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Recently Senator Elizabeth Warren, a candidate for the 2020 presidential election, was asked in Iowa why she agreed to do a DNA test.

Of course, we all know by now that she claims Native American ancestry.

Yep, she still does despite the lack of DNA evidence.

It’s those high cheek bones, don’t you know?

She is criticized by President Trump regularly for claiming Cherokee ancestry.

He calls her Pocahontas.

He laughs at her because she doesn’t look Native American at all.

She looks and speaks like a white soccer mom.

The bigger question though is why she claimed Native American ancestry at all.

It’s  not surprising that she did.

As a professor in academia, Harvard, and as a chief promoter of leftist bullshit, Elizabeth Warren became a victim of the political correctness that she so readily shovels into her students’ minds.

It’s sad.

What is sold in leftist academia today is the notion that white people are genocidal maniacs who conquered America by stealing the land from native Americans.

Of course this is partly true.  White people did take the land from Native Americans.

What is not true is that white people are unique in performing a land grab, and by murder if necessary.

Indeed all races and all ethnicities have done the same throughout history. Nobody is saved by their heritage.

Land grabbing is something we human beings have done since we first walked on the planet.

It’s who we are, and there’s a biological precedent for doing so.

It’s called survival of the species.

Yet the notion exists in leftist academia today that white people are unique in annihilating other races.

If only we get rid of the white oppressor, humanity can be perfected.

Supporting this idea is the belief that a) man is perfect-able and b) that it is desirable to do so.

The white man just so happens to be conveniently there in a position of power.  Never mind the pharaohs of old who most likely were not white.

It’s the white man’s fault.

This is a heavy burden to bear.

Too assuage this false guilt Senator Warren sought to alleviate the pain in any small way she could.

Buying into the bullshit is one way. 

A second way is adopting a heritage that is not your own, that is to say, to become one of the oppressed.  It’s a good move politically too – more votes.

If I am one of the oppressed, I am not the oppressor.

Thus Senator Warren’s claim of possessing Native American heritage.

Beyond that she probably thought it might enhance her self esteem if she could claim some special ancestry.

Hey, look how cool I am.

People do it all the time.

My friend, Gerry, who is Latino, and who probably does have roots in Native American peoples, remarked to me twenty years ago that people who claim Native American ancestry always claim Cherokee ancestry.

This is a running joke we enjoy together.

Nobody claims that they’re Kickapoo.

It’s true.

And that’s how you know Senator Warren is a fraud.

Consider also the fact that she can offer no oral tradition, history, stories, customs or sage advice that may have been handed down.

How about a cooking recipe, Senator?

You know, it wasn’t that long ago that Native American tribes were thriving.  My grandfather was born in 1893. His father was born in the 1860s. America was still a land  where Native American tribes roamed the plains.

Surely something survived a handful of generations.

No, most likely, Senator Warren reached into the fantasy world that her leftist academia promotes and pulled out what she felt was a noble race of native Americans – the Cherokee.

Hey, they look pretty good, she may have said to herself.  Don’t they have high cheekbones?   Yes, I rather like that.  And it makes me feel so important.

Geeze, talk about cultural appropriation. 

Senator Warren wrote the book.




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