Padding the Numbers


What’s the difference between fear of coronavirus and the fear of being shot by Joseph Stalin and his police state?

Nothing. There’s no difference at all.

Fear is fear.

Coercion is coercion.

A gun or a virus is merely the means by which the leader moves you.  The real power is the fear created in your mind.

In the case of our world today, a gun is real; the coronavirus is a paper tiger.

The fear generated by the coronavirus is unfounded and unreasonable.

Our government focuses on the total numbers of deaths, but the percentages show that your chance of getting the coronavirus is extremely small.

Even today at 70,000 deaths, your risk is 70,000÷325,000,000 people. That’s a percentage of 0.02%.  That equals 1/50 of 1%.

That’s not even taking into account that the number of deaths have been pumped up by the United States government.

The numbers were pumped for two reasons.  

First, your government has been bought and co-opted by powerful forces, principally from Palo Alto, who don’t believe in a republic, who do believe in fascism and who would desire to implement a feudalistic renter’s paradise in the United States of America.

Second, your government has decided to compensate hospitals for taking care of COVID-19 patients.   Now, this is not in dispute.  The amount of money is not relevant.  What we do know is that when the government compensates healthcare providers for taking care of a malady, that malady increases in incidence.  This is a law more certain than gravity.

And so, the number of deaths in the United States has been inflated. By how many deaths? Looking at the graphs, I would roughly estimate 30,000 deaths at the minimum.

How can we know this?

Well, either the lockdown works or it doesn’t work.

If the lockdown works, how does it work? It can only work, according to their own logic, by lowering the R0 value.

Assuming that the lockdown is being applied uniformly, it should be applying constant pressure to the growth and diminishment of the coronavirus.

Remember the virus does not follow the graph, the graph follows the virus.

The virus only knows how to attack human tissue.  The virus doesn’t wake up in the morning and say, “I feel like working harder today.”

What we should therefore see is a smoother curve as the virus first gains steam and then loses steam as immunity kicks in to decrease the R0 value naturally.  What we shouldn’t see is a prolonged peak or a double peak.  

If the deaths do not follow a smoother, more regular curve, it can only come about by certain means.

It could come about if we suddenly injected more people into the population.   It could also come about if we, according to their logic, relaxed the lockdown.  Finally, it could also come about if we decided to attach more diagnoses of coronavirus to people.

Well, we know that New York City and upper New Jersey did not receive a sudden influx of people. We know that the lockdown has stayed the same. This leaves us logically with the third option which is that the number of coronavirus deaths is being increased artificially.

And so what we have is a meeting between the graph and human nature, and that is a powerful force.

The people in Palo Alto, who control the government, are pumping the number of coronavirus deaths so as to cause the maximal amount of fear in society.    

The more fear they can produce, the greater economic damage they can cause to non-corporate America. 

Why would they want to achieve this? Because they are fascists. And as fascists they believe in large corporations and large government controlling affairs in the United States of America. 

This is their business model.

Everyone else is an obstacle.

This is a cruel, demeaning force. It will prove to be unresponsive to the needs of the people; and many people will die.

Our standard of living under this model will be a reflection of their lies and will consequently grow dramatically worse.  

Our standard of living will not grow worse if we fight this fear, for fear is their weapon of choice.

Dr. Fauci makes outrageous predictions; the numbers are pumped to meet those predictions; Dr. Fauci makes even more outrageous predictions.

What ensues is a vicious cycle of fear.

The only way to combat the fear is to shed light upon the truth.

What is the truth?

The risk of getting coronavirus in the United States of America is extremely low in spite of the total number of deaths.

This risk grows even smaller as we come to understand that the number of deaths themselves are a lie.

Knowing who the liars are frees us even more.


One may ask how the numbers are pumped.

Well,  how many of those coronavirus victims died of influenza?  How many of those coronavirus victims were living on the edge?  How many of those coronavirus victims died of something else?  How many of those coronavirus victims didn’t die at all?  How many of those coronavirus victims died a year and a half ago?  

Would you be surprised to learn that people arise from the dead only to die again?   Dead people vote all the time and then promptly disappear.  LBJ stuffed a ballot box; that’s how he became Senator.

Never underestimate ambition and the desire to be number one.



Padded Graph



How did I arrive at 30,000 extra deaths being padded in?

1.  The 80/20 rule would dictate 20% of 70,000 deaths or 14,000 extra deaths.  A regular cheater would pad no more than 20% of the deaths because he doesn’t want to get caught.  An aristocrat is in another league.  He will cheat well beyond propriety because he knows he’ll never be punished for his crimes.  I put the aristocrat at 40% or 28,000 extra deaths.

2.  If you look at  at the numbers above the red diagonal line, you will see about 15,000 above that line.  Now, that’s the extra I think they added to prevent their man, Anthony Fauci, from looking like a fool.  What they did was extend the peak a week in order to fudge more deaths.   I think they were paddling all along before that for another 15,000 deaths. 

3.  Now, let’s look at another example of arrogance – the Titanic disaster.  Given that we are trapped in our biology, arrogant people should act consistently and be therefore predictable over time and space.  The Titanic had 1,178 lifeboats with 2,208 people on board.  Thus Mr. Ismay cheated safety by 46.65%.  1,178/2,208 = 53.35 %.  

Applying 53.35% to 70,000 deaths would give a true death count of 37,345 deaths – or a cheat  number of 32,655.  And that number is pretty close to the 30,000 deaths that I had estimated above.

I understand that this estimate is not scientific, but I’ve been pretty good with numbers in my life, especially when it comes to making informal estimates.

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