Cowboy Archer

Welcome to Cowboy Archer where authority will always be relentlessly questioned. You won’t find anything like this blog anywhere else. I will defend JoeMcCarthy to the grave all the while attacking our mindless imperialist policy around the globe. And that’s because I don’t show up at the dinner table because somebody rings a bell.

Latest Posts

Mischief Makers

Here are some other Ivy League graduates you should know about. Why? Because they are affecting the education of your children. The first is Wendy Kopp of Teach for America. Wendy is the founder. The second is Richard Barth, her husband, who currently heads KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program). Wendy is a Princeton graduate, and … Continue reading Mischief Makers

Trouble in Colombia

Why is Colombia in trouble? Well, we can probably start with the president, Ivan Duque. He’s just another rich guy, who comes from a wealthy family, who is out of touch with how regular people live. He went to school at Georgetown and American University, so it’s good bet that he is one of the … Continue reading Trouble in Colombia

My Mission

When I was young I wanted to get married and have a family. I asked the Lord for this, and the Lord said no. Disappointed but desiring gifts I asked to be rich. If I couldn’t be married with a family, I figured I might as well be a billionaire. That way I could do … Continue reading My Mission


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