Why is it difficult to change policy in the United States?

Much of the problem rests in the fact that the powers that be have an enormous amount of money with which to propagandize and brainwash the people.

The brainwashing is everywhere.

It comes from the most innocent sources.

It comes even from our allies in Europe.

It comes from documentaries.

Documentaries are even more dangerous than the evening news on main stream media.

The documentaries are more dangerous because you let your guard down and don’t openly contend what they are saying.

I was watching a documentary on immigration in Europe just today.

It was a nonstop assault on intelligence.

It subtly portrays Russia as a backwards place in which to live.

It talks about democracy in noble terms as anything but the joke that it is.

It pounds home the message that immigration is necessary to provide welfare benefits to an aging European population.

That one is my favorite because it is so untrue.

The reason why the elites want massive immigration is to pay slave wages for people to work on their farms.

They couldn’t care less about the aging population in Europe.

They don’t care about them here in the United States either.

What the elites want are cheap products to sell.

That’s more booty for them.

They also want divisiveness amongst the people. As long as there are multiple ethnic groups battling each other, there is a war against racism to be fought.

The elites can make money on that too

When the people are divided, the elites can get away with their chicanery.

They know full well the power of distraction.

The idea that immigrants will pay for the welfare benefits of the aged is preposterous.

Immigrants get old too; they too will need welfare benefits.

What will that entail? The need for more immigrants?

That’s a Ponzi scheme, my friend.

But it’s more than a Ponzi scheme.

It’s a nonsensical statement designed to stop your thinking in its tracks.

Just how will paying immigrants cheap money help pay for retirement benefits?

By boosting the economy? If that is the case why not pay existing Americans more money to pick the same crops – or wash the same dishes?

That will increase the tax base significantly.

Plus, knowing Corporate America as we do, they will find a way to pay the immigrants in cash that will go unreported, thus less tax money to pay for welfare benefits.

Bonus: Because more regular Americans will be unemployed, you the American people will pay more money for unemployment benefits and other social services that would otherwise not need to be paid.

In other words the Corpo-Pigs are shifting the pay burden onto you.

Ta da!

You have been suckered again, America.

All it takes is money to pound home the same message over and over.

It’s called brainwashing.


Archer Crosley

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