Zero Logic

Can you see the illogic that these elites engage in? Right now the elites are harping about the extreme infectiousness of the Delta variant. They are stomping around the room like an aged, overweight Joan Crawford with a hanger obsession.

They are ramping up the fear on the Delta variant because they want to induce people to get their corporate vaccine. Incidentally I’m not a person who is supposed to the vaccine at this point in time. I do support the vaccine – primarily because there is no other way for us to becoming immune. Our knucklehead elite prevented us from getting the disease naturally.

The Delta variant appeared in India months and months ago. If the variant were truly this infectious, we would’ve seen it in the United States immediately. We don’t travel by boat anymore. We travel by jet. But even if the boat were the primary method of travel, it wouldn’t take months to get from India to the United States.

And once it got here, it would have exploded into the population even more so than now because there were less vaccinated people then. Aside from that though, respiratory viruses are not spread primarily through respiratory droplets. They are spread through hand to hand contact. A person has to cough on their hand, shake your hand, after which you have to pick up food that you plan to eat without washing your hands first. The face mask is worthless.

When you cough into the air, you’re coughing into an ocean of air. The respiratory droplets are immediately diffused. There thus isn’t sufficient concentration or infectious dose to cause disease. There is however sufficient concentration when you cough on your hands. In that case, the respiratory droplets are not diffused into the air. When you then shake someone’s hand, they then have that higher infectious dose on their hand. When they pick up a cookie to eat, that same higher infectious dose is on the cookie. That’s why fomites and hand-to-hand contact cause disease while respiratory transmission does not cause disease – unless of course you cough straight into somebody’s mouth. But even that may not cause disease as they discovered in 1918 when they directly injected influenza distillate into subject’s nasal passages without successfully transmitting the disease. Huh? Yeah, you heard me; that’s right.

Why doesn’t Dr. Fauci know this? Why doesn’t Dr. Scott Gottlieb know this? First, because they have no incentive to know. They chose to join the Empire. When you join the Empire you obey; you don’t think. If you don’t obey, you’re out. If you’re out, you don’t get the heady experience of being recognized.

Indeed, Dr. Scott Gottlieb is the epitome of fascism. He is a member of academia; he’s a member of the media; he’s a member of the government; he’s a member of Corporate America. What else do you need to see? Do I need to draw a roadmap for you?

Second, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Scott Gottlieb are academics. Academics go into academia in order to repeat, obey, advance up the ladder, play political games, smile, abuse their students, wear white coats, feign intelligence, accept awards, publish useless papers, and say stupid things. There are no original thoughts in academia. There are no original thoughts because original thinkers are weeded out of academia. That’s not the way it’s supposed to be; that’s the way it is.

If respiratory droplet transmission of respiratory diseases was the primary method of disease transmission, mankind wouldn’t have made it past the first year of man’s existence on the planet. Your body has many mechanisms in its respiratory tree to prevent droplet transmission of respiratory diseases. You have cilia, you have mucus, you have all sorts of cells and chemical mediators that fight infection. It’s called non-adaptive immunity.

Look, If respiratory droplets were the prime method of viral spread, handwashing would be useless.

If there is an explosion of COVID-19 in unvaccinated populations, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Scott Gottlieb have only themselves to blame. They and their lackeys were the ones who told people to hide inside their houses and wear facemasks. They put the facemask above handwashing as the primary method to prevent COVID-19.

Aside from all that, the numbers that they are issuing don’t even make any sense. There are still plenty of unvaccinated people in these states that they celebrate. Remember, they told us last year that herd immunity was almost impossible.

Do you know what the hallmark of a pathological liar is? His logic doesn’t make any sense. He keeps getting trapped within his lies.

Our federal government is a pathological liar. They have an agenda. They clearly want this facemask to be the new normal. And they certainly want the COVID-19 vaccine to be an annual vaccine.

Our government has been hijacked by Corporate America. Our leaders are nothing more than cheap money hungry pigs who will wage useless wars of any type in order to make a buck.

COVID-19 is just another one of the Empire’s enemies.

The war against COVID-19 is a war just like Vietnam, just like Korea, just like Afghanistan, just like Iraq.

It’s also a war that could have been prevented.

