criminal enterprise.

Forcing them to recognize that they are part of a criminal enterprise would put them in a moral dilemma which their minds cannot countenance.

Do they speak up and risk all the perks that the Harvard Cartel has to offer?

(And there are a lot of perks. Harvard Cartel members have a first class seat on the jet.)

Or do they stay quiet and announce themselves to the world as a moral coward?

That’s a lose lose choice, which is why it’s better not to come to that moral dilemma.

Not wanting to know is a protective reflex which protects the well-being of the organism.

By not wanting to know, the Harvard graduate can preserve all the perks of the empire for himself.

He is not at risk.

Or so he or she thinks.

Unfortunately, not wanting to know, especially in the face of crime, is an immoral and criminal act.

And it must be punished.

You see it’s not collective punishment to punish the good Harvard graduate for the crimes of the evil Harvard graduate.

It’s not collective punishment because those good Harvard graduates have also committed a crime.

They did not want to know.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Dupes, Puppets, and Whores

Entertainers who perform for King Charles at his coronation probably think, like most of you, that the royal family is an amusing sideshow.

They probably think, like you, that the royal family has no real power and that they are mere figureheads.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The royal family is the tip of the iceberg. They along with British peerage – the Dukes, the Barons, the Lords, the Earls, the Knights, the Sirs – are the glue that holds Criminal Corporate Britain together.

The royal family is the eye of the hurricane.

And that hurricane known as Criminal Corporate Britain raped the world and still rapes the world.

They do so because the existence of the royal family sends an evil and wrong message to the members of its cult: we are more important than regular people, and we are entitled to rape the people of the world so that we may live a life of luxury while common schmucks live in poverty.

The British empire, under the royal muderess, Queen Victoria, killed tens of millions of people in India. The famines in India did not result solely from drought but also from British greed and mismanagement.

If that weren’t enough, the British, who claim to be so noble by abolishing slavery in 1832, needing people to do slave work for them, chose to trick illiterate people from India with a thumbprint into working their slave plantations around the globe.

And the British worked them to death.

That’s why there exist people of Indian extraction in Guyana and Fiji. They didn’t get there on a Carnival Cruise line.

The British empire forced the Chinese through two opium wars to consume opium. Criminal Americans, like Warren Delano, FDR’s grandfather, made a fortune by joining British criminals smuggle opium.

That is how mama’s boy, FDR, no traitor to his class, came into his money.

The Chinese refer to those years from 1850 to 1949 as the 100 years of shame.

The British empire also subjugated Kenya and other countries in Africa.

Let’s not also forget that Australia and Tasmania were originally penal colonies. That’s where the British sent many Irish dissidents, people like Thomas Meagher.

Under the murderous reign of Queen Victoria, Criminal Corporate Britain engineered the famine in Ireland lest anyone think that the British were only bigoted toward non-white people.

Shiploads of grains left the shores of Ireland even as the Irish starved to death.

You see, the potato blight only affected potatoes, not other crops.

When the Irish were starving, the British said that it was the hidden hand of God that was causing this. They said that the Irish had brought this upon themselves by overpopulating.

Winston Churchill, another criminal who is celebrated today, stated as much during the famine in Bengal decades later.

He stated that the Bengalis had bred like rabbits.

As you can see, despite the incessant propaganda glorifying the British crown, and tyrannizers like Churchill, there was nothing glorious to the British empire.

They subjugated our own country in the 1600s and 1700s but were overthrown by revolution.

Surely that revolution had to count for something.

Well, it didn’t mean anything to Harvard University whose graduates cozied up to the British and still cozy up to them today.

Harvard loves the Rhodes Scholarship, named after the British bigot Cecil Rhodes who subjugated the people of Africa.

Harvard brags about the number of Rhodes Scholars that it has produced.

Of course it does. The whole purpose of the Rhodes Scholarship was and still is to rope America back into the British sphere of influence, which the British have successfully accomplished.

Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar.

When Harvard celebrated its 350th anniversary in 1986, Derek Bok invited the royal parasite, Prince Charles, to deliver a keynote address.

Harvard University and the immoral elites who graduate from there, the criminal cartel that runs our country, learned well from the British.

They employ many of their tactics in the United States today.

Is it any coincidence that America runs all over the world subjugating people much as the British did over 100 to 200 years ago?

