A Better Plan

Here’s a good video giving the Palestinian perspective. With that stated, the best idea to solve the problem came from Trump and Kushner. Now, many of you know that it pains me to complement a Harvard graduate like Kushner, but his idea was excellent. Kushner is perhaps the first Harvard graduate in many years who has said anything that remotely made any sense. He should get a Nobel prize for that.

Essentially, his idea was to compensate the Palestinians monetarily. I think this is a good idea as money is the magic salve that cleans all wounds. Money has amazing healing properties.

The problem with Kushner’s deal was that there wasn’t enough money. I would sweeten the pot. Here is what I would do. In exchange for leaving Gaza and the West Bank, renouncing all property claims, plus renouncing violence against Israel, each Palestinian would receive the following:

100,000 cash, tax free

20 acres land

100,000 housing allotment, no taxes for life

Free education for life

For a family of five, they would receive 500,000 dollars, tax free; 100 acres of land; $500,000 housing allotment; and free education for life.

The Palestinians would have to emigrate to one of the western countries participating in the plan.

Assuming that 5 million Palestinians take the offer, the total cost would be one trillion if you exclude land and education costs which really aren’t costs at all.

One trillion is chump change in Obama money.

Even if you double the cost to factor in the land, the free education, the costs of tax free status, you’re still getting a bargain.

That’s a cheap price to pay for peace.

Of course, many Palestinians and their supporters will exhibit righteous indignation and tell the world that Israel is trying to buy them off, but they will begrudgingly take the money. And this will be a good thing for them. They will be able to start a brand new life somewhere else. They won’t be stuck in the Gaza Strip which has become, as many people have termed it, an open air prison.

I suppose there is hope for Harvard.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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