What can be done about poor Cuba?

The oppressed people of Cuba are caught between two powerful factions.

You have the Fidelidtas and communists on one side, and the United States power elite on the other.

The Fidelidtas claim that they should be in power because of the oppression that the United States and their puppet Batista, among others, caused them for so many years.

They are right.

The United States and the refugees in Cuba (and their descendants) claim that they should be in power because Fidel Castro murdered and imprisoned so many of their ancestors. Plus he stole their money and possessions.

They are right.

Consequently, the country of Cuba is embargoed by the United States.

The defenders of the embargo state that Cuba is free to trade with other nations. They claim that the poverty Cuba suffers is entirely self-inflicted, the result of the system that they choose to engage in.

This is not a valid argument because although Cuba is free to trade with other nations, the United States uses its influence to compel other nations to not trade with Cuba.

Consequently, the people of Cuba live in poverty.

It is true that their system is oppressive. It is true the Castro was a thief and a murderer.

But this does not make the oppressed people of Cuba murderers and thieves.

The people are paying for the crimes of Fidel Castro and his followers who in turn were created by the misguided and criminal elite from the United States.

The United States and its greedy elites claim that the embargo must be kept up in order to force a regime change in Cuba.

This is unlikely to happen.

Thus, the poverty of the Cuban people continues.

What can we do to effect change?

It’s not possible for individual Americans to run supplies into Cuba. Nor is it possible for individual groups of Americans to privately conduct business with Cuba.

The wealthy elite in the United States will not permit this.

Outside help is thus virtually impossible because of the power of the United States government which has been hijacked by the wealthy elite who desperately salivate over Cuba and its resources.

Cuba’s easy solution is to disengage from the United States and forge relations with those countries that have also disengaged from the United States.

Cuba has no choice but to develop its own industrial capacity to develop raw materials; and where that industrial capacity is not possible, Cuba must develop creative alternatives.

Thus Cuba will have to develop its own steel manufacturing, its own car manufacturing, it’s own plastic production ; it’s own textile industry; it’s own refineries, and so forth.

Cuba must be self-sufficient.

Cuba must do for itself what others will not.

Survive or die.

Now, if this is not possible, or Cuba does not have the will or confidence to do so, then Cuba must apply for inclusion into an existing state or supranational state.

China, Russia are possibilities.

Surprisingly enough the United States is another. Cuba could propose a deal that would be beneficial for both countries. We, Cuba, will become a state within the United States with all the guarantees and rights for our citizens that you give your own citizens. In return current Cuban refugees will be compensated for their losses. Free education and free healthcare will be granted to all our current and future citizens.

If these options are not forthcoming Cuba must create a supranational state of its own out of similarly disenfranchised states – other enemies of the United States.

Something must be done.

Standing still is not an option.


Archer Crosley

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