But, our elites love war. War makes them money.

Our elites, our leaders, are losers.

They are liars and criminals as well.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Your Corporate Lords

Recently, our local supermarket, H-E-B, in McAllen Texas has told us that if we are fully vaccinated, we do not have to wear masks inside the store.

Is this a good thing?

Not really.

We now live in a world where corporations like H-E-B, and their Ivy League lords, make decisions for us instead of our elected leaders.

That’s not the way America is supposed to work.

What we have now is an unelected body of people, who we don’t know, who make decisions for us.

Corporations currently can hide behind the technicality of being able to set their own standards and rules within their stores.

Generally though these rules have extended to matters such as unruly behavior and the wearing of muscle shirts and shoes.

We may be treading on thin ice when we rely on corporations to make medical decisions for us.

And they may be opening themselves up to liability as well.

Is it a supermarket’s job to encourage vaccines?

Isn’t that what they are in fact doing when mandating vaccines before buying food without a mask?

Since the vaccine does not prevent you from contracting and carrying COVID-19, is there any evidence that vaccinated people carry the virus less than people who are unvaccinated?

And if the elected body within the state of Texas has stated that Texans do not need to wear face masks within public buildings, then hasn’t the elected body stated that it is safe for Texans to not wear face masks?

What grounding then do supermarkets and corporations have for mandating face masks?

Aren’t they defying the authorities who were elected by the people?

They certainly are. Of course this shouldn’t be surprising coming from H-E-B supermarkets.

H-E-B supermarkets was built into a monolithic business giant by a ruthless corporatist named Charles C Butt who happens to be a Harvard graduate.

Big surprise.

H-E-B supermarkets is not some homegrown operation like it was in 1895 when the supermarket started.

H-E-B was started in Kerrville, Texas in 1895 by Florence Butt. It is currently named for her son, Howard E Butt.

Charles is the son of Howard who has since passed on.

When these local and regional operations grew bigger and more wealthy, the owners became rich and then sent their children to the Empire’s schools.

Charles C Butt was sent to the Wharton School and Harvard to join the club as well as to learn the tricks of the Empire.

H-E-B is a major player in Texas supermarkets. In much of Texas, they own the place when it comes to supermarkets.

They got that way by playing ruthless games with their opponents.

They borrowed the trick from John D Rockefeller. If a competitor would come into town, H-E-B would ruthlessly lower their prices so as to drive the competition out of business. They could do this by raising the prices in another town that would have no competition.

This is exactly what the robber baron John D Rockefeller would do to competing oil companies. That’s how he grew Standard Oil so large.

H-E-B is a bully when it comes to competition; it’s a bully when it comes to enforcing rules that go against what the elected authorities say.

You don’t require a vaccine card to walk maskless into a public building in Texas; why should you need a vaccine card to walk maskless into an H-E-B?

It’s a bold new world that must be stopped dead in its tracks.

Charlie C Butt has no medical training.

None whatsoever.

He’s just a spineless coward who joined the Empire so that he could get wealthier.

He will do whatever the Empire tells him to do. He could not care less what people think.

After all, he attended two of the Empire’s elite schools.

He joined a cult.

Clearly he believes he is smarter and better than the rest of us.

For those of you who think that Charles is getting older and not particularly involved in day-to-day operations, don’t worry. His successor, Craig Boyan, is also a Harvard graduate.

Yep, let’s keep it within the club.

Harvard knows best.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Oh, Okay, Elites, So Herd Immunity is Possible

We have to use their own words to hang them. In this article, the “experts ” are talking about herd immunity being achieved with 60 to 65% of population.

Well, the population that is less than 44 years of age is about 65% of the population. Approximately 85% of the population is less than 65. Mortality does not significantly escalate until you get over the age of 65.

What this signifies is that had we permitted COVID-19 to naturally spread throughout society without a lockdown, we would have achieved herd immunity already.

Had we encouraged people to spread the disease by actively engaging in activities, we would have gotten there quicker with lesser mortality.

Our national leaders’ recommendations caused more deaths – at least twice as many, perhaps three times as many deaths. They transformed a one and done pandemic into a prolonged smoldering fire.