It’s not a coincidence.

Indeed, Harvard University, the traitorous mole, the traitor to the revolution, acts as a British agent.

So you see, the British empire hasn’t really fallen at all. It’s merely been transported over to the United States of America.

But since Harvard University and it’s like-minded institutions control the media, they don’t tell you about any of the crimes of the British empire.

They only wow you with the pomp and pageantry of the royal family. They make them out to be inconsequential, powerless buffoons.

They are anything but that.

If they weren’t, the monarchy would have been abolished long ago.

But it hasn’t been abolished.

It hasn’t because Criminal Corporate Britain, and it’s lackey institutions in the United States, traitorous schools like Harvard University, understand full well how important that royal glue is to their criminal enterprise.

Clueless, insecure celebrities, eager for fame and prestige, are often unwitting dupes in their game.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Divide and Conquer

What should be the proper conservative response to Dylan Mulvaney, the trans activist?

I ask this because many stars who cater to conservatives have criticized companies, such as Anheuser-Busch, who support Dylan Mulvaney.

Kid Rock recently shot up a six-pack of Bud Light.

That will get people’s attention, but will it answer the question?

What should be the proper conservative response?

Well, to begin with – and it’s always best to begin in the beginning – we should ask questions, not take action. Measure twice, cut once.

What do we mean by conservative?

A conservative generally is defined as an individual who wishes to preserve an existing order or set of principles.

In contrast, a liberal is generally defined as an individual who wishes to be open to new ideas.

But which principles and which ideas are we talking about?

Are we talking about religious principles and ideas, or are we talking about constitutional principles and ideas.

If we’re talking about constitutional principles and ideas, then conservatives should embrace the idea that Dylan Mulvaney has every right to voice her opinion. As an individual Dylan Mulvaney enjoys all the rights to the Constitution that you do, as do the advertisers at Anheuser-Busch.

If we are talking about religious principles, then again conservatives should embrace the idea that Dylan Mulaney has every right to voice her opinion, as do the advertisers at Anheuser-Busch. Tolerance is the first rule of Christianity.

Other words for tolerance are charity and love.

This does not mean that conservatives must embrace trans behavior, or trans activism.

What it does mean though is that conservatives should quietly tolerate Dylan Mulvaney’s right to be trans and a trans activist.

And her right – and Anheuser-Busch’s right – to promote beer.

Consequently, conservatives should remain quiet and not engage in a fight.

This is particularly so because it is these side issues which are preventing conservatives (and liberals) from making a real change in the United States of America.

These side issues are a distraction.

Moreover the fight gives these issues life they would not otherwise enjoy.

This is what the elites want.

Elise wants conservatives and liberals to be fighting over these minor issues.

Divide and conquer is the credo of Caesar.

When people are fighting over minor issues, they fail to agree to attack the real issues. What are the real issues?

The real issues are the constant wars that our elites fight. These wars rob wealth from the middle class.

The real issues are the healthcare system that fails to provide adequate and affordable healthcare insurance for average middle-class people.

The real issues are the run-away inflation in the United States fueled by a lackey Fed, college chums of the immoral ruling elite.

The real issues are the massive immigration on our southern border caused by our elites’ corporate raping of the people of Central America.

The real issues are the massive polarization of wealth in society caused by outsourcing of jobs and corporate greed.

The real issues are the skyrocketing homelessness in our major cities.

As long as Americans are fighting over Dylan Mulvaney, they will never be able to solve real problems.

Consequently, conservatives should quietly tolerate Dylan Mulvaney while not engaging in a fight.

It is a loser’s game to do so.

Shooting a six pack of Bud Light is theater designed to amuse – not solve problems.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Monster

Will AI make the world better?


Theoretically it should make things better.

It should make better products.

It should improve medical care.

It should increase the yield on farms.

But it won’t.

It will transform our lives in the same way that the digital revolution changed our lives.

it will give the illusion of quality, but it will not produce a higher quality life.

Look for the quality of your life to go significantly down.

That doesn’t mean that you will appreciate that decrease in quality though.

Young people who have not lived through the pre-AI era will not be able to appreciate the decline because they will have nothing to compare it to.

The chances are good, though, that you the older and wiser will appreciate the decrease in quality in life, just as I, who lived in the pre-digital revolution, can appreciate the decrease in quality of life after computers were introduced in mass.

Why will this decline occur?

It will occur because you and I view AI differently than how Bill Gates and our elites view AI.

We look at AI theoretically at all the good things that AI can produce.

However, our greedy, pig-elite view AI in terms of how much money they can extract from us, and how much power they can exert over us.

When it comes to medical care, insurance companies will use AI not to improve your care, but to deny care to you.

Their goal is to maximize profits.

Remember, their AI is only as good as the information that is fed to it. Their programs can choose to deny or exclude information that they feel might go against their profit margin.

A machine of artificial intelligence still requires a goal.

And a set of values.

It is the goal – and those values – that chiefly determines what information will be used and which information will be excluded.

If the goal of the machine is to maximize profits, you get a completely different set of information that is utilized than what you get if the goal of the machine is to maximize quality of life for the individual.

Let’s look at a real world example where human beings make decisions.

Let’s look at Boeing.

If you remember the recent crashes of the Boeing 737 Max just a few years ago, you remember that the leader of Boeing was a finance guy.

His name was James McNerney.

James McNerney was not an engineer.

A finance guy looks at Boeing differently than how an engineer looks at Boeing.

A finance guy says: Give me an airplane that will maximize profits.

An engineer says: Give me an airplane that is safe, because if it is safe my airline will produce a high-quality product which will generate security for me into the future.

The difference is in priority.

What is the defining context?

AI merely replaces the CEO and his brain.

So what is the overall purpose of AI? Who writes that purpose?

AI is a machine. It has to be programmed.

Unfortunately, it will be programmed by computer geeks who work for the powers that be.

And those people prioritize profits.

Consequently, what looks like a good idea will not be a good idea.

It could be a good idea, but it won’t be a good idea.

You will see an extreme exacerbation of all our current problems.

You will see an acceleration in the polarization of wealth.

Homelessness will explode.

The use of drugs and all sorts of social ills will skyrocket.

AI will prove to be an experiment horribly gone wrong.

This was foreseen by Gene Roddenberry and his talented group of writers who wrote the M5 episode on the show Star Trek.

AI will lack a solid moral base that comes anywhere close to what any decent religion teaches.

The digital revolution, which accelerated in pace after 1980, has thus ruined the fields of music, literature, and film.

There is no great literature today. There is no John Steinbeck. There is no Ernest Hemingway.

There are no great films of the 1970s. Movies like The Deer Hunter, Apocalypse Now, The Pawnbroker, and many more, have been replaced with Marvel Superhero claptrap.

There is a vast shortage of great musical groups writing talented melodies that might enhance a person’s well being.

Our music is now raw and degrading.

Anything decent has been machined out with mind-numbing efficiency by our digital world.

How was this accomplished?

It was accomplished by Corporate America, which used the digital revolution to use statistics to select film, literature, and music that would maximize market share.

Corporate America, with the aid of a computer, learned that they could create demand through social influencers even when there was no real basis for the demand.

Hence, lesser quality garbage was foisted upon the American people not because they wanted it but because the elites decided to do it.

The elites took advantage of peer pressure to grow the demand.

The use of market share analysis, provided by the personal computer, enabled corporate titans to “customize” a movie to appeal to various market segments.

So that is why you see crude bathroom humor jokes, orogenital sex scenes, and lewd sexual references in so many modern movies. They are inserted so as to appeal to the slut-dog segment.

They are also inserted to animalize society. In this manner, the people are beaten down spiritually. This works to the economic advantage of the elites.

There was a time when the director’s holistic sense of what was right determined what would go into a movie.

With AI, a computer will now decide what dialogue will appear in a movie.

And just like Boeing being run by a finance guy, the decisions of what dialogue will go into a movie, or a book, will not be decided, in terms of what is holistic or good for the book, but what will be good for the pocketbook of the elites.

Do you get my drift?

Expand this analogy to every facet of your life.

AI will be used more importantly in education and healthcare.

Let’s examine how this will affect healthcare, because you would think that AI would improve health care.

AI takes advantage of big data.

AI operates on experience gained.

Yet viruses and humans are living creatures which evolve.

This is not a game of Go.

The defeat of the world champion of Go by a Google created AI machine is proclaimed by uneducated Harvard-MIT-Stanford losers as the crowning achievement of AI.

That defeat is the predicate for universal AI acceptance and deployment.

