Do these solitary protests do anything except lead to riots? And why is it necessary for people to get together to accomplish anything? Maybe people can accomplish more by resolving to live a more moral, honest life. Maybe if we choose to fix ourselves as individuals we can fix society.

Ultimately, we must fix the individual.

To fix the individual we need to take a step back from the lives we’ve chosen for ourselves.  We don’t have to live fully in the digital age we have created.   There are other options.

Why don’t you take a look at this book I’ve written entitled, the Old World Order?  It will give you a flavor of a more settled world.  Now, it wasn’t perfect, but there were many advantages to it.  

The book is available on  It’s an easy read, and you can finish it in a few hours.  It’s not a long book, but it will give you a flavor of the world that existed prior to 1980 when the digital revolution began to take off.

The digital revolution is ultimately responsible for the Internet, your smart phone, and your social media and news apps which enable  the wealthy elites to program you into moving into courses of action that may not be in your best interest – such as the lockdown, such as the George Floyd protest rallies.

Take a look at the book.  It will influence your thinking, and it will change your life if you choose to permit it to do so.

We can change the chaos in the world, and we can change it much faster than we think we can, in about a generation, twenty years; that’s not bad, eh?

Click here:  The Old World Order 


Copyright 2020  Archer Crosley   All Rights Reserved










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