Kevin Spacey

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Kevin Spacey is a man who, if the allegations of sexual abuse are true, has a medical problem.

He may not even know it.

People who are afflicted with sexual issues seldom do until enough years have passed.

Only with years of experience can someone look back and ask, “Why am I the way I am?”

Kevin Spacey’s estranged brother, Randy, states that Kevin’s father was physically and emotionally abusive towards the children.

Given Kevin Spacey’s alleged behavior, I have no reason to doubt this.

Indeed, if I didn’t know that information, I would’ve strongly suspected that some type of life event had affected Kevin Spacey.

People are not born with sexual deviancies; they are manufactured through life-altering events.

Life altering events would include the death of a parent, death of a sibling, sexual abuse, physical abuse, extreme familial turmoil engendered by parental discord. This list is by no means exclusive.

When a person, a young child, particularly an adolescent Is subjected to such a life altering event, it is akin to a tsunami hitting a coastal town.

Much havoc is wrought upon the child’s developing psychosexual identity.

In short, the child finds himself fighting for his life.

Internally, psychologically, subconsciously, automatically, decisions are made based upon the logic that a child would make.

Given the veracity of his brother’s statements, Kevin Spacey’s mind made those decisions a long time ago.

Those decisions fundamentally altered the framework of his life.  And then they buried themselves.

There’s no fixing it.

It is what it is.

It’s not a matter of going to a counselor and hearing an “Open Sesame” statement that will reform him.

He is in no more in control of his sexuality than you are of yours.

Yes, he knows that what you think he did was wrong, but in his value system, the framework that permitted him to survive, what he did was normal.

That normal for him is predicated upon the decisions that his mind made a long time ago in order to survive the emotional tsunami that struck him.

Again, there’s no fixing it. It is what it is.

There’s no “getting over it.”

Every sexual deviancy is different.  Every mechanism of survival is different, but the thought process supporting it is that of a child, because it is children who are affected by these life-altering events.

You as an adult may form an opinion about a life altering event, but a life altering event forms the child.

Kevin Spacey was a child when he was affected.

His childlike reasoning may have worked as such:

  • I’ve been abused.
  • I have no desire to be abused again.
  • I was abused because I was in a dependent, helpless situation.
  • I shall never place myself in a dependent, helpless situation again.
  • I shall always be in control.
  • I shall never marry or have children because then I will be serving them which will place me in that dependent, helpless situation.
  • If I find myself in a helpless, dependent situation at work or otherwise, I shall reverse that defeat by asserting control in a situation where I am dominant.
  • I shall select a person who is not able to resist or challenge my dominion.
  • Children are ideal.

Clearly, this reasoning is aberrant to a “normal” adult who has matured and learned values, morals and ethics.

The adult brain will reject this reasoning, or not go down this path at all.

Children have not matured, and so the reasoning displayed above becomes “hardwired” into their operating system.

Thus the alleged aberrant sexual behavior of one,  Kevin Spacey.

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