What Dr. Fauci and others have done is make us dependent upon vaccines which have made Big Pharma a lot of money.

He and his buddies have also made us more susceptible to variants such as the Delta variant.

Dr. Fauci is now waving the fear of the Delta variant in the air as an inducement to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Well, now, it appears, we have little choice. A state of fear has been created.

Actually, we do have a choice. If the Delta variant takes hold here in the United States, assuming the mortality data with regard to the young is similar to the original COVID-19, we can do what we should’ve done in the first place – not lock down, and spread the disease while protecting the vulnerable.

It was clear back in April of 2020 that COVID-19 was not harming children and young adults to any significant degree. That knowledge was our weapon against the disease. Dr. Fauci and Big Pharma knew that and ignored it.

Why? Immune people don’t require vaccines.

Shame on the New England Journal of Fascist Corporate Third Reich Medicine for not pointing this out.


Archer Crosley, MD

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

False Battles

If it’s one thing the elites are good at it’s framing false battles.

Framing false battles is essential to their survival.

If they didn’t frame false battles, you might start asking questions.

You asking questions is a major threat to their existence.

I don’t know who comes up with these false battles; I don’t know if they have a secret committee who does it, but they are very good at it.

Let’s give two examples.

The first example is the battle over the wall on the Rio Grande.

Trump is for the wall; Trump’s opponents are against the wall. The wall is promoted as a solution to fix immigration.

The wall is a bad idea but not because a wall can’t have effectiveness.

The entire subject of the wall is a bad idea because it diverts you away from the root cause of our immigration crisis which is Corporate America brutalizing the people of Central America – which has been going on for more than 100 years.

Focusing on the wall removes you from solving the problem.

And if some loose cannon happens to mention that we aren’t addressing the core problem, that loose cannon is dismissed as an impractical crank who is talking about long-term solutions. What is needed, we are told by the elites, is a solution right now.

Of course, the immediate solution won’t work, which is precisely the point. The elites don’t want the immediate solution to work because they want the problem to continue.

Operationally the immediate solution won’t work because the elites will ensure that it doesn’t work. They will ensure that it doesn’t work by not funding the wall.

Walls are expensive and they require commitment.

The second example is the assignment of blame of COVID-19 to a lab in Wuhan.

Let’s put aside for the moment the fact that a virus is easily transportable across borders and does not require any special equipment.

A virus isn’t transmitted into a country by a rocket booster.

The virus can be taken into a country by a traveler with a snotty nose. Or the virus can be transported in a small box of cough drops, or a bag of chips. It doesn’t take a week to fly to China.

Currently the battle to assign blame to a lab in Wuhan is being carried out in our modern media.

It’s the same senseless game that was played out with the wall.

By focusing on a lab in Wuhan, you are removed from directing your attention at the real problem, which is that scientists from the west, including Harvard, including the Broad Institute, which is a collaboration between an MIT and Harvard, have been working extensively with Chinese scientists for decades.

We train and work at each others institutions.

It is this collaboration which gave rise to our knowledge of virology, genetics and the tools to develop bio-weapons.

It is this collaboration in every sense of the word that gave rise to the ability to create bio-weapons.

Once this is understood it then becomes obvious that greater controls are needed in the scientific community.

Once we look at that collaboration we become more acutely aware that the scientists have gone too far.

It is they together who have created a weapon that is far more injurious than a nuclear weapon can ever be.

Their genetic tools including CRISPR have given them the ability to wipe humanity off the planet.

Of course, the elites do not want us to focus on that. So they give us a false battle. By focusing on Wuhan versus non-Wuhan, we remove ourselves from the truth.

That’s the whole point. Our leaders want to continue genetic research so that they can refine their bio-weapon capabilities.

Our leaders are sick.

Their profit-seeking ways have led them to develop even more diabolical ways of making money.

COVID-19 has opened up new vistas for them. They make a shitload of money off vaccines, and they get to wipe out small business competitors. They also were able to shut down vital areas of communication for their opponents, which is us. They were able to shut down churches, gyms, and restaurants.

It was beautiful for them.

What’s not to like?

Our leaders use two main techniques to make money: exploitation and war.

Through exploitation they can create slavery.

