The Pagan’s Shame

What is shameful about the United States of America is how far our country has drifted away from Christianity.

I’m talking about our leaders of course.

Everything about them speaks of Rome and paganism.

They clearly worship power and money.

They consider themselves the movers and shakers.

They display contempt for average Americans by not providing basic services for them in the manner that the people desire.

Americans deserve to have a healthcare system that is competitive, decentralized, customized, responsive, affordable, and available to all the citizens.

Our authorities couldn’t care less.

Instead our leaders cater to the wealthy elite who make vast sums of money off war and exploitation.

Our State Department and CIA are geared towards just those activities: war and exploitation.

Christianity does not believe in war. Christianity believes in peace.

Christianity does not believe in exploitation. Christianity believes in enabling others and doing onto others as we would have others doing to us.

Would Jesus believe in false flags?

Would Jesus believe in blowing up one or many of our ships and killing men in the process so as to blame it on the enemy?

Our leaders do.

Operation Northwoods was a idea that was proposed to John Kennedy by Admiral Lyman Leinmitzer back in the early 60s.

In essence, the United States would fake an attack on American citizens in Miami so as to blame it on Cuba. This would then be used as justification for attacking Cuba.

We were lucky that John Kennedy rejected that idea.

His rejection of that idea was just another straw on the camel’s back that led to his assassination.

While John Kennedy may have had qualms about engagement in such activity, Corporate America did not.

False flags are a big part of the modus operandi of our leaders these days. False flags have played a big part in getting Americans to go along with the shenanigans of our ruling class.

Gee, would Jesus believe in such a course of action?

Would Jesus believe in killing 2,000 people at Pearl Harbor in order to justify a larger war?

Perhaps history would have turned out different if FDR and Henry Stimson had been living there.

Would Jesus believe in killing 3,000 people at the World Trade Center in order to justify a mass invasion of the Middle East?

I guess his preaching on that very subject must’ve been buried in the gospels.

I certainly didn’t learn it.

Now, you either believe in Jesus as a philosopher and as a practical leader, or you do not.

Jesus was not only a philosopher, he was an economist, a self-help guru, and a sage for practical every day living.

Why should we walk away from that?

Our leaders currently believe that we have to be tough because the other guys are tough.

Are the other guys the tough guys?

I’m not sure about that. We seem to be the ones all over the world attacking everybody.

But let’s say that it is the case. Let’s say that it is the case where we are under threat from malicious malfeasors who wish to do us harm.

Where does it say that we have to engage in their activities in order to prevent them from hurting us?

Doesn’t evil generally defeat itself?

And have our actions of maliciousness been effective?

Have Americans benefited from the evil behavior of our leaders?

We can count the crises easily.

Savings and Loan scandal. bubble. Subprime mortgage crisis. COVID-19 shutdowns. Inflation crisis. Endless wars.

There are many more.

The important point is that everyone of these crises could’ve been prevented with good leadership.

We don’t have good leadership.

A good leader practices Christianity and looks after the citizenry, not himself, first.

Or so they think.

They don’t look after their citizens first because they are enchanted with their reflection in the mirror and their position as a billionaire whose name will be talked about for 10,000 years.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Harvard and God

Where did Harvard go wrong?

First things first. Harvard is not a group of nutty professors sitting around a living room in beatnik clothes entertaining Che Guevara and the leader of the the Shining Path Guerillas.

Harvard today is much more ruthless than that.

Harvard’s primary ruling board known as The Corporation is a group of the most malicious, overachieving, greedy money-accumulators the world has ever seen. They put Crassus to shame.

And therein lies where Harvard went wrong.

Harvard walked away from God. Harvard put its faith in profits.

Harvard placed its faith in Oxford.

Harvard placed its faith In Criminal Corporate Britain.

Harvard brags about its endowment.

Harvard brags about its library.

Harvard brags about its movers and shakers.

There is scarcely an item on the face of the earth that Harvard does not brag about.

Christ is about humility.

Harvard displays anything but humility.

Its graduates feast on pheasant and fine wine even as homelessness abounds around it.

To assuage its guilt, it gives forth dimes in order to get the ball rolling to fight the racism and the poverty that it has created and encouraged.

In reality, its proper payment is the forfeiture of its entire wealth.

Harvard brags about its Rhodes scholarships.

Harvard cozied up to the bigot and racist, Cecil Rhodes, who raped Africa and then set up his scholarship in order to rope America back into the British sphere of influence.

On its 350th anniversary, Harvard invited the British pig and criminal, Prince Charles, to speak.

Harvard’s dream is the dream of Criminal Corporate Britain, to make America the Dickensian-Twistian workshop that they had initially intended it to be.

Harvard betrays America. Harvard betrays God.

Harvard is the antichrist.

Harvard leads the way in eliminating the terms AD and BC.

Harvard wants you to use the terms CE and BCE instead.

Make no mistake about it, Harvard rules the media which pushes forth this canard.

Yes, that’s right, Jesus Christ, nothing to see here, speed bump in history, keep moving.

As a Christian, I don’t ask you to join the Christian church. I don’t demand that you join the Christian church. What I do ask, what I do demand, is that you recognize that there was a person and a philosophy named Jesus Christ, and that he was here, and that people used these terms AD and BC to denote the influence that his philosophy had upon our world.

Harvard would deny you that.

Spare me the blather and bullshit from Vox and the Daily Beast. Here’s what we know …

No, Mr. Goebbels, here is what your propaganda is.

Harvard is the antichrist in every sense of the word.

Harvard defeats Christ.

Harvard is the enemy of Christ.

Christ is not merely a symbol of a fuzzy afterlife.

Cristianity allows no interlocutor between man and God.

That’s the scientific genius behind Christianity. That’s why the powers that be despise Christ. Christ being one with God allows you to access God without the scum who pretend to be the interpreters of God.

This bothers the elites. This bothers Harvard.

It bothers the elites because they need to control the religion in order to fight their useless wars which only serve to enrich them.

That’s why the elites enlist the reverends and the preachers to support their immoral wars. That’s why prayer breakfasts exist.

Billy Graham never saw a war that he didn’t support. He was promoted by the Harvard-controlled media in order to control you.

This is how the CIA defeated Arbenz in Guatemala. They spread their lies through the Catholic Church to convince the people that Arbenz was going to destroy them.

The pigs in charge understand that Jesus did not arrive on earth to promote war. To get around that, they co-opt the leaders of Christianity in prayer breakfasts to support their wars.

That’s what the religious right is all about.

They all work for Harvard. They all suckle at Harvard’s teat.

They all take Harvard’s gifts. They get trips on Air Force One. They get private audiences with the President. They get prime time television spots which ultimately serve to enrich their ministries. In short, they get a first class ticket on the jet.

With that first class ticket, they forfeit their Christianity. They join the pagan religion.

Harvard has defined a new God, the pagan god of money and power, and has set itself up as the pathway to that God.

Harvard must be defeated.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Causality and Harvard

What is causality. Causality they say is not necessarily two things sitting in conjunction with each other, yet police departments often use the principle of conjunction to convict people.

If you kill your wife, and you have her blood on your clothes, that is a form of conjunction.

If you have purchased a life insurance policy for $2 million on her life, and the life insurance policy pays you $2 million after her death, that is a form of conjunction. If you have cheated on your wife with another girl, that is also a form of conjunction.

In both these cases your dead wife is a stepping stone to your future happiness. We call this motive, but it is really a form of conjunction.

If your wife is killed by an ice pic, and you happen to have an ice pack in your dresser drawer, that is a form of conjunction. We call that means.

The more of these conjunctions, and types of conjunction, that we can find, the more secure we feel in convicting the individual.

In none of these cases do the police have a movie camera of you killing your wife.

Conjunction seems to be everything when establishing guilt. It’s really a matter of degree.

It would be great if we could have a movie camera, but even if we did have a movie camera, people would still challenge the authenticity of the movie camera.

A movie camera even in itself shoots a series of still shots.

The reason we trust a movie camera, is because the amount of time between still shots is so small.

There is no other feature to causality except the degree of conjunction.

Now, if we can find elements of each piece of the puzzle on the other piece, then we can feel better.

For example, if the blood spatter of the dead wife is found on the clothes of the husband, while DNA material of the husband is found on the wife, that can indicate a greater degree of conjunction.

Of course, even that can be challenged, but the more evidence we have of that, the greater degree of confidence we have.

Discussions of statistics as they pertain to causality do not necessarily apply to cases of murder and crime. They are not the same thing.

A crime only happens one way. You can use statistics to aid you, but statistics is an aid, nothing more.

So let’s apply these principles to Harvard University and the death of America.

The question is this: Is the so-called innocent Harvard graduate who practices medicine in a medium sized town out in the middle of nowhere guilty of destroying America?


Clearly, he graduated from Harvard University. More than likely he put a diploma from Harvard on his wall in order to let everybody know that he went to Harvard and is therefore one of the “good” doctors.

He helps sustain and nurture the idea of Harvard as a benevolent and good university. And that is because he does do good things.

So what? There were good Germans. We know there were good Germans because Viktor Frankl told us so.

Those good Germans did not prevent us from attaching complicity to the German people.

The German people looked the other way as the Third Reich grew in power and began committing all sorts of harm to Jews, Poles, and Russians.

The Third Reich killed millions upon millions of people.

The German people looked the other way.

It wasn’t a matter of them just not knowing, they didn’t want to know.

And so it is with the Harvard graduate.

Those of us who have been alive for the last 60 to 70 years know full well that the United States has declined as a society in this period of time.

There are many social ills that did not exist to such an extraordinary degree 75 years ago.

We can also notice that the power of Harvard University has increased substantially in that period of time.

Harvard University, like a malignancy, now invades all our major institutions, corporations, associations, sports leagues, media, entertainment, government, and NGOs.

In summary, Harvard, which leads the Harvard Cabal, is directly correlated to the social ills that exist in society.

There is a direct positive correlation.

At the same time, we have noticed that the Harvard graduate has enriched himself beyond all comprehension.

Harvard ideas permeate our national institutions. We can see time and again how Harvard’s ideas take hold.

Critical race theory, the relative value scale in medicine, evidence-based medicine are all ideas that came out of Harvard University.

They are all bad ideas.

Harvard’s idiotic ideas helped prolong the Great Depression. Harvard and its lieutenants at Columbia University formed the Brain-Dead Trust which Roosevelt relied upon to create artificial shortages.

Harvard continued its calamity during the Vietnam war when Harvard graduate Robert McNamara fought a war based upon statistics. Rules of engagement was used as a tool to prolong war in order to maximize profits for corporations.

Additionally the same Robert McNamara engineered a genocide program for mentally disabled young men when he instituted Project 100,000.

Robert McNamara sent men with IQs between 50 and 80 to fight in Vietnam. They had five times the kill rate of a regular soldier. That makes Robert McNamara a war criminal.

Harvard attendee Bill Gates got together with fellow Ivy League graduate Anthony Fauci to engineer harmful policies in the battle against COVID-19. Their policies prolonged the COVID-19 pandemic, destroyed small business, and waged genocide amongst the elderly people. The government benefited by saving billions on Medicare and Social Security. Corporate America was able to get rid of its competitors in small business. The COVID-19 pandemic was nothing more than an attack on the American people.

Harvard graduate, Barack Obama, did nothing for black people except use their face as a steppingstone to get to his fancy mansion on Martha’s Vineyard. The desperation of black people in the inner city has exponentially increased. He helped label and slander America as a racist society. He didn’t do anything for student debt. He didn’t create a decentralized healthcare marketplace which would have decreased costs. He didn’t stop the relentless merging of corporations. He didn’t stop the nonstop wars in the Middle East.

His successor and fellow Ivy League graduate, Donald Trump, didn’t do anything either.

Ditto to George Bush, Yale graduate, the predecessor to Barack Obama. These Ivy League graduates, made America worse. They made America weaker.

They wasted America’s time.

Bill Clinton, Ivy League graduate, and George Bush, Yale graduate, created the conditions that resulted in the subprime mortgage crisis. Their Ivy League friends on Wall Street aided and abetted the subprime mortgage crisis.

To solve the subprime catastrophe in 2008, these Ivy League men didn’t bail out the American people; instead, they bailed out their wealthy Ivy League banker friends. In so doing they impoverished the American people to an even greater degree. They did this by inflation.

They continued to do damage through quantitative easing which represented a net transfer of wealth from the poor and middle-class to the rich.

None of these Ivy League Presidents, led spiritually by Harvard University, did anything to solve homelessness. Nor did they do anything to solve the problem of school violence.

You diminish school violence by changing the culture, by speaking out against the violent video games, the violent movies, the superstar movies which promote helplessness and savior syndrome, the ludicrous superstar culture which again promotes helplessness amongst youth, and the drug culture,

You diminish school violence by speaking out against standardized testing which puts too much pressure upon children. Standardized testing stifles creativity while selecting out and encouraging obedient regurgitation. Additionally, standardized testing stratifies children, gives them a score and thus labels them as either geniuses or losers.

Your Ivy League Presidents engaged in none of this discussion as it is in Corporate America’s best interest to maintain the American people – heavily sedated by photo shoots of people like the Kardashians, Nick Lachey, and Johnny Depp – as brain-addled serfs on its consumer plantation.

There can be no question that the Ivy League, led by Harvard University, was in charge of our nation.

Their leadership is as horrible as the worst leadership under any king or queen from centuries prior.

There is a positive correlation between the power and control of Harvard University and the calamity that has befallen the United States.

The regular Harvard doctor who sits in a small town in the middle of nowhere, with his Harvard diploma on his wall, sustains and nurtures the idea of Harvard as a benevolent university and good force in the world.

Through his inaction, he looks the other way. He doesn’t want to know about the crimes of Harvard University.

Therefore, that doctor is complicit in the crimes of Harvard University as surely as the German people were complicit in supporting the Third Reich.

It’s not just a case of the doctor not knowing of the crimes of Harvard University, that doctor doesn’t want to know the crimes of Harvard University. He looks the other way.

He doesn’t want to know.

And with that stated, let’s look at causality a different way. Let us assume that causality is not what we think it is. We think we live in a world of separate items, but what if we do not? What if everything is connected? What if causality is a given for everybody? What if we have to prove separateness?

Thank of causality as a block of stone from which Michelangelo is carving out the Pieta. Michelangelo is carving out the spaces. What is left is true causality.

Causality then becomes not a binary event of yes or no, but a graded slope from 0 to 100.

Could I, Archer Crosley, prove separateness when it comes to all the calamities that have beset the United States of America?

That’s an easy one. I’ve never been anywhere near the halls of power. I am not an elected official. I don’t have the kind of money that can influence votes. I don’t make Supreme Court decisions. I don’t set policy in the United States. Indeed, I regularly criticize the boobs in power for their misguided policies.

How about Harvard University?

You tell me.

Are they near the halls of power? Are they near the decisionmakers?

I think that’s an easy one also. They are.

How about the regular Harvard educated doctor who sits in his office in the middle of nowhere? What complicity does he share? Can he prove his separateness?

As you can see the answer lies somewhere between 0 and 100. The important point is that there is some connectedness. The regular doctor may not be near the halls of power, but he is certainly connected to the institution, Harvard, that produces the individuals who are near the halls of power.

Through his good behavior, he validates Harvard. People look at him and say, “You see, he’s a good doctor from Harvard. He’s a smart, moral man. Harvard does produce the best and brightest. They wouldn’t hurt us. They wouldn’t have evil intent.”

He’s very much like those German people who supported the Third Reich.

Now, in this discussion I’ve used a Harvard educated doctor. That was an arbitrary choice. I could easily have used a Harvard collaborator, one of the many puppets and serfs Harvard has programmed to do its cheerleading.

It’s not necessary that the doctor in this example graduate from Harvard. He only needs to buy into Harvard’s tyranny and criminality. I am sure you have met a few of these people. They are ubiquitous.

Many years ago I was listening to a sports talk show out of Philadelphia in which this one caller was talking about the work ethic of the Ivy League. He was trying to justify the superiority of the Ivy League graduate.

He went on and on about the work ethic of the Ivy League graduate. Apparently, in his mind, Ivy League graduates work harder than other people.

Work ethic, huh?

I wonder if this caller ever once considered the work ethic of the average working man who works two jobs in order to support his family. He has to work those two jobs because Harvard scum and Harvard collaborators outsourced well-paying jobs in the 1970s and 80s.

I wonder if the caller ever once considered the work ethic of your average Haitian who has to bust his ass twelve hours a day in order to make five dollars. He only makes five dollars a day in the sweatshops of Levi Strauss because Harvard scum put policies into effect that ensure his perpetual servitude.

How about you, the reader?

How about your work ethic?

It’s your work ethic and the fruits of your labors that the Harvard graduate usurps.

The Harvard graduate is the cause of your demise.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved


I have a friend named Garry.

Garry is a normal person, unlike me.

Garry has a wife and three children, and he has led a normal life in comparison to me.

I envy him.

Sometimes, though, I forget that I am talking to a normal person. It just comes up on me before I realize it.

I have to be careful with what I say.

The other day I asked Garry if he had voted for Dr. Oz.

Garry and I grew up in Pennsylvania together. I live in Texas, and he lives in Pennsylvania – still. Garry grew up four doors down from me. His wife, Laura, grew up two doors down from me. She is normal also.

My brain got damaged when my father died and my mother remarried. I was thirteen.

I became angry, but I also became able to see things or at least go places that other people would not.

Psychological trauma has a way of affecting your brain. It forces you to ask questions about the world.

You can’t accept the world as it is anymore. You can’t buy into the government’s lies.

Your world has been rocked.

I forget that when I talk to Garry.

Garry is perhaps like you. He believes in the essential goodness of our government and its leaders.

All my life I’ve been looking for the sunglasses in order to give to Garry.

I want Garry to see what I see.

In more than fifty years I’ve never been successful. It’s the way it is, and it’s the way it was yesterday when I talked to him about Dr. Oz and the Senate race.

Garry mentioned to me that he had voted for Jim Fetterman in the Democratic primary. He sent me a link to the guy’s Wikipedia page. Garry took a shine to him because he looked like a regular guy, and because he wouldn’t wear a suit.

I immediately read the Wikipedia page, and this is what I texted back.

I looked on his Wikipedia page. He attended some classes at Harvard. He won’t do anything for the regular people, at least not anything good. He’ll be another Harvard stooge. Dr Oz is another Harvard stooge. As long as people keep electing these people, there is no hope.

And then …

What’s he running for? Senate? If he wins, he’ll vote for more war. He won’t do anything for healthcare reform. He won’t do anything for student debt. He’ll vote with the other dumb dumbs in the Senate, the dumb dumbs who just voted to give Ukraine 40 billion. Do you know where that money is going? It’s going to be loaded on a train straight to Moscow.

I’ve seen this man of the people routine before. Gerald Ford talked like a regular guy; he was practically a criminal. No, he was a criminal.

Garry got upset. He called me a Debbie Downer.

I felt bad. I still do.

I feel bad because I forgot that Garry is a normal person. I have to be more careful.

I have to get out of the habit of telling normal people that Santa Claus doesn’t exist.

He doesn’t.

How can I explain this to you?

Mr. Fetterman never would have gotten to where he did unless he had attended Harvard.

He had the Harvard machine behind him.

Don’t ask me how Harvard does this? I’m not the one committing the crime. I don’t know how Harvard secretly backs and funds these candidates.

I imagine it’s done through some kind of network where Harvard people have influence in promoting the candidates that they want promoted. I imagine they have a network where Harvard people have influence in getting their candidates the money they need.

The key thing is that Mr. Fetterman revealed himself the day he attended Harvard. He expressed a desire to join the cool kids. The people at Harvard took notice of that and began grooming him.

Mr. Fetterman may believe that he is immune from that programming, but he is not.

He has been groomed and indoctrinated into the cult.

I don’t care what comes out of his mouth. I don’t care what he spits out. I don’t care how many suits he doesn’t wear.

I’ve seen this ‘man of the people’ routine before.

Harvard is very good at promoting people who look like regular people.

At the end of the day he will do what Harvard tells him to do.

Sure, he will toss a few dog scraps to the eager puppies in order to make himself look like he’s one of them, but at the end of the day he will do what Harvard wants, especially on the important issues that affect middle-class people

He will promote more war.

He will buy into the essential policies that Harvard desires.

When his career is over, if he is a good boy, he will be rewarded with tens of millions of dollars, a few corporate board seats, his own asset management company which he will not have to manage, a professorship if he wants it, employment for his children at NBC, and any number of perks.

This is how sausage is made.

We live in a shamocracy.

Because my brain is damaged, I don’t have a problem living with that. It doesn’t bother me emotionally to know that this is the case.

I can continue with my daily life and understand this.

Unfortunately, Garry cannot. There must be something in having an integrated personality that does not permit normal people to accept the reality that they’ve been lied to, and that Santa Claus does not exist.

This is something that I need to understand.

My disintegrated personality, which has this dark side, which enables me to view evil people as they are, must somehow have developed a comfort level with evil.

It’s as if I am a dispassionate observer of life.

I can see evil and the people evil embodies and therefore keep a safe distance from them.

They can likewise see me, and keep a safe distance from me.

We walk at a distance from each other in the woods. We eye each other warily.

Why do they not come after me if I am exposing them? I don’t know why.

Is it because I am a mosquito on an elephant’s ass? Is it because they know something that I do not know, that Garry will never be able to see what I see?

Or is it because I carry a cross that can sublimate them?

Maybe they see a distant cousin who might one day join them.

I don’t know.

This is disconcerting to me.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

They Picked the Wrong Flag

CMA Fest has banned Confederare Flag imagery.

Don’t make me laugh so hard.

The Confederate flag issue is a bogus issue that is created and fostered by the criminal elite who reside in Cambridge Massachusetts, principally the society destroyers at Harvard, who need to climb higher on their horse in order to feel good about themselves.

They need to feel better than you because of the racist criminality they have committed against black people.

The murderers at Harvard have killed more black folk than the South ever killed.

The murderers at Harvard have destroyed more black lives than the South could have committed in ten thousand years.

They have done so because they lead the Harvard Cabal which rules the nation. See prior articles for a definition as to who comprises the Harvard Cabal. In short, you don’t have to be a graduate from Harvard. The Harvard Cabal is comprised of thousands upon thousands of elite school graduates (and a smattering of puppets and bootlickers from outside the Ivy League) who dominate government, corporations, associations, foundations, media, entertainment, sports leagues, and other organizations.

The number of black lives that Harvard has destroyed through violence, drugs, the corporate prison racket, and abortion is staggering beyond anyone’s imagination.

The welfare plantation racket is infinitely more devastating to the mental health of black folk in the inner city than the plantations in the South ever were.

This is obvious to anyone who has a pair of eyes.

And yet, the number one issue for the Harvard-controlled media is the Confederate flag.

How about Harvard‘s flag?

Harvard drives the welfare system to excess. Harvard keeps the abortion racket going. Harvard trains the officers who run the corporate prison racket in which young black men agree to be guarded by white men in rural areas so that white guys in Corporate America can reap a fortune by building and supplying prisons. Harvard outsources jobs from the inner city. Harvard promotes the ‘defund the police’ movement. Harvard espouses critical race theory. Harvard encourages the nonstop race hustling that has gone on for the past seventy years (Amanda Gorman is Harvard’s latest installment). Moreover, Harvard supplies our government with all the greedy elite a corrupt government could possibly desire.

It’s going to get worse with Michael Bloomberg’s Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative. There will be no shortage of suckers and dupes from small cities who will suck Harvard’s cock for a quarter. These newly anointed fellows from Harvard will thoroughly cement Harvard’s death grip upon America. It will become impossible to even make small changes within your locality which goes against Harvard’s corporate tyranny.

Do you need more?

Harvard clowns run our government, a government that refuses to give the people of Central America a stake in the game.

Had the people in Central America a stake in the game, had they a real voice in their government, had they possessed economic prosperity, they would have shut down the drug industry in a heartbeat. It is that drug industry which pumps life-destroying drugs into the inner-city, which keeps the black man enmeshed within a sea of devastation.

Unfortunately, giving people in Central America a say in their government isn’t in the best interest of the criminal elite who run our country. They make money off sweat shops, strip mining, and environmental pollution.

Harvard also keeps the black man down by recruiting black people to betray their own people. It is these race hustlers – these Quislings who Malcolm X warned black people about – who keep black folk focused on rage. They keep black people focused on reparations and handouts instead of enterprise, jobs and well-paying jobs at that.

Harvard will never permit high-tariff zones in the inner city which forbid Harvard-trained slave-masters from selling their cheap products freshly imported from their Asian sweat shops.

High-tariff zones in the inner city would give black people an opportunity to do for themselves what no one else will permit them to do.

This was the dream of Marcus Garvey, a man who Harvard ignores. He wanted to form a black corporation, owned by black people, staffed by black people, employing black people, to do for the black man what the white man wouldn’t do.

Don’t think for a second that Marcus Garvey didn’t cross Harvard’s radar. They promptly pumped out the white man’s black man, WEB Du Bois, a Harvard dandy, who promptly nudged black people down the path of begging, fighting, and killing. All of this could’ve been prevented by free black enterprise. Ah, but there was no money in that for Harvard.

And so Marcus Garvey was shipped off to London while other black enterprisers like Booker T. Washington were conveniently ignored by the media that Harvard increasingly came to control. Many decades later, a man named Malcolm X stood up and spoke about black self-sufficiency; and for that, he was murdered.

Giving black folk in the inner city the opportunity to build independent businesses free of the intrusion of corporate sweatshops and evil Harvard stormtroopers is the way to go. High-tariff zones can accomplish that.

High tariff zones protect people. High tariff zones give people an opportunity to be self-sufficient.

This Harvard will never permit.

Harvard prefers a rentier society with Harvard trained hucksters in charge of the public housing, the Medicaid programs, the food stamps, and all the other garbage that Harvard slumlords are peddling.

We don’t need to denounce the Confederate flag. We need to denounce the Harvard flag.

It is Harvard’s flag that needs to be removed from society along with the entire university.

The sooner Harvard is gone, the better it is for us.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Dear Olivia

In response to this young teen’s desire to attend an Ivy League School, I have penned the following letter.

Dear Olivia,

Please do not go to Harvard or any other Ivy League university.

I care about what will happen to you.

Your intelligence does not come from these schools. Your validation does not come from these schools.

These schools will not make you smarter, nor will they make you a better person. On the contrary they will likely make you a worse person. And they will likely make you think poorly.

I know that you want to be seen as a Harvard graduate, but I can assure you that’s the worst thing that can happen to you.

Oh, yes, you can go to Harvard, and you can receive the keys to the Kingdom, and they will give you those.

In spades.

When you go there, they will groom you.

You will meet important people. You will meet important Hollywood actors. You may even meet royalty.

That is the problem with these schools.

Unless you are one of the lucky few to escape the cult, you will gradually come to believe that you are better than other people.

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking: That won’t happen to me.

Yes, it will.

It will happen because we all have the same emotional quotient of 6.

The elites figured you out on Day One.  They know exactly how to play you.

You will ask yourself:  Why am I meeting these important people.  Why am I meeting Barack Obama?  Why am I meeting Tom Cruise?  Why am I meeting John Roberts?  Why am I meeting the King of England?

The true answer is because you are being groomed. You are being groomed into a life of elitism.  They need you to run their empire of sin and enslavement.

But that’s not what you will conclude.

In time, as the grooming and indoctrination takes hold, you will begin to believe that you are better than other people.

The longer that you remain  in Washington DC, Cambridge, New York, or Philadelphia, the more you will begin to believe this, the more indoctrinated you will become, the less sensitive you will be to the needs of ordinary people.

In time you’ll begin to think that you have all the answers and no one else does.

You will begin to say stupid things.

You will become an evil person.

The stupid things you say will be engineered in order to lead people astray, to conjure up phony popular support so that your Ivy league colleagues will give you money for useless, unworkable projects.  

Did the Ivy League do any favors for Elon Musk? He says that we will very shortly have one million men on Mars. These comments are designed to tickle the fancy of morons who Congress will use to justify giving Musk billions to build Mars Landers that will only function on a hidden movie studio set.

Did the Ivy League do any favors for Mitt Romney and Carl Icahn? They outsourced jobs ruthlessly in the United States and helped destroy the American economy.

Did the Ivy League do any favors for George Bush? He was the architect of the Middle East wars which killed millions of people.

The list goes on and on. Did the Ivy League do any favors for Mike Pompeo?  He helped put Julian Assange away and deprive him of his rights.  Don’t we have a Bill of Rights in the United States?  Shouldn’t our leaders respect that tradition?

Did the Ivy League do any favors for Allen Dulles? He was the head of the CIA. He pulled dirty tricks on many foreign countries around the globe. Many of the problems we have in the world today are from CIA blowback.  The immigrant crisis on our southern border is a direct consequence of brutal CIA activities in Central America over the past century.  Central America is now uninhabitable.

Did the Ivy League do any favors for Michael Milken? He helped facilitate leveraged buyouts which enabled ruthless corporate pigs to purchase up regional businesses. This helped destroy jobs in the United States. It helped impoverish people in the United States.  His actions facilitated the trading in of good jobs and healthy families for drugs, gambling, tattoos, delinquency, cheap gossip and a crummy superstar culture.

Did the Ivy League do any favors for Elliott Abrams? He will be forever tarnished by the atrocities in El Salvador, and rightfully so.

Do you see the common thread here, Olivia?  These Ivy League titans had no empathy for the people they hurt.  None.  Their misguided Ivy League indoctrination led them to believe that they were a superior species to the average human. Much as a human views a dog, this is how these men view the rest of us. 

This will be your future, if you choose to matriculate at Harvard, only you won’t know it. You will be too busy celebrating yourself on Martha’s Vineyard with your newfound buddy, Barack Obama.

I implore you to not attend an Ivy League school, Olivia.   We need smart people like you on our side in order to defeat this cesspool of corruption that has placed its death grip upon America and the world.

We can’t offer you any of the perks that Harvard can give you, and we can’t even guarantee a victory. You would have to join us because it’s the right thing to do.

Please, join us.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

To the People of the Future.

To the people of the future.

If you are reading this, you will want to know how the country of America ceased to exist as a republic.

You will want to know what went wrong.

In a word, Harvard.

Our leaders became transfixed with being elite and being rich.

They became enchanted by a Harvard degree, which was a veiled license to steal.

They cozied up to the criminals in the British empire – that sort that attends Oxford and Eton.

It was always Great Britain’s desire to recapture the colonies.

They found their willing, traitorous collaborators at Harvard University.

Harvard and its Ivy League allies openly invaded our republican institutions and like a malignancy took them over. They used the mainstream media they controlled to persuade the masses to go along with their criminality.

Their think tanks and lobbying organizations co-opted our government.

They created false enemies in order to justify a military buildup from which they profited enormously.

They controlled all the major corporations which made big money off wars physical, imaginary and abstract.

It wasn’t just the defense corporations that made money off war. All corporations made money off war.

It wasn’t just the war in Vietnam or the wars in the Middle East that were deemed important, it was also the wars against illiteracy, poverty, racism, sexual discrimination, littering, crime, drugs, and any other type of war you can imagine.

Harvard and its minions cleverly stood by with programs at hand to solve these problems. Harvard told the American people through their compliant media that these battles were important to fight.

In nearly all these cases, the problems were created by Harvard itself.

It was Harvard who outsourced the jobs. The best welfare program is a steady job. Never mind that obvious truth.

When the jobs were outsourced, all sorts of social ills arose.

Did Harvard care? No. Did Harvard bring back the manufacturing base which would have paid people better? No. There was no money in that for Harvard.

Harvard loves Third World sweatshops.

Instead, Harvard developed innumerable unworkable programs (with catchy names) to fight these social ills. They did everything but bring jobs back.

There was little the people could do. They kept looking for a savior. There was no savior to be found.

That didn’t stop Harvard though, They invented false saviors who came from Harvard and the Ivy League.

Men like Bush, Obama, and Trump promised much but delivered little that was helpful to the people.

The one savior, Jesus Christ, who could have saved the people had been thoroughly trashed by the compliant media that Harvard controlled.

Jesus Christ wasn’t just a spiritual leader, he was an economist as well. Jesus Christ told the people that when you help others you help yourself.

Harvard, by brutalizing the American people and the Third World, prosecuted a false Zero Sum philosophy in which a dollar in the average American’s pocket was a dollar out of Harvard’s pocket.

And so the Harvard graduate continued his reign of tyranny. Not surprisingly, the American people kept voting them into power in state after state, city after city, town after town.

Harvard had conned the people into believing that Harvard clowns were the best and the brightest.

Pagan Harvard lied with a passion.

We became a Kim Jong Un society, a society that worshipped a living god – Harvard.

Harvard’s officers sacrificed hundreds of thousands of innocent lives in foreign countries.

Millions were killed in Southeast Asia, in the Middle East, and in the wars to come.

The American people suspected that something was wrong but could do little.

Yes, there were 30 to 50,000,000 people who could see the truth, but they were outnumbered by the 250 million who were duped and relentlessly lied to.

Our democracy became a joke.

Harvard rigged the elections. They used their MIT and Stanford quants to do the dirty deeds.

Thereafter Harvard made assembly and protest a taboo.

It came to be considered un-American to protest against the Harvard pigs who were running and ruining our country.

Harvard through the CIA sent out its dirty tricksters to infiltrate legitimate protest and transform it into a violent mob.

The people had little recourse.

A new dark age set forth in the country.

There was no science to the facemask, but the elites forced it upon the people.

That was during the COVID-19 crisis of 2020.

Harvard’s collaborators at the New England Journal of Medicine were happy to promote fraudulent science.

They wore suits and ties and spoke pretty.

The mathematicians at MIT manipulated and fabricated bogus statistics, lies, to back up their Harvard collaborators.

They made up the concept of a super spreader event. They told people to shelter at home, flatten the curve, and socially distance.

They laughably told us to lower the R-naught value.

They nearly destroyed the economy.

Our leaders could not have cared less.

Politicians and wealthy elites sequestered themselves in Martha’s Vineyard, a cesspool of theft and corruption.

They partook of escargot, fine wines and vichyssoise while homelessness abounded.

They laughed and feasted on pheasant at White House Press Corps dinners.

Meanwhile, America the Republic died.

Rampant inflation struck the American people.

Our leaders blamed it on Russia and China.

They manipulated the American people into a worldwide catastrophe.

Are you surprised?

You shouldn’t be. Harvard’s mantra and ideology has always been about money and power accumulation.

They turned America away from God.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Harvard’s Disingenuous Gesture

So Harvard University is going to dedicate $100 million to correcting racism on their campus.

They have admitted that their racist policies have led to the enrichment of Harvard University.

They expect you to follow suit, of course.

Well … Harvard’s current endowment is over $40 billion.

If Harvard really wanted to do some good, they would give all of their $40 billion endowment to black folk, instead of the dimes they are giving.

And they would shut down their university not only because of the crimes they’ve committed against black folk and white folk, but because of the crimes they are still committing against the peoples of the United States and the world.

It’s not just black folk that Harvard hates, it’s all folks who aren’t of their elite caste.

But of course black folk have borne the greatest brunt of Harvard’s hatred.

They weren’t the first. The Pequot Indians beat them to the punch, but black folk have certainly suffered the most.

Harvard celebrated its first year of existence at about the time that the Pequots were rubbed out by the Bay Colony. 1636 was when Harvard began its criminal reign in America.

350 years later in 1986, Harvard revealed its true royalist, elitist, anti-American roots by inviting over the British criminal Prince Charles as one of its keynote speakers.

In dedicating $100 million to “correcting racism” (which they have no intention of doing because if they did have the intention of doing so they would shut down their university), they make things tougher for black folk by focusing on racism.

That’s their goal. They know full well what they’re doing. They are bigots to the core.

They know full well that people who are focused on racism and rage, are not as focused on education.

I know that many of you have been taught and propagandized to believe that Harvard is this noble and wonderful university; but it is not. That’s all propaganda and nonsense courtesy of the media that they control.

All you need do is look at the calamity that has befallen the United States over the last 75 years.

They have been the ones in control.

Indeed, they brag about it.

Their media subliminally propagandizes you with the quotidian goings-on of the Hasty Pudding Club at least 13 times a day.

And yet, and yet, and yet, they have presided over an unmitigated disaster. And things will only get worse until that university is incinerated into dust.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Aliens in Our Midst

Our leaders are not like us.

They are alien to us.

They have no empathy for the poor or the afflicted.

One only needs to look to Ukraine.

Our leaders in the United States created that debacle.

They want NATO to expand into Ukraine not for the benefit of the people of the Ukraine but for the benefit of themselves. They want the oil and gas resources that the Ukraine controls.

Russia is not interested in what NATO desires. Neither is China. Both Russia and China do not desire to be slave states to the United States begging for oil with plate outstretched a la Oliver Twist.

Please Sir, may I have some more.

That is why Russia invaded the Ukraine. They are fighting for their survival. This war is an existential war for them. They will fight to the death.

Our ignorant leaders don’t care because they make money off war.

They are attempting to pour kerosene on the dumpster fire that they created.

Sending weapons to Ukraine is toxic.

Our leaders created the debacle by expanding NATO into the sphere of Russian hegemony.

The Russians responded in the same way we would respond if they had set up shop in Canada or Mexico.

Our leaders created this debacle on purpose.

It wasn’t an accident.

As I say, they are alien to us.

They get a sexual charge of seeing refugees, dead people, and bombed out buildings. These scenes make them feel like winners.

I know this is difficult for you to understand because you’re not like them.

Your leaders are not like you.

They are very skilled at hiding their true feelings and intent.

Everything that comes out of their mouth is a lie.

If they had wanted to fix things, they certainly had the power to do so.

They seem to be able to move heaven and earth when it comes to hiding a fixed election.

They seem to be able to move heaven and earth when it comes to knocking off people like Jeffrey Epstein who might threaten their existence.

Why can they not move heaven and earth to fix homelessness?

Why can they not move heaven and earth when it comes to constructing an affordable healthcare system for all?

Why can they not move heaven and earth when it comes to waging peace?

Don’t give them any more benefit of the doubt.

They haven’t earned the benefit of the doubt.

They are not like you. And for that reason they must be overthrown.

There is no negotiating with these people.

They are lost.

They are over the edge.

They crossed the Rubicon a long time ago.

How did they lose their way?

Quite innocently.

From an early age, like you, they were indoctrinated into the concept of the best and the brightest.

Their parents, their teachers, and society at large, told them that Harvard graduates and the people who attend the Ivy League were the best and the brightest, the geniuses.

And so they went to Harvard. Many got there legitimately, but many did not.

Many got there because their parents paid their way in. Many got there because their parents simply attended the institution. Many paid off Marc Singer to find a way to get in.

It really doesn’t matter how they got there. What matters is what happened when they got there.

When they attended Harvard University, they were wined, dined and programmed. They were invited to meet many people that you see on television. There’s no shortage of actors who will sell their soul to suck the Harvard cock. Harvard students were also able to meet people who run the most powerful corporations in the United States of America and the world. Their law school graduates were fast tracked into clerkships with Supreme Court justices. Graduates who got married had their names printed in the New York Times.

In short, they were groomed.

This constant indoctrination works on the mind. The mind begins to ask itself, “Why am I here? Why am I meeting these important people and other people are not?”

The real answer is because that’s the way power works. Power always seeks to maximize itself through time and space. Consequently power needs to perpetuate itself through time by indoctrinating new recruits.

The individual is there because power seeks to use that individual to further the existing power structure’s needs. And the power structure believes that you the attendee are capable of doing that better than other people.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that you are the smartest but that you are the smartest person who will be compliant.

Unfortunately, that’s not what the attendees begin to believe. The attendees conclude that they are the smartest guys in the room, that they are better than other people, that they are entitled to rule.

In reality, the people who attend Harvard excel in one measure above all: obedience. They are the best at being obedient. They proved it when they took their SAT. They proved it when they got the highest GPA in high school. Those tests measure obedience not true understanding.

What are you accomplishing when you take a test like the SAT? You are reading information, memorizing information, then repeating information at a later time. What the test is truly measuring then is blind obedience.

So when you see a man like Bill Gates who claims to have gotten an almost perfect score on the SAT, what does that say? It says that he’s pretty damn close to being perfectly obedient. And isn’t that what you have noticed in his career. He always sticks up for the establishment’s line of thinking.

He sucks establishment cock.

He buys thoroughly into Harvard’s doctrine of accumulation of money and power beyond what a normal person can reasonably use or spend.

Bill Gates then is a perfect example of how Harvard’s indoctrination works.

He didn’t set up Microsoft on his own. He and Paul Allen were indoctrinated into a power network that provided the tools, people and institutions for them to produce Microsoft.

Nevertheless, he believes he did it on his own.

And he, Bill Gates, is only the tip of the iceberg.

There are thousands upon thousands of these individuals who owe their bones to Harvard University and the Ivy League.

They are the ones who are engineering the calamities we have in our world today.

And, they don’t care.

As I say, if they had cared, we wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place.

For one reason or another, they have decided that these calamities benefit them.

And that’s it.

And that’s the way it is.

And that’s the way it will be until people change their thinking.

Your leaders are not like you. They are alien to you.

You have nothing in common with them.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

How Did the Harvard Cabal Kill JFK

How did the Harvard Cabal decide to kill John Kennedy?

This is a companion piece to the article I wrote about the Harvard Cabal.

If we are going to accept that there is a Harvard Cabal that rules things, then we should develop a methodology in which the Harvard Cabal can make decisions like this.

First, don’t be distracted by the fact that John Kennedy attended Harvard. That means nothing.

When it comes to making money for the Cabal the Cabal couldn’t care less whether you went to Harvard or not.

The most important thing to them is that you go along with the program. If you don’t, they’re going to get rid of you.

