The Ten Commandments of Commitment

1. They’ll shalt not be obese.

2. Thou shalt strive to minimize deep fried, overly sugary, or excessively fatty foods.

3. Thou shalt not consume caffeinated beverages.

4. Thou shalt not consume Walt Disney or other similar “fascist fun” as Uncle Walt promotes magical thinking, which conditions the individual to wait upon a savior rather than engage in self-reliance.

5. Thou shalt question main stream media political news.

6. Thou shalt not send your child to an Ivy League or other fascistic school of the empire – because the goal is to have your local area, not Cambridge, grow stronger.

7. Thou shall not not consume pornographic media.

8. Thou shalt not support foreign warmongering nor expansion of an American empire that ultimately robs wealth from regular people, including the citizens of the United States of America.

9. Thou shalt strive to purchase homegrown domestically manufactured goods.

10. Thou shalt strive to exercise tolerance and legal permission of all speech no matter how abusive, hateful, or harmful.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2023 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved


Power ultimately comes from brute force and the willingness to kill.

All other explanations are cosmetic.

The power of Rome, the power of Britain, the power of the United States, and the people who ran and run those empires stems from their willingness to kill.

Ultimately man is a brute animal.

Philosophy and literature is a window dressing designed to cleverly disguise our animal nature.

There is an event in the television program Versailles which displays this principle.

A duke rebels against King Louis and his authority.

In response, King Louis destroys his castle and takes him prisoner.

This is the essence of power.

Either you eat me, or I eat you.

The institutions that we hold dear in the United States are a façade.

The Supreme Court, our system of justice, our representative chambers, the House, the Senate, are a façade.

The Bill of Rights is a façade.

It need not be, but it is.

These institutions and the Bill of Rights were transformed into window dressing by the Harvard Cartel.

They are nothing more than arbitrary tools under the bootjack of King Louis who lives today in the form of this evil cabal whose ruling elite come from Cambridge.

They control everything in the United States just as King Louis controlled everything in France.

They kill when they need to kill.

If someone fucks with their money, that person will be eliminated.

If someone fucks with their political agenda, that person will be marginalized.

It runs no different than the Court of King Louis.

Obey, or else.

King Louis lives well, as evidenced by the latest State Dinner, entertaining the modern-day King of France, Emmanuel Macron.

This was his second state dinner.

One was not enough.

Butter poached Maine lobster and Coulotte of Beef with shallot marmalade were served while only a short distance away homelessness, hunger and despair abound.

They and the poor in working-class Scranton yanked a half-filled tin of Ken-L-Ration out of the dumpster in the alley behind Main Street.

Back in France, the inflation ravaged mob divided up a three day old baguette.

Meanwhile at Versailles, clueless senators, such as Chuck Schumer showed up with his daughter.

“It’s her first state dinner,” he proclaimed with joy. “I’ve been to many.”

These are the courtesans in King Louis’s court.

Other usurpers who showed up were pseudo Republican, Susan Collins; fashion snob, Anna Wintour; Foxconn exploiter, Tim Cook; professional office holder, Susan Rice, and many more.

They even pulled out Patrick Leahy from his coffin.

There was no shame at that soirée.

There was even less compassion for the poor.

Such is the state of affairs in the United States of America.

Power rules with an iron fist, taunting the hungry poor who rush to food banks in the cold winter of their discontent.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

A Bad Brand of Political Discussion

The other day Tucker Carlson told us that Greg Gutfeld had surpassed Stephen Colbert in the ratings.

Apparently this is the first time that a cable show has defeated a network show in the ratings.

We are supposed to celebrate.

Are you worried?

You should be.

As a conservative let me say this, Gutfeld is one of the most inane shows I have ever seen in my life.

If this is the future, count me out.

Through his show, Gutfeld dumbs down the American public.

His sarcastic comedy is a cheap substitute for serious discussion.

Moreover, Gutfeld recruits people into the political process who should never be there in the first place.

Politics should be boring, boring, boring.

We want it boring so that people who don’t know what they’re talking about, people who don’t read books, will go away and focus their time on the Kardashians.

By making politics exciting and funny, Gutfeld recruits clueless boobs into the voting booths.

These people will be enticed into thinking that they know the issues.

These people will then actually vote.

Gutfeld is not giving us an intelligent alternative to Stephen Colbert, he is replicating Stephen Colbert for a different group of people – conservatives.

This is bad news for us.

We don’t need any more Stephen Colberts, John Stewarts, Bill Mahers, or people of this ilk.

Nor do we need more Greg Gutfelds.

We actually need none of them.

When you watch these shows, you don’t learn anything new. All you learn are jokes.

These shows don’t cater to the truth; they cater to the cheapest quick gimmick that will gain laughs and applause.

Instead of experts or people who know what they’re talking about, you get pseudo experts in the form of Gutfeld’s friends.

You also get SNL type skits, lots of chuckling, jokes, and sexual innuendo.

It’s a morning zoo type atmosphere producing a wall of sound designed to entertain, not inform.

