I Am Surely Surprised

And another one, Brian Benjamin, a member of the best and brightest, bites the dust. 

Benjamin received his degrees from Brown and Harvard where high ethics are surely taught.

Oh, you say, don’t be ridiculous; this could happen to anyone at any school.


But it might also be the case that elite schools instill a sense of entitlement and invulnerability that leads them to a lifetime of corruption.

That’s what I think.


Archer Crosley

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Aliens in Our Midst

Our leaders are not like us.

They are alien to us.

They have no empathy for the poor or the afflicted.

One only needs to look to Ukraine.

Our leaders in the United States created that debacle.

They want NATO to expand into Ukraine not for the benefit of the people of the Ukraine but for the benefit of themselves. They want the oil and gas resources that the Ukraine controls.

Russia is not interested in what NATO desires. Neither is China. Both Russia and China do not desire to be slave states to the United States begging for oil with plate outstretched a la Oliver Twist.

Please Sir, may I have some more.

That is why Russia invaded the Ukraine. They are fighting for their survival. This war is an existential war for them. They will fight to the death.

Our ignorant leaders don’t care because they make money off war.

They are attempting to pour kerosene on the dumpster fire that they created.

Sending weapons to Ukraine is toxic.

Our leaders created the debacle by expanding NATO into the sphere of Russian hegemony.

The Russians responded in the same way we would respond if they had set up shop in Canada or Mexico.

Our leaders created this debacle on purpose.

It wasn’t an accident.

As I say, they are alien to us.

They get a sexual charge of seeing refugees, dead people, and bombed out buildings. These scenes make them feel like winners.

I know this is difficult for you to understand because you’re not like them.

Your leaders are not like you.

They are very skilled at hiding their true feelings and intent.

Everything that comes out of their mouth is a lie.

If they had wanted to fix things, they certainly had the power to do so.

They seem to be able to move heaven and earth when it comes to hiding a fixed election.

They seem to be able to move heaven and earth when it comes to knocking off people like Jeffrey Epstein who might threaten their existence.

Why can they not move heaven and earth to fix homelessness?

Why can they not move heaven and earth when it comes to constructing an affordable healthcare system for all?

Why can they not move heaven and earth when it comes to waging peace?

Don’t give them any more benefit of the doubt.

They haven’t earned the benefit of the doubt.

They are not like you. And for that reason they must be overthrown.

There is no negotiating with these people.

They are lost.

They are over the edge.

They crossed the Rubicon a long time ago.

How did they lose their way?

Quite innocently.

From an early age, like you, they were indoctrinated into the concept of the best and the brightest.

Their parents, their teachers, and society at large, told them that Harvard graduates and the people who attend the Ivy League were the best and the brightest, the geniuses.

And so they went to Harvard. Many got there legitimately, but many did not.

Many got there because their parents paid their way in. Many got there because their parents simply attended the institution. Many paid off Marc Singer to find a way to get in.

It really doesn’t matter how they got there. What matters is what happened when they got there.

When they attended Harvard University, they were wined, dined and programmed. They were invited to meet many people that you see on television. There’s no shortage of actors who will sell their soul to suck the Harvard cock. Harvard students were also able to meet people who run the most powerful corporations in the United States of America and the world. Their law school graduates were fast tracked into clerkships with Supreme Court justices. Graduates who got married had their names printed in the New York Times.

In short, they were groomed.

This constant indoctrination works on the mind. The mind begins to ask itself, “Why am I here? Why am I meeting these important people and other people are not?”

The real answer is because that’s the way power works. Power always seeks to maximize itself through time and space. Consequently power needs to perpetuate itself through time by indoctrinating new recruits.

The individual is there because power seeks to use that individual to further the existing power structure’s needs. And the power structure believes that you the attendee are capable of doing that better than other people.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that you are the smartest but that you are the smartest person who will be compliant.

Unfortunately, that’s not what the attendees begin to believe. The attendees conclude that they are the smartest guys in the room, that they are better than other people, that they are entitled to rule.

In reality, the people who attend Harvard excel in one measure above all: obedience. They are the best at being obedient. They proved it when they took their SAT. They proved it when they got the highest GPA in high school. Those tests measure obedience not true understanding.

What are you accomplishing when you take a test like the SAT? You are reading information, memorizing information, then repeating information at a later time. What the test is truly measuring then is blind obedience.

So when you see a man like Bill Gates who claims to have gotten an almost perfect score on the SAT, what does that say? It says that he’s pretty damn close to being perfectly obedient. And isn’t that what you have noticed in his career. He always sticks up for the establishment’s line of thinking.

He sucks establishment cock.

He buys thoroughly into Harvard’s doctrine of accumulation of money and power beyond what a normal person can reasonably use or spend.

Bill Gates then is a perfect example of how Harvard’s indoctrination works.

He didn’t set up Microsoft on his own. He and Paul Allen were indoctrinated into a power network that provided the tools, people and institutions for them to produce Microsoft.

Nevertheless, he believes he did it on his own.

And he, Bill Gates, is only the tip of the iceberg.

There are thousands upon thousands of these individuals who owe their bones to Harvard University and the Ivy League.

They are the ones who are engineering the calamities we have in our world today.

And, they don’t care.

As I say, if they had cared, we wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place.

For one reason or another, they have decided that these calamities benefit them.

And that’s it.

And that’s the way it is.

And that’s the way it will be until people change their thinking.

Your leaders are not like you. They are alien to you.

You have nothing in common with them.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Snoop Dogg and the Super Bowl

Here is Corporate America’s pitch man.

Of course he’s there for a reason.

It’s not just because he makes them a lot of money.

He’s there to set a poor role model for black youth in the inner city.

The reason why Corporate America wants that is because they want to continue their corporate prison racket in which poor black inner city youth can continue to be a steady supply of bodies for our prison system.

Corporate America makes a lot of money off the prison system – building prisons, supplying the prisons.

Why, what would Corporate America ever do if black youth in the inner city achieved their true potential and became business owners, doctors, lawyers, and so forth?

The prisons would go out of business after which white people in the middle of nowhere would be laid off as there would be no need for people to guard the prisoners.

“Why that would be outrageous,” Corporate America concludes. “Those white people might demand that we bring manufacturing back to the United States. After all the corporate prison system racket is the dog bone we threw them after we outsourced all their jobs. Hey, we better get our lackey Snoop Dogg in there to keep that black community devastated. Is he still baking marijuana brownies with Martha Stewart? Can we get them to do the Super Bowl?”


Archer Crosley

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The Empire Strikes Back

So Neil Young and Joni Mitchell are opposed to Joe Rogan. Check it out.

They don’t like what he has to say about COVID-19.

Remember, boys and girls, be stupid and obey.

Your government knows best.

When Ike told you to get under a desk when a nuclear weapon hit, he knew what he was talking about.

Likewise, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Scott Gottlieb speak the truth. There is no need to listen to anyone else.

Your government will now control the vertical; your government will now control the horizontal. Do not adjust your television set.

You know, when I was a boy, people like Joni Mitchell and Neil Young were against “The Man.”

They were part of the generation who said: Never trust anyone over 30.

I guess they were talking about their future selves.


Archer Crosley

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Skills, Baby

Here’s one of the more moronic things I’ve heard this weekend.

There’s this thinking going around that because an NFL team is loosey-goosey and has nothing to lose, then they have a chance of beating a top caliber team.


I am listening.

I am listening.

I am rejecting you.

Let me see if I can get this straight now.

I’m going to go back in time and play Bobby Fischer in chess. Bobby Fischer is of course not alive anymore; that’s why I have to go back in time.

I haven’t played chess since eighth grade, over fifty years ago.

I was a good player back then, but I was certainly no child prodigy who became a grandmaster.

Nevertheless I’m going to go back in time and play Bobby Fischer in chess.

I feel loosey-goosey, and I feel great.

I’m totally relaxed.

I have nothing to lose.

So what are my chances of beating Bobby Fischer?


Absolute zero.

Yet, according to the morons on television this weekend, I stand a pretty good chance of beating Bobby Fischer.

That’s what they’re saying about the Pittsburgh Steelers facing the Kansas City Chiefs.

Why, Pittsburgh has nothing to lose. They’re loosey-goosey. They stand a good chance of winning.

They are saying the same thing about the Philadelphia Eagles going up against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Why, the Eagles have nothing to lose.

I don’t care if they only stand to lose a bottle of Coke, neither Philadelphia or Pittsburgh is going to win.

Sure, I guess the stadium could blow up.

I suppose that a jumbo airliner could land on the Kansas City Chiefs.

I suppose that every member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers could have a heart attack.

But I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

Nevertheless Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are loosey-goosey and have nothing to lose.

Just like me when I go up against Bobby Fischer.

In reality, never discussed on television, what wins football games are skills.

What wins chess games are skills.

The Pittsburgh Steelers do not have the same level of skills as the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Philadelphia Eagles do not have the same level of skills as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

I do not have the same skills in chess as Bobby Fisher.

Skills win the day.

Being loosey-goosey and totally relaxed don’t mean diddly if you don’t have the skills.


Archer Crosley

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The Kim Jong Un Club

Read this story,

As I have mentioned before, even back in the late 1970s I would pick up the newspaper and read about the Hasty Pudding Club at Harvard University and the latest Hollywood celebrity to visit there in order to genuflect before them.

The first article I remember reading was in the Laredo Times.

The Laredo Times?

Why would the goings-on of the Hasty Pudding Club be of interest to the people of Laredo, Texas?

Beyond that I would wonder why the media thought it was necessary for me to know this information.

Was the media just giving me pleasant information to know, to entertain me?

Was there something important going on at this event?

Was it important to know that the Hasty Pudding Club was honoring this particular celebrity?

How would this story make my life better?

As I grew older, I came to understand exactly why the “Hasty Pudding” stories were planted back in the 1970s, and why they are still planted today.

The stories exist to program me, to let me know that Harvard is some important place that warrants being talked about.

It isn’t.

Who gives a flying fuck who the Hasty Pudding Club honors? Why is the Hasty Pudding Club any more important than Archer Crosley or you?

Why is the Hasty Pudding Club more important than the drama department at your small college?

It isn’t.

The story at the beginning of this article exists to program you, to ingrain in your mind that Harvard is some some important entity that must be listened to.

The story exists to cement the superiority of the Harvard graduate.

It is one brick in the wall of bricks that the elites have created to confine you, to pen you in.

That’s why you genuflect before Harvard University.

That’s why you think that Harvard represents the best and brightest.

That’s why you vote for Harvard knuckleheads like Ted Cruz, Barack Obama, Elise Stefanik, Chuck Schumer, Glenn Youngkin, and Tom Cotton.

The sooner you understand that, the sooner you will be able to immunize yourself against this pernicious programming.

The programming exists for a purpose.

The purpose is to create an elite class of people to rule over you.


They are in the club, and you are not.

And that’s the way they want it.


Archer Crosley

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Wrong Thinking

So there were secret commandos with shoot to kill orders there at the Capitol on 1/6?

I don’t think our Congress gets it. If you need to have secret commandos to protect politicians, then you’re doing something wrong.

That’s the take home message.


Archer Crosley

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COVID-19 and Governor DeSantis and I

What is the goal of CNN?

Read this. Watch this.

This is a very clever story and headline intended to damage Governor DeSantis. However, the video in no way undermines Governor DeSantis. Nor does the doctor in the video in anyway undermine natural immunity as a pathway toward becoming immune to the severe side effects of COVID-19 in subsequent infections. If you listen to the doctor carefully in the beginning, he doesn’t answer the question that is posed to him.

What people want to know is whether natural immunity is as good as the vaccine in preventing subsequent COVID-19 infections and subsequent severe infections with COVID-19. As a physician, and as a person who has studied this pandemic, I would think it would be.

Now, this does not mean that a variant cannot cause disease in either a person with natural immunity or a person who has been vaccinated. Clearly this has been borne out already.

The doctor in the video begins talking about the number of Omicron infections in Floridaas if this is supposed to be an indictment of Governor DeSantisand natural immunity. Why would this be? To begin with, Florida has a healthy percentage of people who have been vaccinated against COVID-19. So what is the doctors point?

He has no argument that can be fairly used against Governor DeSantis.

Here are the stats state by state. Read ’em and weep.

Florida’s vaccination rate is 74 and 63 for the first and second vaccine. Needless to say the People’s Republic of Massachusetts leads the way with 90 and 74.

California, another bastion of intolerance has rates barely better than Florida at 82 and 66. Pennsylvania has rates of 78 and 63.

So where is the beef? What in fuck’s name is this doctor talking about?

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