Ice Cream for Justice

The Jewish students who call for Ben & Jerry’s to evacuate ‘illegally occupied’ Vermont land are making the case for Ben and Jerry.

The students are claiming that Ben & Jerry’s headquarters in Vermont is occupying the land lawfully belonging to the Abenaki Indians.

This was done in response to Ben & Jerry’s not permitting ice cream to be sold in the West Bank in protest of Israel’s landgrab in the West Bank.

The students have an interesting point, but in a strange way they make the case against Israel’s land grab in the West Bank.

Both Ben and Jerry and the state of Israel are involved in land grabbing.

This is not unusual. Land grabbing is something that we human beings have done since the beginning of time.

What may be different in the two land grabs is that Native Americans were given reservations that were their own sovereign nations. The Palestinians have not been accorded such. Well, they were given their own inviolable areas, but that pact was violated.

Additionally, Native Americans were not restricted from joining the larger American society. Many did so.

In contrast, Palestinians are restricted from joining the larger Israeli society.

There is a difference.

Palestinians have been harassed and subjected to second class status by the state of Israel. This has occurred both in the West Bank and the Gaza strip.

The students are young and tragically uninformed about the history of Israel. They are also tragically uninformed about the history of Palestine.

There were Palestinians living in what is now Israel for thousands of years. The land now known as Israel was called Palestine.

The Palestinians did not suddenly rush into the various territories after the state of Israel was created.

They were already there.

The United States and Great Britain seeking a beachhead to control the oil and gas reserves in the Middle East, the Suez canal, and the eastern Mediterranean created the state of Israel to do just that.

To that end, the western powers helped populate Palestine with Jews from around the world.

It was always a one-sided agreement against the Palestinians with the United States and Great Britain falsely posing as neutral powerbrokers.

And that is how the state of Israel came to be.

It takes much money and organization to relocate people. Only government money can provide that.

No one lifted a hand to help the Jews for 1875 years. There was no serious movement of Jews into Palestine for 1875 years.

After Edwin Drake piped oil out of the ground in 1858, and after the energy efficiency of oil was realized, it was only a matter of time before other areas of the world were explored for oil.

First was western Pennsylvania in the late 1800s; second was Spindletop in Texas in 1902; third was the discovery of oil in Iran in 1908.

Very quickly geologists became aware of the vast oil reserves in the Middle East.

That is why the state of Israel was created. The Jews were used to colonize the Middle East for the powers that be.

That is why it was necessary to take the land away from the Palestinians.

That’s reality.

No amount of wishing can make it go away.

To date both the state of Israel and its chief benefactor, the United States of America, have chosen not to give the Palestinians a fair stake in the game.

Consequently, the landgrab continues. The harassment of Palestinians continues.

Ben & Jerry’s was making a statement.

What is that statement?

In short, what goes around comes around. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

Truth is truth.

The young students, no doubt pumped into a frothing frenzy by the ultra-conservative Likud party, strike back against Ben and Jerry’s by comparing their land grab in the Middle East with the land grab by European settlers of native American lands.

Well, they’re right.

They are absolutely right.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Mel and Cancel Culture

Comes now Joshua Malina, of West Wing fame, to tell us that Mel Gibson, noted anti-Semite (according to Malina) should be canceled by Hollywood.

Malina points to numerous examples of Mel’s anti-Semitism.

It’s difficult to argue with his examples because they all happened.

What may be more arguable is whether those acts are anti-Semitic.

Just because an actor doesn’t like Jews, or makes comments about Jews, does it mean that he is anti-Semitic.

As we used to say in the old days: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.

Are there any examples of Mel discriminating against Jews? Andrew Garfield of Hacksaw Ridge identifies as Jewish. Emile Hirsch of Force of Nature is part Jewish.

Mel worked with both of them.

Mel has also worked with Danny Glover even though Mel has used saucy language against people of the darker colored persuasion.

So on the surface it seems as if Mel doesn’t have a problem working with Jews.

Or blacks.

So what gives?

Maybe Mel is just the product of his era in which people freely used racial and ethnic epithets.

Maybe Mel is human and makes mistakes.

Or, maybe Mel has been careless (as have been many others) about who he thinks are Jews.

Maybe the people who he thinks are Jews aren’t Jews at all.

Maybe the rich Jews who run businesses in Hollywood and elsewhere are as far away from Judaism as many so-called Christians are from Christianity.

In fact, that’s likely to be the case.

A true Jew, like a true Christian, doesn’t rip people off, or hoard money.

A true Jew, like a true Christian, embraces brotherhood.

Those qualities are in short supply in our leadership positions in the United States and around the world.