The Important point about all this is that legitimate criticism of establishment ideas is not even permitted. For example, both sides in the political debate nonchalantly accept without pause that Putin is the bad guy when it comes to Ukraine. Gutfeld isn’t challenging Colbert about Putin’s nature; he is opposed to sending billions to Ukraine.

Well, hold on a minute, shouldn’t Gutfeld be talking about why Putin is invading in the first place? Shouldn’t he be talking about NATO’s encroachment into Russia’s sphere of influence? Shouldn’t he talk about Ukraine’s violation of the Minsk Accords? Of course he should, but he doesn’t.

Maybe Putin isn’t the bad guy.

Uh oh, danger, Will Robinson, that’s an unapproved thought!

Both Gutfeld and Colbert both turn politics into a sporting match.

What you are watching is the Kansas City Chiefs versus the Las Vegas Raiders.

Both shows will oppose each other on every issue.

There will never be any common ground.

But what if both sides are wrong?

Perhaps the right move for Gutfeld is not to oppose Stephen Colbert on a particular issue with the cheapest of arguments, but to jettison the battle altogether.

Or better yet, to agree with the other side.

Let’s look at a particular example.

Why is it necessary for Gutfeld’s guests to reflexively oppose student loan relief?

Why not bring on educators, university presidents, and experts on education who can explain why tuition costs escalated so rapidly, and what schools did with the money.

Why why not just ask questions?

Young people on the right should not be herded into the cattle pen of mindless reflexive opposition to everything a Democrat says.

Nor should young people on the left be herded into the cattle pen of mindless reflexive opposition to everything a Republican says.

Both should be encouraged to ask questions and to gravitate toward the truth that the answers to those questions reveal.

A Republican party is not made stronger by opposing everything that the Democratic Party stands for.

Nor is a Democratic Party made stronger by opposing everything that the Republican party stands for.

Both Gutfeld and Colbert weaken the electorate by inviting you to mindlessly oppose the opposition.

They do it through jokes and stunts.

You don’t win a contest by relying on tricks.

You win a game by consistently hitting solid shots.

Democracy only works with an informed electorate.

Gutfeld and Colbert do not substantively inform the electorate.

Let me illustrate exactly how their shows do damage.

To begin with, both Gutfeld and Colbert are owned by Corporate America.

Essentially then Corporate America is foisting mob rule on the American electorate through Greg Gutfeld and Stephen Colbert.

Let’s say that in a world without comedians controlling politics there is an issue in which ten million people care enough to educate themselves. Let us suppose that those ten million people are divided evenly according to their political persuasion. There are five million people on the right, and there are five million people on the left.

Suppose on this particular issue though, eight million people believe that we should choose X as a solution whereas two million people believe we should choose Y as a solution.

Enter Gutfeld and Colbert who mob up fifty million people on each side to mindlessly oppose each other.

Suddenly the disparity dissipates. There are now 58 million people who believe that we should choose A as a solution whereas 52 million people people believe that we should choose Y as a solution.

The politicians will now look at the polling data and say that it’s pretty close to a tossup as to which solution should be chosen.

America is deeply divided, the politicians will now say as they do nothing.

Corporate America has now once again controlled the politician’s mind. Of course, Corporate America already owns the politician, but now Corporate America has made it much easier for the politician to do whatever Corporate America wants them to do given that opinion is pretty much divided.

Moreover, since Corporate America controls both shows, Corporate America can shift opinion by controlling the show’s availability, content and focus. For example, Corporate America may decide to tell Colbert to back off an issue while allowing Gutfeld to go crazy. Thus an 8 million to 2 million disparity in favor of Colbert might be converted to a 8 million to 32 million disparity in favor of Gutfeld!

This is the danger of Gutfeld and Colbert and the brand of political discussion they offer.

It doesn’t work for you; it works for the people who control the media.

The people who take the time to read books and keep informed about the issues whether right or left are rubbed out and tossed to the side of the road by the ignorant, raging mob – all in the name of democracy.

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Speaking Truth to Power

A nation is only as strong as the truth that is presented to its people.

The media claims to understand this.

Ali Velshi is one particular media member who claims that in order to speak truth to power all sides of an argument must be heard.

This is part of his commercial which promotes his show Velshi.

The problem in the United States is that all sides are not heard.

The vast majority of the media believes in and promotes the official narrative that is written by King Louis.

King Louis is alive and still in power in the United States of America.

This particular Sun King is much more dangerous than the actual Sun King who ruled France hundreds of years ago.

This King Louie is in reality a nefarious cabal spread out over hundreds of thousands of people who are principally educated at the Ivy League.

They are not only spread out geographically in our time but through the past and the future as well.

One of the rules of the cabal is that you should speak no evil of members who have lived in the past.

This cabal has official historians – lie weavers really – who live in all time frames. These official historians must be respected at all costs.

So if you listen to any of the talk show hosts on any particular morning, they will talk about political figures in the past who are members of the cabal.

They will generally talk about them in glowing terms. They will often reference them by quoting them.

Just today I was listening to a program on CNBC entitled Squawk Box. Today a guest began speaking about political affairs.

One of the commentators in response began talking about Winston Churchill. He then quoted Winston Churchill and his wise views on a particular subject.

Winston Churchill is one of the members of the cabal even though he lived in England, and even though he is dead.

If you live long enough you will realize that members of the cabal never die. Their words live on for centuries in order to perpetuate the power of the cabal.

I thought the dead had no rights.

As I was listening to this commentator speak about Winston Churchill it occurred to me again as it does frequently in my life that this commentator was thoroughly trapped within a narrow view of thinking that will not permit him to think of Winston Churchill in any negative light.

Winston Churchill was of course a bigot who helped perpetuate the British empire, an empire that brutally subjugated the peoples of India, China, Kenya, and the United States. Of course there were and are many other nations.

Winston Churchill’s attitude toward the people of Bengal who were dying of famine was that these people had brought their famine upon themselves by populating like rabbits.

Winston Churchill was a member of the British ruling class that was responsible for setting up the treaty of Versailles which made World War II inevitable.

Winston Churchill was a member of the ruling cabal that subjugated the people of India for centuries. His ruling cabal not only mismanaged the food supply in India which led to millions of people dying of famine, his ruling cabal tricked the people of India into becoming indentured servants around the world to work the British slave plantations. And his ruling cabal worked them to death.

That’s why you can find people of India in Guyana and in Fiji and other parts of the world. You probably never knew how they got there. Well, Winston Churchill’s ruling cabal sent them there.

But you wouldn’t suspect any of this by listening to these morning talk show hosts.

You won’t hear any of this from these people because they are thoroughly immersed into and enslaved by official establishment thought. They cannot escape.

These morning talk show hosts are paid millions of dollars to not think in any other way except what the establishment promotes.

And the establishment is all about profits and money for giant corporations, and of course their wealthy owners and shareholders.

These morning talk show hosts are part of the ruling cabal.

Two of the hosts on CNBC are from Harvard University. Another one graduated from MIT. Another has a degree from Cornell. Yet another has a degree from Columbia.

They are signed, sealed and delivered puppets of King Louis.

They are unequivocally unable to accept a different view of history.

We cannot speak truth to power unless we discuss that dark side of history.

On the particular program that I was watching, they spoke of Winston Churchill in glowing terms simply by referencing him as a wise man.

You see, Winston Churchill lives.

Given the crimes of Winston Churchill, why should he be spoken of at all?

Now, of course, here I have only spoken of one particular individual who lived in London.

The problem is much greater.

The media, populated by members of the cabal, has developed an official pantheon of great men who must always be spoken of in glowing terms.

Consequently the media never challenges the greatness of these men.

The media never challenges the greatness of Roosevelt, Wilson, Roosevelt, and Eisenhower.

Because the media does not, principally because these men were important architects and builders of America the Empire, truth to power is never spoken.

Moreover these hosts never speak of the crimes of the American empire. They rarely talk about the millions of people that America the Empire killed in Southeast Asia and in the Middle East.

They rarely talk about the subjugation of the people in Haiti, Indonesia and Central America.

Did you know that America has propped up scores of dictators around the world in various countries to suit America’s interests?

Does this bother you?

Did you know that America propped up dictators in nearly every Central American government in order to provide cheap bananas and coffee for you?

Did you know that America propped up a dictator in Iran for thirty years plus in order to provide cheap oil?

When you think about all the American lives lost and the money squandered on the military to enforce these dictatorships, your bananas and coffee weren’t really cheap at all.

The cost was shifted into your tax bill.

The people who won in building this American empire were the wealthy elite who run the corporations that import cheep bananas, coffee and oil.

Let’s not forget about defense contractors who supply the military. They won also.

The people who lost were you the American people.

Now you have to suffer the ramifications of the American empire. You now have immigrants flooding across the border from Central America. We spend vast amounts of money protecting that border.

You also have to worry about what Iran is going to do in the Middle East. You now spend much of your money to support a military that can counter Iran’s influence in the Middle East.

Let’s not forget about your job being lost to the sweat shops and slave joints that America has set up in Indonesia and Haiti.

Your cheap Levi jeans are not made in America anymore. They are made by slaves in Haiti who work for five dollars a day.

The people of Indonesia have it slightly better at about eight to ten dollars a day. Is this embarrassing to you? Are you bothered that you are a de facto slave owner?

It was under Dwight Eisenhower that the CIA overthrew the governments of Guatemala and Iran.

Do any of our morning talk show hosts criticize Dwight Eisenhower in any way?

No, because Dwight Eisenhower is a member of the cabal even though he is dead.

That member of the cabal must be respected throughout time.

Dwight Eisenhower therefore lives today even though he is dead.

Not only is Dwight Eisenhower not criticized, he is lauded as the man who won World War II.

Do you see what I’m saying?

Our media is hopelessly enslaved to the official thoughts of King Louis. They cannot escape.

Truth to power is never spoken by the national media.

Just as Winston Churchill was and is a criminal and betrayer to the British people, Dwight Eisenhower was and is a criminal and betrayer to the American people.

Many of our problems today can be laid at the feet of Dwight Eisenhower.

Dwight Eisenhower overthrew the government of Guatemala. Dwight Eisenhower overthrew the government of Iran. Dwight Eisenhower set the table for the Vietnam war. Dwight Eisenhower created the conflict in Vietnam. We lost 58,000 American lives in Vietnam. The Vietnamese lost two to four million people. This was an entirely avoidable war.

Ho Chi Minh was not so much a communist as he was a nationalist.

Nobody in our media says a word about this.

Truth to power is not spoken.

Nobody says a word about Indonesia. Our CIA helped one of our dictators, Suharto, kill one million people in Indonesia.

It was all done under the guise of wiping out communism. In reality it was done because Indonesia has the largest gold and copper mines in the world, and America wanted those mines. Indonesia would also serve as a giant sweatshop to which American corporations would export your jobs.

Is this mentioned by the national media?

Did Barack Obama speak anything about this when he was president? He grew up in Indonesia. Why didn’t he say anything? He didn’t say anything because he sold his soul to the American empire.

Are school children in America taught the crimes of the American empire?

No. Just as British school children are never taught the crimes of the British empire, our children are never taught America’s crimes except in a way that will never hurt American icons.

Yes, slavery is taught to American children, but it is all blamed on the South. The North was just as racist. Moreover, the North couldn’t have cared less about the slaves. What the North cared about was that the South could, after secession, trade cotton directly with Great Britain for British imports. Those British imports would cut into the action of American manufacturers which were based primarily in the north.

Are young American school children taught this? Will Lester Holt and NBC News speak these truths.

Will they ever speak the truth of just how racist and bigoted New Englanders in Boston can be?

No, they will be regaled with the nobility of Robert Gould Shaw. New Englanders must never be presented as Bull Connor is presented.

Does anybody remember the Boston school busing riots?

Truth to power is not spoken.

By the way, how did all those slaves get to America? Did they fly in on a jet? Did they get here on a Princess cruise line? No, they were transported by northern shipping companies.

How about Jim Crow laws? Did you know that Jim Crow existed in the North as well? And after Jim Crow and discrimination ruled the day for over eighty years after the Civil War why did the North do nothing about it? If the North was so pure and so outraged by Jim Crow in the South, why didn’t they invade the South again? They didn’t do it because there was no profit for them to do it. The British imports were not a threat anymore.

So you come to realize that wars are not fought for social justice; they are fought for economics.

Are young children in America taught this?

No, they are taught that Robert E. Lee owned slaves.

Truth to power is not spoken in the American national media.

Not only are these truths not spoken to American school children, NBC with Lester Holt now plans to program young children through history lessons.

They will dumb them down of course. They will talk down to them. They will lie to them.

Soon, young children, who were once permitted to play happily outside, will now be fed the propaganda of the American empire.

In one of NBC’s commercials, a young child asks about Ukraine.

Are you frightened? You should be.

Soon millions of young children in America will be taught the lie that Russia attacked Ukraine in an unprovoked manner. They won’t tell these young minds anything about NATO expanding into the Russian sphere of influence. They won’t dare mention the Minsk accords. They won’t tell them anything about the United States backing up fascists who overthrew a democratically elected government in the Ukraine. They will say nary a word about Burisma Holdings and the oil and gas grab by Americans in Ukraine.

No, they will demonize Russia as an evil rogue state that willingly invades weak neighbors.

Yes, but didn’t we do precisely that in multiple countries in the Middle East?

Alas, these young children will never be told this.

Thus, truth to power will never be spoken. And it will soon come to pass that these young children will grow up believing a lie.

It is those lies and the indoctrination of those lies into the minds of millions of people that will crush the American people.

A country is only as strong as the truth presented to its people.

Will Ali Velshi speak about these crimes in his show Velshi? You would think he would. He is of Indian descent, and he was born in Kenya, two countries that were brutalized by the British empire.

Plus, he has told us that you can’t speak truth to power unless you include all sides of an argument.

Don’t hold your breath.

Barack Obama didn’t speak out about the evil doings of our CIA in Indonesia.

Like many others before him, Ali Velshi has most likely sold his soul to the empire.

It’s a good bet that they own him.

And yet, Ali Velshi is correct: in order to speak truth to power all sides of an argument must be heard.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

America the Mobster

Have you ever wondered why we don’t have much more inflation than we do in the United States?

Our government has been printing money like crazy, and has been for sometime, so why don’t we have more inflation?

Our government has been printing trillions of dollars for all sorts of stuff – for war, for COVID-19, for foreign aid, for electric vehicles, for green energy, for the military. Shouldn’t we see more inflation?

Along those lines, how is it possible for the dollar to become stronger against other currencies? Why is the dollar stronger? You would think it would be weaker than ever?

Well, the two phenomena are related, and they have to do with America’s role in the world. 

America is the top mobster in the world. We are the new King Louis. We are the Sun King.

Just as the Sun King was a ruthless thug and a parasite upon France, America is a ruthless thug and a parasite upon the world.

Ask yourself this question: How is it possible for America to run trade deficits for decades and be stronger economically?

What precisely are we giving the world in return for all these products the world is selling to us? After all, we don’t make much anymore. Yes, we do export grains and oil, but not much else on balance.

Well, we are giving the world dollars and other countries are using them.

Yes, but why are they doing that?

They are doing that because the US is currently the world’s reserve currency. In other words, America is printing money for the rest of the world.

Yes, but why would the rest of the world agree to that? What is ultimately backing this up?

Power and force.

The United States is currently the wealthiest and strongest country in the world. We have the strongest military by far, and we use it liberally.

We destroy nations like Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. We do it whenever it suits our fancy. And, if we want a nations’ resources, we either confiscate it directly through our military, or we foment an internal rebellion – as we did in Indonesia.

The United States of America uses its military and its financial power to take a cut of every country’s resources in the world. 

We are no different than King Lous or Kim Jung Un.

We are ruthless. That is the basis of our power.

We are the new Peaky Blinders. Other people work for us. We are like those Soprano characters who sit around the union job site and do nothing. Or we are like John Friendly in On the Waterfront.

Why does the world put up with this?

Unfortunately, humanity naturally gravitates toward power.

There may be a minority in each country who do not like this arrangement, but too bad. The leaders of these other countries are bought off by America. These leaders are the thugs that America props up around the globe. They answer to America.

So if the citizens of Haiti or Indonesia don’t like the working conditions that America sets up for them, America will suppress these workers through one of its dictators.

America is a mobster.

America enslaves Third World nations through its military and financial power.

America also runs protection rackets around the world.

For a small fee America will not totally destroy your country. What is that fee?

More often than not that fee is foreign aid in which you agree to purchase goods off US corporations.

Or America will make you a loan either directly, or through its puppet the IMF.

Naturally, you will have to pay that back. 

But of course you will never be able to pay that back because a stiff portion of that aid will go into the dictator’s pockets.

Your poor country will be helplessly mired in debt.

Your currency will then  be ruthlessly devalued.

Your people will begin to hoard American one-hundred dollar bills to protect themselves against inflation. America likes this because that makes the American dollar stronger. That enables you to sell more of your slave labor exports to America.  

In time, your country becomes dependent upon these slave labor exports.

If you try to stabilize your currency, your exports will go down and you will suffer.

If you decide to not sell your slave labor exports to America in order to make your nation better, the US through the CIA will send agents into your country to overthrow your leader In favor of a thug who is more amenable to what America wants.

Do you get the drift here?

America is forcing the rest of the world into slave status. We are no different than Rome.

It’s a racket.

It’s like paying a mobster a cut of all your labor.

Oh, did I forget to mention that America Capone compels all nations to buy and purchase oil with US dollars. And if you don’t you’re toast. If you try to circumvent the racket as did Gadaffi and Hussein, you’re a dead man.

Congratulations, world, you now exist to make the fancy robes and slippers that  King Louis will adorn himself with.

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

No Place For Us

There is no place in this world for many of us.

We don’t fit.

When it comes to politics and expressing our views, there is no one who represents us.

In this world, we are forced to choose between professorial and congenial front men for corporations, who promise tiresome unworkable bandaids, and crazy con artists who espouse wild theories while promising instant erections.

These con artists are of course also frontmen for corporations. They are propped up, then dismissed by the corporations in order to marginalize the effects of populist movements.

So to get anybody to listen to your view these days, you either have to be a professorial type who spits out mindless detail ad infinitum, or you have to crank out craziness.

If you espouse a plausible yet realistic idea but can not support it with esoteric facts or data, you are dismissed.

A professor on the other hand who espouses unrealistic, unworkable ideas but accompanies it with reams of esoterica is readily embraced.

Throw in a Wharton School degree and he walks on water.

There is a belief system in this country that a workable idea must have reams of data to support it.

It’s part of our stat happy culture.

So, the thinking goes, the more data (forget about its validity) you have, the better the idea is.

This is not so.

In fact, I will argue that better ideas have fewer data points.

An essential feature of a great theory is that it ignores data.

If Charles Darwin had to include every single detail in the fossil record to justify evolution, there would be no theory of evolution.

But it goes beyond that.

Professors, whose job it is to teach history to their students, often must focus on all the data points that exist out there. Consequently, these professors must by necessity overlook, dismiss, or exclude many theories that do not necessarily encompass all those data points.

A regular guy who focuses on the workability of ideas, and not all the data that exist out there, has a difficult time prosecuting his idea because society values those people who spit out reams of data.

Consequently, a regular guy who espouses a workable theory in a sane manner doesn’t look good on television.

This individual can’t compete with the professorial types who sound good because they have data. Nor can our regular guy compete with the crazy guy. He can’t compete with the crazy guy because the crazy guy peddles instant gratification.

So the regular guy is stuck.

Let’s use an example.

Let’s look at the immigration problem on our southern border.

The professorial types will of course discuss immigration data ad infinitum. They will completely overwhelm the average person through data. Many educated people will be fooled by this front man for Corporate America.

On the other end of the spectrum is the crazy con man. He will promise immediate gratification to the American public in the form of a wall. The wall is very much like those pills that are sold for erectile dysfunction. Millions of people will buy into this.

