My Lawn, My Rules

Imagine you are a protester outside the Laundrie house. Imagine you are standing on the Laundrie yard.

The other day, two protesters from across the street where Brian and Gabby lived tacked up a sign for Gabby on the Laundrie yard.

The sign said: “Remember me? I lived with you.” There was a picture of Gabby.

There are other protesters as well. People are walking up and down the street with bullhorns screaming at the Laundries to come out of their house and break their silence.

One particular individual yelled: “Answer America’s questions!”

Overhead, a plane carried a sign in support of Gabby. It read: “End the Silence. Justice for Gabby.“

This is the state of affairs in the United States of America.

This is the circus that exists.

Now, let’s get back to you. Let’s imagine that you are a protester from Seattle who has driven to the Laundrie House to protest.

Why are you there?

I’m going to pretend that I am in the Laundrie house, and that I’ve come out of the house to reason with you.

I’m sorry, but it’ll just be me talking. I’ll answer your questions after you listen to me.

Well, sir, where did you come from now? You came from Seattle? How far is that? 2545 miles?

And you came here all this way to do what?

To protest?

Do you know why you’re here?

Since you came such a long distance, I don’t want to disappoint you. I’m going to tell you why you’re here.

It has to do with that little cell phone that you are carrying in your hand.

Prior to 1980, before cell phones, before computers, life was a little tougher. It was a different world.

It was better in that it was more tolerant, but it was worse in that it was more cumbersome.

We did a lot of things on foot, hand and paper.

In order to learn, we might have to walk to the library. When we got to the library, we would have to look up the books we wanted in a card catalogue and then physically go get it. Many times we had no idea what we were looking for, so we had to track down the librarian who could help us find it. She was our search engine.

It was all organized according to a scheme called the Dewey decimal system which seems to have gone out the window. Now we just type in the book that we want on a search engine, and it pops up.

We don’t even have to hold a heavy book anymore. Every book weighs the same on your iPad.

Things weren’t instantly at our fingertips either. Nor was there the volume of information that we have today. But that wasn’t so bad. Generally, the people who wrote books or who wrote articles were professionals who knew what they were doing. So you didn’t have to wade through a lot of garbage.

If we wanted to take a picture, we had to lug out the camera, go to the store to buy some film, take the pictures, then take the film back to a photo store where it would be developed. We then stored the pictures in a large book which we would call a photo album. We’d have to find a place in the house to keep it. There weren’t a lot of pictures by today’s standards because shooting and developing pictures cost money. Nowadays, we might snap twenty-five pictures in a few seconds.

If we wanted to write a book, we had to go buy a yellow pad and a pen, write it all down, then store those papers in a folder in the house so that we could return to it. If we typed it out and made a mistake, we had to go get some correcting tape and type over the letter that got messed up. We might even have to start all over again with a fresh page in the typewriter. Sometimes the ribbon in the typewriter had lousy ink, and so we had to go buy a new ribbon. All these inconveniences forced us to think before we wrote or typed.

To find out what was going on, we waited for either the morning or evening newspaper. Where I lived in Philadelphia, there were two papers. The morning paper was the Inquirer; the afternoon paper was the Bulletin. The news on TV generally came on at 6 and 11 on the East Coast. There was no 24 hour news cycle. There was no cable TV. A lot of stuff was learned by word-of-mouth. I found out about the Kennedy assassination from a boy in my sisters class. He told me as soon as I got out of school on that Friday afternoon. I was nine years old.

Generally speaking, life was a pain in the ass.

In 1980 all of that changed. This was when the personal computer came into the main stream.

Our world was going to be fundamentally transformed for the better and the worse.

The computer was sold, and still is sold, as a life transforming device. Our productivity was going to increase; we were all going to become more powerful.

That’s what Microsoft told us.

We were deluded into believing that we could all become best selling authors. We could now self-publish with our new word processors. The typewriter was thrown out the window. We wouldn’t be making any mistakes anymore. Why, in short order we were going to be the new Ernest Hemingways. Plus writing was much easier. We didn’t have to think too much before writing because we could just erase it and start all over without any penalty.

Not only were we going to be best-selling authors, we were also going to be the next Ansel Adams. Our computers were going to be able to manipulate the images in order to produce award-winning pictures. Hell, why stop at Ansel Adams? We were going to be the next Stanley Kubrick as well. Our video-editing programs were empowering us.

It certainly seemed possible, but why would we believe this?

Why would we believe that we could write with the talent of Scott Fitzgerald? Why would we believe that we could take professional photographs that would hang in galleries? Why would we believe that we could make videos and movies that could rival Scorsese and Coppola?

