UBI: Universal Basic Income

What about universal basic income? How do you feel about that?

You better start thinking because billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg are in favor of it, and you know what that means.

When you start seeing Harvard-educated cult-members like Zuckerberg come out for nutty ideas like universal basic income, you better run for the hills. You also better educate yourself as to what it is that they’re talking about.

Obviously I’m not in favor of it.

Universal basic income is a scam to take more of your hard earned money and give it away to people who will squander it.

Universal basic income cannot work.

On a certain level it’s already been tried.

Years ago experimenters created an ideal world for mice in which all their needs were satisfied.

It was called mouse utopia. You can read about it here.

In short, unfettered access to food and water led to overcrowding which then led to all sorts of social ills such as isolation, aggression, lack of socialization, cannibalism, and high infant mortality rates.

The ideal world of mouse utopia failed miserably. The mouse population began to die off.

Why is that?

Why would that happen because you wouldn’t think it would happen.

It happened because the need to contribute meaningfully to one’s own prosperity is as important to that individual, whether it be human being or mouse, as is oxygen and food.

In short, we need to work. We need to feel as if we are here for a purpose and that we are fulfilling that purpose.

Universal basic income defeats that.

It diminishes our incentive.

It makes us angry just as a diminishment of food and oxygen makes us angry.

In an ideal world the poor who receive a universal basic income will use the extra income for education or as a bank to start a small business.

In the real world the poor will use the extra income for Netflix, HBO, trips to Vegas and Disneyland, drugs, cigarettes, alcohol and activities that benefit Corporate America.

Yes, while some of the poor will inevitably use the extra money for necessary items, the vast majority of the money will go right into the hands of the rich.

Man is not noble, nor has he ever been such.

The universal basic income when implemented will prove that.

It will force human beings into a state of massive and constant reproduction.

Why? Because man will place his energies into those areas which maximize his presence over space and time. If this cannot be attained in the workplace, it will be attained through reproduction.

The population growth will be massive creating overcrowding and a strain on resources.

Infant mortality rates will skyrocket.

In time, the society will transform itself into a teeming mass of abject misery and poverty.

What you see in the worst ghetto of the United States will be reality for all citizens of the United States.

UBI is another utopian idea best suited for the waist bin.

What will work is a decentralized, competitive economy with fewer national corporations.

A decentralized, competitive economy can provide more meaningful jobs at better pay with less hassle than the current emerging corporate model.

An overly centralized corporate economy cannot do this because the leaders are too far divorced from the workers. They don’t view the workers as people but as tools to maximize their profits.

Eventually they will replace those human beings with robots that employee artificial intelligence thus, mistakenly, necessitating UBI.

This will only exacerbate our social ills.

The proper role of artificial intelligence in business is not to replace human beings, but to augment human beings where necessary.

A small businessman who enjoys a close working relationship with his staff understands this.

A corporate CEO because he is far removed from the actual workers he employs does not understand this.

Universal Basic Income?

Run away from it as fast as you possibly can.


Archer Crosley

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