Caught in the middle is the regular guy who understands that the reason why we have a problem on our southern border is because US corporations have made life miserable for the people in Central America. The regular guy understands that unless we give the people of Central America a stake in the game, they will continue to come here. So, the regular guy proposes the principles of Christianity. He says to the people that we should do unto others as we would have others do unto us.

The regular guy will lose. He doesn’t have any data to back up his solution because his solution has never been tried. He also cannot promise instant gratification as the crazy con man can do.

The professorial types will chuckle derisively and call the regular guy’s solution the long-term solution, not the short term solution. The regular guy will respond back by saying that the long-term solution is the short term solution and vice versa. It is that way because the short term bandaids that the professor proposes, increased security, tamper-proof visas, won’t work and haven’t worked. The regular guy will have the audacity to suggest that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – to no avail. In our stat happy society, Ben Franklin’s aphorisms carry no weight.

Plus the professor through years of experience teaching, participating in conferences, and huckstering on television has learned the proper body language skills that sell well on television.

On the other end of the spectrum the crazy con man will make jokes about the regular guy, and the people will cheer just as they cheered for Barabbas.

In seconds, the regular sane guy will be vaporized into dust by the cute collaboration of professors and crazy con men.

Christians and regular people with common sense need not apply.

There is no place for the regular sane guy in society.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

I Support the Founding Fathers, Old and New, Those Traitorous Insurrectionists

Are you one of these people who condemns the January 6 insurrection?

Are you a wimpy, wussy bitch like Sean Hannity who condemns the invasion of the Capitol?

Not me.

Are you sick and tired of these pseudo-conservative cowards who constantly egg people on to do something about the unfairness in society, and then, when the people act, condemn what they do?

Why should any of us condemn what those brave insurrectionists did on January 6?

Do you condemn the American colonists and the Founding Fathers for standing up to the British?

They would’ve been hung, you know, by that tyrant and motherfucker, King George, if they had failed. That’s what British monarchs did.

They also impaled their insurrectionists on poles outside the city of London up until the 1800s, not too long ago.

Oh, you say, it’s not the same thing. You can’t compare the Founding Fathers and the insurrectionists on January 6.

Oh, yes, it is the same thing.

It’s exactly the same thing.

That’s why I don’t condemn what the insurrectionists did.

Yes, I know the protesters were goaded into entering the Capitol building. I hear you, babe. They were.

Nevertheless, they were breaking the law. Even though it was a set up, they were breaking the law, and they knew it.

So fucking what?

The American colonists who rebelled against the British were breaking the law also.

Newsflash! The British were the law in America in the early 1700s.

The American colonists were not rebelling against a foreign invading force.

The British were America.

The joint was called British America.

There was no United States of America at the time.

What the people who entered the Capitol building on January 6 did was the same thing that the American colonists did against the British: they were rebelling against the existing law and order.


If you are going to condemn the insurrectionists on January 6, then you must also stand against Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and, yes, even the scoundrel, Alexander Hamilton.

You can’t have it both ways.

If you are going to condemn the insurrectionists on January 6, then you must condemn the Boston Tea Party.

That’s what that little wussy bitch, Sean Hannity, doesn’t understand.

That’s what that other coward, Tucker Carlson, doesn’t understand.

They fall all over themselves in condemning the insurrectionionists on January 6.

We must renounce violence, they speak in grave, measured tones.

Is that a fact?

Did George Washington renounce violence, Sean Hannity?

Did Thomas Jefferson renounce violence, Tucker Carlson?

Did James Madison renounce violence?

Did Alexander Hamilton renounce violence?

Did Betsy Ross renounce violence?

No, they did not. So why do Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity renounce violence?

Wait a minute, here’s Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah Winfrey says in low measured tones that we must renounce violence. Her puppets nod approvingly.

Wait a minute, Oprah. Did Nat Turner renounce violence?

No, he did not. He led a slave rebellion. Would you prefer that he have renounced violence, as you recommend, and become a coward in the face of injustice?

I doubt it.

So then why do Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson renounce violence?

Could it be that they are, after all, corporate stooges who are more interested in their own pocketbooks.


They renounce violence and denounce the January 6 insurrectionists because they want to keep their television shows. They don’t want to risk anything for American freedom.

They are stone cold cowards hiding behind their mommy’s skirt.

They are betrayers of the American experiment.

I support the insurrectionists 100%.

I am glad they invaded the Capitol building.

They are not American villains. They are American heroes.

That fucking Congress and those fucking elites stole an election. Moreover they betrayed the American people.

They stole the election for Joe Biden just as they stole the election for George Bush 20 years prior. Ha ha, Democrats. Ha ha, Republicans.

Our leaders have been betraying the American people for the last 100 years.

We’ve had nonstop war in this country. We’ve had outsourcing of jobs.

We have inflation out the ass. We have homeless rapidly filling our cities. Drugs and crime abound. Instead of well paying jobs we have gambling, celebrity culture, cheap gossip, and tattoos.

Instead of quality education which encourages students to think critically and learn, we have standardized tests which encourages rote memory and blind obedience. Is it any wonder that children are stressed out? Teen suicides are on the rise. Preteen suicides are on the rise. School shootings are now the norm.

We have had nobody sticking up for us.

Why would I want to go against those people who had the guts to do something about it?

I’m not going to fall over myself trying to condemn them. I’m going to announce my support for them.

They are not the ones who should be in jail. The ones who should be in jail are the very representatives who betrayed American values and who sold their souls to Corporate America.

There, I said it. And I’m not apologizing.

Fuck you, Sean Hannity, you amazing coward.

Ditto to Tucker Carlson.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Help Me

I would prefer not to believe in conspiracy.

I’d rather believe in Santa Claus.

I want to believe in America.

I don’t want to believe that the United States provoked the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor.

I don’t want to believe that Franklin Roosevelt or Henry Stimson knew about the impending attack and then let it happen. Nor do I want to believe that they were gratified that it happened. In fact, I will refuse to believe the entry in Stimson’s diary that he was relieved that the Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor.

I want to believe it was an unprovoked sneak attack like Time Life says it was.

I want to believe In the Gulf of Tonkin incident.

I want to believe that it was legitimate.

It’s easier for me to sleep at night knowing that Vietnamese patrol boats attacked us.

I want to believe that we got bin Laden in a legitimate raid.

I don’t want to believe that it was faked in order to boost morale and justify a build-up of troops in Iraq.

I don’t want to hear any evidence that bin Laden had died five years prior to the raid.

It’s easier for me to sleep at night knowing that America is the good guy.

That’s what I was taught when I was young.

I was also taught that George Washington never told a lie, and that he threw a silver dollar across the Potomac river.

Those are nice things to believe in. I will suspend my knowledge that the Potomac river is 1100 feet at the narrowest and the record distance for a thrown baseball is approximately 400 feet.

I don’t want to believe that our government intentionally imploded the World Trade Center in order to justify the war in Iraq and other countries in the Middle East.

I want to believe in the pancaking theory of one floor falling upon another, and then another, and then another. This theory is comforting to me as it reminds me of the Domino Theory in Vietnam where one country falls to communism, then another, then another.

I don’t want to believe physicists who tell me that steel melts at 2300°F and that jet fuel only burns at 800°F. I don’t want to believe physicists who tell me that it’s physically impossible for the World Trade Center to collapse in free-fall unless the legs are kicked out from underneath it.

Why would I want to believe in that?

I have better things to worry about.

I have a whole life outside of conspiracy.

I don’t want to believe that COVID-19 was developed in US labs and intentionally set down in China by our CIA.

I want to believe our authorities when they tell us that the mask works, that we need to shut down society and shelter inside.

I want to flatten the curve. And I want to avoid super-spreader events. I will avoid at all cost my own experience in which I almost never got sick while being up close with sick children for thirty years sans mask. I will not connect my lack of sickness with the fact that I washed my hands assiduously. I will continue to believe in the mask. I will believe adamantly in all the phony studies that the New England Journal of Medicine promotes.

I don’t want to believe that our government owned by Corporate America used COVID-19 in order to attack small business so that corporations can grow even larger.

I want to believe that the price of gas as it stands now is occurring because of a world shortage of oil.

Even though I know that the United States is a net exporter of energy, I don’t want to believe that our government would rig the price of gas higher to hurt us.

I want to believe in the America I grew up in.

I don’t want to believe that our government would lie to us about Ukraine. I don’t want to believe the numerous authorities on YouTube who told me that the Ukrainians had no chance of winning that war, that the Ukrainians really are Nazis, and that these Nazis were supported by the United States government.

I want to believe that the moon landing was legitimate.

I don’t want to believe that our government made this up in order to sell the rest of the world on America being the best form of government.

I don’t want to believe that the existing technology in the 1960s was slightly above a transistor radio, that we had no real miniaturization of computers, and that we needed a huge amount of thrust to get off the moon.

I want to believe that a lunar excursion module could easily lift off the moon with virtually no thrusting rocket. I want to believe that the uneven surface of the moon combined with the lack of sophistication of computer technology would play no role in lifting a module off the moon.

I don’t want to ask if it was morally permissible to send a man down to the surface of the moon and up again.

I don’t want to look like a nut.

I don’t want people laughing at me.

Why would I want that?

It’s much easier for me to believe in Santa Claus.

Please help me to believe in Santa Claus again.

I’d prefer having the mind of a five-year-old.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved


Frank Zappa astutely stated many years ago that the number one issue we have in the United States is mental health.

Given what happened in Uvalde, Texas yesterday, he couldn’t have been more correct.

If we can view what happened in Uvalde as a mental health issue, then we have a chance to fix things.

If we can fix the stability of the family structure by re-industrializing America to the point where average Americans have an opportunity to make real money, not Starbucks barista money, which is a pittance, then we have a chance to fix things.

Economically disadvantaged families lead to increased divorce, drug use, vagrancy, homelessness, violence, prostitution, and general criminality.

The best welfare program is a steady well-paying job.

If we can decrease the influence of social media where young children bully other children in public causing much distress and anger, then we have a chance to fix things.

If we can decrease the number of violent video games like Mortal Kombat and Call of Duty – and others – that teach young children to resolve issues by killing and kicking ass, then we have a chance to fix things.

