The Way It Works

Well, there you have it.

The cat is out of the bag.

Jamie Dimon and JP Morgan have made a deal with Zelenskyy of Ukraine to provide him $20 billion (for starters) to rebuild Ukraine.

Isn’t that rich?

The same guys who egged on the Ukrainians (and loaned them money) to fight the Russians in a battle that the Ukrainians cannot win stand ready to make even more money by rebuilding the country that they are responsible for destroying.

You see, they win both ways.

They – the power elite, JP Morgan, Jamie Dimon – and the corporations that shine JP Morgan’s shoes – make a fortune selling tanks, guns, and weapons systems.

At the courtesy of US taxpayers, of course.

Then, after Ukraine is destroyed, the elites will come in like vultures, and make even more money by rebuilding the country.

They have even invited Tim Cook in on the deal.

Tim Cook? Of Apple?

Yes, that noted exploiter of Third World labor.

Are the Ukrainians this stupid?

Do they really think that this is a good move for Ukraine?

I can assure you that it is not.

If Ukraine continues on this path, they will become indentured servants to the West for one hundred years.

That’s how long it will take to pay off the debt.

Oh yeah, JP Morgan is not giving this money away for free.

These are loans.

These loans have to paid back.

This is the same formula and same pathway that JP Morgan and the IMF have used in raping and exploiting Third World nations around the globe.

You create unrest, you destroy the country, you swoop in and provide the funds to rebuild the country.

Next stop, Bonanzaville.

All aboard, Farmer Gates.

Part and parcel of this agreement will be the installation of thugs who will see things J PMorgan’s way.

No problem there. Team USA of which J P Morgan is a major part has already been quietly backing ups such thugs -like Zelenskyy.

These thugs will of course loot a healthy portion of the foreign aid and private capital that comes their way.

Then they will be caught.

They will be forced to abscond with their loot and to flee for safe harbor.

And to where will they flee?

Why to the United States of course. Or one of its puppet countries.

The people of Ukraine will then be, sans dictator, mired in debt unable to pay back the loans to JP Morgan and other US controlled vultures like the IMF.

JP Morgan, and other US lackey institutions in compensation will then take over vital Ukrainian assets in compensation which will settle only part of the debt.

The US to protect these assets will gladly place a military base of two – again, at the expense of the American taxpayer.

What will Ukrainians get?

The Ukrainians will be left with crushing debt that will take them one hundred years to pay off if they are lucky.

And … they will lose autonomy of their nation.

They will become another satrapy of the Harvard Cartel which has hijacked our nation.

The people of Ukraine, what’s left of them, will live under austerity for generations to come.

So will Americans who will be called upon to maintain another piece of real estate in the American Empire.

Billions, no trillions, of dollars will be spent there to keep at bay the constant Russian threat of aggression.

Forget about US aggression.

Then and now.


Archer Crosley

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