We believed we could because the technology of the computer beguiled us. With its reliable precision and it’s crisp graphics, at our fingertips, under our control, we were bewitched into thinking that we were the ones who were in control of the computer.

But we were not. The computer had reached out to control us.

In short order, we fooled ourselves into a false state of omnipotence. We became more cocksure of ourselves. We were certain now that we had answers that other people did not. Tolerance and respect for others was lost.

It became common for people to call into talk shows where you could hear comments very similar to this: “Not too many people know this, but … the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.”

The call-in radio shows were the forerunners of the public chat rooms and forums. These in turn were the forerunners of social media.

With social media, you can broadcast your message to the world. And with YouTube, if it goes viral, the whole world sees and hears your magnificent thoughts.

Going viral is an intoxicating idea.

It’s like gasoline.

Who doesn’t enjoy watching gasoline explode, especially if you are the center of attention?

This is why you are here, Mr. Protester. This is why you are outside my house. You have all the answers, and you have been cruelly led to believe this.

I’m sorry to disappoint you.

You are not the next Hemingway. You are not the next Ansel Adams. You are not even Sherlock Holmes.

You’re not any of these people because you don’t do the thinking and the hard work that goes in to achieving greatness. Hemingway was a great writer because he dedicated himself over decades. Ansel Adams was a great photographer because he thought about what he was doing. He didn’t shoot from the hip. He asked questions, something you manifestly refuse to do.

The cell phone that you carry has bewitched you. It has given you a false sense of power and greatness about yourself. This in turn has led to arrogance, and this arrogance has in turn engendered boldness, imprudence, and ignorance within you. You don’t know all the facts. You only think you know all the facts.

The main stream media has egged you on by creating a circus atmosphere of intolerance.

Rage is the order of the day.

Far from making our lives better, the personal computer has made it worse in many ways.

Social media on our cell phones along with instant messaging now brings rage and streetside justice within our grasp.

And there is plenty to be angry about because the computer revolution has engendered a polarization of wealth in society that grows by leaps and bounds.

Computer technology has worked against the average American economically. Wall street hucksters using high-frequency trading and fast networks can now fleece you of your money (while you sleep) more easily than a card shark at a Vegas gaming table.

Large corporations using computer technology can now shift your mind into buying more things that you neither need nor can pay for. They can nickel and dime you without you even knowing. And the payments you make never need to be sent in. They can be directly fleeced from your bank account monthly in such minuscule amounts that you will hardly notice.

Consequently, finances are tight for you. You feel a little rage, but your rage is not directed at the leaders who have failed to control Wall Street and large corporations.

Oh, no.

Your rage is directed elsewhere. It is directed elsewhere because the same people who control the large corporations and Wall Street, have used computer technology to shift your rage.

Thus the Gabby Petito story.

The Gabby Petito story is front page news because the elites want it to be front page news.

They don’t want you angry about COVID-19, masks, Middle East wars and government corruption. And they sure as sugar don’t want you protesting in a mob on the national mall.

They want you here focused on me.

That’s why you are here on my front lawn.

In summary, your leadership has created a New World Order that doesn’t work for you. Our leaders have hurt you economically. They cheat you out of your money on a daily basis. To prevent you from directing your rage at them, they, using their computer algorithms that display the stories on Google News, redirect your anger toward me, or the next circus of the week. And, of course, they have given you the false sense of omnipotence about yourself in order to prosecute that rage.

My advice to you would be to take back your life. If it’s possible, get rid of all the apps on your cell phone. Use a phone for what it’s meant for. Quit watching main stream television as much as you possibly can. Reserve a time of the day when you will look at the news. Return to reading books. Begin asking more questions in your life. Develop a sense of tolerance toward others. Act more humbly.

Finally, get the hell off my lawn.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved


Do you follow finance?

Are you paying attention to what is happening to Evergrande?

Evergrande is a massive Chinese company that got its start in real estate.

Evergrande is failing.

Evergrande is the Enron of China.

One only has to read this article in Wikipedia to understand why Evergrande is failing.

It’s not rocket science.

Evergrande is failing because it got into everything, just like Enron got into everything.

Evergrande, like Enron, got into businesses in which it knew nothing.

It’s not difficult to do.

The temptation to expand must be too much for companies who are making a lot of money, because so many companies do it.

The company becomes successful, and the success goes to the head of the people who are running the company.

They are sitting on a mountain of money. Hey

They certainly have no intention of returning that money to the shareholders.

Instead they begin to think that they are masters of the universe who can do everything.

And so they do.

Just look at the diverse products and lines of work that Evergrande invested it.

Sports teams, electric cars, theme parks, hospitals, retirement homes.

They even got into pig farming,

Pig farming?

If that isn’t the height of arrogance for a company that got its start in real estate, I don’t know what is.

The wages of arrogance are bankruptcy.

This is the situation that Evergrande finds itself in.

And it won’t be able to right itself.

There is a reason for this debacle, and it’s called decay.

Yes, it’s possible for a company like Evergrande to buy winning companies and make a lot of money.

But in time, those companies are going to decay.

Decay is the natural order of the universe.

Things break down. People move on.

Inevitably decay will occur to a winning company.

To correct this, the parent company needs to be able to select the right people and machinery that need to be replaced.

Or they will need to beef up the technology to keep up-to-date with a changing world.

The problem is that the parent company, in this case Evergrande, doesn’t have the culture and experience to make the right decisions.

They will then make decisions based upon the culture of the parent company which, in the case of Evergrande, is finance.

In the case of pig farming, what does Evergrande know about pig farming? How can Evergrande possibly make good decisions about who will next run the company?

It can’t.

Evergrande’s corporate culture as it accumulated more companies became more financial in nature.

Its focus and expertise became focused on money making and profits rather than the nuts and bolts of a particular business.

Since it doesn’t know anything about pig farming, it will replace the CEO of the pig farm not with a pig farmer but a banker who has no experience in pig farming – but plenty of experience in money manipulation.

In time, the quality of the pig farming operation will go down even though profits may rise through financial chicanery.

A point will be reached when the chickens will come home to roost.

That is the point that Evergrande now finds itself.

The chickens have come home to roost.

Many people will lose their life savings in this impending bankruptcy unless, of course, China bails them out.

The take-home lesson here is to beware of companies that drift too far away from their principal occupation.

It’s not possible to be good at everything.

Being good at one thing involves a set of specialized skills that intrinsically makes you weak in other areas of endeavor.

The company that reaches too far into too many widely dispersed areas of endeavor often falls.

Pride precedeth the fall.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Oh, Okay, Elites, So Herd Immunity is Possible

We have to use their own words to hang them. In this article, the “experts ” are talking about herd immunity being achieved with 60 to 65% of population.

Well, the population that is less than 44 years of age is about 65% of the population. Approximately 85% of the population is less than 65. Mortality does not significantly escalate until you get over the age of 65.

What this signifies is that had we permitted COVID-19 to naturally spread throughout society without a lockdown, we would have achieved herd immunity already.

Had we encouraged people to spread the disease by actively engaging in activities, we would have gotten there quicker with lesser mortality.

Our national leaders’ recommendations caused more deaths – at least twice as many, perhaps three times as many deaths. They transformed a one and done pandemic into a prolonged smoldering fire.

What Dr. Fauci and others have done is make us dependent upon vaccines which have made Big Pharma a lot of money.

He and his buddies have also made us more susceptible to variants such as the Delta variant.

Dr. Fauci is now waving the fear of the Delta variant in the air as an inducement to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Well, now, it appears, we have little choice. A state of fear has been created.

Actually, we do have a choice. If the Delta variant takes hold here in the United States, assuming the mortality data with regard to the young is similar to the original COVID-19, we can do what we should’ve done in the first place – not lock down, and spread the disease while protecting the vulnerable.

It was clear back in April of 2020 that COVID-19 was not harming children and young adults to any significant degree. That knowledge was our weapon against the disease. Dr. Fauci and Big Pharma knew that and ignored it.

Why? Immune people don’t require vaccines.

Shame on the New England Journal of Fascist Corporate Third Reich Medicine for not pointing this out.


Archer Crosley, MD

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Serving up the Stupid Juice

Have you ever seen Ashkelon?

The people of Ashkelon, which is just north of the Gaza Strip, live in a Walt Disney fantasy world while people 25 miles away in the Gaza Strip get pummeled by US supported Israeli jets.

The neighborhoods in Ashkelon look like those found in Celebration, Florida. The neighborhoods in Gaza are strewn with massive chunks of broken concrete.

Water and electricity flow freely in Ashkelon; in Gaza electricity is on for three hours per day.

Thanks, Israel. Thanks, US.

As if the US could not be shamed more by its homeless situation, it has surpassed itself by aiding Israel in pummeling Gaza.

Of course, this is only possible because both the US and Israel are so poorly led.