Yet Go is a closed game.

The universe is an open-ended game.

How many people have to die before AI wants to figure out the truth?

In medicine, we always order more tests than what seems are necessary.

We do this in great proportions in order to not miss the outliers.

AI will not give a damn about the outliers.

It will not give a damn, because the purpose of AI is to maximize profits, not to look maximize care for individuals.

Do you get it?

Can you see the ramifications of that?

In time certain human beings will be seen as liabilities to the profit making machine.

AI will pursue this to the maximum degree.

AI won’t just analyze the particular medical condition of the patient. AI will analyze everything about that patient including their income, their education, their socioeconomic status, and how likely that person will be of value to society.

AI will decide that it’s not worth it to provide medical care for someone who is unlikely to produce more profits for the machine.

AI will figure out clever ways to exclude that undesirable patient from getting care without the patient knowing.

How will this be accomplished? Through clever timing of rejection letters, delay of care, shift in the treatment regimen are a few ways. I’m sure you can think of some more.

The overall point here is that AI in itself has no morality except the morality that is programmed into it by its engineers.

That morality is controlled by our elites who control our government.

Is that what we want?


We are fundamentally individual human beings, each with a sense of morality.

Biology over billions of years has decided that it is better to spread risk by separating us into individual beings.

AI turns the clock back and forces us to succumb to a collective morality created by a small group of people.

Therefore, AI is regressive, and ultimately it will fail.

AI worships the god of statistics. It has no respect for individuality.

It cares not for the individual human being.

AI is a cage of ossifying conformity.

When AI is done, we will be living in a life-destroying mouse utopia.

Ultimately, we will have to place AI outside the door of our house.

AI is a monster in the worst nightmare of our life.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

We Believe in Santa Claus

Young children believe in Santa Claus. That’s a good thing.

After the age of seven children stop believing in Santa Claus, or so we think.

At that age the Santa Claus story is replaced with a new one: the legitimacy of our democracy.

Yep, it’s about that age – six or seven – when children go to school and are made fun of if they still believe in Santa Claus.

Not to worry, though, a new Santa Claus story exists for them to learn.

And this Santa Claus story, the legitimacy of our democracy, is the Santa Claus story that rarely gets demolished.

This is when children are indoctrinated into the purity of America, its leaders and its “pristine” democracy.

Hagiography runs supreme in first grade.

This is when your first grade teacher tells you the basic lies of America.

George Washington threw a silver dollar over the Potomac river. He didn’t. The Potomac River is 1100 feet at its narrowest. That is more than three football fields.

It is safe to say that Drew Brees himself couldn’t throw a silver dollar across the Potomac.

George Washington never told a lie. He did.

America is always the good guy. She isn’t.

The rest of the world are barbarians. They’re not.

Nevertheless, most people harbor and cherish these lies throughout their entire lives.

They don’t want to know the truth.

And every day, especially on Sunday morning, these lies are hammered home upon the American psych on the daily news shows.

Is it any wonder that Americans will sign up in droves when a national calamity occurs?

It isn’t.

Just a few minutes ago I was watching Whitney Webb talk to Glenn Beck about the corruption in our United States government.

I respect what she says, but she doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of convincing my friend Johnny.

Johnny is college educated.

You would expect Johnny to see through the veneer of lies that propagandize the American people daily.

He doesn’t.

Not only does Johnny not see through the bullshit, he doesn’t want to see through the bullshit.

Johnny still believes in Santa Claus.

Johnny wants to believe in Santa Claus, so when Whitney Webb comes around and tells a story contrary to that, Johnny gets angry.

Hey, Whitney Webb is the bad guy.

Johnny doesn’t want his fantasy world disturbed.

He wants to believe in the honesty and integrity of American government.

He watches those old Jimmy Stewart movies, like Mr. Deeds Goes to Washington, and he believes it.

He believes that anyone can be President of the United States.

He doesn’t want to know that we are ruled by a Harvard-dominated oligarchy.

He will bury his head in the sand against all evidence, and say: I think I think our country is still pretty good.

Forget about the runaway homelessness.

Forget about teen suicides out of control.

Forget about rampant drug abuse.

Forget about mass shootings on a weekly basis.

Forgot about inflation out the ass.

Forget about our out of control empire that killed 4,000,000 in Vietnam, another 2,000,000 in the Middle East.

