Where is Brian Laundrie?

So where is Brian Laundrie?

The screaming mobs of Barabbas led by the popular John Walsh have given us “solid tips” that lead just about everywhere except possibly the truth.

John Walsh labels the Laundries as the “dirty laundries.” He repeats this moniker as much as he possibly can.

He incites hatred against them. It’s gotten to the point where people now place empty laundry baskets on the Laundrie yard.

Mr. Walsh accuses the Laundries of currently aiding and abetting their son, although it’s difficult to understand how they could possibly do so given current FBI scrutiny.

Not to be out done by himself, Mr. Walsh goes one step further by accusing the Laundrie attorney, Mr. Bertolino, of aiding Brian Laundrie. Really? Are attorneys legally allowed to do this? I doubt it.

Today, John Walsh believes that Brian Laundrie is in Mexico. He states that his father Chris Laundrie probably drove him there. What’s left out of this belief is why John Walsh would believe this.

What does Chris Laundrie know about the Mexican border? Has he ever been down here to the border? How would he know where to cross? And where is the evidence that Chris Laundrie drove his car to the Rio Grande Valley which would be the closest border crossing to where he lives in Florida? Does Brian speak Spanish?

In a medium obsessed with immediacy, these questions are never addressed, and they never need to be. Mr. Walsh has undoubtedly learned over the years that Americans don’t ask a lot of questions.

This has engendered a mental laziness in people who regularly appear on the media. They have learned that you don’t have to back up your suppositions with any facts or solid logical reasoning; on the other hand, you get better ratings when you don’t ask questions, when you leap around from one baseless supposition to the next.

But, these are “solid tips” we are reminded.

Why they are “solid tips,” other than someone’s random thought, we are never told.

The other “solid tip” according to John Walsh is that Brian took a ferry to the Bahamas.

Again, we are not given any solid logical reasoning as to why this may have happened.

Now, if you had told me that Chris Laundrie grew up in the Bahamas, that he had family in the Bahamas, or a condo in the Bahamas, or that the Laundries have fished down in the Bahamas, it might be a solid tip.

But a solid tip is not made solid by someone calling it solid.

I’m not asking for hard evidence like a photograph or a receipt. Sound logical reasoning is enough to make it more solid, to be worth pursuing.

Meanwhile, as the baseless blather dominates the airwaves, more responsible thinking gets ignored.

Such as?

There is much evidence out there to suggest that Brian Laundrie is truly delusional. We can cite his behavior, Gabby’s friend’s testimony that Brian was hearing voices, and the most credible sighting of Dennis Davis who stated that Brian was not all there. We also have the statement of Miranda Baker who felt that Brian was, again, not all there.

Piecing this together with Brian’s experience on the Appalachian Trail, it makes a lot more sense that Brian is on the Appalachian Trail, in a confused delusional state.

If Brian is still alive, which is doubtful although possible, it is probably because he has discovered safe sanctuary there in the Appalachians, a small fortress of solitude that he chanced upon during prior visits.

Like Elisa Lam, who found sanctuary in the water tower atop the Hotel Cecil, Brian is more likely than not hiding in a refuge that he finds will give him the greatest comfort.

In a sense, he has found his Pitcairn island, a sanctuary not found on the maps of the world.

If he cannot find his way back to California safely to meet Gabby who he still believes is alive, he will remain there until he dies.

Someday, like Elisa Lam, he will be discovered by accident.

At that point we will come to understand that Brian was not of sane mind.

Of course, this will be disclosed quietly to the public. In the years to come the media will be obsessed with a new case. There will be new screaming mobs, new baseless suppositions, and new public spectacles.

Television demands it.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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