Giving Yourself a Chance

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When I was young I wish I had known that you could make a living doing anything.

In grade school, I would watch these kids in my class draw obsessively.

I couldn’t figure out how anyone could make money out of that.

I thought I had to be a doctor.

Well, as it turns out you can make money drawing, and a lot of it.

You can even make money by playing video games.  I saw a documentary the other day of a guy who makes $500,000 a month playing video games on line.  People watch him play.

Can you believe it?

Now, had I realized this as a kid, would it have made any difference in my life?


Maybe I would have started a band.

As a kid, I played a little piano.  I remember my best friend’s mom encouraging us kids to start a group.


I also used to make fun of my teachers by doing impressions of them to my mom.

She told me I might want to consider being an impressionist or a comedian.


I couldn’t see it.

Seeing it seems to be important in choosing where we end up in life.  It seems that if the vision comes to us, we can more easily move down that path.  It gives us comfort and helps to stave off worry and insecurity.

There is a lot of negativo out there, most of which is self-manufactured.

Where do I want to be in five years?

Where can I see myself?

Spending a little time dreaming seems to be as important as running around like a headless chicken “getting things done.”

Einstein said that imagination was more important than knowledge.

We don’t often think of imagining ourselves, or better yet, re-imagining ourselves.

We spend more time on other problems external to ourselves.

Yet what could be more fun and more important than assuring our future success?

Take the time today to do nothing and see yourself where you would like to be.

Make it a habit for one day a week.

I’m going to start today.

Turn off that droning television set where everybody’s voice tends to merge into one monotonous hum.

Put aside that device that you reflexively scroll through every two minutes to check on Google News.

What, no change?  You mean it’s the same news as there was two minutes ago?

Yes, it’s the same.

Jettison that restlessness you feel.

Give yourself an opportunity to relax and enter a better world.

You’ll be glad you did.


Copyright 2019 Archer Crosley.  All Rights Reserved








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