Egg on the Face

Just a day ago we were told that the case was cold regarding Brian and Gabby.

Now, apparently, Brian’s remains have been found along with a notebook and a backpack.

What can we now expect in this very odd case?

We know that Brian did not take his wallet or his cell phone to the Mabry Carlton preserve.

Some have speculated that he did not take these items because he would have no need of them if he was trying to escape. Credit cards and cell phones can be tracked.

Others have stated that he did not take these items because he was planning to kill himself.

If he was planning to kill himself, then why did he need a knapsack?

One can understand why he might need a notebook if he was planning to kill himself. The notebook could be used to write a manifesto. Or it could represent an important part of his life: his art. Perhaps the knapsack existed just to carry the notebook.

However, if he was planning to kill himself why wouldn’t he write out his manifesto and leave it in his house?

My guess is that he was not planning on killing himself.

I still believe that he was delusional and not in full command of his rational mind. Much evidence points to that as has already been expressed in prior columns.

I believe that he believed that Gabby was still alive.

If he had a rational mind and was trying to escape why wouldn’t he just go to the Appalachian Trail? He could’ve taken a bus. He could’ve gotten there easily in the time it would have taken for the Feds to put out a warrant for his arrest.

But he didn’t.

He went to the swamps where the chance of survival is much less.

One could argue that he knew he was going to die and so chose a place that he felt comfortable with. That’s a valid point. And it would point to rational thinking.

If he was rational though, and consumed with grief and guilt, how was he able to hide this from his sister Cassie and her husband on 6 September? Was Brian merely an extremely intelligent introvert who had learned how to expertly conceal his emotions over the years?

It’s possible. Children of alcoholics or volatile parents are especially adept at concealing their emotions. We know so little about Brian’s family and his own psychological make up.

Analysis of the remains, the notebook and other personal items will be helpful in helping sort out whether Brian was delusional or rational.

That his remains and personal effects were discovered by his parents when prior search efforts revealed little is yet another oddity in this case, and it may come to pass that even more twists and turns will occur in this case before anyone can make a definitive judgment.

One thing is for sure. Everyone commenting on this case ended up with a little egg on their face no matter what their position was. But that is the nature of doing detective work.

The detectives are always one step behind the criminals. There is no shame in that. And being a theorist should never deter one from thinking or developing new theories no matter how wild.

Assuming that these remains are Brian’s, and they were legitimately found there, clearly he wasn’t in a motel room. Clearly he wasn’t in a friend’s apartment watching Ashley Banfield and Brian Enten while gloating about his successful escape. Clearly he wasn’t receiving ongoing support. Clearly he wasn’t using a burner phone with his mother. Clearly he wasn’t on the Appalachian Trail as I and many others had thought. Clearly Mr. Bertolino was not in contact with him. Clearly his parents were not in contact with him. Clearly there was no other friend helping him. Clearly he wasn’t overseas. Clearly he wasn’t in Mexico. Clearly he wasn’t canoeing around Fort De Soto.

As I have stated before, we always think we know all the answers, until we don’t.

Then we wait five minutes, pretend that our mistakes never happened and begin all over again.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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