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If you thought that all conservatives were for peace and prosperity you would be wrong.

As I write these words Mark Levin is haranguing his audience about the threat that China poses.

According to Levin, the world has been taken over by the Chinese.

In our schools also. Try not to laugh.

Naturally, of course, Levin wants us to start taking names and kicking ass.

He’s upset that China is peacefully making inroads with many Third World nations around the globe by building ports and railroads.

Well, of course, the Chinese are making inroads with these all nations. The Third World certainly wasn’t going to get a good deal from our leaders who believe in exploitation.

A sane person would look at China’s policy and say: “Hey, why don’t we do what they’re doing?”

Of course, you know you’ll never hear that from our leaders. After all, they are masters of the universe.

Our leaders, if past experience is a guide to the future, will engage in some sort of nastiness toward China.

War is a good bet.

Or maybe a strategically placed bio-weapon that kills 500 million people.

Either option is an even better bet now that Mark Levin and his friends are playing the China card.

They do have one point though.

Countries like Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines are US allies with deep ties to the United States.

You might say these allies were won with blood.

Moreover, countries like Taiwan were never Chinese to begin with.

Historically thousands of years ago, the country of Taiwan was populated by aboriginal Austronesians.

There is virtually zero commonality between the land now known as Taiwan and mainland China other than the opponents of Mao who escaped mainland China to settle there.

While those settlers were once Chinese, now they are not.

Now they are Taiwanese.

The United States has an obligation to support them fully.

The question is how to do this.

Since our current crop of bozos in charge have not a clue how to engage the Chinese constructively, perhaps it might be wise to consult a President from yesteryear.

That is the purpose of this article.

What I would like to know is how John Kennedy would approach this sticky problem that we have here today with China.

It’s pretty much the same problem that JFK and his colleagues faced over seventy years ago.

The consensus of many conservatives including John Kennedy many decades ago was that United States did not fully support the nationalist Chinese under Chiang Kai Shek.

So is that a clue that should guide our future action?

What would John Kennedy say?

What would John Kennedy do in a nuclear age?

There are no easy answers here.

Taiwan is not just a trading partner.

Taiwan is a vital link in the chain of islands that hems in China and controls the South China Sea, the East China Sea, and the Sea of Japan.

If one chain in the link is broken, vital US interests in Southeast Asia, South Korea, Japan and the Philippines are threatened.

Can the United States walk away from our Pacific partners without drastic economic consequence?


Since the United States cannot walk away, and since the Chinese are insistent on changing the balance of power, the only way this can be resolved peacefully is through peaceful power sharing.

The Chinese must be convinced that it is in their best interest to have the United States remain in alliance with Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines.

The United States as a maritime nation will provide the safety, security and unfettered access to the seas that China requires. In return the United States and its allies will cease and desist from interfering in the internal affairs of the Chinese in the form of spying, sabotage, boycotts or trade embargos. Nor will the United States impede the flow of vital oil and minerals into China.

It’s a fair trade.

It’s a plan that JFK would consider.

John Kennedy was a realist before he was an anti-communist.

He understood that a nuclear age does not permit rash behavior.

He also understood that we all breathe the same air and inhabit the same planet.

He would strive for creative compromise.

It was easy for his opponents on Cuba – the Military, the CIA, the Chicken Hawks – to call for an invasion.

His opponents weren’t on the hot seat.

Now they are.

The leaders of this New World Order now find themselves in a sticky situation.

Everything looks easier when you’re sitting on the sidelines.

They don’t know what to do.

Maybe they should ask the man that they assassinated.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

China and Us

So you think China is a threat to the United States, eh?

If you watch Fox News, you would think that Chinese gunboats lie in wait off the coast of California. That’s the current narrative, isn’t it?

This video here belies that narrative. China has too many of its own problems to worry about us.

Check it out if you doubt me.

The only threat to our safety is our corporate elite, fueled by Harvard University and the Ivy League, who desire to implement the same type of government here that China has there. The only difference is that while property in China is owned by the government run by a communist party elite, our property will be owned by Corporate America run by Ivy League elite.

That’s probably why Corporate America is buying up all these homes in neighborhoods across the United States – to further cement its neo-feudalist grip upon America.

This elitist internal threat is what Joe McCarthy was revealing seventy years ago. Far from being a smear merchant, Joe McCarthy was ahead of his time. He was pulling the curtain back on what our elites were really doing. That’s why they punished him. That’s why they lied about him and his record.

The people who Joe McCarthy denounced as communists were not people he pulled out of a hat. These were in many cases people who had been investigated by other congressional committees. Joe McCarthy not only exposed communists (we call them globalists today) in our own State Department, but in the US Army itself. That’s right! There was a massive espionage ring at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey. When Joe McCarthy revealed this to Dwight Eisenhower, he probably thought Eisenhower would be happy. To McCarthy’s surprise, Eisenhower was not happy at all. Eisenhower worked secretly behind the scenes to destroy Joe McCarthy. What does that tell you about Dwight Eisenhower and our own leadership in Washington? What this should tell you is that our leadership in Washington, far from being our friend and our representative, has been secretly working with Corporate America all these years to fundamentally change the character of the United States.

China isn’t our enemy as our elites would have you believe. That’s just a game they play with you in order to pass laws in American society to utterly transform us into a society precisely in line with what the Chinese have today.

Our elites don’t hate the Chinese leadership; they admire them.

You know, if our elites really hate China and its leadership that much, they can always pull manufacturing back into the United States. Why don’t they? What’s holding them back? Why don’t they put their money where their mouth is?

I’ll tell you why. Because they are lying to us.

PS. Anyone who wants to read about the real Joe McCarthy can read: Blacklisted by History by M. Stanford Evans.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

We Are Stuck

You see, we’re stuck in a trap, and we have been for sometime.

We created a society where only righteous people from Harvard can do wonderful things, tell us the truth, or fix problems.

Ah, but what happens if Harvard is the cause of our demise?

Do you see what I mean?

We’re stuck.

It’s the same problem the North Koreans have.

It’s the same problem the Romans had.

It’s the same problem the Egyptians had.

It’s the same problem every hierarchical society his had.

I mean, I can tell you about COVID-19.

I can tell you who is responsible for the pandemic.

The problem is is that it’s not gonna be heard by anyone.

You’re not going to listen to me.

I didn’t go to Harvard.

I’m not immortal.

We created a society where only immortal demigods from Harvard can tell the truth.

But Harvard is not going to tell you.

They are going to divert your attention away.

They have to. If they are found responsible, then they will die. If they die then you will see that they are not immortal.

And then their grip on society will falter.

The latest case with COVID-19 is a prime example.

The elites now want you to believe that the virus possibly came from a lab in Wuhan.

Sean Hannity wants you to turn off your brain and accept that.

And many people will. They’ll do it because what Hannity is selling is easy. You don’t have to ask any questions; you only need to reach out for that simple answer.

The left, Hannity’s opponents, will play along. Because then the false battle will be created and promoted.

Game on. Did the Chinese do it or didn’t the Chinese do it?

And the real answer is that American scientists have been working with Chinese scientists extensively for decades in the development of genetic tools which allow almost anybody to reengineer a virus to do damage to humans, and to animals, and to plants.

That’s the real issue. There aren’t enough controls on the genetics, virology, and molecular biology community.

You’re not going to figure out who engineered this virus with any certainty. There’s no way of looking at a virus and saying that it came out of a specific lab. And, a virus can be transmitted anywhere. It doesn’t require any high-tech equipment. It can be carried in a bag of pretzels.

Or in the snotty handkerchief of a CIA officer visiting Wuhan on “vacation”.

What we can do is examine the scientific community which permitted the technology to be developed in the first place where someone would be able to do this.

In that regard all the geneticists and virologists engaged in scientific research of pathogens are complicit.

What these scientists are doing is tantamount to sharing the Manhattan project openly amongst everybody.

As we can see clearly now, genetic weapons are far more powerful than nuclear weapons. And yet we made the Manhattan project a top-secret project.

Not so with genetic research.

Why won’t Harvard touch that?

Because Harvard led the way in genetic research. Harvard and the Broad Institute, which is a collaboration between Harvard and MIT, led the way.

Why would Harvard implicate itself?

Did the Roman emperors blame themselves?

Does the Queen of England blame herself?

Does Kim Jong-Un blame himself?

Did the pharaohs of Egypt blame themselves?


Instead, they divert attention away. They can do this because they control the media.

Since they control the media, they control your mind.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Here is a link to a PDF:

China Baiting

Currently many Republicans are pushing this narrative that China interfered with our elections, that China owns Joe Biden.

If China is interfering in our elections, it is with the permission of our own Corporate Party here in the United States.

There is no Democrat or Republican party in the US anymore; there is a Corporate Party with two wings that pose as the Democratic and Republican parties.

It’s a dog and pony show. It’s a fake sporting match. It’s the Dallas Cowboys versus the Philadelphia Eagles for your entertainment viewing experience.

It’s a sham. What the elites are doing is enticing you into a conflict so that you will not pay attention to their corporate criminality.

While you are focusing on irrelevant social issues or bogus issues that the elites create, they continue their warmongering abroad.

With you happily distracted they can continue to rape the American people.

And they’re raping you into poverty.

The current China narrative is part of that game.

Okay, guys, says Sean Hannity, let’s all get behind this idea of China’s interference in our elections.

Let’s focus on Eric Swalwell and his honey pot.

Let’s talk nonstop about Hunter Biden’s Chinese connections.

I have a better idea. Let’s walk away from their game.

Let’s focus on the money, their money.

Let’s focus on their immoral foreign wars abroad.

That’s what the Vietnam generation did – and it worked. They shut the game down.

Let’s focus on the fact that our government spends over $700 billion a year on defense.

We have had two attacks on the United States in the past 80 years, and both of those attacks were either brought about or engineered by our own elites in order to give them a reason to fight more war.

The attack on Pearl Harbor was provoked by FDR and Henry Stimson, his criminal Secretary of War, who was emotionally relieved when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Never mind the 2000 people who died there.

The World Trade Center attack was sanctioned by our elites in order to justify their wars in the Middle East.

This is how our criminal elites work.

They create false enemies.

They created the Cold War with the Soviet Union which permitted them to jack up the defense industry to unbelievable levels.

Was Russia really going to attack us across the Bering Strait?

As a kid I believed it. I believed it because I was a kid and because our media kept that narrative alive.

The narrative was so pervasive, Hollywood made a comedy about it: The Russians are Coming, the Russians are Coming.

It was that phony, unnecessary Cold War which led us to enter Vietnam. We had to stop the commies.

It was that same phony, unnecessary conflict with Russia and communism that gave our elites the pretext to interfere in Central America.

Our elites have played this trick time and time again.

Demonizing China is just more of the same of that game.

Walk away from it.

If the United States truly finds China to be a threat, why doesn’t the United States bring back manufacturing to the United States and pay people decent wages.

The United States can always stop trading with China.

Ah, but the elites don’t wanna do that.

They don’t want to do it because bringing manufacturing back to the United States lowers their profits.

In addition to that, China would be less of a threat. And if China were less of a threat, there would be no need to jack up the defense budget.

Oh, the horror, the horror.

Here’s the bottom line. Our United States government loves China. We helped the Chinese communists throughout the 40s and 50s.

Our men over there were called the China hands. These were the so-called experts on China. They helped Mao defeat Chiang Kai-Shek.

This is what Joe McCarthy was talking about during the 1950s.

Joe McCarthy stumbled upon the truth, that our United States government through our State Department was helping the communists.

Nixon opened the door further to China in the 1970s.

Ronald Reagan continue to open that door when he brought Deng Xiao Ping over to the United States in the early 1980s.

We helped China modernize (nothing wrong with that). And China helped our elites by becoming a source of cheap labor for our US corporations (definitely something wrong with that).

This made our elites rich at the expense of the American people.

Our elites continue to get rich today because of cheap Chinese labor.

Our elites love China.

In fact our elites desire to use China’s political model here in the United States.

China’s model is a crony capitalist, marxo-capitalist model.

That’s what our elites want for you.

But to distract you from the truth they will create a phony, unnecessary war – hot or cold.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Mulan: The Real Story

Various activists “in the know” are protesting against the movie Mulan because it was filmed in the region of China in which China is oppressing the native Uighurs.

Will people care?

Will countries care?

Are the activists wasting their time?

Well, to begin with if we boycotted a product because of a connection to a particular region in which an injustice occurred we would starve.

So what is the goal of the protest? Is it to highlight the problem? Or is it to break the back of the Walt Disney Company?

Who are these activists anyway? Where do they get their money? Who is really backing them up?

What is their real goal?

It takes money and influence to get an activist group going; it takes even more money to get that activist group’s message into the national consciousness.

You have to know people who have influence.

So then the question arises: who came first, the money, or the activists?

Are the activists homegrown? Or were they created by the money to achieve a goal?

I suspect the latter. I suspect the activism is a ploy by the powers that be that control our national fascist dictatorship known as Corporate America.

What is the purpose of this ploy?

Well, the ploy could be several fold.

1. It increases the sales for Mulan. Money is very important to our money-obsessed leaders, and they know that the more press for Mulan, the greater people will want to see it even if the press is negative.

2. China baiting.

3. Distraction. Mulan, and China’s treatment of the Uighurs, takes people’s minds off the incompetence of our leaders.

Let’s talk about China baiting.

Your geeedy elites are terrified of China, and well they should be. China is a real emergent force in the world, and they are an emergent force because they now do most of the manufacturing in the world.

Our greedy Calugulas built up China. They did that at the expense of the American people. Our greedy elites wanted to get rich, so they shipped out well-paying American jobs to China.

They did this over the last four decades.

They did this right in front of our eyes.

They didn’t hide what they were doing at all.

Now this outsourcing is coming back to bite them on the ass.

Did they really think that the Chinese would be happy making our plastic cups and T-shirts forever?

Well, it’s obvious that the Chinese wouldn’t be. If our leaders had true respect for the Chinese they would understand that they are human beings and would want to branch out.

In addition to that a proper leader would be able to see that China, being limited in its resources and having over 1.4 billion people, would need to branch out, would need to make alliances with other nations, would need to build pipelines and railroads that would reach other nations.

A proper leader would also be able to interpret history. He or she would be able to understand the 100 years of shame that the Chinese underwent Between 1850 and 1950. A proper leader would understand that the Chinese would be in no mood to be slaves again.

A proper leader would be able to understand that we live in a different world in which we have to respect each other and work with each other, not colonialize each other.

But our leaders understand none of this, because they are blind, because they are lazy, because they’re accustomed to bullying people.

The people who rule us come from elite schools where they have been trained to believe their own bullshit, that they are better than other people. Consequently they have become fat, immoral and lazy.

They have had their way with us here in America, and the people around the world, for many decades now.

They have been raping us all.

In spite of this treatment we have been slowly trudging forward.

So have been the Chinese.

It’s no different than the story of the tortoise and the hare. Our elites would be the hare. Well, the tortoise has passed them by, and now the hare has awoken to see that.

The hare is now angry because he is desperately losing the race.

So what does the hare do?

He whines like a little baby. He claims that the tortoise cheated. He attacks the tortoise personally. He does so because he has no game, and he knows it.

In the real world our leaders know that they have no game. They can’t compete with what China is doing. So they start saber rattling. They incite and inflame protests in Hong Kong. They incite protests against the movie Mulan. They complain about China building small islands in the South China Sea.

In time our elites may drag us into a war with China. That is a bad idea. What we should be doing is work with China. We should be enabling them and helping them. We should be partnering with them, not making war. We should adopt China’s model of working with other nations. That is one reason why China is being so successful.

The US model was to bully other nations, to exploit other nations.

Those days must end.

For the US to compete, the US must bring other nations into the fold as partners, not slaves.

Of course, our misguided and greedy leaders love war.

Why not?

They make a lot of money from it.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2020 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The Chinese Virus

The other day I was watching a program on YouTube, and one of the guests started talking about the Chinese virus in reference to COVID-19. 

Ordinarily this channel on YouTube is something I enjoy listening to, but on this occasion I had to turn the program off.

I refuse to get sucked into this sporting event that they’ve made of politics.

There is only one party rule in United States – the Corporate Party.

On the surface, Trump is its current leader.  

There is no right versus left in American politics except in the giant game show that the elites have made out of what used to be legitimate political discourse in America.

There’s no Schumer versus McConnell.

There is no Trump versus the anti-Trumpers. They are all on the same team.

I know you, the reader, like the battle. I know that you want there to be a battle.

But there is no battle.

Trump is the President of the United States. He can do whatever he wants in battling the coronavirus. If he doesn’t do it, it’s because he doesn’t want to do it.

If he wants Fauci to shut up, he can make Fauci shut up. He has a million and one tools to make him shut up.

If the Corporate Party can make the Dixie chicks go away, they can make Fauci go away.

If Trump says something stupid like the Chinese virus, it’s because he wants to promote this idiotic right versus left sporting event with regard to the coronavirus.

He knows full well that this virus was a bio-weapon and that this bio-weapon was developed by the United States of America.

Why would the Chinese develop a bio weapon, lay it  down in their own country so that it can be dragged into Iran and Italy, two countries which they’re trying to establish vital relationships?

Important business connections exist between Wuhan and both Milan and Tehran.

No, it makes much more sense that the United States developed this bio-weapon, laid this down in Wuhan with the intent that it be dragged back to Milan and Tehran to cause tremendous damage to these countries so as to destroy relationships between China and Italy and China and Iran.

The United States has been looking for some time now for a way to bring Iran back into its fold.

Our leaders, sick puppies that they are, greedy puppies that they are, need Iran’s oil and natural gas so as to corner the worlds supply on these vital energy resources.

Our sick leaders are terrified of the emergence of China as a world power.

Unable to live in peace, our leaders have consequently chosen to hem China  in by cutting off its supply of oil and natural gas.

Of course, our leaders could strengthen our position by bringing manufacturing back to America, but that would, of course, mean less profits for them.

So they engage in dirty tricks and China-bating instead.

Our leaders have only one card left now – war.

They’ve run out of scams.

They’ve outsourced our jobs, stolen our savings, fleeced us in the bubble, robbed our homes in the real estate crisis,  enriched themselves in their war games, and destroyed our businesses with the lockdown; so what’s left but global war?

To that end they devise idiotic terms like the Chinese virus so as to create an enemy out of China.

It’s a dangerous game, and not just because it’s untrue.

It’s a dangerous game because China is not some backwards nation anymore.

Furthermore, China is not going to sit back and take it.

After suffering through the 100 years of shame between 1850 and 1950, they’re not in the mood to take orders off anyone.

They will fight.

Of course, our leaders don’t care. Our leaders make money off war.

How about you?

How will you fare in a war against China?

We should ask questions when people use terms like the Chinese virus.

  • Why use the term Chinese virus?
  • Is the President of the United States stating that China developed COVID-19 as a bio-weapon to be used against us?  
  • If so, why would China develop a weapon to be used against its number one trading partner?  How would that benefit China?
  • Why would China lay the weapon down in its own country?
  • Why would China permit the virus to be dragged back to both Italy and Iran, two countries with which it is trying to establish important business relationships?

Of course, asking questions is taxing mentally.

It’s much simpler to use the term Chinese virus.




Archer Crosley, MD

Copyright 2020   Archer Crosley   All Rights Reserved



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The Uighurs

I’ve been reading a lot about the Uighurs in China.

You know what I’m talking about, right? The detention camps.

The media is trying to get us to be outraged over Chinese treatment of the Uighurs.

Are you?

I’ve got a better idea.

Let’s have the United States mind its own  business.

Let’s respect the sovereignty of nations.

Isn’t that what we always bark about so nobly?

We have our own problems in the United States. 

We don’t like it when people tell us how to manage our house.

So then why should we tell the Chinese how to manage their house?

We shouldn’t.

Let’s let China figure out China.

We can’t possibly know the dynamics of their country. 

Besides we have enough on our own plate.

Instead of worrying about China’s indoctrination, why don’t we take care of our own?

Every night on mainstream media Americans are indoctrinated into lies.

Oswald did it.

We landed a man on the moon.

Jets took down the World Trade Center. 

The Russians interfered in our elections.

It goes on and on.

If you tell a lie long enough, people will believe it.

And many do.

Hey, maybe our media is embellishing the story about how the Chinese treat the Uighurs.

Or maybe they aren’t and simply focus on it so as to take attention away from our own government’s shenanigans.

Your mainstream media works for the government – just like in China.

Did you know that?

That’s the real issue.

That’s the real event.

Not China.

Not the Uighurs.

What’s important is what is going on here in America.

And if our leaders can’t handle that, why don’t they put their money where their mouth is and stop trading with China and bring some real jobs back here?

Oh, the horror, the horror.

They’ll never do that.

Corporate shills that they are, they’d rather just bark about China in the press, pass worthless resolutions in Congress, and then, when the coast is clear, resume trade with China.

You see, our leaders have a great deal going with China.

The outsourcing of jobs makes them big bucks.

The Uighurs are a distraction, only to be used to take your eye off what is important.

This is how the magician works.

He waves his right hand in the air while the left hand manipulates the deck.

Clue One:  Our leaders don’t give a rat’s ass about social justice except for political posturing.


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