Mulan: The Real Story

Various activists “in the know” are protesting against the movie Mulan because it was filmed in the region of China in which China is oppressing the native Uighurs.

Will people care?

Will countries care?

Are the activists wasting their time?

Well, to begin with if we boycotted a product because of a connection to a particular region in which an injustice occurred we would starve.

So what is the goal of the protest? Is it to highlight the problem? Or is it to break the back of the Walt Disney Company?

Who are these activists anyway? Where do they get their money? Who is really backing them up?

What is their real goal?

It takes money and influence to get an activist group going; it takes even more money to get that activist group’s message into the national consciousness.

You have to know people who have influence.

So then the question arises: who came first, the money, or the activists?

Are the activists homegrown? Or were they created by the money to achieve a goal?

I suspect the latter. I suspect the activism is a ploy by the powers that be that control our national fascist dictatorship known as Corporate America.

What is the purpose of this ploy?

Well, the ploy could be several fold.

1. It increases the sales for Mulan. Money is very important to our money-obsessed leaders, and they know that the more press for Mulan, the greater people will want to see it even if the press is negative.

2. China baiting.

3. Distraction. Mulan, and China’s treatment of the Uighurs, takes people’s minds off the incompetence of our leaders.

Let’s talk about China baiting.

Your geeedy elites are terrified of China, and well they should be. China is a real emergent force in the world, and they are an emergent force because they now do most of the manufacturing in the world.

Our greedy Calugulas built up China. They did that at the expense of the American people. Our greedy elites wanted to get rich, so they shipped out well-paying American jobs to China.

They did this over the last four decades.

They did this right in front of our eyes.

They didn’t hide what they were doing at all.

Now this outsourcing is coming back to bite them on the ass.

Did they really think that the Chinese would be happy making our plastic cups and T-shirts forever?

Well, it’s obvious that the Chinese wouldn’t be. If our leaders had true respect for the Chinese they would understand that they are human beings and would want to branch out.

In addition to that a proper leader would be able to see that China, being limited in its resources and having over 1.4 billion people, would need to branch out, would need to make alliances with other nations, would need to build pipelines and railroads that would reach other nations.

A proper leader would also be able to interpret history. He or she would be able to understand the 100 years of shame that the Chinese underwent Between 1850 and 1950. A proper leader would understand that the Chinese would be in no mood to be slaves again.

A proper leader would be able to understand that we live in a different world in which we have to respect each other and work with each other, not colonialize each other.

But our leaders understand none of this, because they are blind, because they are lazy, because they’re accustomed to bullying people.

The people who rule us come from elite schools where they have been trained to believe their own bullshit, that they are better than other people. Consequently they have become fat, immoral and lazy.

They have had their way with us here in America, and the people around the world, for many decades now.

They have been raping us all.

In spite of this treatment we have been slowly trudging forward.

So have been the Chinese.

It’s no different than the story of the tortoise and the hare. Our elites would be the hare. Well, the tortoise has passed them by, and now the hare has awoken to see that.

The hare is now angry because he is desperately losing the race.

So what does the hare do?

He whines like a little baby. He claims that the tortoise cheated. He attacks the tortoise personally. He does so because he has no game, and he knows it.

In the real world our leaders know that they have no game. They can’t compete with what China is doing. So they start saber rattling. They incite and inflame protests in Hong Kong. They incite protests against the movie Mulan. They complain about China building small islands in the South China Sea.

In time our elites may drag us into a war with China. That is a bad idea. What we should be doing is work with China. We should be enabling them and helping them. We should be partnering with them, not making war. We should adopt China’s model of working with other nations. That is one reason why China is being so successful.

The US model was to bully other nations, to exploit other nations.

Those days must end.

For the US to compete, the US must bring other nations into the fold as partners, not slaves.

Of course, our misguided and greedy leaders love war.

Why not?

They make a lot of money from it.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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