Good Germans

I have a friend who remarked to me the other day that I may be incorrect in believing that all Harvard graduates are bad people.

Well, of course not all Harvard graduates are bad people. There were good Germans in Nazi Germany.

Not every Harvard graduate is involved in the criminality of Harvard as an institution, but all are the beneficiaries of the criminality that Harvard has committed, whether they know it or not.

Harvard is the most powerful institution in the country, bar none.

Harvard controls your major corporations, your major associations, your Congress, your Senate, your judiciary, your major banks, your NGOs, your sports leagues, your main stream media and so forth.

It’s called fascism.

Harvard does that either directly or indirectly through other members of the Ivy League, new Ivy League, or non Ivy League useful idiots who want to stand in the king’s court for a few dog scraps.

It’s not necessary for a Harvard graduate to be the top guy at all of our institutions, nor is it necessary for all the leaders of these institutions to sit around a table and commit evil deeds.

Many Harvard graduates or other leaders don’t fully understand what’s really going on. There’s no reason for everyone to know.

A good example of this is displayed in the movie, The Firm.

Movies are quite often fictional representations of real life situations. The author frequently relies upon his life experience, intentionally or not. Sometimes God inspires the author to write a story a certain way.

Let’s examine the movie, The Firm.

Tom Cruise plays a young lawyer who joins a prominent law firm. The law firm is a corrupt institution that manages affairs for mobsters. New recruits aren’t told this. In time, Tom Cruise comes to see that the firm is corrupt. He wants out, but life doesn’t work that way. The law firm goes after him, tries to kill him, and in time Tom Cruise tries to find a way out of his predicament to a normal life. This is the essence of the movie.

This movie is a good allegory to describe Harvard University.

Many young people are recruited into Harvard with the idea that they are joining a noble firm. But they are not. Harvard is a corrupt institution that fuels Corporate America that in turn guts America, fights useless foreign wars, creates a corporate prison racket, polarizes wealth, outsources jobs, creates a moronic superstar culture, allows drugs to proliferate throughout the country, destroys the black community, and can not competently wage war against COVID-19.

None of this is unintentional. None of this is by chance. If it were by chance, we would have a few things go our way.

Now, some of the Harvard graduates are let in on the secret, but many may not be. Many may be lucky enough to never have to be put in a position where they come to understand that. Nevertheless, Harvard is a corrupt, criminal institution.

What is Harvard’s crime?

First and foremost, elitism.

Elitism is a vicious virus which man has so far been unable to contain.

Elitism has ruled man for most of his time on this planet. There have been only brief flashes of egalitarianism.

Harvard fosters and nurtures the virus of elitism.

There is no question about it.

Harvard has worked against the spirit of the Founding Fathers for well over 200 years.

Harvard graduates shamelessly make billions of dollars while homelessness grows epidemically in the United States.

That is an indictment of Harvard’s leadership, yet Harvard could not care less.

In fact, many Harvard graduates view that homelessness as an affirmation of their own greatness.

There is no greatness to Harvard.

That there are good Harvard graduates makes no difference.

Just as there were good Germans in Nazi Germany, there are good Harvard graduates in Nazi America.

So what?

Did the fact that there were good Germans prevent us from taking out Dresden?

No it did not.

Harvard must be nullified. There will be no happiness for the people of America until this university is closed.

Harvard must be defeated.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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