Through war they can steal assets and create the conditions for exploitation which again leads to slavery.

Genetic research and bio-weaponry lead to war.

Corporate America’s greed leads to continued exploitation of the people in Central America.

So to disguise their true intent, the elites need false battles.

They can’t have you asking too many questions.

Questions lead to the end of their game.

Of course, to get to that point, you have to ask yourself an essential question. Are our leaders good people who are misguided or stupid? Or are our leaders evil, sick people who have become intoxicated with money and power?

Once you choose the latter, there is no going back. You have crossed the Rubicon, and you know what needs to be done.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

We Are Stuck

You see, we’re stuck in a trap, and we have been for sometime.

We created a society where only righteous people from Harvard can do wonderful things, tell us the truth, or fix problems.

Ah, but what happens if Harvard is the cause of our demise?

Do you see what I mean?

We’re stuck.

It’s the same problem the North Koreans have.

It’s the same problem the Romans had.

It’s the same problem the Egyptians had.

It’s the same problem every hierarchical society his had.

I mean, I can tell you about COVID-19.

I can tell you who is responsible for the pandemic.

The problem is is that it’s not gonna be heard by anyone.

You’re not going to listen to me.

I didn’t go to Harvard.

I’m not immortal.

We created a society where only immortal demigods from Harvard can tell the truth.

But Harvard is not going to tell you.

They are going to divert your attention away.

They have to. If they are found responsible, then they will die. If they die then you will see that they are not immortal.

And then their grip on society will falter.

The latest case with COVID-19 is a prime example.

The elites now want you to believe that the virus possibly came from a lab in Wuhan.

Sean Hannity wants you to turn off your brain and accept that.

And many people will. They’ll do it because what Hannity is selling is easy. You don’t have to ask any questions; you only need to reach out for that simple answer.

The left, Hannity’s opponents, will play along. Because then the false battle will be created and promoted.

Game on. Did the Chinese do it or didn’t the Chinese do it?

And the real answer is that American scientists have been working with Chinese scientists extensively for decades in the development of genetic tools which allow almost anybody to reengineer a virus to do damage to humans, and to animals, and to plants.

That’s the real issue. There aren’t enough controls on the genetics, virology, and molecular biology community.

You’re not going to figure out who engineered this virus with any certainty. There’s no way of looking at a virus and saying that it came out of a specific lab. And, a virus can be transmitted anywhere. It doesn’t require any high-tech equipment. It can be carried in a bag of pretzels.

Or in the snotty handkerchief of a CIA officer visiting Wuhan on “vacation”.

What we can do is examine the scientific community which permitted the technology to be developed in the first place where someone would be able to do this.

In that regard all the geneticists and virologists engaged in scientific research of pathogens are complicit.

What these scientists are doing is tantamount to sharing the Manhattan project openly amongst everybody.

As we can see clearly now, genetic weapons are far more powerful than nuclear weapons. And yet we made the Manhattan project a top-secret project.

Not so with genetic research.

Why won’t Harvard touch that?

Because Harvard led the way in genetic research. Harvard and the Broad Institute, which is a collaboration between Harvard and MIT, led the way.

Why would Harvard implicate itself?

Did the Roman emperors blame themselves?

Does the Queen of England blame herself?

Does Kim Jong-Un blame himself?

Did the pharaohs of Egypt blame themselves?


Instead, they divert attention away. They can do this because they control the media.

Since they control the media, they control your mind.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Here is a link to a PDF:

Robert De Niro, Molecular Biologist

You’ll be happy to know that Robert De Niro has more sway over your family members than you do.

That’s right.

Robert De Niro has more influence on your family members than do you. I don’t care what your field is, Robert de Niro knows more.

Whether you are a baker, a candlestick maker, nuclear physicist, a doctor, or a molecular biologist, Robert knows more than do you.

More importantly your family members will take their cue from him.

Forget about all your years of training.

Forget about all the toil and sweat that you invested in becoming a master of your craft.

Robert De Niro knows more.

This is the consequence of our idiotic superstar culture.

You may be wondering now what I am talking about, and so I shall tell you.

As you may have already deduced from some of the columns I have written, I am a pediatrician.

I have been practicing pediatrics for over 38 years now.

It seems logical to me that I may have learned a thing or two.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has begun, I have written more than just a few articles regarding COVID-19.

While communicating my opinions to the public at large, I have also communicated my opinions to my two sisters who, are family members, and who come from the same womb.

I do not like Dr. Fauci. I think Dr. Fauci is a devious liar who fronts for Corporate America.

Unlike the talking heads on television, I don’t need to rely on studies to justify my opinions because I am the study. I have worked in healthcare for over 3 1/2 decades. I don’t need a study in order to support what I say.

Now, you would think that this would carry some weight with my two sisters.

Let me assure you that it does not.

Just yesterday I received a group text from one of my sisters. She was talking about her grandson. She stated that she was taking care of her grandson who was sick. Then she related, in so many words, that he’d had a COVID-19 test and that it was negative. Then, in near morbid relief, she says: Thank God!

Now, I have told her numerous times that the risk of complications from COVID-19 to children is near zero.


Her grandson, who has no underlying medical problems, has a near zero chance of having any complications from COVID-19.

And yet she is acting as if her grandson had dodged a LAWS missile.

Why would my sister react this way?

Why would she think that her grandson would be in danger?

I’ll tell you why.

Robert De Niro, molecular biologist. Robert De Niro, specialist in infectious disease.

This is the consequence of the idiotic superstar culture we have built up in the United States.

Your family members who come from the same womb are more likely to believe Robert De Niro, no matter what the issue is, than you in your field of expertise.

Robert De Niro has of course, no expertise in these various areas.

What Robert De Niro knows is acting, perhaps movie direction, and the business of making movies.

Of course, I could be speaking unfairly. Who knows the true skills of this amazing man.

Maybe Robert De Niro is a molecular biologist on the side. Maybe he has been shielding this from us. Maybe he has a secret lab in the basement of one of his mansions. Maybe he, under a pseudonym, has written highly technical papers on membrane receptors.

It’s possible.

But is it likely?


Since it is not likely, and since the majority of the people in the United States now take their understanding of COVID-19 from Robert De Niro, what are the consequences of this?

You figure it out.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Genetic Holocaust

The scientists who emphatically state that the COVID-19 virus did not leak out of a lab are hardly impartial.

They know full well the ramifications if it is proven that this COVID-19 virus leaked out of a lab somewhere. It will mean stricter controls on their labs, and this they are frightened of. This they do not want.

It’s much safer for all of them, they think, if they agree that this COVID-19 was just an accident in evolution. Enter the convenient bat.

Why not? Everybody hates bats anyway.

Yeah, sure, the bat did it.

In that way, life can move on for the scientists.

But about us?

Now is a good time for our leaders to thoroughly examine the extent to which knowledge of genetics and gene manipulation is exchanged openly throughout the world. Is this a good idea?

Imagine if Robert Oppenheimer back in the 1940s said to FDR and Truman: “You know what, we should really make this Manhattan Project open source information and collaborate with the finest minds around the globe?” What do you think they would say to that?

How about this: “Are you crazy?”

Well, the same can be said of current research going on in the field of genetics and genetic manipulation. Our scientists now have the power to do some serious damage to not just humanity, but to life on earth. And it’s all out there for everybody to see.

The potential damage from a genetic Holocaust far outstrips the damage from a nuclear weapon.

There is no China versus America when it comes to COVID-19 and other issues in genetics. Western scientists and Chinese scientists have been collaborating extensively for decades in genetic research.

Many of our scientists have worked with the Chinese, and many of their scientists have worked in the US. Currently the head of the Chinese CDC is a man named George Gao who trained at Harvard University.

Whatever bad (or good) happens in genetics and virology is a product of this collaboration.

To blame the Chinese, or anyone, is fruitless. All the scientists are to blame because collectively they all contributed to the infrastructure which underpins the good and the bad.

The problem is in what these scientists are doing, how they are doing it, and how that information is exchanged.

Open knowledge isn’t always a good idea.

Open knowledge might have led to the development of COVID-19. And it might have occurred quite innocently as a good idea gone bad.

But, shhh, we can’t talk about that.

It’s much safer to believe that a bat did it. In that way, everybody goes home a winner.

Except us.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved