Our Stupid Leaders

Did you see Joe Biden’s latest tough-guy move. Here it is right here.

Our leaders just don’t get it.

What don’t they get?

The goal is to create friends – not enemies.

The very fact that we have to go after someone and kill him because he’s an enemy is an indictment of our leadership.

The United States creates enemies – not friends.

Furthermore, we took an individual out in another sovereign nation – not our own.

We just invited ourselves in and assumed that we could do what we wanted to do.

Hey, that’s what we do.

We’re Americans.

We own the fucking world.

Wait a minute now.

How would we feel if other countries came into our country and took out our leaders?

It’s not going to take too long before the enemies that our leaders have created do just that.

The United States has a bad habit of thinking it can go around the world and kick ass without retaliation.

That’s a mistake.

Unfortunately, it’s the people of the United States who are going to pay for the stupidity of its leaders.

Do you wanna know something?

When I was young in my 20s, I didn’t think this way.

I was a hawk.

I used to watch these Vietnam veterans who were against the Vietnam war, and I thought they were traitors.

I thought they were hurting America.

I was wrong.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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