It doesn’t matter that Johnny is getting hammered economically by our corrupt leaders.

He’s fully committed to the Santa Claus story.

Why shouldn’t he be committed?

He’s been propagandized on a daily basis for his entire life starting in first grade when he was told the lies about George Washington.

That’s right, Johnny. You keep believing in those stories.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Religion, Jews and Belief

So we should talk about a sensitive subject, because nobody wants to, and because the powers that be don’t want us to.

If ever, there was a reason to talk about a subject, it’s because the phony authorities consider it taboo.

I don’t think I’m going to come out with any definitive conclusions, but I am going to talk.

So with that stated, let’s talk about what it means to be Jewish. As a person who was raised in the Christian church, but who is not one who attends church, I feel I am more qualified than Jews to talk about the subject. I am more qualified because I’m not emotionally attached to the religion.

I wasn’t shanghaied into Judaism by my parents (just as Christians are shanghaied into their religion by their parents) and therefore feel emotionally attached to the religion out of loyalty to my parents.

That leads us to the first question. Is Judaism a religion, or is it an ethnicity. Or is it a way of living?

I have argued in the past that if you don’t practice the precepts of Judaism, you are not Jewish. Similarly if you do not practice the precepts of Christianity, you are not Christian.

I have stated clearly that there is no such thing as a cultural Jew just as there is no such thing as a cultural Christian.

Having a menorah down by the bar doesn’t qualify you as Jewish anymore than I having a Christmas tree in the living room qualifies me as Christian.

Obviously, people will disagree with this.

The point of this conversation is to destroy my opponents, to checkmate them into a humiliating nonexistence. Why else would I write this article?

Let’s begin with Max Baer. Max Baer was a hero to many Jewish people back in the day.

Max Baer was the heavyweight champion of the world and was reportedly Jewish.

But why was he Jewish?

Was he Jewish because he practiced the principles of Judaism, or was he Jewish because of his parents.

Well, as it turns out, Max Baer’s father was Jewish, but his mother was not.

According to many orthodox Jews, Judaism can only be transmitted through the mother

So, pretending for a second that Max Baer is still alive, which he is not, is Max Baer truly Jewish regardless of whether he practices Judaism or not?

Well, I suppose he is, if you accept Jewish identity as being able to trace your lineage back to the original Jews.

If that is the case, that all you need is a Jewish parent who is descended from Jews, then what about those Christians, who are ultimately descended from the Jews who lived during the time of Jesus?

What do I mean by this?

Many years ago I stated to a Jewish friend of mine that in the final analysis we were all Jews at one time.

He was shocked when I said that and said, “Oh, no.”

Why not? If being Jewish is nothing more than genetics and being able to trace your lineage back to the original Jews, then why don’t we Christians count also?

Some of us can trace our lineage back to the original Jews, right?

I mean, who was Jesus preaching to in his community? Buddhists?

Not at all. It seems totally logical that Jesus was converting Jews.

So again, I ask, why don’t we count?

Now, if you throw that argument out to a Jew, he probably won’t answer you except to say that you have to also follow the laws of Judaism.

At which point I will come back to you and say: Well, if that’s necessary, then what about those people who don’t follow the principles of Judaism at all but were born into a Jewish family.

What about those people today who commonly call themselves non-practicing Jews?

What about Meyer Lansky and Bugsy Siegel? They tortured and killed people with relish.

Why should they count if you just told me that you had to follow the laws of Judaism?

At which point you are checkmated, thank you, but we can continue anyway. I don’t mind carrying you for a few more rounds.

Perhaps you are of the persuasion that you have to meet both requirements. You have to be descended from Jews, and you have to follow the precepts of Judaism.

Fair point, but aren’t we leading back to the same arguments?

What about people who have been descended remotely from the Jews? What about people who barely practice Judaism?

Suppose I have a great grandmother, who was Jewish, but everybody in between was Catholic or Protestant. Do I count as a Jew if I choose choose to call myself that?

At what biological dilution does a person cease to become Jewish? 1/2? 1/4? 1/8? 1/16?

And who makes this decision?

How about those Jews who converted to Christianity? Are they Jews?


People who go around and celebrate Jesus are Jews?

Wouldn’t they fall into the same category as Jews for Jesus? My understanding is that orthodox rabbis are firmly of the opinion that Jews for Jesus are not Jews.