If we can encourage children to limit screen time while participating in outdoor activities, then we have a chance to fix things. Computer life is de-personalizing. It teaches us that other people are not really human. Outdoor life in which children have to communicate with real live people, teaches us to respect each other to a greater degree.

Conflict resolution skills are essential in promoting civic collegiality.

If we can relieve ourselves of this idiotic superstar culture, in which idealized but imperfect Hollywood celebrities are held up as demigods, then we have a chance to fix things. As we can see in the current Amber Heard-Johnny Depp trial, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are still at their core real people with human problems. Yet their most rabid followers seem not to see this.

If we can decrease the number of superstar movies in which fictional characters solve all the problems of the day, then we have a chance to fix things. No child or adult can match up to the standards of Superman. We don’t come from Krypton. We bleed, and we die.

Additionally, the superstar movie and its attendant culture promotes less self-reliance, greater helplessness, and more of the notion that we need a savior to rescue us. Children need to be taught the skills to solve their own problems as well as the mindset that they are competent enough to solve their own problems (and society’s as well) without the aid of supermen from wealthy enclaves that claim special and superior powers of intellect.

If we can stop the incessant standardized testing of children and its attendant GPA-SAT ranking system which plots children out on an impersonal industrial grid then we have a chance to fix things. Mathematical scoring, which only looks at a small aspect of a person’s life, devalues children, especially those who do not fare as well in this narrow area. Children are not Hershey Kisses moving down a conveyor belt.

If we can stop teachers, educators and school systems from spouting slogans like no excuses, and failure is not an option, then we have a chance to fix things. Failure must always be an option. If failure is not an option, then children will seek to rescue their lives by slaughtering as many people as possible in order to find an instant way into the news. Mass murder is a convenient and all too easy way of letting everybody know that you exist.

If we can decrease society’s demand that young children be sexual smoothies by the age of fifteen, then we have a chance of fixing things. Kids should be allowed to develop organically at their own pace. They need to understand that it’s okay for them to be who they are. They don’t need to be constantly reminded that they’re not.

If we can decrease the exposure of young children to money-focused shows like Shark Tank, in which billionaires impress upon young people their narrow value system of net worth as the overarching determinant of human value, then we have a chance to fix things.

Young people do not need to be constantly exposed to young, beautiful, fabulously wealthy, sexy, jet-set Hollywood celebrities scooting about in their Lamborghinis in San Tropez and toney areas of Hollywood. They do not need to be reading about the Kardashians and Taylor Swift. They should not be conditioned to attend picture shoots of the latest “it” stars.

They need to see their own lives as a viable and better option than living vicariously through the imaginary life of Dua Lipa.

If we can return to the past by promoting healthier values while limiting some of the destructive influences that have crept into society in the last seventy years, then we have a chance to fix things.

We can go along way toward improving mental health which, as Frank Zappa pointed out many years ago, is our number one issue.


Archer Crosley, MD

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Republic and Empire

Listen, we can either have America the Empire or America the Republic, but we can’t have both.

We can’t have our cake and eat it too.

If we have America the Empire without America the Republic, then what’s the point?

America the Empire is a bully that brutalizes other nations into slavery.

America the Empire has killed millions in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

America the Empire is as ruthless and stupid as the British and Roman empires.

Both empires were very short-lived.

America the Republic however can live for thousands of years if we are smart enough to choose it.

The vision of the New World order is false.

The vision of the New World order envisions America as an empire in a unipolar world where America calls the shots.

It will cause destitution to the peoples of the world and to Americans at home.

Empire benefits no one except the super rich.

We owe it to ourselves to be smarter than the British, to be smarter than the Romans.

Reject this idiotic vision that’s foisted upon us by Harvard and the Ivy League.

The people who attend these schools are pre-cooked eggs, tasteless, toxic, not ripe enough for consumption.

Reject the Harvard manifesto.

Reject the best and the brightest, if that’s what you consider them.

They aren’t the best and brightest by a long shot. They are legends in their own minds, fake masters of the universe, running about fucking up the world en extremis.

Of course they do it for money.

They couldn’t care less about the lives they destroy.

Ukraine is a perfect example.

Our knuckleheaded masters of the universe broke their agreement with the Russians, provoked the Russians to invade Ukraine in order to defend their hegemony and stability, then have the gall to call the Russians invaders.

The destruction of Ukraine is heartbreaking and extraordinary.

But that’s okay with the empire builders because they will supply the arms to the Ukrainians in their futile fight against the Russians; and then they will supply the building materials to rebuild the cities they helped to destroy.

The American people will foot the bill.

The empire builders will grow wealthier, and the American people will grow poorer.

Reject empire.

Reject Harvard.

There is a better way.

We can adopt a vision which sees America as an enabler and a partner with other nations. We can see America as one nation amongst many making friends not slaves.

And if America is not necessarily the wealthiest nation, so be it.

It’s far better for America to be a leader and an influencer rather than the richest guy on the block.

Money is useless if it serves no moral purpose.

Empires as we know them are immoral.

Republics as our Founding fathers envisioned them is the legacy we wish to propagate.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved