Brian’s Destiny

What will be the end for Brian Laundrie?

How will we discover him?

If the case of Elisa Lam is a guide, we will find him by accident.

Elisa Lam was the young girl who died at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles.

Initially felt to be the victim of an attack, Elisa Lam, it was concluded, had psychiatric problems.

She had climbed to the top of the Cecil Hotel to hide within a water storage tank. She had been hallucinating.

Unfortunately the tank was filled with water. The lid closed over her after she climbed into the tank, and she drowned.

She was discovered much later when the water coming out of the tank began seeping brown liquid through the hotel’s plumbing.

The brown liquid was produced by her decomposing body.

The case of Elisa Lam is a good study in media exuberance in getting things wrong.

In trying to catch the perpetrator, a young death metal singer from Mexico was accused.

As it turned out, he wasn’t even staying in the hotel when Elisa Lam went missing.

This meant little to Internet sleuths who destroyed his career and psyche.

We all think that we are smart.

We all think we are the smartest guy in the room. If we didn’t we wouldn’t write things down on paper. Or make videos.

Humility is a farce. It’s a cover we give ourselves to mask our internal arrogance and high opinion of ourselves.

This would be okay if people didn’t get hurt in the process. Unfortunately it leads to exuberance, overthinking and cocksure-ness.

Thus the protesters outside Brian Laundrie’s house.

They know for sure that’s the Laundries are hiding Brian.

John Walsh, the media celebrity, is convinced that the Laundrie family is still helping Brian.

Why they would be able to get away with this when the FBI is most likely monitoring their phone conversations is never explained.

John Walsh has much influence.

Clearly he has inflamed his followers who now stand outside the Laundrie house with bullhorns to harass the family.

They carry signs that say “Dirty Laundries.” This is a moniker that John Walsh peddles everywhere.

But is it likely that the Laundrie family is still helping Brian?


Is it likely that they helped Brian?


Is it likely that Brian would have followed any advice they would have given?

Assuming that Brian is delusional, probably not.

Then why did he move away from his parents house? What is going on in his mind?

He’s moving away from his parents house and evading the police not because he believes that he did anything wrong, but because he believes that the police will hinder him from reconnecting with Gabby.

In his mind Gabby is not dead.

His mind would not be able to handle her death. That’s why he didn’t bury her. You don’t bury people who are alive.

I don’t think there’s any way a delusional Brian would have admitted to killing Gabby to his mother or father.

You would have to postulate that Brian was sane in the manner of Scott Peterson or Chris Watts who did completely conceal their murdered spouses.

But if he was sane, he wouldn’t have left her body out in the open. He wouldn’t have driven the van back to his parents house. He wouldn’t have carried on as if nothing had happened.

It also seems logical to me that if the FBI, after interviewing the Laundrie parents, had felt that the parents knew that Brian had admitted to them that he had killed Gabby, they would have communicated that, off the record, to former FBI agents who would have communicated that to the media.

If the Laundrie parents had helped Brian escape with money or telephonic communication, surely the FBI would know that by now. If they knew that, they would have approached the parents with the evidence and compelled them to change their approach in staying silent.

So why are the Laundries silent if there is nothing damaging for them to admit? This is a fair question. Their silence could easily be a result of fear, shock, and the advice of a defense lawyer. Plus, they aren’t willing to throw away the 23 year investment they have in their son. It could be that they just want to be sure.

Additionally, there is most likely a great deal of denial going on. Like Gabby’s parents, the Laundries have found their world upended. They can’t believe what is happening to them. The world now seems surreal.

No one wants to admit it, but the Laundries are grieving for their son just as Gabby’s family is grieving for her.

In time, though, Brian will be found, and I suspect in an accidental way.

When he is found, it will be in such a manner as to clearly demonstrate that he was mentally ill.

His death will become as big a mystery as was Gabby’s death.

People will be stunned; they will ask why Brian went there or was found there.

It won’t make any sense to the rational mind.

But to the irrational, delusional mind it makes total sense.

Brian is delusional, or, in the vernacular, insane.

Nicole and Joe Schmidt are assuming that Brian is sane because he used Gabby’s credit card, because he drove back to Florida and so forth. This is a common misconception of people suffering a psychosis. People who suffer a psychosis can get through daily events just fine. They still know how to purchase things at the store, fill up the car with gas, eat at a restaurant and so on. Where psychotic patients are different is in what they believe. People in delusional states have fixed false beliefs. They may even hear voices and see things. They may believe that voices on television are messages directed at them. Where Brian is different is that he still believes that Gabby is alive.

Like Elisa Lam, he will seek out a comfort zone. And that is where he will die, or be found.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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