Here a Shooting, There a Shooting

Why do we have all these shootings?

It’s a product of our rotten corporate culture that polarizes wealth while diminishing opportunities for struggling Americans.

It’s the mind-numbing counseling sessions coming your way when a coworker reports you for insensitive behavior.

It’s the fear of being fired by a cold corporate boss after twenty years of service.

It’s the lack of decent treatment in the form of a bathroom break at Amazon.

It’s the stress placed upon you to become a superstar.

It’s the pressure to get into an Ivy League school.

It’s the demand placed upon you to be a sexual smoothee.

It’s the requirement to be politically correct that our woke crowd insists upon.

It’s the lack of affordable healthcare.

It’s Corporate America’s greed that resulted in the outsourcing of well-paying jobs.

It’s the vile music from Atlantic Records and Cardi B which conditions you to behave like an animal.

It’s the smuttiness of Hollywood.

It’s the lockdown that shuttered churches, churches that offered the only decent alternative to this rotten corporate culture.

It’s idiotic slogans like no excuses and failure is not an option.

It’s the closing of schools that caused many children to become depressed.

It’s the closing of businesses that then laid off workers.

It’s the locking down of society that increased spousal abuse, child abuse, depression and psychological despair.

It’s the government replacing well-paying jobs with OxyContin, gambling, tattoos and cheap gossip.

It’s the government not regulating the excessive profits garnered by Palo Alto-Wall Street titans.

It’s the relentless programming of greed from shows like Shark Tank and The Profit.

It’s our national obsession with the Dow Jones average.

It’s the idiotic standardized tests that peg your value to your GPA and SAT score.

It’s US magazine letting you know what a loser you are for not being in the magazine.

It’s the diminishing of Christ through terms like CE and BCE.

It’s the rigging of elections.

It’s celebrities not paying for their crimes.

It’s Tiger Woods not having a toxicology screen done after falling asleep at the wheel.

It’s the authorities lying in your face.

It’s Epstein being murdered while in a maximum-security prison.

It’s Hillary and Trump not being held accountable for their shenanigans.

It’s Julian Assange being held for two years in a prison because he embarrassed the authorities.

It’s the nonstop wars which exist solely for corporate profits.

It’s innocent people like Seth Rich who die because they did the right thing.

It’s the censorship on YouTube for people who disagree with the government.

It’s the destruction of the black community by the powers that be (and their lackeys) who profit off this destruction.

It’s the use of the black community by Corporate America as fodder for their corporate prison racket.

It’s lying celebrities who shill for the powers that be.

It’s the social engineering from our elites.

It’s the intolerance for anyone who steps out of line.

Is that enough?

It’s all of those things acting in synergy that ratchet up the temperature in the kettle, that eventually brings the water to a boil.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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