Jack and Lee 14

Look, honey, before you jump into a mission you should sketch out a rough outline.

Of course you can’t be too precise, but you should at least try to envision it all the way through.

Sometimes it’s best to begin with how you want the mission to end.

But since I was new to Dallas I had to get the lay of the land.

My first task was to figure out from where we could shoot at JFK.  

It’s not as easy as you think.

Of course it’s easy for you to go back in time at Dealey Plaza and say: “Aha, that was the logical place.”

But I didn’t know that when I first went there.

I was thinking of every place but Dealey Plaza.

My first choice was a stadium.

A stadium has so many nooks and crannies.

My second choice was a shooter hidden at street level.

Look, I thought of everything.

What determines where you are going to kill someone isn’t just the ease of the shot  but how you are going to pin the tail on the patsy.

Pinning the tail on the patsy rules out a shooter from street level because you have to associate associate the patsy exclusively to where you plant the gun.

Pinning the tail on the patsy rules out a stadium for the same reason unless the patsy works there.  The problem with a stadium though is that the patsy has to be able to egress the scene with ease.  There are too many people at a stadium.

Even with all that though there were other concerns.

I needed to accomplish certain goals.

  1. Pin the tail on the patsy.
  2. Malign the character of the patsy.
  3. Demonize the patsy so as to make the case open and shut.
  4. Catch the patsy.
  5. Kill the patsy.

Furthermore I had to do all of this without the patsy knowing what I was doing. He had to believe he was undertaking a separate mission.

This would require more planning than I could ever imagine.

Planning is hard work.

Picasso said it best.  When I’m lying around the house, I’m working.  When I paint, I’m having fun.

It’s the same with me.




Copyright 2019   Archer Crosley   All Rights Reserved

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