Karl Marx’s father converted to Christianity so that he would be able to pursue a career in law.

Karl Marx was raised as a Christian.

Was Karl Marx Jewish?

Many Jews think so, although I think they think that way because they never read any detailed biography of him.

Technically, I guess you can say that he had Jewish influence in his life and that his parents probably gave him values that were in line with Judaism. Just because your parents convert doesn’t mean that they change all their values on a dime.

Yet, Jewish scholars, at least the traditional ones, will state that you can’t become a Jew just by adopting a few values or precepts of Judaism.

So was Karl Marx Jewish even though he was raised as a Christian?

Some scholars have felt that Karl Marx was antisemitic? Can you be Jewish and antisemitic at the same time? I suppose you can. This might fall under the category of what has been termed the self-loathing Jew.

Are such people Jewish?

I suppose they are. You can be Jewish and hate Jews at the same time.

You can also do destructive things to the Jews and be Jewish at the same time, right? Look at the leadership of Israel. One can argue that they’re engaging in policies that will be ultimately harmful to Jews decades or possibly centuries down the line.

In the past century, the leadership of Israel has engaged in policies that are extremely harmful to the Palestinians. Is that brotherhood? Is that behavior in accordance with the Jewish values?

Will these policies in time engender blowback which will be harmful to the Jews? I think so.

So can we call the leadership of Israel nothing short of a pack of self-loathing Jews who are engaging in acts ultimately destructive towards Jews?

How could one possibly call the leadership of Israel Jewish when they don’t practice Jewish values, when they engage in practices which are ultimately destructive to Jews?

I don’t think you can. I think it’s more appropriate to call them pagans.

They may wear a kippah, they may have a menorah in their house, but that doesn’t make them Jewish.

You can’t possibly be Jewish because your parents were Jews. Nor can you be Jewish because your parents shanghaied you into a religion.

We are all shanghaied into a religion.

If you switched Jewish babies and Catholic babies at birth they would grow up within that religion.

Abraham Foxman’s parents had their nanny take care of Abraham while they went to a concentration camp in the 1940s. She promptly shanghaied him into Catholicism.

After the war was over, Abraham’s parents tried to reclaim young Abraham who was on a steady path to being a thoroughly indoctrinated Catholic.

After much difficulty, they were able to reclaim him and re-shanghai him back into Judaism.

So it should be clear that we are only of a religion because our parents kidnapped us on the weekend and browbeat us into that religion. They said to us: This is what you are going to believe, and we don’t care what you think.

So who are we kidding here?

I suppose the point I’m trying to make here is that religion is a device that man invented to keep people on the straight and narrow.

Since 90% of the people don’t know anything about their religion, and of the the 10% who do 90% don’t follow it, what’s the whole point of it?

Do you doubt me? Man on the street interviews can demonstrate that many Christians think Jesus was born in Nazareth.

One of my Jewish colleagues (college educated, a physician no less) didn’t understand why you don’t mix milk and meat together. He thought it was because of sanitary reasons. I explained to him that in Judaism milk represents life and meat represents death and that you don’t mix the two.

This type of ignorance applies to all religions.

So what’s the point of religion if people don’t practice it or don’t know much about it.

Does the religion exist for the people, or for the mad powerbrokers who rule the religion?

It seems to exist for the mad power brokers who have made convenient relationships with the ruling class.

Religion is then used as a tool to get people to fight useless wars or follow the ridiculous dictates of the ruling class.

That’s the situation in Israel today where many Israelis, who I will safely assume are Jewish, beat up on Palestinians, burn down their houses, or go to rallies in order to cheer for Elor Azaria, a former IDF solider, who essentially murdered a helpless Palestinian as he lie dying on the ground.

To be fair, Christians do the same thing.

All in the name of religion.

What insanity is this?

It is the product of being shanghaied into a religion.

It is the product of blind obedience.

This is not particular to Judaism. My parents tried to shanghai me into Christianity, but I was a problem child.

I viewed church as prison. Not only was I forcibly compelled to go to church, I wasn’t able to go out and play with other children after church. It was the Lord’s day, my parents told me.

Is the Lord opposed to children playing with their friends, I must’ve asked on some level.

If that is the case, count me out.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Caesar Was Not a Christian

A fellow came into my office today, and he was very upset.

