Brexit and You

Maybe if you live in the United States, Brexit is not a big deal for you. Is it a big deal, however, for what it reveals about our “leaders.”

Almost two years ago, the people of Great Britain voted to leave the European Union. By all accounts it was a fair referendum. Generally speaking, people are expected to abide by the results of a referendum; if they don’t, then why have the referendum in the first place?

What happened in Great Britain was the unexpected. The people who voted to leave won the referendum; the “remainers” lost. In a nutshell, the elites lost; they got caught napping with their pants down. It’s the old story of the tortoise and the hare. The tortoises worked; the hares slept.

But you see, old chap, elections only count when the elites win; they don’t count when the people win. When the people win, why something must be wrong.

Thus the push by the elites for a new referendum on Brexit.

People clearly didn’t know what they were voting for, right?

Au contraire; they knew exactly what they were voting for which invites an important question for leaders all over the globe.

Which is this: Why are you elites different? Why must we, the regular people, abide by the results of a referendum when we lose, yet you are not obligated to do so when you lose? Why must we eat the pain and suffer silently when we lose, but you must not? Why are you different?

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