Another Phony Battle

Do you believe that our philosopher kings who rule us want to take away our guns?

That’s the narrative from the right.

That’s also the narrative from the left.

The left, controlled by our philosopher kings who own Corporate America, gets its sheep to bark against ownership of assault rifles while the right controlled by our philosopher kings who own Corporate America gets its puppets to bark against the left’s desire to control and confiscate its guns.

A battle over guns and gun ownership ensues.

But is this an important battle?

Or are we the victims of yet another giant dog and pony show designed to distract us from what is really going on?

Are Americans who own guns really a bulwark against federal tyranny?

That’s what the right claims.

Well, Americans owns guns in the droves and yet our federal government could hardly be more tyrannical, so how effective are these guns?

Not very effective.

What’s the whole point of owning a gun if you’ve been programmed into passivity?

Did you see any massive organization of militias when the government forced us into a lockdown?

Did you see any massive organization of militias when the government forced us into wearing masks?

No, you did not.

As a matter of fact, there were more protests in Europe where they have far fewer guns, almost none at all.

So what’s the point of the gun?

Why are we so focused on guns and gun control?

Is the occasional gun shooting more dangerous then the tyranny of the federal government?

Who has killed more people in the past year? The random shooter? Or the federal government?

The federal government has killed more people by virtue of its COVID-19 policies.

By virtue of its lockdown and its enforcement of the mask, the federal government took a one and done pandemic and transformed it into a smoldering infection that has killed an additional hundreds of thousands of Americans.

When you add in increased suicides, increased incidence of spousal abuse and child abuse, increased depression, increased despair, increased destruction of small business, it becomes clear that the federal government has done far more damage than the random shooter.

We aren’t even beginning to talk about destruction of the black community that the federal government has engineered over the past five decades.

Nor the destruction of the white and black communities through outsourcing of jobs, importation of drugs, and promotion of gambling and a crummy superstar culture.

Yet we are fixated on gun control.

Well, maybe it’s about time we wake up and realize that our obsession with gun control exists because the elites want it that way.

Maybe it’s time we wake up and realize that the elites in our time never plan to take away our guns.

In fact, it serves the elites’ purpose to have the American people own guns, and lots of them, so that the random shootings can occur.

The random shootings suit the elites’ purpose.

The more we the people obsess and worry about random mass shootings, the better it is for the elites.

It’s better for the elites because fewer people then focus on the elites and their criminality here and abroad.

John Q. American: Yemen, Syria, where are they on a map? Hundreds of thousands dead? Who has time for that? Why, last week a guy in a mall in Georgia killed 5 people.

Mass shootings are better for the elites because they cause tension and despair amongst us.

The more uneasy we are, the better it is for the elites.

Don’t you think that the elites with all their power could have taken away our guns if they had wanted to.

It makes sense to me.

It also makes sense that the elites could and would foist a phony battle upon the people so as to distract us from focusing on them as the real enemy in our society.

It fits in with their usual method of operations.

Finally, do you really believe that a few Americans with AR-15s are a match for our federal military?

Is our military quaking in its boots that a local militia of skinheads will defeat them?

I doubt it.

I think it’s far more likely that our philosopher kings know exactly what they’re doing. They have no desire to take away our guns because us having guns for the time being suits their purposes.

We are no match for them, and they know it.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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