He is a person I have known for some time now.

He was worried about our government, our leadership and our dollar bill not being worth anything in a few years.

Most of all he was concerned about his kids. What kind of future would they have?

I tried to console him.

I think I consoled him in the wrong way.

At first I told him that our leaders would not allow the dollar bill to be totally devalued.

I’m not sure why I told him that because I knew full well how evil our leaders were.

It may very well be that our leaders’ plan is to create a nation of serfs. That is what I believe.

What better way to accomplish that than to devalue the currency?

The problem with that line of thinking though is that our leaders are using the same currency we are.

I guess what I was trying to convey to my friend was that our leaders would never allow the dollar bill to not be the world’s reserve currency.

There was simply too much money in it for them to have the US dollar be the world’s reserve currency.

Our leaders would rather blow up the Earth than have that happen.

But I didn’t tell him that.

Then I said to him that only thirty years ago, people were thinking that it would be the Japanese who would be ruling over us.

The Yen at that time reigned supreme.

That didn’t happen, of course.

Anyway, my friend thought that our leaders were too preoccupied with the transgender movement rather than what they should be focused on – our economy.

Of course, I couldn’t tell my friend how evil I thought our leaders really were.

I didn’t want to disillusion him.

So I just let it go.

When I got home, I started talking to my mother who is deceased now.

That’s right, I talk to my mother.

I was conveying to her all the latest news of what was going on.

I told her about the inflation that was currently taking place. I told her that she was lucky that she wasn’t here, that the inflation would be eating her up alive.

And then I started thinking about my friend who visited me today.

And I thought about what I would tell him or what I should have told him.

I would say to him what I will say to you now.

Our leaders are totally evil, and totally without Christ.

Take heart though.

Christianity will defeat our evil leaders who have brought this economic calamity upon us.

Christianity will secure our future.

There is no need to anguish over things we cannot control. We must focus on what we can control.

Christianity is something that we can practice.

Christianity defeated the Roman Empire.

Christianity will defeat the American Empire,

You yourself can stop the American Empire dead in its tracks simply by doing unto others as you would have others do unto you.

The practice of Christianity will produce leaders who are firmly opposed to our current methodology of free trade.

The free trade that America practices now is free exploitation.

America is not exporting its democracy to the rest of the world. That is a myth and a lie.

America is exporting crony corporatism and tyranny.

America currently uses the Third World for cheap labor.

America positions its evil corporations like Levi Strauss in Haiti where they exploit the people for wages equaling less than five dollars a day.

Your practice of Christianity can put a stop to that.

The type of trade that the United States engages in now is corporatism – big business corporatism.

And big business corporatism is Caesar.

Christ did not embrace Caesar. Christ walked away from Caesar.

Caesar was a fuckhead.

And Christ knew it.

Similarly, the business of war has nothing to do with Christ.

The business of war also belongs to Caesar.

It is a perversion of Christ’s message to state that Christ stands for running around the world and kicking ass.

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

Would we want a foreign nation to come into the United States and start a phony war simply to extract our assets?

We did in Vietnam. We killed millions.

We did in the Middle East. We killed millions there too.

What would Christ say about that?

He would be opposed to that.

Christianity is not practiced in our country today.

The people who think they’re practicing Christianity are not practicing Christianity at all.

What they’re practicing is corporatism.

They do this because the CIA, the Sicherheitdienst of the wealthy elite, hijacked the evangelical movement and other Christian congregations.

Christian leaders became seduced by Caesar.

They were given trips on Air Force One, private tours in the White House, invitations to congressional prayer breakfasts.

These leaders then began to equate corporatism with Christ.

This led many Christians to believe that they were doing Christ’s work by supporting a military that runs all over the world and kicks ass.

Well, what are the results?

Christ said in so many words that the proof of the pudding was in the eating.

Well, how is the eating?

Not very good at all.

If you want better, fruit, or better pudding, you have to change your mindset.

We can begin simply by asking ourselves to do unto others as we would have others do unto us.

When we do that, we will collapse the American Empire, which is what it so richly deserves.

We can have America the Republic or we can have America the Empire, but we cannot have both.

If we have America the Empire without America the Republic then what is the point?

Practice Christianity.

That is what you can do to reform this nation.

It’s simple, it’s easy, and it will work.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved