Ten Reasons to Hate Harvard

Why do I dislike Harvard? Here are ten reasons.

  1. Because the rest of us are not second class citizens in our own country.
  2. Because Harvard graduates are given a first class ticket and are moved to the head of the line.
  3. Because the track record of Harvard, Incorporated is abysmal.
  4. Because Harvard is socially re-engineering society without our permission.
  5. Because Harvard is the originator and benefactor of critical race theory.
  6. Because Harvard fuels Corporate America that benefits from endless, useless wars.
  7. Because Harvard fuels Corporate America that runs a corporate prison racket.
  8. Because Harvard runs the media that lies to Americans on an hourly basis.
  9. Because Harvard supplies the Fed and the US government with deficit mongers who dilute your share in America.
  10. Because Harvard outsourced jobs so that Harvard scum could become billionaires.

Those are ten good reasons to hate Harvard.



Archer Crosley

Now, if you want to read more about Harvard’s criminality, you can download this pdf.

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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