Why Was JFK Killed?

The JFK DNA eats into the pillars of the NWO today just as it did in 1961, 1962 and 1963.  To keep the Greed Platform of the NWO standing, the Oswald Patch was devised to stabilize the rotting pillars.  The Oswald Patch is, of course, the Warren Commission lie.  Much money and energy is spent to this day to reenforce this patch.  The Greed Platform of the NWO rests upon the pillars of Oil, The Fed, the CIA and the MIC – the Military Industrial Complex.

You can watch JFK’s speech to the UN here.

Here is a side view.


Here is a polar view.


Now, was JFK intending to destroy the Fed?  No.  Did he intend for the Fed to fund a global killing machine?  No.

It is worth your time to watch his speech to the UN.  Once watched you will come to understand more fully why he was killed, for the people who killed him are not desirous of world peace at all; nor do they care much for the UN except as a tool to be used for global domination.

Yes, one could say that JFK was a globalist.  That is not in dispute. But what kind of globalist was he?  A globalist on the order of Stalin – a bully?  No.  That stands in stark contrast to the NWO, the businessmen in Corporate America who killed him.

After his death, the NWO  waged non-stop war around the globe.  They carved up Indonesia for minerals.  They exploited the people of Southeast Asia in sweatshops for a few dollars a day.  They decimated the middle class in America even as they enriched themselves.  They continue to ravage people today.

But the JFK DNA is alive, and the men of the NWO understand the threat it poses to them.  This is why the Warren Commission lie is defended so vigorously.  To a man, the members of corporate media support the lie that Lee Oswald, a lone assassin, murdered the President of the United States. To state otherwise is to cast blame on them.

The globalism that the NWO desires is not a world of peace, not a world of respect, but a world of non-stop war that makes them even richer.


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