Of course.

Our world isn’t run by Jews or Christians, but by pagans, neo-Romans who have lost their way.

Maybe Joshua Molina is confused as well.

Joshua Malina criticizes Mel Gibson for being anti-Semitic.

Is he willing to call out the leadership of Israel as anti-Semitic also?

He should because they are perhaps the most anti-Semitic people around.

They may not call Jews names, but they certainly do a lot of harm to them.

I’m convinced that the former Prime Minister of Israel, Bibi Natanyahu, flunked Hebrew school. He certainly didn’t understand the story of Esther. He proved that when he and that other knucklehead Mike Pompeo tried to analogize the story of Esther with Israel’s current conflict with Iran.

Israel’s current Prime Minister is one of the most clueless boobs around.

Naftali Bennett, the kippah-master, doesn’t understand that the kippah is a reminder to Jews to live a moral life and to respect God’s presence. He behaves as if it’s a shield to protect him from all the evil shit that he’s done in his life.

And there’s a lot of ill will that Israel’s leadership has done to Palestinians that will come back to hurt Jews in the future.

So who is the real anti-Semite here? A guy like Mel Gibson who releases his frustrations with Jews when he gets drunk, or fakes and phonies who speak nice but do harm to Jews every day of the week through their adventurous misdeeds.

Beyond that though, theoretically we live in a predominantly Christian culture, or at least it used to be, where forgiveness is stronger than vengeance.

Mel’s untimely comments against Jews and blacks hardly rise to the level of criminality of the Third Reich either in Germany or in its new home here in the United States, and for that reason he should not be canceled at all.

PS There is no such thing as a cultural Jew. That’s just happy horseshit that non-observant Jews embrace to assuage their guilt for having abandoned God for a life of sin. There’s no such thing as a cultural Christian either. I’m not a Christian because I put up a tree on December 25th.


Archer Crosley

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OMG, Iran is Going to Nuke Us

Why does the Israel-Iran conflict exist?

It only exists to justify the military industrial complex and the building up of more arms so that contractors and corporations can get wealthier.

It also exists for the next generation of parasites, the grandchildren of the current day robber barons, so that they can have their war where they can make a lot of money ripping off the American public.

“Wahhhhhhh, where is my war, mommy?”

Plus it keeps the people distracted, occupied, emotionally labile, and pliable.

Distracted, emotional people don’t think straight. They are putty in the hands of the elites.

In that respect, our leaders are no different than those useless pharaohs who built pyramids that appeared to have little functional value other than providing jobs, and of course glory to pharaoh.

That’s why our aircraft carriers exist, don’t you know? They exist so politicians can climb on board and look like the big man that they aren’t.

And of course, there’s the money. How are big corporations going to get fabulously wealthy unless we create a conflict in which they can get fabulously wealthy?

That’s the purpose of the conflict in the Middle East.

It will never end.

And if Jesus returned to end it, our corporate leaders would get together and ask the CIA to kill Jesus.

And you can bet your ass that the CIA would do it.

Honestly now, how long has Iran been only three months away from developing a nuclear weapon?

This charade has been going on at least a decade, possibly even twenty years.

Why don’t we just cut to the chase and let the Iranians have a nuclear weapon?

Why shouldn’t they have nuclear capability?

Why are they not entitled to have what we have?

We sell them Nike shoes and Samsung televisions at the Palladium Mall in Tehran. Why should we stop there?

Moreover, they can’t possibly have shown any greater irresponsibility than we have.

After all, we are the only country that’s detonated a nuclear weapon upon people.

It’s true.

And it was so unnecessary.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that the dropping of the nuclear weapon stopped the war with Japan.

That’s not how the Russians see it.

The Russians believe that it was their invasion of northern Japan that forced the Japanese to surrender.

They may be right.

But even if the Russians had not planned to invade, it’s totally arguable that a nuclear weapon detonation was unnecessary.

But that’s not the point of this article.

The point of this article is to illustrate the joke that our leaders are playing on us.

It’s not just the leaders of the United States that are participating in this charade, it’s the leaders of Iran also.

They make a fortune off the threat of war also.

Plus the threat of war keeps them in power.

They play the same game with their people that our leaders play with us.

In reality, the leaders of Iran are cut out of the same cloth as our leaders. There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between them.

Iran’s leaders hold their people hostage just as our leaders hold us hostage.

Both leaders straitjacket us through the threat of war.

It’s a charade.

The wars that you see, the wars that you know, the wars that you fought in, the wars that you have lived through were unnecessary and preventable.

So are the wars our leaders are now planning to wage.

In truth, there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that Iran will drop a nuclear weapon on Israel or the United States.

Why would they risk that knowing it would be their last move on this Earth?

They won’t.

Iran’s leaders need Israel.

Iran’s leaders need the United States.

Without your enemies, the war racket stops.

Mike Pagan

The big pagan, Mike Pompeo, was back in Israel the other day spouting his nonsense.

How this guy ever finished first in his class at West Point is beyond me.

Ignore this man.

You can still recognize Israel while understanding that Palestine was colonized by the West.

Indeed it was.

In fact, that’s what Palestine was called – Palestine.

When people went on vacations, they went to Palestine. The postcards sent from Palestine had Palestine printed upon them.

In the early 1900s after oil was systematically pumped out of the ground with greater ease, the United States and Great Britain desired a beachhead in the Middle East so as to control the Suez Canal and the oil assets that were plentiful there.

The Jews’ desire for a homeland was appropriated in order to justify the colonization.

Informing people that you are moving in to steal the loot isn’t a good selling point.

Thus the state of Israel.

Israel exists primarily for the monied elite; it does not exist for the Jews.

Pompeo isn’t smart enough to not lie.

He’ll say anything to defend colonization. He’s happy to be an attack dog against the critics of Israel.

Israel is a vital part of the American empire.

Pompeo claims that Israel is not an apartheid state. Perhaps not in the cosmetic sense. One can always point to Arabs being permitted to serve in the Knesset as an example of a fair state, but in reality there is a culture of hatred toward Arabs bred into the population by the government. Plus, the state of Israel has created an open air prison within the Gaza Strip which punishes the Arabs who live there. Israel maintains firm control over the resources that may enter the Gaza Strip. Israel controls the food, the water and the electricity in the Gaza Strip.

The West Bank is slightly more tolerable, but in the West Bank Palestinians must deal with intimidating Israeli soldiers every day of the week.

Palestinians and Israelis live in two different worlds.

Israelis live in upscale suburban neighborhoods while Palestinians live in bombed out grottos.

To keep the good times going for Jews, not Arabs, Pompeo calls for increased expansion of Israeli settlements. Never mind the legal agreements that were signed.

If you aren’t going to obey agreements, then what’s the whole point of negotiation in the first place? That’s one of the reasons why the Palestinians rebel. They’ve come to see that agreements don’t mean anything. Of course they don’t. The American Indians figured that out a century and a half ago.

Pompeo also believes that Judea and Samaria were given to the Jews by God.

What about the cavemen?

What about their God?

And where is is written that the land belongs to the Jews? The Torah?

Oh, I see. A neutral source.

How about the Palestinians who have been living there for the past 2,000 years?

Didn’t God care about them?

Did they have a book? Was it written down? No? Who says it has to be written down? Suppose they believed it but never wrote it down.

And where did the Palestinians come from anyway?

Isn’t it likely that many of them were local Jews who were looking for a different religion and so converted to Islam?

Wasn’t there a mixing of religions back in the day? Weren’t Jews, Christians and Muslims exchanging ideas and traditions with each other?

Pompeo claims to be a Christian, but he is not.

No true Christian would agree to be the head of the CIA which systematically lies and plays dirty tricks on citizens of the world as well as Americans.

Mike Pompeo is an agent of the empire.

Truth means nothing to him.

He worships the god of power and money.

He’s a pagan.

Israel, far from being a Jewish state, is as far away from Judaism as the United States is from Christianity.

Pompeo defends Israel not because it is Jewish but because it is pagan.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Sugarcoating Lies

I don’t even know why I’m wasting my time writing this out.

Everybody already has their opinions anyway.

Israel was not created for the Jews.

The Jews were used to colonize Palestine by the elites in order to control the eastern Mediterranean and the vital assets in that area, those being the Suez Canal and the vast oil and gas fields.

What’s going on there is colonial imperialism.

The Palestinians were in the way.

Much effort is spent by Jews and Christians in justifying Israel’s existence there. Some people say that God sanctioned Israel for the Jews.

God did no such thing.

God doesn’t sanction land for people.

Our Old Testament was invented and written by the Jews. That’s hardly an objective source.

I’m sure there were prehistoric men who lived in the area 15 to 20,000 years ago who had gods also, and I’ll be willing to bet that they felt that their God had sanctioned the land for them.

They were wrong.

Additionally, those people are dead, and the dead have no rights.

Other people say that there was no formal country called Palestine. That is used to do delegitimize the rights of Palestinians.

There is no moral right to say that people are not entitled to land because they don’t have a formal government and formal legal documents designating such.

That is our western value system speaking.

Still others claim that were no Palestinians living there. That is simply not the case. Muslims were in the majority for over 800 years in what is now Israel from 1200 to now. The Christians were in the majority from the year 500 to the year 1200. The Jews only had two centuries where they were in the majority.

Another argument promoted is that the area was renamed Syria-Palestinia by the Romans when they conquered the land and killed the Jews. The name Palestinian comes from Philistine and was according to some used intentionally to insult the Jews.

So what? That means nothing.

Who cares who named the area? Or why?

An attendant argument is that there’s no connection between modern-day Palestinians and the Philistines from the Bible.

I don’t know about that. Where did the Palestinians come from? If the Romans killed the Jews, who was left in the area?

Some supporters of Israel would like you to believe that the Palestinians rushed in to confront the Jews in 1948 much as the Los Angeles Lakers would show up in San Antonio to play the Spurs.

The numbers and the facts don’t support that.

The Palestinians were there. They came from there. They had to come from somewhere.

Probably they came from the same stock of people as the Jews.

If we go back far enough we see that there was a tremendous mixing of religions back in the early years. People were borrowing from different religions and experimenting.

When Islam moved into the area, it seems reasonable that many Jews might convert to Islam.

Just as we have people switching religions today, we have peoples switching religions back then.

People are always searching for the meaning of life. Our biology has not changed much in thousands of years. Indeed, we are trapped within our biology.

The attempts to delegitimize the Palestinian people are arguments put out by the Empire to justify its immoral actions.

The Palestinians were colonized and are being colonized just as the Native Americans were colonized.

They are being pushed off their lands.

That doesn’t negate the state of Israel.

Israel certainly can exist.

It can exist because this is the way man is. This is the way man has always been.

Man has always moved across borders, set up shop and taken over the joint.

It’s the right of Palestinians to resist.

We should admire that resistance because we would do the same thing.

Would the Jews not push back if someone was taking their land?

They already are. That’s why they’re pounding the Gaza Strip with bombs.

This is the nobility of man, of which there is very little.

Let’s not sugarcoat it with lies.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Serving up the Stupid Juice

Have you ever seen Ashkelon?

The people of Ashkelon, which is just north of the Gaza Strip, live in a Walt Disney fantasy world while people 25 miles away in the Gaza Strip get pummeled by US supported Israeli jets.

The neighborhoods in Ashkelon look like those found in Celebration, Florida. The neighborhoods in Gaza are strewn with massive chunks of broken concrete.

Water and electricity flow freely in Ashkelon; in Gaza electricity is on for three hours per day.

Thanks, Israel. Thanks, US.

As if the US could not be shamed more by its homeless situation, it has surpassed itself by aiding Israel in pummeling Gaza.

Of course, this is only possible because both the US and Israel are so poorly led.

Both countries are ruled by a ruthless, fascist Corporate America which has for one reason or another decided that the people of Gaza must live in misery.

The regular Jews of Ashkelon can hardly be faulted; they’re being lied to like the people of America are being lied to.

They are fed the usual media garbage which depicts the average Palestinian as a savage who uses children as human shields.

Really, is this the case? If Palestinians hate their children this much, then why do they work like crazy to dig them out of the rubble? Why do the parents cry when their children are killed?

At the heart of this Corporate America is, of course, Harvard-MIT.

Bibi is a self-righteous MIT graduate-criminal, and, of course, Harvard criminals dominate our government and Corporate America.

Biden merely follows what his Harvard-MIT puppet-masters tell him to do.

Anthony Blinken, a Harvard graduate-stooge, is likewise ineffectual.

What is the end game? Do they have an end game?

Calling for a cease fire is not an end game.

Maybe if the people in Gaza could live a fantasy dream life like the people of Ashkelon, they wouldn’t support Hamas; maybe there would be no need for Hamas.

Of course to come to this realization you would need intelligence.

Unfortunately, both Harvard and MIT serve up the stupid juice in copious amounts.

In place of a real education, Harvard-MIT graduates are indoctrinated into a cult in which to get along (gain fabulous wealth), you go along.

In other words, you shut up and follow the program as mindless as it may be.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved


Many of you undoubtably are being programmed by loud buffoons like Sean Hannity into thinking that Israel is innocent in its attack against the Palestinians.

The Prime Minister of Israel, Bibi Netanyahu, refers to Hamas as terrorists.

Well, so are many Israelis.

The attached article discusses the Deir Yassin massacre.

The battle that they are having over there in the Middle East is a classic case of the Hatfields and McCoys, and neither party seems smart enough to lay down arms.

Of course, the United States doesn’t help matters.

Since the United States overwhelmingly supports Israel, even under a Biden administration (pay no attention to Sean Hannity), the attacks must exist for a reason.

Actually, they do exist for a reason.

Every time Netanyahu (MIT) becomes threatened politically, he provokes the Palestinians to fire rockets into Israel. Then Netanyahu responds with overwhelming force against Hamas. This strengthens his position politically, and he remains in power. This is obviously what the United States desires.

Aside from that, the United States and its pal, the United Kingdom, desire the formerly named Palestine as a valuable piece of real estate in the American-British empire.

Israel acts as a beach head to control the Suez canal and desirable oil assets in the Middle East.

The state of Israel was created to secure that real estate. The Jews were used as social cover for the monied elite to move in and take the land away from the people who were living there. That’s what this conflict is all about.

Iran, a regional power, has no desire to see the United States and the UK control the oil assets of the Middle East. That’s why they support the Palestinians. That’s why they support the rebel forces in Yemen. That’s why they oppose the Saudis who ally themselves with the United States. That’s why they support Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Now, for you people who believe that there were no Palestinians living in Palestine prior to the creation of the state of Israel, you are wrong.

Prior to the state of Israel, that land was called Palestine. When Americans visited there back in the day, before 1948, they would send back postcards that would say Palestine on them.

The Palestinians did not rush into the area just because the state of Israel was created.

Clueless leaders in Israel like Naftali Bennett, believe, or want people to believe, that the Palestinians showed up much as the Los Angeles Lakers would visit San Antonio to play the hometown Spurs.

Both Jews and Arabs had been living in Palestine for thousands of years – peacefully.

What changed was the discovery of oil. When oil was discovered, when it was found to be a valuable asset, the monied elite moved in and caused all these problems.

The monied elite decided to preferentially back the Jews.

Even under the British mandate in Palestine, the Arabs suspected that they were getting the short end of the stick. Well, they were and are.

If there is to be peace in the Middle East, the United States and its pal, the United Kingdom, need to make things right for the Arabs somewhere in the world.

If they can’t do it, then they need to get out of the way and let someone who can and will.

The crisis in the Middle East is another indictment of Harvard’s and Oxford’s leadership. They’re losers.



Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

A Better Plan

Here’s a good video giving the Palestinian perspective. With that stated, the best idea to solve the problem came from Trump and Kushner. Now, many of you know that it pains me to complement a Harvard graduate like Kushner, but his idea was excellent. Kushner is perhaps the first Harvard graduate in many years who has said anything that remotely made any sense. He should get a Nobel prize for that.

Essentially, his idea was to compensate the Palestinians monetarily. I think this is a good idea as money is the magic salve that cleans all wounds. Money has amazing healing properties.

The problem with Kushner’s deal was that there wasn’t enough money. I would sweeten the pot. Here is what I would do. In exchange for leaving Gaza and the West Bank, renouncing all property claims, plus renouncing violence against Israel, each Palestinian would receive the following:

100,000 cash, tax free

20 acres land

100,000 housing allotment, no taxes for life

Free education for life

For a family of five, they would receive 500,000 dollars, tax free; 100 acres of land; $500,000 housing allotment; and free education for life.

The Palestinians would have to emigrate to one of the western countries participating in the plan.

Assuming that 5 million Palestinians take the offer, the total cost would be one trillion if you exclude land and education costs which really aren’t costs at all.

One trillion is chump change in Obama money.

Even if you double the cost to factor in the land, the free education, the costs of tax free status, you’re still getting a bargain.

That’s a cheap price to pay for peace.

Of course, many Palestinians and their supporters will exhibit righteous indignation and tell the world that Israel is trying to buy them off, but they will begrudgingly take the money. And this will be a good thing for them. They will be able to start a brand new life somewhere else. They won’t be stuck in the Gaza Strip which has become, as many people have termed it, an open air prison.

I suppose there is hope for Harvard.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

Middle East Games

The United States desires this conflict. I don’t care what comes out of the mouth of an official from the United States of America.

The United States has been a dishonest broker in peace.

Israel was created by the elites in Great Britain and the United States for the purposes of controlling the Suez Canal and the oil assets in the Middle East.

That area of the world was considered a vital asset, and so a beachhead was needed there.

The Jews were used as a social cover for the elites’ desires.

It was always the intention of the monied elite to side with the Jews over the Arabs.

Even during the British Mandate in Palestine the Arabs sensed that the British were favoring the Jews.

Don’t think however that the monied elite love the Jews anymore than they do the Arabs.

They don’t.

As soon as the eastern Mediterranean is no longer useful to the elites, they will abandon the Jews.

The only thing the monied elites love is money. They don’t care about anything else.


Archer Crosley

Copyright 2021 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved.