Winning is Everything

The Johnny Depp Amber Heard trial was over before it began.

She had no chance.

It’s a testament to the mob rule system of justice that our corporate media has created.

The goal is to win at all costs. Winning is everything to these fools. The truth means nothing.

What social media did was create a climate in which the jury had no choice but to rule in Mr. Depp’s favor.

The facts made little difference.

The jury does not live in a vacuum.

Regardless of the judge’s instructions, it’s impossible for the jury to not feel the pressures of the world in which they live.

The trial was broadcast everywhere.

The jurors themselves had to go home at night. They didn’t sleep in the court room.

How could they escape the relentless pressure of guilt that was ascribed to Amber Heard?

They could not.

Every single video on YouTube was relentlessly slanted against her.

We were told time and again that she was not really crying, that there were no tears, that her defense attorneys were out-matched, that Ms. Vasquez’s performance was so stunning.

Clearly this was an orchestrated attempt to create a climate of conviction against her.

The media is laughing at us.

It was an experiment to prove that they could arrive at any verdict they desired to obtain.

No juror could withstand the peer pressure of millions of people who were convinced of Amber Heard’s lies.

It’s no surprise that one of the jurors has spoken out about Miss Heard’s crocodile tears.

Facts meant nothing to this fool.

The wailing of Mr. Depp on an airplane. The smashing of cabinets in a video. His own description of himself as a monster. The destroyed furniture in the house. His past history of trashing a hotel room. His past history of never being able to keep a spouse. His former girlfriend’s description of him as a very jealous man. His own description of his childhood as abusive. His unrelenting addiction to drugs. His tardiness on a movie set in which hundreds of professionals were kept waiting. His audio-taped abuse of his wife, Miss Heard, in which he refers to her as fat ass.

Apparently none of this was taken into consideration. The only thing that counted was the fact that Ms. Heard did not shed tears.

Or maybe what bothered the juror was that she simply didn’t sound believable.

It might’ve been that she didn’t have the acting skills of Johnny Depp.

Amber Heard is not a method actor. And as her acting coach explained, it’s very difficult for a non-method actor to re-create tears.

It’s also possible that Ms. Heard, herself a victim of abuse as a child, had instinctively learned to be more stoic in life and less likely to exhibit emotion.

Perhaps Ms. Heard was attempting to maintain some control on the witness stand and could not fully psychologically go down the road of recreating that pain that she had suffered.

There could’ve been a million and one reasons why she wasn’t able to exhibit tears.

I did notice though that her eyes became red on at least one occasion.

Emotion is not just about tears. It’s a sympathetic response that produces congestion in the nose, redness in the eyes, and sometimes tears.

But it shouldn’t be the sole determining factor in guilt.

Sometimes it’s difficult to be emotional about events that have happened five years and ten years in the past.

We’ve become accustomed to the pain. We’ve moved on.

Unfortunately, she had a jury of boobs who didn’t have the mental maturity to understand that they had been programmed by a relentless media that was slanted against her.

It was a jury of gutless autograph hounds, bandwagon hoppers, cowards to the max.

They joined the raging mob screaming for the release of Barabbas.

That’s what was going on in that trial.

That is why the jury ruled against her.

She had no chance at all.

The trial was over before it began.


Archer Crosley

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