So how was it done? How did they kill JFK?

Who made the final decision?

To answer that question, we have to review slightly how the Harvard Cabal operates.

Please read the prior piece on the Harvard Cabal as I don’t want to go through the whole nuts and bolts again.

As we have stated before, the Harvard Cabal is a broad array of principally, but not exclusively, Ivy League individuals who dominate our major corporations, associations, foundations, government, media, sports leagues, and entertainment industry nationally and abroad.

We are talking about tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousand of people. That’s a lot of people, but it’s a lot fewer than billions.

Because of its breadth, the Harvard Cabal talks to everybody.

The chief enforcement arm of the Harvard Cabal is the CIA which the Harvard Cabal controls.

The CIA talks to everyone as well. That’s the CIA’s job. Theoretically it’s not the CIA‘s job to put the interest of the Harvard Cabal above that of the American people, but they do it anyway.

Ha ha, America, they guffaw; the joke’s on you.

In the course of talking to everybody between 1961 and 1963, a growing consensus of opinion develops.

The consensus of opinion is that John Kennedy is bad for the business of America and the world.

Although he is an idealistic President, he is perhaps too idealistic.

There are many people who flat out don’t like his ideas, especially when it comes to world peace.

This is normal for a President, but in John F. Kennedy‘s case, the dislike is extreme and broad based.

The people in the petroleum industry are upset with him because he threatens to remove their oil depletion tax break. So did every other President before and since, but for some reason it’s a particular obsession with them when it comes to John Kennedy.

The importers from Central America and the Caribbean rim are upset with him because he wants to fashion a new alliance with Latin America, one that does not subjugate the people there. Additionally they see what happened in Cuba and they are fearful that the same communist wave will overtake the rest of Central America and threaten their banana and sugar cane plantations.

The military is upset with him because they feel he chickened out on Cuba. They fear that he will chicken out in other parts of the world, places like Vietnam.

World peace is threatening to the generals because peace threatens the need to fight wars, and that means less need for gadgets and equipment to fight wars.*

The mob is upset with JFK because they want their casinos back in Cuba. They also don’t want to be prosecuted ruthlessly by his brother.

Big corporate interests who have their eyes on Indonesia are upset with him because they desperately want those huge gold and copper deposits that are sitting secretly in Papua, New Guinea.

Religious leaders don’t like him because he fools around and has a lot of girlfriends. They conveniently ignore the wildings of Allen Dulles, LBJ and other politicians who by comparison make JFK look like Pope John.

The only people who seem to like JFK are regular people. Unfortunately, regular people don’t have a lot of money, and they don’t get to make the important decisions in the United States of America. They think they do because they naïvely believe that America is a democratic republic.

They’re about to find out differently.

The people in the Cabal and who control the halls of power are talking to each other, and they have concluded that JFK‘s vision for the world interferes with the profits of the rich.

The CIA has independently concluded the same.

What are they going to do about it?

The Harvard Cabal is not going to explicitly tell the CIA what to do.

The CIA already knows what to do. That’s what their job has become in 1950s America: toppling governments.

In the course of conversing with their enforcement arm, the Harvard Cabal only needs to communicate to the CIA that something must be done. They will leave it to the wisdom and judgment of men like Allen Dulles to do the rest.

And that is what transpired.

Allen Dulles in his private conversations with his lieutenants and confidants comes to the conclusion that regime change may be necessary.

And so in early 1961, after the Bay of Pigs, or possibly before, he puts the ball in motion.

Dulles in order to give himself a shield of deniability, appoints an operative within the CIA to appoint an “unknown to Dulles” assassination architect to ready plans for possible regime change if things don’t go the way they should go.

This is a contingency plan in its early stages.

As we now know, world events transpired which transformed the contingency plan into a real plan.

In the time period between the Bay of Pigs and 11/22/63, the assassination architect brings people into the fold and puts them in place – just in case. Who knows what will happen? Maybe JFK will wake up and decide to play ball.

But he doesn’t, and so the plan evolves.

This plan is not going to be written down nor discussed around a table. These men may be immoral men but they are not stupid men.

Now, of course Allen Dulles was not the official leader of the CIA when John Kennedy was shot, but he was certainly in power when the plan was put in motion.

Plans take time.

Because of his stature and respect within the CIA community Dulles was still the de facto leader of the CIA.

And this is how the Harvard Cabal got things done – and gets things done today.

Nobody gets caught, and nobody gets implicated, because nobody sat around a table and said anything to anybody about killing anybody.

All of the dirty work is done in the mind of the assassination architect.

Members of the Harvard Cabal who ultimately put the ball in motion through their innocent daily discourse are careful never to use words like kill, assassinate or any other similar words that might be construed in a negative way.

They use words like manage.

The JFK situation needs to be managed.

And so it was.

Here, let’s look at it this way. I want you to look at the individual members of the Harvard Cabal as the cells in your brain.

How are decisions made in your brain?

The individual cells of your brain collect information from all of your senses – sight, sound, touch, smell, taste, proprioception.

This information is spread around your brain. That’s what all those fibers of the white matter are doing. They aren’t there just to give you something to study in anatomy class. And they’re not filler material like packing peanuts.

Higher centers of cells in your brain take this information and produce thoughts. These thoughts are balanced against prior thoughts which we call experiences.

This information is then ultimately sent over to the executive or enforcement arm of your brain which is responsible for getting things done.

They are the do-ers, the action people.

Somewhere in that enforcement arm of the brain, in that group of cells, one cell fires off and magically, the ball is put in motion.

Things get done. The enforcement arm of your brain sends commands down to the muscles of your body.

That’s how you get through the day, every day of the week.

This is how the Harvard Cabal works.

You can’t point to any one particular cell and assign blame even though one cell somewhere, is responsible.

That cell is hidden deep within the bowels of your brain.

There are billions of cells there and you will never find it.


* Why, horror of horrors, somebody might get the idea of doing away with the “Six-Hundred Ship Navy.” If ever the need arises to get people to turn off their brain and vote for war, just say Russia and then evoke the term: “Six-Hundred Ship Navy.” You’ll have them eating out of your hand. And they won’t even know why.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved