The Secure Land

The similarities between modern-day Israel and Nazi Germany are frightening and heartbreaking.

Israel under the death grip of the Likud Party wages a campaign of hatred towards Palestinians.

Just as Jews were cast as rodents by the Nazis, so are the Palestinians cast similarly by hardline Jews in Israel today.

Excluding Oren Hazan, a true hardliner if there ever was one, top prize might go to Yair Netanyahu, the current Prime Minister’s son.

Palestinians are not permitted to drive the same streets as Jews just as Jews were not permitted to walk down sidewalks in Nazi Germany.

When Palestinians own cars they are required to use green license plates just as Jews were required to wear yellow stars in Nazi Germany.

Israelis who oppose such indignities must keep quiet or suffer retribution by the majority of Israelis who abide by this program.

Indeed the Israelis who do speak out are labeled as traitors.

Massive rallies led by hardliners are held to support other hardliners who uphold hardline views.  

Calls for extermination of the Palestinians are common in Israel today just as calls for extermination of the Jews was called for in Nazi Germany.

Indeed, today, Palestinians are being slowly exterminated in the new Warsaw ghetto known as the Gaza Strip just as Jews were slowly exterminated in the real Warsaw ghetto during World War II.

The goal is to dispirit and destroy a people.

This is justified by a body of historical revisionism otherwise known as lies.

Just as the Nazis reinvented history so do the Jews in Israel today.  The question as to how these Palestinians came to live in Gaza and the West Bank is not even discussed.  Did they all rush in on a lark in 1948?

Meanwhile Jewish archaeologists race furiously around their land to discover artifacts that support their right to be there and own it.  Of course, Jews have lived there; is that up for debate?

Israeli geneticists work tirelessly to discover a Jewish gene which supports what one may ask.  What would a Jewish gene prove?  A master race?  Manifest destiny?  The efforts to discover a Jewish gene are as mindless as German phrenology. 

Well, maybe not to the current leadership of Israel which must find some justification or possibly distraction for its existence.  And so the leadership toils on, lying to its people, reminding them they are under attack just as the German leaders did to their own people  throughout the 1930s.

Yes, it’s truuuue.  The German people in the 30s and 40s thought they were the ones under siege.

Deceiving your own people is integral to achieving a police state.

And a police state is what Israel has become.  The evidence is everywhere.

Turrets, checkpoints and thirty-foot walls dot the landscape.  A military presence is everywhere.  The people are kept in a state of constant fear.

Stories abound everyday in the news of some atrocity committed against a Jew somewhere.

And when the Palestinian who commits that offense is caught, not only is his home destroyed but so are those of other Palestinians.

This was a favorite tactic of the Nazis who would execute an entire community of Jews for the murder of one German soldier. It’s called collective punishment.

Had enough?

Well, it doesn’t end there.

To keep the world from discovering what is truly going on, disinformation specialists are sent out throughout the world to control the message.

Anyone who speaks out against Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians is attacked in any number of ways.

They are either excommunicated from the internet or they are labeled as antisemitic.  Efforts are made to have him fired from their jobs.

In the penultimate analysis though, truth cannot be suppressed. Truth will always out itself and not to the benefit of the people who suppress the truth.

Ultimately, Israel’s leadership will prove to be the biggest enemy of the Jewish people just as Germany’s leaders proved to be the biggest enemy of the German people.  Or did the bombing of Dresden not occur?

Just as Germany was the architect of its own demise so will Israel be the architect its own demise.

This is a certainty.

The leader of Israel, Lord Bibi, I’m sure, has his heart in the right place.  He wants to prevent future Holocausts.

I’m sure Hitler felt the same way about the German people.



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