Charlie’s Looking Out For Us

Here’s another laugher.

Guy Spier, one of Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger’s puppets and mouthpieces, has rushed to the defense of Charlie Munger.

Here it is, right here.

He says that Charlie Munger did small investors a favor by calling Bitcoin “rat poison” back in 2013.

He was looking out for us, you see.

Charlie Munger was actually looking out for us.

Yes, it’s true.

Charlie Munger was scaring us away from cryptocurrency because he didn’t want us to lose our money on a speculative investment.

Is that a joke?

Of course he didn’t want us to lose our money on cryptocurrency. If we lost our money on cryptocurrency, how would we ever lose our money to him in the casino that he and Buffet are running?

Thanks but no thanks, Charlie.

Thanks but no thanks, Guy.

Then amazingly, Spier goes on to say that Charlie Munger probably doesn’t give the same advice to his wealthy friends as he does to the rest of us suckers.

Is this guy brazen, or what?

Well, of course he’s brazen. Guy Spier is one of the anointed elites.

One only has to look at his résumé to see this. He attended both Oxford and Harvard.

That makes him privileged, stupid, and entitled.

Only someone who attended Harvard and Oxford could get away with saying something so stupid.

The rationale behind such a statement was that cryptocurrency was a speculative investment, unlike stocks, and that investing in cryptocurrency was like betting in a large poker room.

Some of the tables in the poker room, according to Guy Spier, are speculative scams in which we are likely to lose our money.

The average investor, according to Guy Spier, isn’t smart enough to pick the right table.

Savvy investors, however, most likely Charlie Munger‘s friends, are able to pick out the better tables and are therefore more likely to win.

Do you mean like the stock market, Guy Spier, a contrived, phony casino if ever there was one, a rigged joint where whales like William Ackman can short a stock and then get on television and trash companies like Herbal Life into submission so that they can make a fortune.

Do you mean like the stock market, Guy Spier, a good old boy game, where, in the midst of an IPO, wealthy elites at the major investment banks dole out hundreds of thousands of shares of stock to their friends for nothing?

Do you mean like the stock market, Guy Spier, a Texas Hold’em table if ever there was one, where large investors can afford to pay Harvard trained quants to write sophisticated high-frequency trading programs that run over high-speed networks in order to see everybody’s pocket cards before fleecing them out of their money?

Are you talking about that legitimate poker table?

I’ll tell you what, Guy Spier, why don’t you and your scam-meister, Munger, let us figure out what’s legitimate or not.

Or maybe we already have.

Maybe that’s why people are investing in cryptocurrency, fuck face. Maybe they already have figured out Munger’s game.

Maybe that’s what you don’t like.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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