Both countries are ruled by a ruthless, fascist Corporate America which has for one reason or another decided that the people of Gaza must live in misery.

The regular Jews of Ashkelon can hardly be faulted; they’re being lied to like the people of America are being lied to.

They are fed the usual media garbage which depicts the average Palestinian as a savage who uses children as human shields.

Really, is this the case? If Palestinians hate their children this much, then why do they work like crazy to dig them out of the rubble? Why do the parents cry when their children are killed?

At the heart of this Corporate America is, of course, Harvard-MIT.

Bibi is a self-righteous MIT graduate-criminal, and, of course, Harvard criminals dominate our government and Corporate America.

Biden merely follows what his Harvard-MIT puppet-masters tell him to do.

Anthony Blinken, a Harvard graduate-stooge, is likewise ineffectual.

What is the end game? Do they have an end game?

Calling for a cease fire is not an end game.

Maybe if the people in Gaza could live a fantasy dream life like the people of Ashkelon, they wouldn’t support Hamas; maybe there would be no need for Hamas.

Of course to come to this realization you would need intelligence.

Unfortunately, both Harvard and MIT serve up the stupid juice in copious amounts.

In place of a real education, Harvard-MIT graduates are indoctrinated into a cult in which to get along (gain fabulous wealth), you go along.

In other words, you shut up and follow the program as mindless as it may be.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

A Pack of Lies

I was walking through the airport just a few moments ago when I spotted a book Tom Brokaw had written about the downfall of Richard Nixon

I did not pick it up.

I thought about it, then said to myself:  “Why bother.  It’s just a pack of lies.”

How can I possibly know that?

Because these days our MSM lies about everything.  

And I mean everything.

It’s called the official narrative of the United States of America.

There’s a little guy in Kansas somewhere, stooped over a high desk, like Bob Cratchit in A Christmas Carol, and he is writing our official history on a long scroll of paper.

These are the lies agreed upon.

Who appointed this guy?

The opinion makers appointed him. He works for them.

Ah, yes, but who appointed the opinion makers?

Well, if you have been reading this column, you know damn well who appointed them.  

They are appointed by King Louis.

And King Louis is a thug who rules by force.

If you fuck with King Louis, he fucks with you.

Try it sometime.  Try not paying your taxes.  Try starting an open rebellion.

See how far you get.

Now, of course, in our country King Louis is Harvard and the people Harvard controls.

But a thug still rules us, no question about it.

To keep himself in power in France, King Louis wrote the official history of France.  

Well, his court stenographer did it.

He wrote down all sorts of lies about King Louis. He told the people that King Louis was God’s representative on Earth.

We’re a little more advanced today though.

We don’t have a court stenographer anymore.  Nor do we have a little old man stooped over a desk in Kansas.  Now we  have papers of record like the NYT and the WSJ.

We also have official book writers like  Tom Brokaw.

Of course anyone can write a book. But people who don’t write what King Louis, excuse me, Harvard, desires get to sell their books in a flea market in Nome.

Or maybe not at all.

The widely read books, the widely read newspapers are the official truth, and they are the lies that keep King Louis in power.

Those kind of books get sold everywhere.  Gas stations, airports, casinos. I’ll bet you Brokaw’s books are sold in lube shops.

I’m sure it will sell well.

Just not to me. Maybe.

After giving a pass on his book, I walked a little further and spotted a WSJ.  

I purchased it, and read it.

I flipped to Peggy Noonan, one of King Louis’s stenographers, on page A13, where she writes about the clean election we had in 2020.  

Here is what she says:  

“What happened on 1/6 was an attempted assault on the constitutional order.    It was instigated by a lie, the one Donald Trump told his supporters starting the day after the election: that it had been stolen and was fraudulent.”

So, this is the official narrative:  the election was clean; the election was not stolen.

This is the lie that will now be written down in America’s history book.  And this lie will be repeated religiously by all of King Louis’s court stenographers.

This is how it works.

This is how lies get perpetuated.

The lies must be perpetuated to keep King Louis and his henchmen in power.

Nothing would be more damaging to them than to be found out to have rigged the election.

This they can not have.

So they lie.

Just as King Louis though Peggy Noonan lies about what happened in our recent election, Tom Brokaw lies about Richard Nixon.

I don’t even need to read the book.  The fact that it is sold in an airport tells me already that King Louis approves of it.

The book will talk in grave tones about Richard Nixon violating his sacred oath to uphold the Constitution, and it will deify Bernstein, Woodward (Yale), and Bradlee (Harvard);but nowhere to be found will be the CIA connections to the Watergate burglary, the CIA connections within the political class, or Ben Bradlee’s close friendship with high level CIA officers like James Angleton (Yale, Harvard), Cord Meyer (Yale), and Richard Helms (Williams College).

Anything that might suggest that the Watergate burglary was a CIA op to entrap, convict and remove Nixon as payback for ending their cash cow of a Vietnam war will never be discussed.

It was much safer to replace Nixon with one of their own men, Gerald Ford (Yale), a man who would do what the elites desired.  Gerald certainly was trustworthy when he falsified JFKs autopsy evidence, so why not?

Of course, this can’t be discussed because it would reveal who is really in power and what is really driving war:  the quest for profits.

That’s the real story.

Not the pack of lies cloaked in respectability.


Archer Crosley

PS Nixon is still trashed to this day to remind current politicians to never go against Corporate America, or else. In the late 60s, Nixon and Kissinger were between a rock and a hard place. Corporate America wanted the Vietnam war to go on forever in order to make profits; the people were vehemently opposed to the war. Nixon and Kissinger came down on the side of the people.

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Rampant Inflation

Warning: This article may be damaging to the neurons of Polllyannas.

Why are the prices of goods going up?

Why does plywood require payment in gold?

If you read the main stream media outlets, you will find all sorts of technical answers regarding supply and demand.

All these answers are really good, and I would’ve believed in all of them many years ago.

Here’s the real reason why the price of goods are going up, and the Law of Parsimony dictates that my answer is the correct one.

The elites who control Corporate America desire the prices to go up so that they can maximize profits which will in turn drive the stock market even higher, which will make them even wealthier. 

They do this by creating artificial shortages.  Artificial shortages can be created in any number of ways:  shutting down plants, slowing down hiring, stockpiling of supplies.

Why do the elites want to maximize profits when they are already wealthy enough?

Because they’re sick pups who are addicted to money. 

There is another benefit to creating a shortage. 

The tougher the elites can make life for you, the weaker you become.  The weaker you become the more unable you are to resist the changes that they recommend.

Their goal is to radically change society.

As long as you believe that our leaders, and the corporate elites who control them, are good people, you will continue to believe in the traditional  explanations that are explained on mainstream media outlets.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a decent world anymore. We live in an evil world where Corporate America is populated increasingly by individuals who attend elite schools where they are trained to believe in themselves as the masters of the universe.  

Welcome to neo-feudalism.

Your elite are sick people who gets an erection when they see you suffer.

Your suffering only reinforces their opinion of themselves as living gods.

Sorry for the reality check.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Middle East Games

The United States desires this conflict. I don’t care what comes out of the mouth of an official from the United States of America.

The United States has been a dishonest broker in peace.

Israel was created by the elites in Great Britain and the United States for the purposes of controlling the Suez Canal and the oil assets in the Middle East.

That area of the world was considered a vital asset, and so a beachhead was needed there.

The Jews were used as a social cover for the elites’ desires.

It was always the intention of the monied elite to side with the Jews over the Arabs.

Even during the British Mandate in Palestine the Arabs sensed that the British were favoring the Jews.

Don’t think however that the monied elite love the Jews anymore than they do the Arabs.

They don’t.

As soon as the eastern Mediterranean is no longer useful to the elites, they will abandon the Jews.

The only thing the monied elites love is money. They don’t care about anything else.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved.

COVID-19 and Harvard

Here is a PDF you can download regarding COVID-19. The file is rather extensive, so you will have to zoom in; however, the print should appear crystal clear. Some of the information may be too technical for you. If that is the case, you can review the non-technical information to get a global overview of what I am trying to sell you.

In a nutshell what I am trying to sell you is the following:

  • Harvard’s power as the absolute monarch in the United States of America if not the world. 
  • Harvard’s dense involvement and interconnectedness with all of our major institutions. 
  • Harvard’s past record of racism and criminality against the American people and the black community. 
  • Harvard’s record of deception and lying in general affairs. 
  • Harvard’s leadership in the research of malaria and genetics. 
  • The connections between genetics, malaria research and COVID-19. 
  • Harvard’s control of the NEJM. The NEJM’s deception in the management and treatment of COVID-19. 
  • Harvard’s control of the CIA, an immoral organization. 
  • Harvard’s complicity in America becoming a fascist state, a clone of Nazi Germany. 
  • Harvard’s cozy relatiionship with NIH, Pfizer, and Moderna.
  • The extensive involvement of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in malaria research. 
  • Harvard’s culpability in creating this pandemic and transforming it into a catastrophe.

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved