The Value of Honor

Right now, right at this moment, I am watching a ceremony on television that I watched as a child when I visited Washington, DC.

I am at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and soldiers are walking through the ceremony.

The soldiers are immaculately dressed, and they perform admirably.

It is a beautiful ceremony, but I must guard myself to not take the wrong lessons away from it.

Washington can seduce you when you visit there.

There are many memorials and monuments worth seeing.

They represent the history of our country, and it is a country that we can be proud of.

But these monuments also have the power to destroy.

Many of these monuments were built by Americans of a different generation who did not think the way we now think.

Our country has drifted far from its religious underpinnings.

When our antecedents built memorials, God, and all the good that God represents, was foremost in their minds.

The power of Caesar was not.

And yet, the white marble, the vastness of the buildings, their sheer weight and size, can so be easily misconstrued as to what these monuments represent.

Lincoln was a godly man who was not so much concerned as to whether God was on his side but whether he was on God’s side.

His memorial must convey that.

As must the others.

But we are not of Lincoln’s era.

Nor that of the Founding Fathers.

And so these monuments have taken on a different meaning.

They are now a catalogue of sites that Americans check off as part of an indoctrination program into America’s might and power.

Our news media forever crows about America as the most powerful nation on earth.

As do our leaders.

The President of the United States is regularly feted as the most powerful man on the face of the earth.

Did Lincoln shower himself with such illusions?

The monuments are now part of the supporting cast to justify our Presidents’ decisions on waging war around the globe.

The monuments sanctify us, purify us, justify us.

But that was not their intent when they were first constructed.

Monuments and memorials do not exist for war. Nor do they exist to create heroes.

Nor do they serve as a pretext for vengeance or domination.

They exist to deliver a message.

Those men who sacrificed their lives as in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier are talking to us.

They want to tell us something.

They are asking us to dedicate our lives to forging a better world than the one that took their life.

As Lincoln said in the Gettysburg address:

But, in a larger sense, we can not dedicate — we can not consecrate — we can not hallow — this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us — that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion — that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain — that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved


To the people of Waukesha.

I’m sure you would like to punish the people responsible for this Christmas parade calamity.

It would be good to start with Darrell Brooks.

But don’t stop there.

Don’t forget to punish the people who are responsible for creating people like Darrell Brooks.

Naturally, of course, if you have read anything I have written, you know I’m talking about Harvard University.

They are the real people behind the destruction of the black community.

The media, that Harvard controls, has gone out of its way to not suggest that this killing in Waukesha is payback in any way for the Rittenhouse verdict.

Oh, but it is.

It is a direct result of the Rittenhouse verdict.

This is what you get when you dumb down the population.

You get a huge segment of the population making decisions based upon false beliefs.

Darrell Brooks clearly felt he was atoning for Kyle Rittenhouse’s white supremacy. That’s why he zigzagged down the road attempting to kill as many people as possible.

Both political parties that Harvard controls and dominates are complicit in this dog and pony show.

Both Democratic and Republican parties keep the political sporting match going so as to distract you.

This is just Chapter Three of the Floyd-Rittenhouse race war saga.

Harvard who controls Corporate America who in turn controls both Democratic and Republican parties needs this race war to continue so that the black community is focused on rage.

A community focused on rage is less productive and more likely to provide prisoners for the corporate prison racket.

To that end both Fox and CNN are also complicit in this dog and pony show.

Both networks are ultimately controlled by the same people, the same Harvard-Ivy League crowd.

CNN is complicit because they focus on race.

Fox is complicit because they focus on rage.

Forget about rage. Rage is a solution that will not work.

What then can be done?

Sure, you have to take care of Darrell Brooks first through the court system.

But as that is being carried out, you need to be dispassionately resolute in changing your attitudes toward your elites, toward Harvard University.

You must make a concerted effort to not send your children to Harvard and other Ivy League schools.

Why would you want your children to be co-opted into a power cult? It doesn’t do us any good.

You must also make a concerted effort to not put your faith in people who graduate from these schools.

This is the shortest, most long-term way to deal with the evil power of Harvard University.

You must walk away from this school.

Will it make a difference?

It will make a great deal of difference.

You don’t need Harvard; Harvard needs you.

That’s why Harvard and its puppets spend so much effort programming you through media, movies, books, magazines into thinking that they are the smartest guys in the room.

They’re not.

The incident in Waukesha proves it.

This kind of nonsense didn’t go on in America seventy-five years ago – before Harvard accelerated its death grip upon the nation.

If you want to take your country back, you’ll have to defeat this odious institution called Harvard University.

There’s no difference between a tyrant called King Louis, and a tyrant call Harvard University.

Thank you.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Baseball Belongs to You

So what do you think about the tomahawk chop in Atlanta?

Rob Manfred, the Commissioner of Baseball has weighed in on this issue.

Danger, Will Robinson.

Baseball belongs to you.

What do you think?

Is the tomahawk chop insulting to Native Americans? Has there ever been one Native American who has fallen into a state of anxiety and depression because the citizens of Atlanta were engaging in the tomahawk chop?

Have any Native Americans been admitted to your local behavioral center center with a diagnosis of logo-gesture anxiety?

It’s difficult for me to believe that a Native American would be any more aggrieved by the tomahawk chop then I would be if people engaged in a forward sword thrust which my ancestors most certainly engaged in when killing each other.

There is no issue.

It’s a bogus issue brought up by the elites to socially reengineer society, to take all the fun out of your life, to make you heel to their command.

They snap their fingers. and you bark.

They couldn’t give two flips about Native Americans. And they proved it when they broke every treaty with them and slaughtered them.

Remember, the people who are in power today were put in power by the people who were put in power by the people who were put in power by the people were put in power back in the day.

They are all cut out of the same cloth from one generation to the next.

If you’ll notice, nobody said a damn word about Minnesota fans dressing up with Viking helmets.

During the Cowboys game today against Minnesota, there was no outrage at all when a sports personality blew that giant cattle horn to begin the game.

Isn’t that disrespectful to current day Norwegians and Swedes?

You see, our elites pick and choose what they want to be outraged about.

How about the Boston Celtics?

Why aren’t we getting rid of their name?

What’s the difference between a Celtic and an Indian?

They both came out of the woods.

In fact, we all came out of the woods if you go back far enough.

Well, you see, when you start talking about the Boston Celtics, why then you’re getting a little bit too close to the power center where the elites live.

Now, those elites who live in Cambridge, they love their Celtics. They aren’t going to give up their name. Nor their leprechaun.

That’s their name. That’s their logo. It’s your name that’s the offensive one. It’s your logo that is punishing people.

That’s the game they play.

When they aren’t ruining sports, when they aren’t making your life miserable, when they aren’t telling you what to eat and what words may be spoken, they are barking down the house in which you live.

Where you live is urban sprawl that is desecrating the environment.

Where they live has always been there.

From the beginning of time.

Your house destroyed what was once a lovely meadow.

Their house has always been there.

Except when it wasn’t there.

In fact, their house is only there because those noble elites who talk down to you slaughtered the Pequot Indians in the early 1600s.

But that’s okay because that happened then. And they have conveniently moved their transgressions into a part of the brain that they refuse to acknowledge.

What’s important is what’s going on now. And what’s going on now is that the citizens of Atlanta are demeaning Indians by engaging in a tomahawk chop.

Forget about the stolen lands. Forget about the broken treaties. Forget about the induced genocide by cooping Indians up on reservations.

What’s important is the tomahawk chop.

Harvard graduate, Rob Manfred, the Commissioner of Baseball says he supports the citizens of Atlanta.

I don’t believe that for a second.

Rob Manfred is an agent of the empire who in time will destroy baseball. He will walk down every avenue he can to inject politics into sports.

He takes his orders from the elites. If he is conciliating, it is only because he fears the immense power of the people who want to maintain their traditions and who have greater common sense than he does.

Still, he is a dangerous man.

By even discussing the issue, he puts the issue on the front burner.

Axiom: It doesn’t belong there at all.

As a matter fact, Rob Manfred has no authority at all to dictate anything in baseball.

Like his Ivy League predecessors, he’s a court jester, a village idiot, a babbling dunce.

It’s your sport, not his.

It doesn’t belong to him. It doesn’t belong to Bart Giamatti. It doesn’t belong to Bowie Kuhn. It doesn’t belong to Harvard University. It doesn’t belong to the Ivy League.

It’s your sport.

Baseball belongs to you.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved


Why do gangs exist?

Why does organized crime exist?

Gangs thrive when economic conditions are poor.

When people can’t earn money legitimately, they turn to crime.

Many social ills arise when economic conditions are poor.

Child abuse and spousal abuse go up. Vagrancy goes up. Crime goes up. Drug use goes up. Gambling goes up. Prostitution goes up.

Gangs tap in to these social ills to both exploit them and augment them.

The leaders in our society know full well why gangs exist, so why don’t they do something about them?

Can’t our leaders think of anything besides a gang summit?

The elites who control the leaders want gangs.

The elites want organized crime.

Gangs and organize crime help keep the people down. They help poverty to continue. They are an essential element in aiding one group of people to oppress another.

All you have to do is buy the gang leaders off.

That’s not too hard to do.

Money is the magic salve that solves all problems.

Slap it on and let it do its magic.

It’s beautiful.

There will never be any shortage of people who are willing to sell out their own group of people.

It matters not what their race or ethnicity is.

And that’s because the world is not divided into Black versus White, Jew versus Christian, Protestant versus Catholic.

It’s divided into good versus evil.

And guess what? The bad guys have risen to the top.

The bad guys who run our country are the same as the bad guys who run the gangs.

They are cut out of the same cloth.

They speak the same language.

You as a regular person have more in common with a regular person in the poorest ghetto of the United States than you do with your political leaders regardless of your color, ethnicity, or religion.

There are lots of good people in the ghetto who are trapped there because the elites in our society work together with the leaders of the gangs to disrupt the lives of the good people in the ghetto.

That’s why it’s so difficult to turn things around there.

When someone from the ghetto does good and starts a business, the elites get together with the gang members to start riots and burn down the good peoples’ businesses.

That’s why these riots and protest marches exist.

That’s why the riots in Ferguson took place.

That’s why the riots in Minneapolis took place.

That’s why the riots in Kenosha took place.

Don’t think for one minute it was about helping black folk. It was a power struggle between our elites who want to continue to run welfare plantations and their corporate prison racket, and the good people who don’t want that at all.

Nothing good can happen within the poor areas of our country as long as Harvard and our elites are in power.

No amount of money or effort will be able to establish functioning businesses within the black communities in the inner city as long as the knuckleheads are in charge.

Anyone who tries will be put down by the gangs the elites control. They have a million tricks to take down threats to their racket.

They can make up bogus charges of employee abuse. They can organize protesters out in front of the business. If need be they can burn the business down during a riot that they manufacture.

That’s why Ferguson happened.

That’s why Minneapolis happened.

Sure, I understand the precipitating event.

I understand that a police officer shot Michael Brown. I understand a police officer leaned on George Floyd’s neck.

But I also understand that the response was disproportionate, and I also understand that evil people take advantage of these events to take out threats to their criminal enterprise.

The gangs, who the elites control. took advantage of Michael Brown’s death to create chaos and destruction which only benefits them, the gangs.

The thugs and warlords, who the elites control, took advantage of George Floyd’s death to create continuing chaos and destruction which cements their power grip upon the inner city.

What did the thugs ask for after George Floyd’s death?

To defund the police.

Yes, and who does that benefit?

Some may call this cynicism. I call it truth.

It’s the way it is, baby.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Kensington Avenue

Have you seen the videos on YouTube of Kensington Avenue in Philadelphia?

I was truly shocked.

It’s something out of a science-fiction movie.

No matter how bad you thought the homeless situation was in the United States, Kensington Avenue is far worse.

Of course, I always knew that it was a challenged area.

Even when I was in my late teens and took the train down to Center City Philadelphia, I could see the poverty.

But Kensington Avenue is on a whole new level today.

I think I get it now. I think I understand the plan that our elites have for us.

In the days when I was a boy people who were mentally challenged were given an opportunity to live a safe and structured life within a mental institution.

That option exists to a far lesser degree.

Our elites have decided instead to construct open air mental hospitals that stretch for miles.

They just didn’t tell us they were going to do that.

I suppose the elites can’t figure out any way to make money off the incarceration of the mentally challenged.

Yes, it must be that because their rip-off insurance companies don’t want to pay for outpatient psychological services either.

So they have allowed the mentally challenged to live a homeless life on the streets of Philadelphia and nearly every other city of United States.

Now, you would think our elites would jump at the chance to make money off the mentally ill just as they’ve managed to make money by warehousing criminals.

But they have decided instead that they serve little purpose.

So they have created a self-cleaning mechanism for eliminating them from society.

Out on the streets, the mentally ill are sure to die a quicker death.

Somehow this must suit the economic interests of the elites as almost nothing comes to pass in our society today unless a corporation can make some money off it.

If there are no profits to be made, well, that’s tough luck, Charlie.

So why is it that our elites don’t invest in mental hospitals? Don’t corporations stand to make a bundle by warehousing them?

Well, they could make a few bucks, but there’s probably more bucks involved in destroying an entire community.

Having the mentally ill and homeless out on the streets increases the need for more police and more public services.

Plus, having the homeless purchase drugs is good money.

A little prostitution wouldn’t hurt either.

It contributes to the apocalyptic effect that keeps people on edge, in fear and more likely to ask the government to fix it.

A healthy community means less crime. Less crime means less prisoners for the corporate prison racket. Less crime means less money for the welfare plantation racket.

Thus the open air mental hospitals that exist on Kensington Avenue and in nearly every other city in United States.

Not giving proper care to the mentally ill is good for Corporate America.

That’s what counts in America.

Gabby’s Mysterious Text

What do you make of Gabby Petito’s penultimate text to her mother. This is what she texted on August 27:

“Can you help Stan, I just keep getting his voicemails and missed calls.”

Gabby’s mother said that the text was odd because Gabby rarely referred to her grandfather as Stan.

Other sleuths believe that Stan is a code word for danger, or that the message is code for an Eminem song in which a boy kills his pregnant girlfriend.


Stan may also be a shortened form of Satan.

I’ll tell you what I think.

I think Brian sent that message.

Gabby might not refer to her grandfather as Stan, but Brian surely would; and it seems logical that he would have met him.

I think at the time Brian sent that message, he was fullbore delusional.

I think he had already killed Gabby.

As to what the text meant, we will have to ask Brian when we catch him.

We can certainly speculate that Brian may be asking for help while informing us that his brain is getting flooded with voices.

Was Stan leaving messages for Gabby? Was Stan calling Gabby? I have to think that there were no such voicemails or calls from Stan. Had there been any, her mother would not have thought Gabby’s comment text to be strange.

If Gabby was reaching out for help to her mother in this text, all she had to do was say: “Brian is crazy. Call the police.” Then fearing that Brian might read her message, she could throw the phone in the woods where he couldn’t find it. She could have revealed their last location. But she didn’t.

She didn’t leave that text because Brian had most likely confiscated her phone right after leaving the Merry Piglets restaurant

Brian was in an angry, paranoid, delusional state.

He still is.

I believe Brian is alive, and I believe he is making his way back to Gabby who he believes is alive.

I expect that he is making his way back to Wyoming.

Brian Laundrie was exhibiting delusional behavior, and not in the casual meaning of the word.

If I tell you that I think the Philadelphia Eagles win the Super Bowl this year, you can call me delusional in a casual sense.

But I’m not hearing things or seeing things.

Brian was hearing voices.

Those voices told him to kill Gabby.

Gabby’s girlfriend indicated that Gabby told her that Brian would have episodes where he would hallucinate.

I believe her.

Brian is in a psychotic state.

We can see him exhibiting this behavior when he arrives back in Florida near the first of September.

He interacts with his family as if it’s another day in the park. In his mind, Gabby is alive.

Because he believes Gabby is alive, his family believes Gabby is alive.

I am confident Brian told his parents that Gabby was visiting a friend in New York or another state.

I don’t think his parents suspected a thing. In fact I think they are now befuddled and bewildered. And scared.

Not knowing what was going on, and not able to think impartially, they took the safe route and protected him.

At this point,on 9/6/21, they don’t see Brian as delusional.

Brian appears normal to them.

Not only is Brian not concerned about Gabby, he likewise has no concerns that the Petito family will worry about Gabby even though by September 6 he has not heard from her in a week. If he’d had concerns, he would have exhibited worry and anxiety.

Once again, the conclusion is obvious: Brian believes that Gabby is alive.

The most credible sighting of Brian on the Appalachian Trail by Dennis Davis indicates that Brian does believe that Gabby is alive.

Brian tells Dennis Davis that he wants to take the back roads to California to see his girlfriend.

I believe him.

Brian will make his way out west. He wants to meet up with Gabby and give her cellphone back to her.

How Brian got to this point is anyone’s guess.

His delusional state is there for all to see.

He is aggressive. He has fixed false beliefs. He is paranoid.

Something happened to Brian Laundrie.

This may be long-standing; this may be organic; this may be drug induced.

Was he seeing a psychiatrist? Has he ever seen a psychiatrist? Was he ever admitted to a behavioral health center?

What kinds of drugs if any was Brian Laundrie consuming?

Was he taking jimsonweed which is ubiquitous throughout the United States?

As a person who can survive in the wild on wild berries and plants, was he consuming poisonous mind-altering plants?

Regardless, he is on the loose, he is paranoid, and he is dangerous.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

My Lawn, My Rules

Imagine you are a protester outside the Laundrie house. Imagine you are standing on the Laundrie yard.

The other day, two protesters from across the street where Brian and Gabby lived tacked up a sign for Gabby on the Laundrie yard.

The sign said: “Remember me? I lived with you.” There was a picture of Gabby.

There are other protesters as well. People are walking up and down the street with bullhorns screaming at the Laundries to come out of their house and break their silence.

One particular individual yelled: “Answer America’s questions!”

Overhead, a plane carried a sign in support of Gabby. It read: “End the Silence. Justice for Gabby.“

This is the state of affairs in the United States of America.

This is the circus that exists.

Now, let’s get back to you. Let’s imagine that you are a protester from Seattle who has driven to the Laundrie House to protest.

Why are you there?

I’m going to pretend that I am in the Laundrie house, and that I’ve come out of the house to reason with you.

I’m sorry, but it’ll just be me talking. I’ll answer your questions after you listen to me.

Well, sir, where did you come from now? You came from Seattle? How far is that? 2545 miles?

And you came here all this way to do what?

To protest?

Do you know why you’re here?

Since you came such a long distance, I don’t want to disappoint you. I’m going to tell you why you’re here.

It has to do with that little cell phone that you are carrying in your hand.

Prior to 1980, before cell phones, before computers, life was a little tougher. It was a different world.

It was better in that it was more tolerant, but it was worse in that it was more cumbersome.

We did a lot of things on foot, hand and paper.

In order to learn, we might have to walk to the library. When we got to the library, we would have to look up the books we wanted in a card catalogue and then physically go get it. Many times we had no idea what we were looking for, so we had to track down the librarian who could help us find it. She was our search engine.

It was all organized according to a scheme called the Dewey decimal system which seems to have gone out the window. Now we just type in the book that we want on a search engine, and it pops up.

We don’t even have to hold a heavy book anymore. Every book weighs the same on your iPad.

Things weren’t instantly at our fingertips either. Nor was there the volume of information that we have today. But that wasn’t so bad. Generally, the people who wrote books or who wrote articles were professionals who knew what they were doing. So you didn’t have to wade through a lot of garbage.

If we wanted to take a picture, we had to lug out the camera, go to the store to buy some film, take the pictures, then take the film back to a photo store where it would be developed. We then stored the pictures in a large book which we would call a photo album. We’d have to find a place in the house to keep it. There weren’t a lot of pictures by today’s standards because shooting and developing pictures cost money. Nowadays, we might snap twenty-five pictures in a few seconds.

If we wanted to write a book, we had to go buy a yellow pad and a pen, write it all down, then store those papers in a folder in the house so that we could return to it. If we typed it out and made a mistake, we had to go get some correcting tape and type over the letter that got messed up. We might even have to start all over again with a fresh page in the typewriter. Sometimes the ribbon in the typewriter had lousy ink, and so we had to go buy a new ribbon. All these inconveniences forced us to think before we wrote or typed.

To find out what was going on, we waited for either the morning or evening newspaper. Where I lived in Philadelphia, there were two papers. The morning paper was the Inquirer; the afternoon paper was the Bulletin. The news on TV generally came on at 6 and 11 on the East Coast. There was no 24 hour news cycle. There was no cable TV. A lot of stuff was learned by word-of-mouth. I found out about the Kennedy assassination from a boy in my sisters class. He told me as soon as I got out of school on that Friday afternoon. I was nine years old.

Generally speaking, life was a pain in the ass.

In 1980 all of that changed. This was when the personal computer came into the main stream.

Our world was going to be fundamentally transformed for the better and the worse.

The computer was sold, and still is sold, as a life transforming device. Our productivity was going to increase; we were all going to become more powerful.

That’s what Microsoft told us.

We were deluded into believing that we could all become best selling authors. We could now self-publish with our new word processors. The typewriter was thrown out the window. We wouldn’t be making any mistakes anymore. Why, in short order we were going to be the new Ernest Hemingways. Plus writing was much easier. We didn’t have to think too much before writing because we could just erase it and start all over without any penalty.

Not only were we going to be best-selling authors, we were also going to be the next Ansel Adams. Our computers were going to be able to manipulate the images in order to produce award-winning pictures. Hell, why stop at Ansel Adams? We were going to be the next Stanley Kubrick as well. Our video-editing programs were empowering us.

It certainly seemed possible, but why would we believe this?

Why would we believe that we could write with the talent of Scott Fitzgerald? Why would we believe that we could take professional photographs that would hang in galleries? Why would we believe that we could make videos and movies that could rival Scorsese and Coppola?

We believed we could because the technology of the computer beguiled us. With its reliable precision and it’s crisp graphics, at our fingertips, under our control, we were bewitched into thinking that we were the ones who were in control of the computer.

But we were not. The computer had reached out to control us.

In short order, we fooled ourselves into a false state of omnipotence. We became more cocksure of ourselves. We were certain now that we had answers that other people did not. Tolerance and respect for others was lost.

It became common for people to call into talk shows where you could hear comments very similar to this: “Not too many people know this, but … the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.”

The call-in radio shows were the forerunners of the public chat rooms and forums. These in turn were the forerunners of social media.

With social media, you can broadcast your message to the world. And with YouTube, if it goes viral, the whole world sees and hears your magnificent thoughts.

Going viral is an intoxicating idea.

It’s like gasoline.

Who doesn’t enjoy watching gasoline explode, especially if you are the center of attention?

This is why you are here, Mr. Protester. This is why you are outside my house. You have all the answers, and you have been cruelly led to believe this.

I’m sorry to disappoint you.

You are not the next Hemingway. You are not the next Ansel Adams. You are not even Sherlock Holmes.

You’re not any of these people because you don’t do the thinking and the hard work that goes in to achieving greatness. Hemingway was a great writer because he dedicated himself over decades. Ansel Adams was a great photographer because he thought about what he was doing. He didn’t shoot from the hip. He asked questions, something you manifestly refuse to do.

The cell phone that you carry has bewitched you. It has given you a false sense of power and greatness about yourself. This in turn has led to arrogance, and this arrogance has in turn engendered boldness, imprudence, and ignorance within you. You don’t know all the facts. You only think you know all the facts.

The main stream media has egged you on by creating a circus atmosphere of intolerance.

Rage is the order of the day.

Far from making our lives better, the personal computer has made it worse in many ways.

Social media on our cell phones along with instant messaging now brings rage and streetside justice within our grasp.

And there is plenty to be angry about because the computer revolution has engendered a polarization of wealth in society that grows by leaps and bounds.

Computer technology has worked against the average American economically. Wall street hucksters using high-frequency trading and fast networks can now fleece you of your money (while you sleep) more easily than a card shark at a Vegas gaming table.

Large corporations using computer technology can now shift your mind into buying more things that you neither need nor can pay for. They can nickel and dime you without you even knowing. And the payments you make never need to be sent in. They can be directly fleeced from your bank account monthly in such minuscule amounts that you will hardly notice.

Consequently, finances are tight for you. You feel a little rage, but your rage is not directed at the leaders who have failed to control Wall Street and large corporations.

Oh, no.

Your rage is directed elsewhere. It is directed elsewhere because the same people who control the large corporations and Wall Street, have used computer technology to shift your rage.

Thus the Gabby Petito story.

The Gabby Petito story is front page news because the elites want it to be front page news.

They don’t want you angry about COVID-19, masks, Middle East wars and government corruption. And they sure as sugar don’t want you protesting in a mob on the national mall.

They want you here focused on me.

That’s why you are here on my front lawn.

In summary, your leadership has created a New World Order that doesn’t work for you. Our leaders have hurt you economically. They cheat you out of your money on a daily basis. To prevent you from directing your rage at them, they, using their computer algorithms that display the stories on Google News, redirect your anger toward me, or the next circus of the week. And, of course, they have given you the false sense of omnipotence about yourself in order to prosecute that rage.

My advice to you would be to take back your life. If it’s possible, get rid of all the apps on your cell phone. Use a phone for what it’s meant for. Quit watching main stream television as much as you possibly can. Reserve a time of the day when you will look at the news. Return to reading books. Begin asking more questions in your life. Develop a sense of tolerance toward others. Act more humbly.

Finally, get the hell off my lawn.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Brian Laundrie’s Mental Health

I have a theory.

Suppose that Brian Laundrie is delusional.

I don’t mean that in a casual sense. I mean that in the very specific psychiatric sense of the word.

Suppose he’s truly experiencing a psychotic crisis.

If so, he needs help.

Perhaps Gabby Petito was starting to realize that before Brian killed her.

Brian Laundrie’s actions make little sense to a rational person.

Rational people don’t do the things that he did.

Not even rational people who kill their spouses for money make these kinds of mistakes.

Let’s proceed with this theory and pretend that Brian is delusional.

If you took a trip with your spouse to Wyoming and then killed her there, would you drive your car back to your parent’s house in her car?

Most people wouldn’t do that.

Most people would come up with a better plan.

Since he didn’t, it’s logical that he lied to his parents when he arrived back home. That approach would be more consistent with a compromised mind.

I doubt seriously that he said: Hey mom, hey dad, I’m mentally ill and I killed Gabby. Can you help me?

He might have told his parents when they asked where Gabby was that he dropped her off at a friends house in, say, Illinois. Or Missouri. He may have added to the lie by telling them that she was planning to spend a few days there before visiting her parents in New York.

Operating under the current assumption that his parents are helping him, had Brian, sane or insane, told his parents the truth, being rational parents, they probably would have told him to ditch the van.

That the car wasn’t ditched loans support to the idea that Brian lied to them.

That they did not suspect that he was lying loans support to the idea that Brian was truly delusional.

Delusional people are remarkably effective at convincing people.

Occasional liars aren’t skilled enough and often reveal their lies through body language. Or they become tripped up by offering an inconsistent or implausible story upon repeated questioning.

It’s safe to say that his parents asked him where Gabby was.

His sister, Cassie, was thoroughly convinced that nothing was amiss. She met with Brian and her parents for six hours on September 6th and never suspected a thing.

Brian apparently was acting quite normally. He was interacting with Cassie’s children as if nothing had happened.

We have a picture of Brian and Cassie’s kids at Fort De Soto. So effective was Brian’s delusion that Cassie’s husband suspected nothing as well.

If Cassie had suspected that something was wrong, if she knew or felt that Brian had harmed Gabby, would she seriously allow her brother to play with her children?

Brian’s demeanor at Fort DeSoto was nothing short of creepy. Clearly something is wrong here. Brian has not heard from his girlfriend for nine days (because he most likely killed her on 8/28/21), and he is acting as if it’s another day in the park.

We know this because the people closest to him, the people who know him, suspect that nothing is amiss.

They don’t suspect anything because Brian in his delusional mind has convinced himself that Gabby is not dead. When you are selling a story to someone, you first have to sell yourself.

(As a quick aside, didn’t Dennis Davis tell us that the man in Appalachia, who he thought was Brian, was trying to get to his girlfriend in California?)

Had Brian been of sane mind, the stress of killing Gabby would have manifested itself through his body language in ways that would make people suspect that something was wrong.

But he was not of healthy mind.

Brian‘s delusional behavior didn’t begin the minute he killed Gabby; his delusional behavior was apparent weeks before.

On August 17th Brian flew back to Florida from Salt Lake City in order to retrieve some items from his storage shed because ostensibly he and Gabby were planning to prolong their trip.

For five days from August 17 to August 22, Brian was in Florida while Gabby remained in Utah.

This is strange behavior reflective of unclear thinking. The airline ticket will cost approximately $500; to house Gabby in a motel for five days will cost at least another $500. A clear and rational person would understand that it’s cheaper to purchase the items in a local Walmart then it is to go home to Florida to retrieve items.

And what items could possibly be retrieved that would make the trip back to Florida essential?

A kayak? Please.

A gun? Drugs?

Only an irrational person would try to sneak drugs and a gun through airport security.

At this point, Gabby must have begun to realize that something was seriously wrong with Brian.

When he returned, his irrational behavior continued when he got into the argument at the Merry Piglets restaurant.

For Gabby to come back into the restaurant and apologize, the argument must have been unworldly.

Nina Angelo, a diner in the restaurant, stated that Brian’s behavior “freaked her out.”

Most likely this was the straw that broke the camel’s back in Brian’s mind. Brian, in a delusional and paranoid state of mind, viewed Gabby as a traitor, killed her, dumped her body, then drove back to Florida as if nothing had happened. Then, in the ensuing days, convinced himself within the twisted thinking of a psychotic state that Gabby was not dead.

When he arrived at his parents house, he didn’t run. He carried on with his life as if everything was normal. This is not what normal people do when they kill their spouse or fiancé.

Brian in his delusional mind had convinced himself that Gabby was alive.

Or he seriously thought he was in the clear.

Did he seriously believe that Gabby’s family would sit back and do nothing? Apparently he must have. Why not? In his mind Gabby was not dead.

When Dennis Davis ran across a man who resembled Brian just a few days ago on the Appalachian Trail, he confirmed Brian’s delusional status, assuming that this was Brian, by stating that he was “talking wild” and “acting funny.”

Dennis Davis stated that the man wanted to take the back roads to California in order to meet up with his girlfriend. Of course, that is laughably absurd. There are no back roads to California.

It would be equally absurd for him to get back to Gabby who is dead.

This is indicative of a person who is mentally imbalanced in a true medical sense.

Also indicative of a man in psychiatric crisis, assuming that this was Brian, is that Brian only got as far as Tennessee in a two-week period of time. This is reflective of a person with disorganized thinking.

If this is the case, and Brian is delusional, then he is extremely dangerous. Most likely he is hearing voices. And those voices will tell him to kill again just as those voices may have told him to kill Gabby.

I suspect he is experiencing a true psychiatric crisis.

What could have triggered this? It’s difficult to say, but it would certainly be helpful to know Brian‘s past psychological history.

Was he ever admitted to a behavioral health center? Has he ever seen a psychologist or a psychiatrist? Were there any warning signs in his early life of a troubled personality? Did he ever attempt to inflict harm on small animals? What is his criminal record? What do his friends from grade school say about his personality? What about his work life? Was he able to hold down a job? Did he have a job? Was he taking medications currently or in the past? Was he displaying any symptoms indicative of a neurological disease? What is his past medical history? Was he an abuser of drugs? Since they were traveling in peyote country, had they picked up peyote along the way? How about ayahuasca?

Given that both Brian and Gabby were neo-hippies (outdoorsy, organic, nature type people), is it possible that Brian was ingesting seeds that he thought were safe but were instead toxic? Is it possible that he was unwittingly ingesting jimsonweed which can cause anxiety, agitation, paranoia, hallucinations and psychotic episodes?

These are important questions to answer because Brian Laundrie’s choices don’t seem consistent with a rational mind as we know it.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Gabby and Brian

Why are we obsessed with Gabby Petito and Brian Laundre?

Why has this story gripped the nation?

To begin with, it’s a story of starcrossed lovers. It’s the story of Romeo and Juliet.

We have two young lovers setting out on the adventure of a lifetime only to have their story go tragically wrong.

With that tragic ending comes the destruction of all their dreams, hopes and aspirations.

Those of us who are older can only reflect upon our own lives and how fortunate we were.

We feel bad for Gabby not being able to enjoy the experiences that we enjoyed.

And in the recesses of our minds that we won’t admit to we feel bad for Brian as well for the life that he presumably forfeited out of passionate rage.

But the story is not over which makes it more compelling.

Where is Brian?

What really happened?

Did his parents help him escape?

Will he be caught?

How long can he survive?

Perhaps he already did himself in.

People want to know.

People demand to know.

Gabby Petito and Brian Laundre are an obsession with us.

They have become an obsession because for the past eighteen months we have been cooped up, masked, villified, screamed at, laid off, economically stressed and beleaguered by COVID-19.

The last human interest story that gripped the nation was Kobe Bryant’s death which occurred one month before COVID-19 walked up upon our shores.

In January 2020 Kobe Bryant died, and for the following month Kobe was all we talked about.

Then COVID changed the world.

It seems like a lifetime ago, and perhaps it has been for we live in a much different world now.

For eighteen months COVID-19 dominated the news. We talked about nothing else.

We yelled at each other and screamed at each other.

We pointed fingers at each other.

Never has there been such contempt for our leaders.

There hasn’t been such a divisive issue since Vietnam.

And it is tearing us apart.

The Gabby Petito Brian Laundre affair on a subconscious level is the salve we are looking for to heal our wounds.

It is a story that unites us.

We were all for love, and we are all against wrongdoing.

We need this story.

Gabby and Brian are a reflection of ourselves.

Gabby and Brian loved each other, fought each other, and needed each other as do we.

We want a happy ending to this story.

We want it all to be a mistake.

We would prefer to believe as in Romeo and Juliet that it was all a grand unfortunate coincidence of events that led to Gabby’s death and Brian’s eventual demise.

Perhaps, we imagine, Brian went down to the creek bed to collect some kindling for a fire during which a mountain man or a wandering serial killer came upon the van and murdered Gabby.

Yes, that’s what we want to believe. When Brian returned to the van and saw Gabby lying lifeless, he panicked and went on the lam.

That’s a preferable ending, far more preferable than the ending we suspect.

We are Americans. We don’t like unhappy endings.

And we have had much to be unhappy about in the past eighteen months.

We want to be happy.

We want Gabby and Brian to be happy.

That’s why we are obsessed with this story.

Its Gabby and Brian’s story.

It is our story as well.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Awards, God and Life

If you are young, I would like to disabuse you of any penchant you may have for winning awards.

They are are useless, worthless, and even dangerous – especially those coming from an authority.

Avoid them.

You are far more valuable than an award.

Don’t let King Louis value your life for you.

Don’t accept his dog biscuits.

King Louis has an agenda.

You must find solace and peace of mind in the work that you do, in the value that you feel you add to the community, and how you feel God feels about your work.

That is what will sustain you.

If you wait for the approval of others to validate your life, you will become ever more frustrated and miserable.

There are many great actors in Hollywood who have never won an Academy Award.

One such actor who could have easily won an award for just about any role he played is Nick Nolte.

He has been nominated several times, but he has never won.

He could have easily won for the Prince of Tides. He also could have won for The Thin Red Line. He was astonishing in the latter film.

So why didn’t he win?

The high road states that there are many deserving people and that someone must prevail.

The real answer is that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has its head up its ass.

It really does.

Years ago, Will Smith was upset that he did not win an Academy Award.

I was in his corner.

Still, he shouldn’t have been upset.

He shouldn’t have been upset because the Academy has failed to honor so many great actors.

If I had been standing beside him I would have told him: Will, you are too important to win.

This was the advice given to a famous scientist who was disconsolate because he has not won a Nobel Prize.

The same advice could be easily given to many Hollywood actors.

The Academy really doesn’t know who the good actors are.

And there’s a good reason for this.

Many of the people who vote haven’t seen all the movies and all the performances.

Many of those same people aren’t movie fans.

Still others vote for political purposes or because they think they are supposed to vote a certain way.

The run with the pack.

Years ago I hired a publicist to help me promote a book that I had written.

We got to talking about the movies that were currently up for Academy Awards.

She informed me that she had a piece of a vote. Yes, you heard me right. A vote can be divided amongst several people.

After a few minutes, it became increasingly clear to me that while I had seen nearly all the movies, she had only seen one or two.

In those days I was seeing approximately 100 to 150 movies per year.

That was the state of affairs in the early 90s. It’s that way today.

Many of the people who are voting for the awards are woefully unaware of what they are voting for, in any industry, which is why waiting for an award and approval from others can be a lifetime of frustration.

Indeed, I’m not sure that you want to win an award at all.

Receiving that award might change your attitude toward your work and the confidence you have in yourself.

It’s always better to be a little hungry in life.

So forget the awards.

Focus on the job itself. Place one foot in front of the other, and focus on giving value to the people who you are serving.

Let that be your award.

In the end you will be the winner.

You will be your own man as well.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved