Controlling Drugs

Regarding drugs …

Let’s rid ourselves of the term legalization.

Control is a better word.

If we use the term legalization, then people get the idea that cocaine and heroin are going to be sold right next to the Skittles at the drugstore.

The word control is better.

The word control involves intelligent thought.

How will we control drugs? How will we control addiction rates?

That’s what we want: intelligence.

What we don’t want are mindless politicians involved in drug policy.

Currently, we can’t get anywhere with regard to drug policy and addiction rates because the political debate is controlled by two widely opposing schools of thought.

Those two schools of thought are complete legalization versus complete banning on drugs.

This is not going to work.

We want to put a rheostat on all drugs.

There are probably five to ten parameters that can be adjusted on each particular drug in an attempt to control it.

Those parameters would include how much a person can buy, who can buy it, when can they buy it, where can they buy it, for what purpose can they buy it, how frequently can they buy it.

I’m sure you can think of a few more.

What we want to achieve is the lowest addiction rate and the least amount of illegal drugs.

All of this can be graphed out, analyzed and then controlled by using the above parameters.

This would best be handled by an independent board comprised of schooled professionals, mathematicians, social workers, attorneys and healthcare providers.

The last thing we want is a politician making hay over these issues.

This particular individual, the politician, is best relegated to that of the irrelevant village idiot who dances haplessly in a remote corner of the room.

To achieve a better world, the term legalization when it comes to drug use should be eliminated from our vocabulary.

The word legal is an unfortunate and almost useless word to use.

Yes, a drug can be legalized – but at a 5% level thus making it effectively illegal.

Alcohol is legal, yet it is illegal for people under 21.

Control is a better word.


Archer Crosley

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