The Monster

Will AI make the world better?


Theoretically it should make things better.

It should make better products.

It should improve medical care.

It should increase the yield on farms.

But it won’t.

It will transform our lives in the same way that the digital revolution changed our lives.

it will give the illusion of quality, but it will not produce a higher quality life.

Look for the quality of your life to go significantly down.

That doesn’t mean that you will appreciate that decrease in quality though.

Young people who have not lived through the pre-AI era will not be able to appreciate the decline because they will have nothing to compare it to.

The chances are good, though, that you the older and wiser will appreciate the decrease in quality in life, just as I, who lived in the pre-digital revolution, can appreciate the decrease in quality of life after computers were introduced in mass.

Why will this decline occur?

It will occur because you and I view AI differently than how Bill Gates and our elites view AI.

We look at AI theoretically at all the good things that AI can produce.

However, our greedy, pig-elite view AI in terms of how much money they can extract from us, and how much power they can exert over us.

When it comes to medical care, insurance companies will use AI not to improve your care, but to deny care to you.

Their goal is to maximize profits.

Remember, their AI is only as good as the information that is fed to it. Their programs can choose to deny or exclude information that they feel might go against their profit margin.

A machine of artificial intelligence still requires a goal.

And a set of values.

It is the goal – and those values – that chiefly determines what information will be used and which information will be excluded.

If the goal of the machine is to maximize profits, you get a completely different set of information that is utilized than what you get if the goal of the machine is to maximize quality of life for the individual.

Let’s look at a real world example where human beings make decisions.

Let’s look at Boeing.

If you remember the recent crashes of the Boeing 737 Max just a few years ago, you remember that the leader of Boeing was a finance guy.

His name was James McNerney.

James McNerney was not an engineer.

A finance guy looks at Boeing differently than how an engineer looks at Boeing.

A finance guy says: Give me an airplane that will maximize profits.

An engineer says: Give me an airplane that is safe, because if it is safe my airline will produce a high-quality product which will generate security for me into the future.

The difference is in priority.

What is the defining context?

AI merely replaces the CEO and his brain.

So what is the overall purpose of AI? Who writes that purpose?

AI is a machine. It has to be programmed.

Unfortunately, it will be programmed by computer geeks who work for the powers that be.

And those people prioritize profits.

Consequently, what looks like a good idea will not be a good idea.

It could be a good idea, but it won’t be a good idea.

You will see an extreme exacerbation of all our current problems.

You will see an acceleration in the polarization of wealth.

Homelessness will explode.

The use of drugs and all sorts of social ills will skyrocket.

AI will prove to be an experiment horribly gone wrong.

This was foreseen by Gene Roddenberry and his talented group of writers who wrote the M5 episode on the show Star Trek.

AI will lack a solid moral base that comes anywhere close to what any decent religion teaches.

The digital revolution, which accelerated in pace after 1980, has thus ruined the fields of music, literature, and film.

There is no great literature today. There is no John Steinbeck. There is no Ernest Hemingway.

There are no great films of the 1970s. Movies like The Deer Hunter, Apocalypse Now, The Pawnbroker, and many more, have been replaced with Marvel Superhero claptrap.

There is a vast shortage of great musical groups writing talented melodies that might enhance a person’s well being.

Our music is now raw and degrading.

Anything decent has been machined out with mind-numbing efficiency by our digital world.

How was this accomplished?

It was accomplished by Corporate America, which used the digital revolution to use statistics to select film, literature, and music that would maximize market share.

Corporate America, with the aid of a computer, learned that they could create demand through social influencers even when there was no real basis for the demand.

Hence, lesser quality garbage was foisted upon the American people not because they wanted it but because the elites decided to do it.

The elites took advantage of peer pressure to grow the demand.

The use of market share analysis, provided by the personal computer, enabled corporate titans to “customize” a movie to appeal to various market segments.

So that is why you see crude bathroom humor jokes, orogenital sex scenes, and lewd sexual references in so many modern movies. They are inserted so as to appeal to the slut-dog segment.

They are also inserted to animalize society. In this manner, the people are beaten down spiritually. This works to the economic advantage of the elites.

There was a time when the director’s holistic sense of what was right determined what would go into a movie.

With AI, a computer will now decide what dialogue will appear in a movie.

And just like Boeing being run by a finance guy, the decisions of what dialogue will go into a movie, or a book, will not be decided, in terms of what is holistic or good for the book, but what will be good for the pocketbook of the elites.

Do you get my drift?

Expand this analogy to every facet of your life.

AI will be used more importantly in education and healthcare.

Let’s examine how this will affect healthcare, because you would think that AI would improve health care.

AI takes advantage of big data.

AI operates on experience gained.

Yet viruses and humans are living creatures which evolve.

This is not a game of Go.

The defeat of the world champion of Go by a Google created AI machine is proclaimed by uneducated Harvard-MIT-Stanford losers as the crowning achievement of AI.

That defeat is the predicate for universal AI acceptance and deployment.

Yet Go is a closed game.

The universe is an open-ended game.

How many people have to die before AI wants to figure out the truth?

In medicine, we always order more tests than what seems are necessary.

We do this in great proportions in order to not miss the outliers.

AI will not give a damn about the outliers.

It will not give a damn, because the purpose of AI is to maximize profits, not to look maximize care for individuals.

Do you get it?

Can you see the ramifications of that?

In time certain human beings will be seen as liabilities to the profit making machine.

AI will pursue this to the maximum degree.

AI won’t just analyze the particular medical condition of the patient. AI will analyze everything about that patient including their income, their education, their socioeconomic status, and how likely that person will be of value to society.

AI will decide that it’s not worth it to provide medical care for someone who is unlikely to produce more profits for the machine.

AI will figure out clever ways to exclude that undesirable patient from getting care without the patient knowing.

How will this be accomplished? Through clever timing of rejection letters, delay of care, shift in the treatment regimen are a few ways. I’m sure you can think of some more.

The overall point here is that AI in itself has no morality except the morality that is programmed into it by its engineers.

That morality is controlled by our elites who control our government.

Is that what we want?


We are fundamentally individual human beings, each with a sense of morality.

Biology over billions of years has decided that it is better to spread risk by separating us into individual beings.

AI turns the clock back and forces us to succumb to a collective morality created by a small group of people.

Therefore, AI is regressive, and ultimately it will fail.

AI worships the god of statistics. It has no respect for individuality.

It cares not for the individual human being.

AI is a cage of ossifying conformity.

When AI is done, we will be living in a life-destroying mouse utopia.

Ultimately, we will have to place AI outside the door of our house.

AI is a monster in the worst nightmare of our life.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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